Best LED Headlights 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Best LED Headlights 2019  : Comparatively brighter than the average halogen headlights, LED headlights are considered to be the latest innovation for a vehicle. They provide the same brightness as provided by a 35W HID headlight. Along with the feature of turning on instantly compared to the regular halogen headlights, these headlights consume less power as well. Hence, the efficient use of LED headlights is encouraged in a vehicle instead of the regular halogen headlights.

The regular halogen headlights fail to brighten up the road in order to avoid the accidents. Utilization of regular halogen headlights leads to a very low brightness on a dark road or highway which could increase the probability of risks to go through an accident. Hence, the utilization of LED headlights is encouraged inside a vehicle. There are various LED conversion kits available in the market which would come along with the headlights as well as the equipment required to install them. LED headlights are really easy to manually install. They do not require a ton of wiring or manual work in order to make them work efficiently.  In addition, the lifespan of the headlights is considered to be a lot longer than the average default headlights. Hence, the utilization of such kind of LED headlights is encouraged to the people.

However, in order to install the LED headlights in the vehicle, various LED conversion kits are available on Amazon which is reviewed one by one. An innumerable amount of headlights are available on Amazon to choose from. However, only a few pieces of LED headlights manufactured by certain manufacturers which really are effective and worth every penny spent on them.

Best LED Headlights Reviews

Mentioned below are the 10 best LED headlights available in the market :

#1. Akarui LED Conversion Kit

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First in the long list of top 10 LED headlight conversion kit comes the Akarui LED conversion kit which comes along with extremely bright LED headlights that is available at an effective price range. The installation is considered to be really easy. It does not require any extra manual wiring or any other manual work related to the installation of the product. It could effectively be installed in a matter of minutes. One of the most durable as well as reliable headlights in the market, the design of the headlight is top-notch which provides a totally new look to the vehicle. It emits a clear 6000k white light which could brighten up the place in no time. The product is water efficient as well as shockproof with the cooling system designed with aluminium.


  • Very bright headlight.
  • Resistant as well as durable
  • An aluminium design which allows effective cooling of the headlight.


  • Some vehicles require modification in order to install these headlights.

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#2. OPT7 FluxBeam H11 LED conversion kit

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Considered to be the best manufacturers of LED as well as HID headlight all over the world, is a LED headlight manufactured by OPT7 namely OPT7 Fluxbeam H11 LED Conversion kit which is considered to be a little expensive, however a really effective headlight. With a life-span of about 50,000 hours, one could go for this headlight without giving a second thought. The headlight is really bright as well as it leaves zero blind spots. This headlight is considered to be extremely durable and efficient. Along with the above features, the headlight has a sophisticated fan cooling system which prevents the headlight from running into heating issues. The headlight is considered to be totally free of any cons. It is a perfectly built LED headlight satisfying each and every small requirement of the customer in an effective but slightly high price range. The only con of this product would be the poor customer service provided by the company.


  • A sophisticated cooling system which prevents the heating issues of the headlight even if used consistently for a large amount of time.
  • 50,000 hours of usage.
  • Zero blind spots.


  • Comparatively high priced product.
  • The customer service provided by the company is really dissatisfying.

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#3. Glowteck LED Headlight Conversion Kit

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Brightening up the road with 12000 Jules of light, this headlight conversion kit just makes it really easy for any person in the world to install the headlight in their vehicle. Along with a cool aluminium housing, Glowtech LED headlight provide a cooling system which would effectively keep the headlights working for a long time. The design of this product is absolutely top-notch which provides a great look to the vehicle. Along with an absolutely fantastic design, the headlights are a shock as well as water resistant. However, for the people who just hate super bright headlights, this headlight would just be absolutely hated by them as these headlights are too bright than the other LED headlights available in the market. The company provides a 2-year warranty for this product along with promising an effective life-span of about 40,000 hours. The customer support of this headlight is user-friendly as well which encourages the people to buy this product. The kit comes along with 2 headlights, 2 ballasts, 2 zip ties, 2 double-sided mounting tapes as well as an instruction manual and online registry card.


  • This headlight could brighten up the entire road.
  • The headlight is easy to install in any vehicle along with it being durable and reliable.
  • Excellent customer service


  • This headlight might just be too bright for some people.

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#4. Xtreme Vision 7G

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With about a lifespan of 30,000 long hours, Xtreme Vision 7G consists of dual beam Headlight conversion kit which comes at an affordable price range and could always be considered as one of the best option when it is time to modify the vehicle. The build quality of the headlights is absolutely fantastic which provides a totally new look to the vehicle when installed. The product is designed up with Aviation Grade aluminium providing a classic look to the headlight which indeed brightens ups the road during storms. Best available for the people living in the areas with extremely bad weather conditions, this headlight is also weather resistant along with being waterproof as well. Each bulb generates about 8000 lumens as well as pull 36 Watts power. Along with a long life span, the colour temperature stands at 6,500K. However, the downfall of the headlight conversion kit is that it is not really easy to install and requires some expertise in order to correctly install the headlights in the vehicle. Each bulb just produces about 8000 lumens of light which is a real letdown considering headlights emitting more brightened light are available in the market at a similar price range.


  • The headlights are water resistant as well as weather resistant.
  • The design of the headlights provides a totally stunning look to the vehicle when installed.
  • Affordable price range.


  • Cooling fans emit noise.
  • The brightness of the headlight is considerably low when compared to the other headlights in the market.

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 #5. SNGL Super Bright LED Conversion Kit

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Probably the highest priced LED conversion kit available in the market, this headlight provides an efficient look as well as performance to the vehicle. These headlights emit a clear light on a darkened night. With the help of an adjustable blemish free projection, these headlights provide the people with clarity on darkened nights. Along with a 50,000-hour life span these headlights feature a fanned cooling system. However, the problem that arises with the utilization of the headlights is the limited compatibility which sometimes tends to irritate the owners of the vehicle. These headlights work along with any cars but sometimes headlight housing on many cars are not adjustable or suitable along with the lights. All in all, the final verdict for this headlight states that SNGL Super Bright LED Conversion Kit is considered to be the absolute best in the market if the users do not mind paying a high price for the product. These headlights are really easy to install and are considered to effectively utilize plug and play feature in the market.


  • Blemish free projection being totally adjustable, provides the best clarity on the most darkened of nights.
  • This headlight offers a 50,000-hour life span.
  • The sophisticated fan cooling system provides the headlights to heat up after long lasting hours of usage.
  • These set of headlights are extremely powerful when compared to the different headlights in the market.


  • These headlights are one of the most expensive LED headlights in the market.
  • These headlights do not work well with some headlights housings.

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#6. Cougar Motor LED Headlights Conversion Kit

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Considered to be a budget-friendly product for an average customer, this conversion kit provides the headlights that provide a sophisticated cooling system which incorporate a low key fan and aluminium housing as well. This conversion kit offers a 3-year warranty along with the assurance of the 50,000 life span of the headlight. The brightness of the headlights is twice the overall brightness of the default halogen headlights. However, these headlights have been reported to flicker a lot which leads to the discouragement among the people to buy these headlights. Considering the budget and the price of the headlights, these headlights provide overall a great performance on installation.


  • The headlights equip an extremely excellent heat management technology.
  • The headlights are quite affordable for a person with an extremely average budget.
  • The life span of these headlights is approximately 50,000 if used efficiently.
  • Quality cooling prevents the headlights from damaging the vehicle after an increased long lasting hour of utilization.
  • A 3-year warranty is offered along with this product.


  • Reported to flicker a lot which is the worst a customer could expect and this could be considered really annoying for the car owners.

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#7.  Gennsi Elite LED Headlights Conversion Kit

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A moderately priced headlight conversion kit manufactured by Gennsi is considered to be a solid middle of the road option. Headlight emits about 6000 lumens of light which is considered to be extremely bright for the road. Along with the production of a precise as well as focused beam pattern, these headlights are considered to last about 3* times longer than the average halogen headlights. However, it has been reported by the users and verified buyers of this headlight that the headlights deal with performance. The innovative design of these headlights provides an effective beam pattern which is totally adjustable for the headlight. The headlights are a target of bad performance. Hence, the utilization of this headlight is discouraged based on the review of the verified buyers of this product. However, these headlights are totally under the budget of an average person? So why not try the headlights once? What’s the harm, right?


  • Precise beam.
  • Long lasting hours of usage.

Cons :

  • Diver has to calibrate it from time to time.
  • Compatibility issues have been reported by the users of this light.
  • These headlights have been reported to face performance issues

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#8. Auxbeam F-16 LED’s

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Auxbeam F-16 LED is well-known for their readability and tender white colour. That is why this Auxbeam F-16 LED kit is an extremely good preference in case you’re searching out light output that isn’t too effective or blinding.

Many reviewers have reported that the set up of these headlights is just as easy as installing standard halogen lighting fixtures, particularly on new vehicles. The greatest factor that makes these Auxbeam lights stand out is the overall quality and build of these headlights. Similar to different models manufactured by Auxbeam, these kits are designed to be durable as they are made with the identical aluminium which is used in aeroplane headlights. These LED headlights have a higher tolerance with respect to dirt and water.

These headlights can additionally be fitted for projector housing.the. However, these headlights suffer one big drawback. These headlights are reported to face the issues of extremely getting heated up which could possibly damage the vehicle. These headlights provide an absolutely fantastic light scattering and these headlights fit with almost any vehicle in the market. Auxbeam provides a 2-year warranty along with the headlights. However, the headlights have been reported to face performance issues which sometimes result in the flickering of the headlights which is really annoying sometimes while driving a vehicle. These headlights have been reported to operate at a temperature of -40 degree Celsius to 150-degree Celsius.


  • Good light scattering.
  • Perfectly fit for most of the vehicles in the market.
  • Light and small form factor
  • 2 years warranty


  • Sometimes the light flickers which is really annoying at times.

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#9. JDAM ASTAR G2 8000

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The most affordable headlight conversion kit in the market, these headlights emit about 8000 lumens of power. This is a slight simple modification from the average halogen headlights at an absolutely great budget. However, the technology that cools the headlights is not considered to be sophisticated that could lead to the heating issues in the headlight after an extensively large amount of usage. This is a budget headlight which provides the feature for the price paid by the vehicle owners. This headlight is not considered to be usable in a long time. The warranty system of this headlight conversion kit is not as effective. Along with the tag of about 2 years warranty provided by the company, the company provides only a true 1-year warranty system. These headlights could be the best option to select from for a short term.


  • These headlights totally come at an affordable price range.
  • Compatible for most of the vehicles.
  • Provides about 8000 Jules of Brightness.


  • The cooling system is not as effective compared to the other headlights in the market.
  • Poor warranty.

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#10. Sirius led X2 Xenon : Best Budget LED Headlight

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A brand famous for manufacturing phenomenal LEDs for bikes, they’ve prolonged that same readability and visibility to other vehicles, This LED headlight kit functions two H4 LED lighting fixtures which can be designed to ultimate 30,000 hours.

The compact, capable, and unusual SiriusLED X2 Xenon headlight conversion kit comes in a three-sided design, the plentiful surface area of which allows powerful illumination and lets the people use these versatile bulbs for both high- and low-beam settings.

In case the users are not partial to the bright white light, they could use the tints that come along with this LED headlight package to present the colour. These are considered to be the most effective choice for vans because of their brightness, providing pleasant visibility on the roads which makes this headlight too appealing for a large number of people.


  • Good light scattering.
  • Perfect size for most of the vehicles
  • Light and small form factor
  • 2 years warranty


  • Sometimes the light flickers
  • Not available for every vehicle needs modification for some

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Best LED Headlights 2019 : Buying Guide

Buying headlight maybe overwhelming but there are only headlights available on the market to install in them. Before buying the headlights some point needs to be taken into consideration which could effectively allow the people to analyze the specific requirements as well as a budget before buying the headlights.

Here are points to be taken into consideration before buying the headlights.

  • Budget
  • Fitting of the headlight with the respective vehicle.
  • Compatibility
  • Heating problems.

Budget: The budget of the customer is the most crucial factor to consider while buying an appropriate headlight. It plays the most important role in the selection of the headlights. Hence, before considering the above points, the requirement to select an appropriate budget must be the firsts task at hands which could be considered sometimes as the sole factor before buying the LED headlights for the vehicle.

Fitting of the headlight with the respective vehicle: First of all, the LED headlights that could possibly fit the vehicle without any problems must be analyzed and after a complete analysis of the headlights available for the vehicle, a list must be narrowed down.

Compatibility: The headlights need to be compatible.

Heating: The Heating issue is one of the major issues while installing a headlight. Sometimes the headlights heat a lot and if the heating issue is not properly dealt with then it could affect the headlight as well as the vehicle which is the main reason to buy the headlights which equip an efficient cooling system.

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Final Verdict

After thorough research as well as the advantages as well as disadvantages of all the top 10 best led headlights available in the market, the user must narrow down the list based on the factors like budget, compatibility, fitting as well as heating. For an average budget purchase, the recommendation would be to buy the Sirius LED X2 Xenon

which is considered to be absolutely budget friendly and effective in short time utilization. However, the famous brands like OPT7 as well as SNGL, the headlights manufactured by these companies are of the best quality available on the market which comes along with a really costly price tag. Other led headlights in the list are moderately priced and could be considered as the best option to buy if the owner of the vehicle is considered to equip a mediocre budget. After all, buying the best LED headlight 2019 available for the depends on the budget as well as the requirement of the customer which is the sole factor in the user deciding the correct headlight to be bought.

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