Best Rust Converter 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

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Best Rust Converter 2019: Rust converter is a coat, which alters areas with heavy rust into an insulating polymeric layer, in other words, rust converters turn the iron oxide (RUST) into a dormant state preventing it to grow further the surface. Though there is a catch with any rust converter, it should be used as directed & doesn’t have a room for error, when it comes down to the surface it is to be used. Applying on surfaces which don’t have rust can corrode the surface, & needs a surface which is properly covered with rust to function effectively.

Rust converters are a liquid-based primer, with main ingredients as tannic acid which reacts with the rust & 2-Butoxyethanol which forms a protective layer after the rust is removed.

Best Rust Converter 2019 Review

1. Corroseal 82331:

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Manufactured by Corroseal, this best rust converter is a water-based Water-based formula makes it easy to clean off with soap & water, also makes it non-flammable & non-corrosive. It comes in four different sizes & the best part is if you have one time use it comes in a one-quart size. Easy to apply, comes with a brush, roll-on or spray. Suitable for automotive, general or marine use. Unlike another rust converter, this product is effective only with a very small quantity. Eight to ten Millilitre is good to cover an area of 200 to 260 square feet.


  • The application can be done with different instrument depending on the surface it is to be applied
  • Water-based makes it easy to clean off
  • Reacts quickly making it faster to paint or seal on.
  • Nonflammable
  • Can be used on a variety of objects from industrial to household.


  • Inhalation can be hazardous
  • It can also burn the skin if comes in contact
  • Some reviews from customers claim the product to be a cleaner, not a converter
  • There is also some concern about its effectiveness

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2. Blackstar Aerosol Rust Converter:

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This product is also a decent buy, manufactured by MRO Chem. This best rust converter comes in a sprayer bottle eliminating the need for any applying tool. The product comes in a 13-ounce Aerosol spray prepares the rusted surface for repainting. Rust gets converted into a solid surface which can be directly repainted on. Suitable for farming application, automobiles & marine instruments. Also to remove small rust surfaces in household appliances this product will be a good deal.


  • Easy to spray can
  • Can be used on multiple appliances
  • Easy to spray


  • Doesn’t come in packs of larger sizes
  • The quantity of the product is less making it not suitable for larger surfaces

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3. 3M One Step Rust Converter:

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A product from 3M, one step converter comes in a spray bottle much like the product from MRO Chem. It also needs some preparation before applying on the rusted surface, the rusted areas should be brushed up to clean a little with a wire brush. The rusted area has to be smoothened, then only the rust converter has to be applied. It usually takes a time span of 48 hours for the rust cleaner to work form the coating. Only after the time span paint or any other coating should be applied. It can be applied or used in multiple surfaces ranging from normal household or gardening metal surfaces to automobile parts. This is one of the cheapest product available on the market.


  • The spray bottle makes it easy to use
  • Makes it easy to reach in complex areas
  • Application in multiple surfaces


  • Quantity can be a problem as it comes in only one size
  • Cleaning off the rust before application of the spray is a must
  • It may need sanding for smoothing out before painting

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4. Rustzilla Rust Remover:

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Another great product in our line-up of best rust converter is the one from Rustzilla, which comes in an 8-ounce It is very easy to apply with just a step. It just needs a process of cleaning the rust a little & apply. So it is time & cost saving as it doesn’t require sanding the application & before painting. Takes around 48 hours to dry off, by providing a coating against further rusting. To paint any surface after the application of this rust converter, oil-based paint is most suitable for water-based paint may not hold on to the seal.

Typically works with various metals starting from cast iron to stainless steel. Can also be used on the Farming application. This is an eco-friendly product which won’t harm any animals in case of accidental intake. The product is also non-flammable, non-toxic & non-corrosive.

One of the great features that the company is providing for its product is a money-back policy, i.e. if any customer is not satisfied with the product, the company would provide a full refund within 30 days of purchase.


  • Works on stainless steel
  • After application, the surface is ready to paint
  • A single container can be used to canvas an area of 380 square feet.


  • Requires a little prep before application

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5. Black Star Rust Converter:

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Another product from MRO Chem is the Black star rust converter, which comes in 1-gallon container. It is manufactured with the latest 21st technology, which converts rust into a shiny coating of polymer. This product doesn’t require any scraping, sanding or etching. The rust is converted much quicker than other similar products. It can be used either for small patches of rust or can be used for final coating. The product also stops further rusting of the area. Recommended for oil rig usage to farming instruments. A gallon can be used to cover an area of 400 to 500 square feet. The area can be painted without sanding after the use of the converter.


  • Comes in a big container of 1 gallon
  • Works efficiently & quickly
  • Easy to apply & doesn’t need hard work.
  • Prevents further rusting


  • Strong smell
  • Can burn the skin if in contact

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6. Gempler’s Eco-Friendly Rust Converter:

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The next product in the line is an eco-friendly product from Gempler’s. It is an effective product which converts rust easily on any metal surfaces. It works very well on a broad category of surfaces & objects. Form antiques you own vehicles & tanks it works absolutely fine. The best part of this product is it not only removes & converts rust but also acts as a primer, so painting on the surface won’t be a problem. Also takes a 48-hour time span to work properly. The product comes in a bottle of one quart, which may make it difficult for a larger area to over. In case of contact with the skin, it can be easily washed with soap & water.


  • Eco-friendly
  • A little amount is good to go both as for quantity & longevity


  • Comes in a small quantity
  • Requires prep work before the application

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7. Plastikote 623:

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This is another eco-friendly rust converter which can be a good buy. It causes no bubbling or foaming. The product is water-based making it easy to wash off with water or soap. It is non-toxic & non-flammable in nature. The plastic bottle storage makes it easier to store in places. Another advantage of this product is that it doesn’t bleed-through on surfaces, making it easy to treat other areas. Can be used on different surfaces from automobile to farming accessories.


  • Can be used on different surfaces
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • A little quantity is good for a long way
  • Composed of organic materials


  • Comes in a small quantity
  • Prep needs to be done before applying

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8. Evapo-Rust ER012

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This is another biodegradable product on our list from Evapo-Rust. The product is Non-toxic, non-flammable & contains no acid. It comes I different sizes of 32 Oz, 3.5 gallons to a 5 gallons’ unit. Applicable in different surfaces of metals from gardening tool to industrial tools. The rust converter doesn’t have a smell but it does need some prep work before applying. Mainly it is a rust remover which removes rust & doesn’t form a coating which further prevents it from rusting.


  • Environmentally safe
  • Non-Toxic
  • Doesn’t have acid-based
  • Non Corrosive
  • Water-Based


  • Technically it is a remover, not a converter
  • Doesn’t prevent further rusting
  • Takes a lot longer time to act

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9. Totalboat Rust Primer: 

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This product from Totalboat is in the very sense of rust converter. It is made up of phosphoric acid-base most commonly used in converters. This product also works as a primer which helps in holding the paint after the rust converter does its job. The converter can be sprayed from a spray can.

Unlike the eco-friendly products, it is indeed toxic in nature, the phosphoric acid-base in this product is far more acidic than the Permatex. This makes it important that you should always wear protective covering while applying. One great feature of this product is even though it is fairly thin in nature it covers the decent surface area. One single gallon can cover an area of 500 square feet though it would need multiple covering or spraying. Also comes in a quart-sized bottle.


  • Covers an area of 500 square feet
  • Dries up quickly
  • Also works as a primer
  • Comes in a small quantity too


  • Toxic because of acid-base
  • Will hurt your skin, if in contact
  • Requires post-treatment cleaning
  • Thin & requires multiple coating

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10. Skyco Ospho Surface Prep

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Much like our previous product on our list, this product from Skybryte. Even the packaging of both the product is much similar, however, there is a small difference between the formula of how it is made. The difference makes the product cover less area than the previous product. Skyco Ospho is similar to products with Permatex rust converters. Even though it covers less surface area but it is an excellent primer.

It works well with light or medium rusted metal & once it gets bonded with the rust it works perfectly as a primer. It takes longer to settle up & requires pre-treatment of the surface. It is good for medium rusted metal which can be grind or sand down & would require multiple layers of the application.


  • Reusable if filtered
  • Great primer
  • Doesn’t flake off


  • Toxic
  • Works properly on the medium rusted surface
  • Takes longer to set

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Best Rust Converter 2019 Buying Guide

Another thing which may vary purchase decisions is the quantity required to clean a specific area. There are varieties which can clean a lot of area with a very little quantity.

Good Usage

  • MEDIUM RUST USAGE: Rust converters works decently on areas with medium rust as long as it doesn’t come in contact with any bare metal or other surfaces surrounding it. It comes in contact it can damage any metal or object without rust.
  • HEAVY RUST USAGE: Any metal with heavy or flaky rust is the perfect working ground for any rust converter. When applying rust converter on any areas with heavy rust it is advisable to brush off the rust with a wire brush before applying the solution. The purpose of cleaning the rust is to turn the entire surface into a purplish-black. On a heavy rust surface, it may take 2-4 coating to clear off properly.

Poor Usage

  • ARID METAL: IT is never advisable to apply any type of rust converter on arid or bare metal. It works only on metals which are covered with rust. If applied to a clean metal it can corrode the metal & cause rust to accumulate in the place.
  • MIXED SURFACES: It is also not advisable to apply converter on surfaces which have a mix of rust & clean surface. This solution won’t be effective on those surfaces with original paint or bare metal in & around the rusted part. Also, rust converter won’t work on a painted or coated surface. If applied on any of those surfaces it can actually cause rust.


  • It is very important to be safe while using the solution, hand gloves are advisable. If the solution touches the skin it can burn the skin. Also, it should be kept out of reach from children.

If these basic steps of precaution & safety are followed rust converters are a great product to remove rust & further preventing it from rusting. The most important thing to be kept while making a purchase decision for any rust converter is to see how safe the product is health-wise for the person who is applying it.  Mostly it would be good to go for a product which is natural or eco-friendly   Following is a list of the best rust converters you can buy.

It is important to understand that a perfect rust converter for you would depend on the work or the surface the rust is on. If you have a heavy-duty work it is best to opt for Corroseal one which is also a great primer.

If you are looking to move rust from household items, it is best to opt for an eco-friendly, non-toxic rust converter though these are not as effective as the once with acid bases.

Share with us any other great product which you might have come across.

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