Best HID Conversion Kits 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Best HID Conversion Kits 2019 : People now-a-days treat their cars like their own child. The modification of cars require a huge amount of money. During night, roads are filled with absolute darkness with the absence of streetlights around them. The probability of rate of accidents on such kinds of roads or highways increases exponentially. Vehicles manufactured by the companies come along with default xenon headlights which are really dim during the light. The brightness of the light is really low which results in the probability of accidents during nights. Certain modifications are available in the market which allows the owner of the vehicle to change headlights which are really bright. Such kind of headlights are called as HID headlights.

Various types of HID conversion kits are available all over the market with different specifications equipped. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. Such High Intensity Discharge lights, with the absence of filaments, brighten up the roads with light which gradually reduce the probability of accidents. HID lights, however cannot be directly installed on the vehicle. The HID conversion kits available online are used to install the HID lights in vehicles. The utilization of HID conversion kits brightens up the headlights three times the brightness of any standard halogen bulb. Even the consumption of electricity is reduced along with providing a stylish look to the vehicle.

Selection of the HID conversion kit is of utmost importance. Various kinds of HID conversion kits are available in the market which provides a wide variety of features :

Best HID Conversion Kits Review

#1. OPT7 Bolt 55W High Intensity Discharge Conversion Kit

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Weighing about 2 pounds, this HID conversion kit, manufactured and developed by one of the oldest and most famous HID kit manufacturers, stands out to be the best 55W HID conversion kit in the market. Following the years of experience and research by the company allowed OPT7 to figure out the formula to manufacture the most effective and reliable product in the market.

Comparison to any other conversion kits in the market would ultimately rank the OPT7 Bolt 55W at the very top. Equipped with Z-Arc Bulbs, this kit is designed effectively. The bulb appears to be laser cut which allows the beam to be precise as well as consistent which ultimately produces a 360 beam pattern. The Z-arc is designed by the utilization of OEM specifications which allows the proper fitting of the headlights in the vehicle without the need of any further modifications. However, the kits has the least options in terms of availability in colours which refrain the vehicle owners to utilize these bulbs. Apart from the least availability of colour options, this conversion kit is the most expensive conversion kit in the market. The life-span of this bulb is approximately 6000 hour. The bulb is coated with extremely durable silicone filled AC ballasts.

Pros :

This kit offers a 6000 hour life-span as well as Z-arc bulbs which are designed really well with their complete utilization of 55W power.

Cons :

Least number of options related to colours discourages people to buy this conversion kit for their vehicles. It is too costly for an average person.

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#2. OPT7 Blitz 35W HID Xenon Conversion Kit

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Another product manufactured by OPT7 introduces the feature of plug and play installation without any problems is one of the most important features of this HID conversion kit. The package comes equipped with every possible equipment required to install the lights on the vehicle.

These are supposed to be really super bright. The people who do not like super bright headlights would not like this product. This product promises 4000 lifetime hours along with 35% less consumption of electricity. A 2-year warranty is offered along with this product. The compact aluminium coating makes the product further waterproof. However, according to the reviews the people are not happy with the wiring harness or the capacitors. Certain improvements in that particular area would lead to the development of an effective all rounded product at the top of the chain.

Pros :

True plug and play conversion kit just allows the installation of the headlights in any vehicle without any problems. About 4000 lifetime hours promised along with this product absolutely makes it a must buy.

Cons :

People who do not like super bright lights would absolutely hate this conversion kit. The male as well as female connectors do not line up with the lock tabs.

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 #3. Kensun HID Xenon 55 Watt Bulbs H7-6000K

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Equipped with a 55 W bulb, this kit is packed with every possible equipment required to install the technology of Xenon light on a vehicle. Along with a reasonable price, this kit is built with a really great design.

The ballasts and bulbs present along with this kit are of really great quality which encourages the people to buy the product. Along with a wide variety of options of colours to choose from, this product is water-proof, dust-proof as well as shock proof which ensures the reliability of the product in the long distant future. Installation of this conversion kit takes about 20 minutes without any wire cutting or any extra modification needed for this process. However, there always stands a chance to look after the need to professionally install the product in the vehicle. The design of this product stands top-notch along with a wide variety of colour options which encourages the people to buy this product. This kit offers a warranty of about 2 years.

Pros :

A wide variety of colour options are available for this product. The design of the conversion kit is top-notch. This kit comes at an absolutely budget friendly price.

Cons :

Sometimes, professionals need to take a look in order to install the lights in your vehicle.

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#4. Kensun 9004 Dual Beam 40W HID Conversion Kit

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Lastly this product offers a plug and play feature which ensures easy installation in any vehicle with no extra wiring or the need of professional installation. The company Kensun is known to provide one of the best technical support all over the country which would lead to the elimination of the doubts in the minds of the people. It includes a smart aluminium carry-case along with a pair of 9004 dual-beam super bright performance bulbs with a range of 500m and a lifespan of about 30000 hrs. The ballasts are totally waterproof and protected from heat with the help of integrated fan cooling chip. This product offers an excellent customer service along with 2 years of extended warranty available on the product. The installation of the headlights takes place in a matter of minutes.

Pros :

Smaller size enables higher rate of flexibility for different variety of shapes. It is considered to be extremely energy efficient. Easy to install the headlights. Best technical support is provided by the manufacturers of the product which makes it extremely user-friendly product to install.

Cons :

It is too costly of a product for the budget of a common average budget person.

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Developed and manufactured by Apex, comes a kit that allows the installation of the lights in about a matter of minutes. Equipped with small sized ballasts, this kit offers a wide variety of bulb options to choose. Anti-error harness seems to be already installed in the product. However, the probability of the ballasts overloading and heating up could cause innumerable problems leading to the discouragement of the buy rate of this product in the minds of the people. This kit ensures 200% brighter lights than the usual stock halogen lights installed in the vehicles. No wire cutting is required to efficiently install these lights in the vehicles.

Pros :

No wire cutting in order to install this product along with the anti-error harness technology are the main features of this conversion kit. A wide variety of colour options are available along with this product.

Cons :

There is a probability of the ballasts overloading and causing problems along with this product.

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#5. opt7 Boltzen AC Canbus HID Xenon Conversion Kit

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Another kit manufactured by OPT7, one of the leading and the most popular brands in the field of manufacturing HID conversion kits, is equipped with some superior quality bulbs and ballasts that are highly durable and reliable on correct installation of the product. This HID conversion kit holds the title of the most error-free conversion kit in the market along with a very good reasonable price for an average customer.

Along with this kit, the purchase of optional resistor kit is a must which costs extra. Therefore, this kit could not be considered as plug and play model it claims itself to be. The utilization of sophisticated technology enables the kit to be truly error-free. This kit promises about 5000 lifetime hours along with the confirmation of the brightening up to 5* the average brightness of normal halogen lights. It is developed with extra tough aluminium casing which further makes it waterproof. The 6000k temperature is often loved by the purchasers of this product.

Pros :

Superior quality bulbs and ballasts along with a great lifetime makes it a must buy product for the people.

Cons :

Optional resistor is often a must buy along with this kit which makes the product too costly for purchase and fails on the promise of true plug and play conversion kit.

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#6. OPT7 Bullet-R 9007 Bi-Xenon HID Kit

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Along with a wide variety of colour options available, this headlight promises to offer 300% more brightness than the average halogen lights. Along with a 2 year warranty for this conversion kit, the ASIC-8 chipset and voltage controlling Safety start keeps the HID bulbs cool enough. The power rating of this product stands at 35W with a voltage of 12V. The Hi-Lo Xenon bulbs provide a brightened up view out of the headlights. The Bi-Xenon bulbs provide the xenon HID on both high as well as low beams. This product as claimed by the company was torture-tested for an absolutely accurate 1200+ hours of run ranging from -72 degree Fahrenheit to 140 degree Fahrenheit which ensures the reliability of the conversion kit. Installation of this product is really simple. The customer service provided by the company is one of the best in the market. The construction and design of the product is top-notch. It is accurately designed according to the requirements of the people. However, one downside of the product appears to be the cheap design of the mounting hardware.

Pros :

A great design along with great features and absolutely reliability makes it a must buy product in the market.

Cons :

The build quality of the mounting hardware is cheap.

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#7. Innovited Premium AC Canbus HID Kit

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With an average life of about 5500 hours, this kit comes in a wide range of colour options available which encourages the modification of the vehicle in the minds of the vehicle owner. This product also is a budget friendly product which is considered to be the best in this range. The power rating of this product is 35W with a voltage of 12V. Operating temperature of this product stands between -40 degree Fahrenheit and 105 degree Fahrenheit. Equipped with 2* canbus ballast and 2* HID bulbs this product becomes an absolutely must buy product in this range. The Canvas ballast is built such that it can fit in any vehicle. The design of this ballast appears really slim along with it ensuring the ballast to be waterproof, dust free as well as shock-proof. It is  an easy to plug and play conversion kit which ensures the ease in the installation of the headlights.

Pros :

This is a super cheap conversion kit with an absolutely great design and build which allows the headlight to be installed in any vehicle.

Cons :

No cons of this product could be found out.

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#8. Kensun HID Xenon 55 Conversion Kit with Digital Ballasts

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This conversion kit is considered to be really cheap and effective product in the digital market.  The bulbs are super-bright which would refrain from some people from buying this product. Weather-proof, water-proof, shock-proof ballasts are the highlights of this conversion kit. This conversion kit comes along with mounting brackets as well as installation instructions. The customer service of the company stands out in each and every field. With a history of a lots of satisfied customers, this product since 2009 has been recognized worldwide. However the quality control issues of this product are set to be troubling. It has been noticed by the users of this product that the bulb would shift colour over time. The production of heat could possibly damage the vehicle which makes it a vulnerable product.

Pros :

This conversion kit is a well planned product within a friendly budget range which allows an average person to easily buy this product. A great variety of colours of bulb are available for this product.

Cons :

Quality control issues of the headlights are found to be troubling. Amount of excessive heat generated during the use of the headlights continuously would damage the vehicle over time. Bulb is reported to shift colour over time.

[rehub_affbtn btn_text=”See Price On Amazon” btn_url=” HID Xenon 55 Conversion Kit with Digital Ballasts&imprToken=JbHw-wxe3EMHadpQWGLhXw&ie=UTF8&qid=1549182979&sr=8-1-fkmr0&linkCode=sl1&tag=bestreviews06b-20&linkId=e26bec3205f5d11aa4ba6fabfa84d6d9&language=en_US”]

#9. OSRAM XENARC HID Conversion Kit

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It promises the brightest xenon HID bulb in the market which could be installed in the vehicle in a matter of minutes. Promising 200% more brightness than average halogen bulbs, this product promises 250m long spread beam which would allow a clear and better visibility leading to the detection of obstacles on the road which would ultimately lead to the reduction in the number of accidents. This product ensures the usage of 20% whiter xenon light for the best performance in the vehicle. However, this product is extremely costly for its features. This product is of superior quality built in Germany as well as ECE-approved. The color temperature of this product is 4500 Kelvin. The voltage of the bulb is 85V.

Pros :

Up to 250 m of visibility provided by the OSRAM headlights ensure safety with the scope of better visibility on the roads. The usage of 20% whiter xenon lights provides a boost in performance.

Cons :

Conversion kit is too costly and out of range for an average customer. This product could heat up a lot based on previous reports.

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Best HID Conversion Kits 2019 : Buying Guide

The selection of the best HID conversion kit depends on the requirements as well as the specification of the owner of the vehicle. While buying a conversion kit online, people need to be educated over the features they would need to take a look at in order to ensure efficient buying of the product.

People need to take a look at the following points :

  1. The customer need to check the lumens because a bulb that is considered to produce more lumens is reported to illuminate at a more intense rate.
  2. The customer need to take into consideration the selection of the colour of the headlights best feasible to the needs.
  3. The customer needs to take a close look at the power output of the bulb.
  4. Check for the durability as well as the reliability of the product.
  5. The design of the bulb as well as the ballast need to be analyzed before buying the product.
  6. Consider the budget for the HID conversion kit which would narrow down a lot of possible options in the digital market.

The above points need to be analyzed and looked for in every product and after successful evaluation of all the above points in a kit , if the customer is satisfied with the above points, the person must just go for the conversion kit without even giving it a second thought.

How to Install HID kits 


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The pros and cons of a variety of 10 best HID conversion kits 2019 are mentioned in the above descriptions. According to the basic requirements and budget of the vehicle owner, a wide variety of HID headlights conversion kits are available to choose from. Considering a low budget for the product, the OSRAM conversion kits are considered to be the best suited HID conversion kits for that particular price range. OPT7 is considered to be best brand in the field of the production of HID headlights. Hence, the kits developed by OPT7 are the best among the listed conversion kits.

With an average budget in mind, the APEX conversion kit stands tall  in the long list of varied conversion kits. A higher budget would lead to the best possible selection of the kit available in the market which would suggest the owner to buy the OPT7 55W is really hands down the best kit in the market based on the preferences of the people. Considering a low wattage, the OPT7 is the best 35W conversion kit available in the market. Hence, the correct requirements of the owner of the vehicle need to be properly identified and analyzed in order to select the best suited HID conversion kit available on Amazon.

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