Best Car Speaker 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Best 6.5 Car Speaker 2019: No matter how good your car speakers are, at one point of time, you would think of upgrading to better speakers that not only perform brilliantly but also will enhance the overall value of your car. And if you were looking for better bass and louder volume, then upgrading the car speakers are the only way to achieve the desired results.

If you were looking for the best choice for the best car speakers, then it would be none other than the JL Audio C5-653 Evolution C5 3-way speakers. You can expect the best sound quality both at high and low notes; however, the only drawback about these speakers is that they are an expensive product to buy. If you are willing to spend a fortune to get the best sound quality then you can definitely opt for these speakers, but if you are not, then there are numerous other alternatives to this speaker. These alternatives are not only are cheaper than JL Audio C5-653 Evolutions C5 3-way but also have a brilliant sound quality that will help you get the best value for your money.

While you are buying new speakers for your car, there are certain factors that play an important role, and if you are planning to buy the best car speakers for your vehicle, then it is essential that you keep them in mind while purchasing the speakers. Some of the most important things that must be considered while purchasing new car speakers are Impedance, RMS, Frequency range, Materials, and sound sensitivity. All the speakers we have reviewed below are based on these points, and you can easily choose the perfect one according to your preferences and budget.

Best Car Speakers Reviews

Here’s the list of best car speaker that you can use as an upgrade for your car’s OEM speakers. Go through the list and find which one is a perfect buy for your vehicle.

#1. JL Audio C5-653 3-Way speakers

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JL Audio C5-653 car speakers are for those buyers who are willing to get the best upgrade for their car and do not have the financial limitation for the upgrade. By far, these speakers provide the best sound quality and you won’t have any issues regarding the high and low notes of your favorite track if you are using these speakers in your vehicle. Apart from having the brilliant build quality and exceptional sound quality, these speakers have the best in the industry features that help them to perform better than any other speakers available in the market.

Some of the features that makeJL Audio C5-653 Speaker one of the best in the market are listed as follows

  • 4 ohm
  • RMS rating of 75 watts
  • Peak-power of 225 Watts
  • Frequency response range of 48-25000 Hz
  • 5 dB sound sensitivity
  • Polypropylene cone body
  • Rubber surround
  • Cast alloy frame
  • 4†midrange driver
  • Tweeter made up of pure silk dome
  • Exclusive DMA-optimized motors

If you are considering JL Audio C5-653 for your vehicle, then you would need 2 woofers, 2 mid-range drivers, 2 tweeters, and 2 crosses over networks for the best experience. This setup and the speakers itself is an expensive take, and we wouldn’t recommend it if you are with a limited budget. However, for those buyers with an extensive budget, this is the best speaker that money can buy for 2019.

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#2. Alpine SPR-60 Type R Car Speakers

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Alpine is another bog name associated with the car speakers, and if you are looking for the speakers that can efficiently fulfill your thirst of loud and clear music, the Alpine SPR-60 Type-R car speakers would be the best choice for you. With high-end hybrid fiber woofer construction and a 1-inch silk dome speaker, this is probably one of the best car speakers available for the buyers.

Here are the features of Alpine SPR-60 Type R that make it a worthy product for the buyers.

  • 4 ohms
  • RMS rating of 100 watts
  • Peak power of 300 Watts
  • Frequency response range of 65-29000 Hz
  • 88dB sound sensitivity
  • Aluminum voice-coil
  • Shallow mounting
  • Tweeter made up of1-inch ring radiator

These are the perfect 6.5 speakers for those buyers who are looking for the best (not as good as the JL car speakers) bass and sound quality at a higher volume. And the best thing is that they are not as expensive as the JL car speakers.

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#3. Infinity KappaCar Speakers

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Car speakers are something that needs a hefty budget, and if you are looking to buy good quality speakers in a limited budget, then you may need to work really hard to get the desired results. However, by choosing the Infinity Kappa Car Speaker, you can get a decent sound quality without spending a fortune to it. Moreover, if you were looking for high bass and great sound quality even at the higher volume then these speakers from Infinity can be a perfect choice for you.

Infinity Kappa’s features are listed as follows

  • 2 ohms
  • RMS value of 90 watts
  • Peak power of 270 watts
  • Frequency response range of 45-35000 Hz
  • 93db sensitivity
  • High-quality crossover filters
  • Vented motor assembly
  • High-temperature voice-coils

Apart from the above-listed features, the Infinity 60,11CS also has a tweeter setup that is completely adjustable and provides the user more control to get the optimum sound quality.

The Infinity speakers come with a one-year warranty that is great for a speaker of this price range. And by looking at the capability of reproducing the sound of these speakers, these can be treated as the best car speakers at its price range. Also, the 2 ohms impedance ensures that you get the best sound quality even at the higher volumes.

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#4. JBL GTO638 3-way speakers

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JBL has been in the business since the 1940s and has a reputation of providing the best sound solutions to the enthusiasts who love to get the best sound experience and are not too keen to compromise with the sound quality. The brand has given us some of the best 6.5 speakers of all times, and the JBL GTO638 is one of the best creations of the company. With patented “Plus one Woofer†cones, these speakers are meant to produce high-quality and deeper bass at higher output.

Some of the outstanding features of JBL GTO638 are

  • 3 Ohms
  • RMS value of 50 Watts
  • Peak Power of 180 Watts
  • Frequency response range of 67-21,000 Hz
  • 92 dB sensitivity
  • Built-in Crossover Networks
  • Super Tweeter made up of Mylar-Titanium
  • Lower impedance voice-coil

In all, if you are looking for an easy to install speaker that can provide you the best value for money and good quality of music, then the JBL GTO638 would be a great choice for you. These speakers are a direct replacement for your car’s OEM speakers, and you won’t need any special DIY to install them, just replace them with your OEM and you are good to go.

At this price, the JBL GTO638 are the best options from such a reputed brand, and you can completely rely on them for a good quality sound experience.

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#5. Pioneer TS-A1676R car speakers

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Pioneer is a brand that has a reputation of creating great speakers that not only sound brilliantly but also are great to look at. And this Pioneer speaker is also not an exception. With a decent feature-set, these are probably the most beautiful speakers in the list. These are the speakers that use three-way Mica Matrix Cone for better results. This not only helps the speakers to get better performance at higher volume but also provides them with a great bass quality and better power handling.

Features of the Pioneer car speakers are listed as follows

  • 4 Ohm
  • RMS value of 50 Watts
  • Peak Power value of 320 Watts
  • Frequency response range of 32-40,000 Hz
  • 90 dB sensitivity
  • Lightweight elastic polymer
  • Heat-resistant voice coil
  • Efficient cooling basket with air-vents

Pioneer speakers are brilliantly designed speakers that go perfectly with those buyers who are looking to buy good quality speakers and have a very limited budget. Although the JBL and Pioneer provide tough competition to each other in terms of performance and quality of the sound but talking in a general way, Pioneer TS-A1676R is a far better choice than the JBL’s speakers in the list. The main reason behind this recommendation is the price difference of the two speakers and the ability to handle the bass at a higher volume.

So, if you were looking for a better value, then you should definitely go with the Pioneer TS-A1676R. You won’t regret your decision.

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#6. Rockford Fosgate Coaxial speakers

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For the buyers who are looking for an easy to install, good quality speaker for their vehicle that can be a direct replacement for their OEM, Rockford Fosgate would be a perfect choice. Along with the great sound quality and easy installation, the features that make this speaker a great choice are listed as follows

  • 4 Ohm
  • RMS value of 45 Watts
  • Peak Power rating of 90 Watts
  • Frequency response range of 52-20,000 Hz
  • 91 dB sensitivity
  • Vacuum Polypropylene Cone
  • Silk dome pole mounted Tweeter
  • Integrated tweet crossover

With high pass crossovers and mounting hardware, these speakers can act as a brilliant replacement for your car speakers and can be installed within half an hour without many efforts. So, if you were after a set of speakers that can be easily installed on your car, and has the ability to perform flawlessly, the Rockford Fosgate would be a brilliant choice.

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#7. Hertz AudioCoaxial speakers

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Hertz Audio’s DCX 165.3 is a perfect choice for those buyers who are looking to buy cheap yet powerful speakers for their vehicle. These are the best car speakers for the buyers looking for an affordable option to revamp their car audio system. With a pulp cone and cotton fiber woofer, these speakers are capable enough to provide punchy bass and flawless high notes.

Here are the best features about the Hertz Audio’s DCX 165.3

  • 4 Ohm
  • RMS rating of 60 Watts
  • Peak power of 120 Watts
  • Frequency response range of 60-21,000 Hz
  • 93 dB sensitivity
  • High-density flux woofer
  • Water-repellent woofer cone
  • 1-year product warranty

And although the bass quality of the speakers is top-notch, the company has provided the integrated anti-vibration rubber magnet cover for those buyers who are looking for more punchy and louder bass.

In all, if you were looking for a cheaper speaker that has the capability to reproduce high-quality sound and efficient bass then the Hertz Audio DCX 165.3 would be a perfect choice for you. The best thing about the speakers is that even they are cheaper than the competitors, they use really good quality material and thus offer better sound than their counterparts.

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#8. Polk Audio DB-651 Car Speakers

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If you are looking for speakers that are cheap, easy to install and have a great performance, then the Polk Audio DB-651 can be a decent choice for you. And with the Marine certification, it provides you the facility to use them in boats and bikes as per the convenience and needs.  Polk Audio DB-651 acts as a perfect choice for the buyers with a limited budget and higher expectations.

Here are the specs and features of Polk Audio DB-651

  • 4 Ohms
  • RMS rating of 60 Watts
  • Peak power of 180 Watts
  • Frequency response range of 35-22,000 Hz
  • 92 dB sensitivity
  • Dynamically Balanced polymer woofer
  • Neodymium tweeter magnet
  • 2-way crossover network
  • 1-year product warranty

With 4-ohm impedance, this is one the best performers at this price range and if you are looking for a cheaper way to get the best sound experience on your vehicle, then you should not look any further than the Polk Audio DB-651.

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Best Car Speaker 2019: Buyers’ Guide

As said, there are certain things to be considered while purchasing new speakers. Let’s discuss these points in details so that it would be easier for you to choose the best car speaker for your car.

  • Frequency range

In the simplest words, the frequency range refers to the sound quality and how it is directed inside your vehicle. A better direction and frequency ensures that you get a perfect sound experience inside the vehicle by adjusting the frequency according to the needs.

Tweeters are used to create high-directional and high-frequency sound at the correct angle to get a better sound effect and surround sound experience.

  • Power Handling: RMS and Peak Power

RMS stands for the Root mean square and is the amount of continuous power that the particular speaker can handle. Whereas the peak power is the maximum power that a speaker can handle in short intervals. These two are the important things to consider while buying new speakers as they somehow determine how efficient the speakers are to handle the bass notes and high pitch songs.

In other words, RMS and Peak power determine how efficient the speakers are, and whether you can expect better sound quality form them, or not.

  • Impedance

Impedance is the amount of resistance a speaker has when the power is sent to it. Measured in Ohms, the impedance can be considered as the most important factor to be considered while buying a new set of speakers as it determines the amount of electrical signals going through the speakers. So make sure to have a look at the impedance level of the speakers before making the final purchase.

  • Speaker sensitivity

In the simplest words, the speaker sensitivity is the amount of sound a speaker can yield when the power is applied to the unit. Make sure to have look at the system power and then choose the speaker with the most suitable sensitivity. For low powered systems (15 watts RMS per channel) you can go with the speakers with a sensitivity of 90db range, and for the systems with a higher power, you should look for speakers with low sensitivity.

  • The material of the speakers

The material used in the speakers plays an important role in reproducing music. So, it is essential that you choose speakers with good quality and durable material. The ideal material for the woofers is synthetic material like the polypropylene. Additionally, the tweeter material that is most likely to give better performance includes the silk and other soft textile blends. You can also look for the other materials that help the speakers to produce good quality sound at ease.

  • Connection and cables

Another important thing that must not be avoided to get the best sound experience in your vehicle is the cabling and connection. Make sure that you use the best quality cables and connect the components of the speakers in the right way as recommended by the company. This will ensure that you get the optimal sound quality with minimum loss. Also, if you are installing the speakers all by yourself, then make sure that you follow all the guidelines and instructions provided by the company.

Apart from the speakers’ specifications and brand, one more important thing is the placement and installation of the speakers.

In order to get the best results, it is essential that you install them properly in the right place. By doing so, you can be assured of getting the best performance from the car speakers.

Installing car speakers perfectly

As said, it is essential that you install the car speakers correctly to get the best results from the speakers. A wrongly placed or installed car speakers can’t really provide you the desired results and hence you should plan accordingly to get the best results from your installed car speakers.

Here are a few simple steps that you must follow in order to get the best possible results from your new speakers.

  1. Check the dimensions of your new speakers
  2. Disconnect the battery to ensure safety
  3. Remove the door card to gain access to the panel
  4. Disconnect and remove the old speaker from the harness
  5. Install the new speakers as per the instructions
  6. Reconnect the battery and check whether the new speakers are working perfectly, or not.
  7. Repack everything as it was before


This was a brief overview of car speakers that you may want to replace with your OEM speakers to get better music experience. Moreover, the buyers’ guide will help you buy the best car speakers in 2019 for yourself. We hope you liked the content and find it helpful while choosing your next set of speakers for your vehicle. Just make sure to know your needs and budget before buying a set of speakers and install them correctly to get the best possible performance from your speakers.

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