Best LG G6 Cases and Covers : Review and Buying Guide

Pretty cases are the need of the hour as all the smartphones of today are designed precisely so we cannot afford to lose it. The same we can think about LG G6. It cannot go well without LG G6 cases. The stylish and ergonomic LG G6 is specifically designed with metal and metal cannot bear the hardship. One or two time drop can survive the phone but ultimately it needs to be kept safely. The tempting LG G6 cases are here not only to enhance the protection of the phone but it will not make your phone boring though look wise. Let us guide you in buying journey for the cases of LG G6.

Best Recommendation For LG G6 Case ​

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CoverON FlexGuard For LG G6 Case

Ringke [FUSION MIRROR] Luxury Mirror Case for LG G6

Spigen Neo Hybrid LG G6 Case

Soga LG G6 Wallet Case, SOGA

Caseology [Parallax Series] Geometric Case for LG G6​

Best LG G6 Cases

1. VRS Design Layered Dandy Case for LG G6

The miraculous design of this case VRS of the LG G6 and it wears the most stunning phone so gracefully that protection and style goes altogether. The color options are also wide enough to suit your preferences. If you are the fan of folio pattern cases then this is the right option for you and why not you would like to have it as it has various benefits apart from keeping your phone at its safest condition. The magnetic clasp with the open and shut case to get your belonging to use is incredible. There are three slots to keep your essentials like debit card, shopping cards and few cash also.

The cut-outs at the exact place show its fine quality and make us use the phone without inconvenience. So reaching to the features has never been so easy with the openings of the camera, ports, and fingerprint sensor. The design, I do not need to explain much about this as you can see it is super cool looking case for LG G6. You have all the reason to buy this.​

2. Ballistic Jewel Series Case for LG G6

This Ballistic case is ultimate and packed with many features you need not to put yourself in lot of effort when you are using this virtuous case for LG G6. Designed with dotted pattern and transparent in look so your phone designs anyone can view with logo. It is good in safeguarding the phone from harsh drop even. It will reduce the possibility of the damage that happen due to fall or drop time to time. we just complete a list of best wireless earbuds 2018 which is compatible with LG G6.

The raised corners are such delight when you accidently or intentionally keep your phone’s face down even there would be no chance of screen scratches. It is flexible so to remove and put on. The cut outs are truly opened perfectly that no chance to get trouble in using the buttons and charging your phone. Such designs are very impressive and soothing for the eyes. Anti-slip properties with the dotted style will ever let you lose the grip hen you hold your phone in your hand.​

3. Patchwork Flexguard Case for LG G6

This is the model of TPU case and it needs not much description to prove its worth. This flexguard case knows all the tricks to keep the phone safely. This case does not believe in discouraging the buttons and features not to be used. Infact it is flexible to that level that it will not restrict any action to do. Though, it is transparent so the design is also visible in the phone. You can fully have fun with using the camera, ports with exact cutouts. You have not to look at the buttons to use it with this transparent patchwork case for LG G6.

It is lightweight and minimal in design. There are people who have liking for the shower and clean design then this is for you. When you keep the phone’s facedown then there are raised bezels that keep working to protect the screen from scratches or any damages. No dropping can spoil the phone when it has worn the patchwork.​

4. Otterbox Defender Series Case for LG G6​

Otterbox defender series are ultimate and it’s all the models are superbly design by keeping in mind complete safety. It is made of tough polycarbonate shell. There is built in screen protector and the raised corners are the double safety for the screen when you tend to drop the phone more than normal. The openings are precisely crafted that the features can be used properly. The accessibility to the sensors, charging point, and camera and for other usability is very handy. The triangular shaped cutouts on the back panel ensure better reach to the fingerprint scanner.

It is also lightweight and removal and installation is easy with this otterbox. Its texture is also bit different from the ordinary cases. You can see the texture looks plain but it is anti slip. The design is also amazing that would be perfect for all occasions in carrying.​

5. Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case for LG G6

Cruzerlite is TPU case and it offers all possibility to provide your phone from hazardous attacks. Cruzerlite is good in accessing to the buttons, controls, volume, ports and camera through cutouts. It is available in different colors and it does not interfere in letting you use the function of the phone. This case wears your phone but not let the user be uncomfortable. It can handle the normal wear and tear and bit apprehensive about the rugged protection through this case.

Removing and installing is quite easy and the design on the back panel looks amazing. It is lightweight and the raised bezels are for the screen protection even if you have in built screen protector. It handles the entire hazard alone to keep your phone at very good condition so it will never be old with the damage.​

6. Ghostek Covert Series Case for LG G6

The crystal clear case is ultimate in look wise and all models have different shade of the colors that explores the colors. Its frame has a metallic sheen and this look amazing with the colors like grey, gold, pink and peach. The light colors option that becomes eye candy as they are not very loud. The cutouts are accurate for the better accessibility to the buttons, ports, camera and controls. The buttons covers are also very flexible on that side of the phone. The angular design on the edges ensures its prettiness and the raised bezels for the double protection of the screen as there is also basic screen protector already in the phone’s screen.

The case is quite lightweight and offers all the function comfortably to use. Removing it is easy and installation is also not something that bothers you. The rubbery texture makes it easier to get handled. The design of the phone is also not hidden so if you have anything in your mind this is the case you wanted to have then this is for you.​

7. Noreva Tradition B Leather Case for LG G6

The leather case has always appealed to me but it is for few people are quite boring to carry. This is classy and built in France. This wallet pattern leather case by Noreva has made its visibility though its durability. Its leather is of good quality that does not crack and do not give unwanted marks on it. The best thing is that it color will not faint with time. Noreva holds LG G6 and easy accessibility to the camera, ports and other controls are best in this case. It has two slots that store the shopping cards and some cash with ease. The enclosure is also there to maintain the privacy of your belongings.

It is lightweight and you can carry it for the casual outing then carrying bulky handbags. Once, you will use this you will like every bit of it. The snug fit and the stitches have been done with perfection.​

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8. Skech Crystal Case for LG G6

The Skech is a crystal clear case that offers flexible bumper which is good for the protection point of view. It has cutouts that ensure sung fit to the phone. The perfect blend of polycarbonate and TPU and it is extraordinary in giving the best protection to your phone LG G6. The slim fit and the cutouts are properly inserted to control the volume, camera, jack and other controls. Its bezels are raised bit to save the screen from damage. Skech is good for those who do not want to hide their phone’s design and it saves your phone from regular wear and tear.

The hint of red, blue and black color at the bumper in each model looks super fab. This case is super lightweight and removal and installation is also very easy. It is the good cover for your phone.​

9. Case Mate Tough Case for LG G6

The plain black case mate tough case for LG G6 is head turner. Its design is shower, can go with any color of the dress. The openings are well placed to work comfortably with the controls, volume buttons, jack and other features of the phone. The colors availability is in wide range. The design is simple and it is dual layered case that avoids bumps and drop accidently done. The logo is also not hidden as you can see in the images. It this suits your personal style then this case is exactly for you.

Case mate is very lightweight and durable as well. The protection from different attacks can be easily handled by this stunning case. The finishing of this case is articulated with specification. The texture is plain even though the grip is nice when you hold the phone.

10. Tech 21 Evo Check Case for LG G6

This case for LG G6 is bit peculiar among the list. This crystal clear transparent case is good look wise and also not behind in functions. It offers plenty of facility to the LG G6. The enhancement of the phone through the additional assistance of the case is incredible. It has super shock absorbing properties which will not hurt the phone with the drops, or casual fall. It has best button covers for the volume on the side part of the phone that you can locate consciously and sub-consciously.

The raised bezels over the corners ensure the safety of the screen of the phone. The cutouts are enabled to access to all the features and controls easily. Your phone will be secured when it is upto 6 ft height. It enhances the durability of the phone and keeps it as new as ever. The phone is covered properly and it makes your phone very low maintenance. Every time you need not to wipe your phone’s screen or the panel and sides.

11. Power Bear Battery Case for LG G6

The battery power is the need of the hour and in some cases you wish that you should have more power in your phone that your connectivity will not ever lost. Power bear is powered with 4000 lithium polymer. This top quality product will offer LG G6 the power at its best. This external battery case is absolutely loveable as you can charge the phone while charging the Power bear. All day long you can be tension free if you have this battery case. The cutouts are accurate so you can use all the features with ease.

This case is lightweight and durable also available in different colors. Its capacity goes beyond the power and it provides the great source of energy. In this battery case there is built-in power bank that ensures the better performance.

12. eTeMall Kickstand Case for LG G6

eTeMall kickstand case is nicely crafted to offer the best. Your LG G6 will be at its safest condition with this kickstand case. Accessibility to the camera, ports, controls, connector and speaker is quite quick and easy. It has hybrid dual layer Concave-Convex and there is also stand for the convenient view to the videos, and other programs. It is easy to carry even as it is slim and lightweight. Its texture is soft TPU made so it will not entertain the scratch, bumps and accidental side effects.

The cutouts are designed for the full accessibility to the camera, ports and other features. You can use the charging pin without removing the case. It is great drop protection and protects your phone from all sides. It is so handy and colors availability is wide.

13. iViva Waterproof Case for LG G6

iViva waterproof case is extra generous and can control all the worst situation. You cannot obstruct your usability when you are at the watery region. You can use this under water and all the buttons can be used inside. So you can take photos and videos inside. The opening on the case permits accessibility to all the controls and connector. LG G6, being in the bag will be safe from all the hurdles. You need not to struggle to use it in water. It can be secured inside the bag and bag is quite durable.

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Final Words 

By far the list is fab and we have done research in finding the best LG G6 cases for you. We are hoping that you like then this list and when phone will come you cannot wait to put your hands on it. All the above choice is at its best. You can form your opinion if you believe that any of the LG G6 cases are best choice for you. The cases build the strength of the phone and ultimately it is more loaded with features, functions and operations so handling it become quite easy.

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