Best Selfie Sticks 2019 : Review, Rating And Buying Guide For Smartphones, iPhone

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Searching for the best selfie stick is obvious as there is lot of hub for this these days. Taking selfie is choice and this choice is day by day increasing. To keep the camera steady of the phone and for the capturing more of you it is essential to have selfie stick for your daily use.

Without selfie stick you cannot imagine to get into the frame fully so if you enjoy then you must have your phone one selfie stick to hold your phone at right place and at the angle. I am heading with best selfie stick around even subconsciously you order one of them then you would not regret. But before moving to that I would like spread word for the types of selfie stick and other info that makes you more familiar with selfie stick.​

Best Selfie Stick 2019

1. PerfectDay Extendable Monopod Wired Selfie Stick

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The shooting with selfie stick has never been easy for us. But after having selfie stick like PerfectDay everyone will become its fan. This is wonderful option and it is stretchable so can fit in any phones. First you plug this into your phone and turn on the camera to take photos as much as you can. The adjustable holder keeps your selfie at right angle for the proper click.

This selfie stick is lightweight and you feel better in getting clicked through this device. It is comprehensive and makes you more device freak. For those who like to spend quality time with family and friends on a weekend vacation then this selfie stick will help you to kill the boredom undoubtedly. With your phone you do not get proper frame while taking selfie as your hand cannot be larger but selfie stick can be.​

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2. Kiw 2 Extendable Battery Free Selfie Stick

This Kiw 2 brand of selfie stick is amazing and is the perfect solution for the selfie enthusiast. This pocket friendly is lightweight and compact. So, placing your any phones (Android or smartphone) in the selfie stick makes you more comfortable in using the phone for taking photography. It sets the angle this way as if it is the professional photography. When it comes to its features it has Monopod Self Portrait Stick that is good enough to fit all in the screen, no one will left out. The plug and play is another best thing about this Kiw 2 that offers unlimited power to take photos as much as you can.

It does not require Bluetooth or batteries to make it run. It is quite easy to use and it is compatible with most of the phones. It comes with lifetime warranty and you can easily take photo and videos with this stick. It adjusts easily in the pocket and purse. Very durable and compact as well. The ports of headphone can be used for plug in the selfie stick. Ideal for travelers that will let you feel bored if you love to click beautiful sight and if you are self-obsessed. It has built-in remote shutter cable, taking selfie will be easier. This is absolutely apt for setting the right angle for the right click with its adjustable head.​

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3. Noot Battery Free Selfie Stick

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The user friendly design and absolutely apt for the person who likes to have cable control in their selfie stick. No need to have Bluetooth for connectivity. In the audio port you can easily plugs the cable and now your phone is ready to take selfies in different angles. Noot makes sure that it does not occupy the whole frame even if you are taking the group selfie. This is completely adjustable selfie stick and quite comfortable to carry. The built-in remote shutter and compatible with the Android and smartphones.

Its holder has good grip also along with its quick adjustability. The shake free video and it takes steady images of yours. The monopod is extendable upto 99 cm and it is designed to set multiple angles. There is built-in shutter button for a simultaneous shooting and for taking images unlimited. This selfie stick is so comfortable, lightweight and compact in size.​

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4. Fugetek Selfie Stick

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Fugetek is amazing and compatible with the most of the devices as it comes in wide range there is camera and phone selfie stick available. It can be used for the professional photography and no compromise in performance. It has two interchangeable phone mounts, one is screw tight which has a limit to extend it upto 4.2â€.No drop and slip while using it. Second one is spring mount which has mirror attached to it for rear HD camera.

It can fit well into the phone with thick cases. It is designed precisely so it is more fun to take selfie with Fugetek. It is lightweight and available in different colors. The stick is so adjustable that you can easily install and remove it. Its capability of setting different angles for the perfect picture is sharp. No more pain of holding the phone in your hand and waiting for the right angle as it can give quick response only you need to change the poses.​

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5. Gopro 3-Way Grip Selfie Stick

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This GoPro selfies stick has more than you have read about it anywhere. It has universal compatibility for the multiple devices. It is always fun with this as you can use this in under water upto 33 feet. Its underwater performance is absolutely unmatched which allows you to take selfie with clarity. It is efficient to the level with the air pocket that holds well inside the handle.

GoPro have a solid grip that helps you to take steady picture and you are free from holding the camera or phone by hand. This selfie stick has edge over others as it has better grip with the texture that secure the phone at perfect place. No fear of drop as well. It has adjustable wrist strap and you can capture variety of angles with this selfie stick. The lightweight device so your hands would not be uncomfortable in taking plenty of selfies at a time. It is stand out option.​

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6. Disph Selfie Stick

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Disph has its own speciality, its offerings are wide. The better holder with its solid grip to the phone and cameras. You can position the camera in many ways though it is portable but no compromise in giving better performance. The fineness of capturing the selfie even in group is pretty well. This Bluetooth selfie stick captures in all angles like landscape and vertical. Its monopod is so flexible just push a button and you are all the way to best shot. Its length is about 3 and a half feet long.

There is LED for letting you know about that when it is paired with the device you are using or when you need to recharge the selfie. For a perfect shot this is wonderful selfie stick and the design is so amazing as well. You will never fail to pair it with your phone. It fits to your phone wearing the bulky cases. Available in different colors and easy to install and take it off.​

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7. Mpow Extendable Selfie Stick

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Mpow is the highest selling selfie stick on Amazon. This U-shaped selfie stick has built-in Bluetooth remote shutter. It is compatible with most of the devices but cannot fit in some the latest models of the phone and it is wireless. The LED indicator is here to show you the charging status and the battery life. Charging is easy as you can charge it with a phone or wall charger or even in your laptop.

Available in 3 colors and having self portrait Monopod. The stunning handlebar gives you more comfort while holding the selfie stick as the surface is matte with the protective silicone. Its design is boon for the users as it makes us comfortable to use it. The portable design so quite handy for the travel purpose and you can carry it in your bag or in pocket. It can be paired in 30 sec.​

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8. Manfrotto 502 Video Head Selfie Stick

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Manfrotto is advanced in features and it is bit pricey but fulfils all your need. It has Pan fluid drag system and there is connector for easy attachment. There is ball bearing drag for more flexibility. This is perfect for slider and the smooth head gives accurate grip, not so tight and not so loose. It is easier to install and remove. Available in different colors.

It is also very lightweight so holding it for long will never be painful for you. Its function is impeccable and fineness of the features gives it an extra edge on others. This is exceptionally good in taking images and videos and handle is placed properly that will be great in setting different angles. Compatible with most of the devices. It is great in solving the multiple purposes.​

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9. AmazonBasics ​​Selfie Stick

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AmaznBasics is wonderful option for the outdoor and indoor shoot. This selfie stick is lightweight and easy to carry and you can hang it on the go. The great stability with foam handle that makes more comfort while holding it for long hours even. The monopod is 67 inch that supports so well while clicking with phone. Easy to install and remove from selfie stick.

This is very user-friendly product and it can easily fit in your purse or pocket even. The guaranteed compatibility with most of the devices and hold of the phone would be great and no slippery moment while taking selfie or shooting. It is easy to use and you will be hassle free once you will be familiar and if you are new user even no hassle in dealing with this. The photographers will be more in comfort as it is featured with comfy rubber non-skip foot with retractable spikes.​

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10. Halcyon Technologies Selfie Stick

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Halkyon offers next level selfie stick where the comfort in handling is superb. This brand comes in variety of features. The selfie game would be at peak due to its long lasting battery, good construction and many other reliable factors that gives full comfort. Its BirdEye is assembled and able to extend upto 9 inches to 3.5 ft. Regardless of length you can lock and fold it to make it portable so you can keep it in compact area as well.

The best angle you can get with Halcyon when you are taking selfies. It is made of aluminium and very lightweight. The camera button is easy to reach and the easy connectivity of Bluetooth. Its head has 180 angles option. The head is constant as screw is tight enough and it does not loose while taking selfies. For the entertaining trip this is best option.​

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Best Selfies Stick Buying Guide 2019


You have huge list to have one best selfie stick to make your life more fun and enjoyable. But you still need to have more knowledge regarding the buying guide of best selfie stick. Which selfie stick can be best for your use and how to identify that you are picking selfie stick is right choice for you. No worry I will explain each facts so when you will buy you know that you are not going wrong.

It feels bad when you ask stranger to take your photo and if you will have selfie stick then you have not to rely on others to click your stunning pics. You can better set the proper angle yourself and click an individual or group photo by handling the button with comfort. Selfie stick has got the huge popularity in very less time due to its virtue and the ease of use.

Different Types of Selfie Stick

You might not be known to that there are different kinds of selfie sticks when you search on Amazon. You will surely get confused with lot of option.

  • Wired Selfie Stick
  • Wireless Selfie Stick

It is entirely upto you that what is your preference if you prefer to have wired selfie stick then you have to wire that in the phone in the port which have been used for the audio. Wired selfie is good as it does not require battery. To take a photo all you need to do is to press a button on the handle and if you have phone enabled palm-resistant then you are out of that hassle as well.

When it comes to wireless selfie stick, all you need to connect wireless Bluetooth to connect your phone. It also comes with wireless remote which you can handle to take shot. Wireless selfie stick needs to have extra batteries so it is bit expensive. So, no cable to plug in plug out hassle.​

What features of a Best Selfie Stick you should be focusing on?


​Your selfie stick should be as portable as your phone that you can carry it anywhere when it is folded. When you have selfie you expect it to be atleast 8 inches in length so it can fit better in compact places like in your purse, backpack and pouch. It should be extendable enough upto 30 inches to 40 inches so you will have benefit of having it. At last it also depends on your need. The more length the more fun.

If you want full body in frame then obviously the stick length should be upto 40 inches and when you keep it in compact mode then the size should be 8 to 9 inches not more than that. This will be standard combination for any buyers. This you can get in different brands and the price would also be reasonable.​

Adjustability of Mount

You want full security when you hold the phone in selfie stick. Most of the selfie stick comes with a mount that is good in adjusting the position. The mount should be rubberized and it should capture it properly tightly. Mount should be adjusted in that way that both should be comfortable in each other company in that way you will get full comfort when you hold it even for long hours.

The size and weight off the smartphone should be well mounted with selfie stick so when you use it, it will drop and head will also stand still as you will set. It should be easy to install and remove. The lightweight and very accurate in setting angle when you are in frame. Generally you see most of the time selfie stick has been manufactured with 180 degree angle so adjustability is quite flexible.​


Selfie rod is not only limited to hold the phone and take your photos by keeping your one hand free. But it is more than that. It is also remote control and most of the selfie stick has built-in button so it is handier in taking pictures and recording. Your phone will be well commanded with your favourite selfie stick. The two way of connectivity gives you more option to land either of it.

The high tech version of selfie stick has Bluetooth but power needs to have for such selfie stick if you have in mind to buy this. It has micro USB port placed in the handle of the selfie stick for charging. It is more headache to have Bluetooth selfie stick as you haveto charge it and battery backup is also not so good.

Secondly if you have cable option then it has in-built cable that you need to charge simply as you do with your mobile. You do not need to pair your phone and the camera button you have to click for taking photos and videos. But when you use cable your phone will not able to record sound if 3.5 mm jack is in use.​

Importance of quality

The quality is something you should not compromise in it. Make sure that you are getting that selfie stick is good in quality and its stick should be durable. If you are paying then you have to have a strong or solid stick even you use for more often it will not break and crack. It should be sleek and solid and at the same time lightweight as well. The design and colors should also be of your choice. The handle should be well gripped and it should not be slippery. The small small details you need to take in consideration.

Camera Control​

The selfie stick should be as such that it has better control on camera and button should be reachable to you or if you have remote control then it is easier to use the camera. The camera button is in the handle of the selfie stick so it depends which your choice is. You can have fun with more and more selfies.

Final Words

There are multiple choices when you buy selfie stick as there are different options. The different shape and sizes and the different features makes every models apart from each other. The positioning of the phone under the best selfie stick should be proper so by keeping all that in mind you will win in buying it. The finest selfie stick will not disappoint you and you will remain owner of it for long. Check Also : best humidifier 2019| Best wireless router 2019

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