Flex Seal Review: Your Infallible Sealing and Caulking Repair Tool

Last Updated on May 13, 2022

I have been watching the advert of Flex Seal on television and to be honest, I wasn’t interested at all about using it though the pipes of the washrooms were leaking and so was the roof. Even though I was just hoping that they don’t start dripping so that I don’t have to take an off from the office and spend a fortune, which I don’t have in the first place, to repair them.

But soon it happened and it happened in the dead of night, when the odd voice of tiny droplets falling from a height woke me up. Mind you, those drops wouldn’t mean anything if they don’t belong to you or aren’t caused due to your negligence but if they are in your house, their sound can be earth shattering especially in the silence of night and when you are trying to ignore their sound and try to fall asleep.

Top 3 Best Picks for Flex Seal

That’s when all those ads for Flex Seal came in front of my eyes flashing and I decided to give it a try because after all I would have to spend money on a plumber and mechanic for the repair. So, before that I wanted to make sure that I do my bit and apply my skills, which my wife really doubt I have but you know, how you would want to give something a try just like that golf kit lying in the corner or the PS4 that you purchased last year you hardly got time to play on.

So, before I reveal what happened and kill the suspense, here is a lowdown on the product that can be rolled, brushed, dipped and poured to seal the air, water and moisture out.

  • Easy and smooth application
  • You can roll it on, dip it or pour it on.
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • You can use it in your garden and even if you have pets at home. It is safe for animals and plants.
  • U.V. resistant, chemical-resistant, mould-resistant and non-flammable
  • Prevents corrosion and rust
  • You can use it to caulk around window frames and doors if they are making noise and a buzzing sound as you open or close them.
  • The Flex Seal Liquid is known to give a rubberized and waterproof coating to a surface.
  • It can be used easily on almost every kind of surface, from roofs to gutters, from basements to grounds and in ponds. It can be used on sports equipment and vehicles as well.

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Directions to Use it:

Before you use it, makers would like you to follow certain instructions so that you could get the best results from the product.

  • Clean the surface and wipe off the dust and grime.
  • You can etch the surface with sand paper to increase adhesion capability of the Seal.
  • Depending on the time you have and the surface you would want to seal, you can choose to brush on, roll on, pour on or dip the liquid on.
  • Make sure you fill the cracks and hole completely and adequately.
  • Once the first coat is dry, you can apply second or third coat on large holes if needed. However, make sure that the first coat is completely dried up before you proceed to apply another.
  • Once the coating is done, allow the surface up to 48 hours to dry completely.
  • If the surface is wet, it might need more time to completely fill up and for the adhesion. You can use a halogen light and hair dryer to completely dry the surface.

You can apply the Flex Seal liquid now.

What is Flex Seal?

In simpler words, it is a liquid rubber that is filled in a pressurized tin can. In professional, it is a proprietary and patent-pending formulation in a liquid form that can be used on any surface and which, when dried upon turns out to be a robust, flexible, water-proof and rubberized coating. It creates a moisture-proof, water-proof and air-proof as well as non-slip surface. You can treat a surface to protect it from moisture, UV degradation, extreme temperatures and natural wearing. You can treat the surface with steel wool or sand paper before the adhesion. Depending on the coats used, the coverage may vary. For instance, approximately 20 square feet can be filled with 1 large 16oz and 1 Jumbo 32oz can be used to treat 40 square feet. However, you need to make sure that surface is completely dry and cleaned. If the surface is moist or dry, it can take time to fill.

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You can roll, dip or brush on liquid to the surface. However, it is recommended that if you want to fill a large gap or hole, it is always better to brush on or roll over for a quick application. For additional coats, you should wait for at least 24 hours. You can also make dip the surface making a swirl motion. You can drip back the surface in the can to remove excess liquid. Just hang the surface with the help of a clip to let it dry. You can also fill holes and cracks with the help of Flex Seal. Just pour on the liquid and let it reach the corners, which are otherwise difficult to access.

Upon drying, the Flex Seal liquid takes on black color, which can be painted to match the surface. This is one more advantage that the liquid has over other rubber sealants that come in darker and hard to conceal colors. With Flex Seal, when painted with the matching surface, it is in fact, difficult to tell the treated and original surface apart.

Moreover, Flex Sealant can be used to cover any surface, be it moist or soft whereas other rubber sealants have limitations and can’t be used on surfaces that have been exposed to heat, water or moisture. All you need is clean and dust-free surface to apply Flex Seal.

Flex Seal Reviews

Before going for deatil fex seal revew, plase check the key featres of flex sea.

Features & Benefits of Flex Seal:

  • The sealant could be used to seal, bond and caulk a variety of surface.
  • You don’t need any equipment to apply this.
  • Unlike other sealants, it doesn’t drip or run.
  • Since it is a liquid rubber packed in a tin can, it can expand or contract, just like a rubber. Hence, you can use it to fill in huge holes and gaps.
  • For DIY enthusiasts, the Flex Seal is the perfect option to go for. They can use it for a variety of hobbies and crafts. Moreover, since it can expand and constrict, they don’t have to use it over and again.
  • It is easy to use!

Flex Seal Review

I have painted the treated surface with matching surface and it is hard to tell the difference between the two as well. I did all of this at home without going over budget and for the first time ever, even proved my wife wrong

How to Apply Flex Seal?

Apply Flex Seal from a distance of 12 inches. Use a sweeping motion to apply the liquid and let the first coat dry completely. Usually, it may take about 2 to 3 hours to dry. If necessary, you can use another coat.

Just remember that with each extra coat, the time taken by the Seal to dry completely will be more. However, it won’t take more than 24 hours for you to witness its magic.

Why Flex Seal?

Because plumbing can be a costly affair and leakages can be quite expensive if you seek professional expertise even on small tasks. However, it is not to say that the professional plumbing help can be totally dispensed with but with Flex Seal you can manage some of the chores without it.

Flex Seal is a rubber sealant that comes in an easy to use can. Unlike other bulky rubber sealants available in the market, this comes in a handy can. It can be stored and can be used for multiple times. It can be applied in various ways and you don’t need to have professional expertise to use it.

As long as you know the leakage spot and the area that require sealing, you can fix it with Flex Seal. Since it can be used for several times, it is value for money too.

Another version is Seal O Flex that coats the surface immediately, which is waterproof and layers the surface completely. Leaky gutters and leaks in water pipes can be fixed very easily and quickly with the Flex Seal. Uncomplicated repairs, a small leak or two, and cracks in window or door frames can easily be fixed with this rubber sealant that too without throwing your budget off track.

How to use Flex Seal?

Shake the can well before use. Apply the Flex Seal on the leak or crack as you want it. You can dip the surface, pour on or brush it or roll over. However, maintain the distance of at least 12 inches if you are pouring it on. It is always suggested to apply a few layers of Flex Seal on the surface to make it a foolproof work.

It is very important that you keep the can away from direct sunlight and heat sources. It is a pressurized can and it can burst with exposure to heat sources for a longer period. The can should be kept at temperatures over 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

After every use, invert the can and clear the nozzle with a quick burst to prevent clogging of the nozzle and tube.

The Features of Flex Seal at a Glance:

  • It is weather-resistant and water-proof.
  • It can be used all year-round as it doesn’t get frozen even at temperatures of Zero degree Celsius.
  • You can use it several times over the year. It is versatile as it can be used on different surfaces.

The Benefits of Flex Seal:

  • It is an effective, water-proof and weather-proof rubber sealant that can give you peace from leakage for years.
  • Easy to use application
  • Can be used throughout the year
  • Versatile as it can be used on variety of surfaces such as plastic, glass, clay pottery, steel and aluminum.
  • You can paint the surface once it is dried

Not-So Benefits of Flex Seal:

  • You may need various coatings of Flex Glue if you need to fix large cracks
  • You need to invert the can and apply a quick burst on the nozzle to keep it clear when it is not in use. This can be little risky as it is a pressurized can.

Reports of Flex Seal Spray Bottles Catching Fire and Other Issues Reported by Users:

It was very important that we discuss this topic as the maker of Flex Seal was under fire literally due to its cans catching fire and setting the homes ablaze. However, it is very important to understand Flex Seal is liquid rubber that is filled in cans using lots of pressure.

So, you are supposed to keep it in cool environments and away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Ensure proper storage of product and you won’t have a thing to worry about. If possible, try taking the surface outdoors and if it is a leaky faucet or pipe that can’t be taken outside, make sure there is an arrangement of proper ventilation.

Other than this, the users have complained about the product being not effective enough as even after using four coatings of the Flex Shot, the leakage wasn’t fixed and the problem remained as it is. First thing, you need to maintain proper intervals between spraying. Too much spraying won’t solve the leakage.

Proper application of the product would. There should be at least 12 to 14 inches of distance while spraying and you should let the first coat dry fully before you proceed to the next one. Usually, it takes up to 4 hours to dry a coat completely. With each extra coating of Flex Seal Spray , the time increases.

The idea is to take notice of holes and cracks on the surface. As you apply a coat on the surface, the size of holes and cracks becomes smaller. So, ideally, you should spray on until the holes are completely disappeared and you can fill cracks well.

There have also been complains about floors and other items such as furniture and pipes being ruined while using Flex Seal. Folks, you need to be careful with Flex Tape the way you would while using other handy repair tool or rubber sealant. A little preparation doesn’t hurt as you can cover the surrounded area with old newspaper and clothes while spraying.

Is Flex Seal Value for Money?

If you think you could try little DIY tool instead of paying a hefty plumbing expense, of course! When it comes to home repair and related expenses, you know how quickly it can all go overboard! Its hassle-free application and versatility has been liked by many customers out there. You can use it without any expertise as it is easy to use and offers quick fix. So, don’t hesitate to try it out!

Where to get the Liquid Rubber Sealant from?

You can get Flex Spray products as well as variants from your local hardware shop or online. You can get free doorsteps delivery as well as discounts on the products if you prefer to buy Flex Seal online.

The Result of Using Flex Glue for the First Time:

In a word, mind blowing! It has been two months and there has been not a single leak so far! I have painted the treated surface with matching surface and it is hard to tell the difference between the two as well. I did all of this at home without going over budget and for the first time ever, even proved my wife wrong. You know how satisfying it is.

More than anything, it has been an amazing experience for me because Flex Tape gave me a chance to prove her wrong! 😉


The other rubber sealant that is quite popular with the customers is BEND-SEAL. A product of SABALPACK and DI-EL TACK Limited, it is your instant and easy solution to perennial question of things going stale or moist once the pack is opened. You can maintain the quality of contents and food packages without ruining it all with BEND-SEAL.

The solution is an international patent and is in the form of a metal piece, which can be applied on the package to keep it sealed and its contents fresh. All you have to do is to fold the package twice to keep it closed.


While Flex Seal is a rubber sealant, BEND-SEAL is a metal piece that is used to keep the food packaging intact. Flex Seal on the other hand is used to seal the plumbing leaks in bathrooms and roofs. While one creates an adhesive protection layering for the food packages, Flex Seal seals the leaks by filling the holes and insulating the surface against the leaks.

Flex Seal is available as liquid solution and Aerosol spray. It locks out water and lasts long. The layer applied on the surface of Flex Seal won’t sag or drip. It can be used to caulk windows and stop the vibrations as well as corrosion. You can also apply Flex Seal products on wet or dry surfaces to protect your house. Since Flex Seal expands or contracts easily, it is value-for-money and can be used over the year.

Unlike BEND-SEAL, Flex Seal can be sprayed upon, rolled over and dipped.

  • Both sealants are food-grade, non-hazardous and completely safe to use.
  • Both Flex Seal and BEND-SEAL are easy to use and can be used by anyone.
  • You don’t need any special equipment to use sealants. These are ready-to-use.
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