Best Gaming Laptop 2019 : Choose the Perfect One!

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Gaming gives you the thrill and adrenaline rush it provides you is something that is beyond words. However, to experience this you need a machine that could complement the experience holistically. True that you can play games on a PC too but the fun, graphics quality and horsepower a gaming laptop can give you is beyond the capability of a gaming console or mobile phone. While you can consider gaming desktop too for their obvious ‘wow’ factors such as capability to support Virtual Reality gears and run 4K games. However, if you want portability and the ease of on-the-go, a right gaming laptop isn’t any lesser than a gaming desktop.

Keeping all the gaming enthusiasts in mind, the team reviews the best gaming laptops for this year and aims to help you choose best laptop for gaming that suits your budget and requirements.

The best part is that you have so many gaming laptops available to choose from. The worst part is that you have so many options available that you can pull your hair in sheer frustration. So, take a deep breath and relax as the team brings you the best and the beautiful collection of best gaming laptops 2019.

Best Gaming Laptop Reviews 2019

Origin EON15-X

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This is one of the rarest combinations that brings the performance and power of a desktop-grade CPU in a laptop. With Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060-1070, 15.6 inch screen and fully HD display of 1,920 X  1,080 pixels, this laptop scores ten-on-ten in terms of aesthetics and performance. The backlit matte display looks perfect. The storage capacity is 120GB to 1 TB, which is neat. It has a Skylake processor that ensures a lag-free performance, which is very important because nobody wants to wait for the game to load and the screen to display the blank screen until the next level is launched. This 15.6 inch game laptop packs in far better performance than some of the major full-fledged gaming rigs available in the market. Extra CPU power lets you handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The battery life is quite good too. With powerful processor and GPU, this laptop is certainly worth investing into.

When it comes to design and aesthetics of this laptop, it scores well in this department too. The Origin EON 17-S takes from its predecessor and offers you rubberized top, angular lines and a silver origin logo in the center as its design. The light-up equalizer of the Origin 15-S has been replaced with indicator lights that blink in accordance with the number lock and hard drive activity. The most common complaint of the gamers has always been the heat sinks that flare up during the game. However, this laptop cover those exposed heat sinks with metal find that add to the extra protection. This Origin gaming laptop does away with trackpad and instead, has a light strip. Both keyboard light and strip lights can be customized, which eventually add to the fun of gaming.

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Alienware 17

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This gaming laptop is quite popular with gamers because of its strong performance. The long battery life and a wonderful quad-HD display of the laptop make it an irresistible pick. The laptop brings plenty of ports aboard and hence, you have quite a room for extension. This 17-inch gaming laptop packs in Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU and Kaby Lake Intel CPU. However, please note this is an expensive configuration and but if you do, this gaming rig is the perfect you could get. The GPU renders ultimate support for virtual reality whereas Tobii eye tracking camera lets you play games.

The solid aluminum body gives out the feel of soft plastic. The two-toned color of gray and black has been retained in this series like its predecessor. The dimensions of 16.7 x 13.1 x 1.2 inches make it quite heavier. It is 9.6 pounds whereas the Aorus x7 v6 is at 7.2 pounds, the 15-inch GT62 Dominator Pro is at 6.4 pounds and Razer Blade Pro is little heavier at 7.8 pounds. In the same department, only ASUS ROG G752VS OC Edition weighs heavier and clocks in around at 10 pounds.

The right side of the laptop houses single USB 3.0 port and on the left side you can spot a C port USB, microphone, headphone jacks and lock slot. The back of the machine brings a mini display port, Thunderbolt 3 port, the power jack and HDMI output. Here, you can also find a connection port for Alienware Graphics Amp to let you connect external GPU so that you can experience VR and 4K gaming.

However, just watch out for the dim display in this product series. Users have also complained about heated bottom of the machine during the game. It also has slower SSD than its peers.

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Best Gaming Laptop under $ 1000

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop

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The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming laptop could easily be termed as the best cheap gaming laptop because of the features it puts on display at this price! The frame rates are smooth and at medium settings, its battery lasted for more than 10 hours. The red color of this laptop brings color to the otherwise monotonous world of gaming laptops. However, don’t just fall for its pretty face as the laptop combines some serious functionality and features too. First thing first, it is a solid gaming laptop that at this price is a catch. The vent and body of this Dell gaming laptop is made of gray plastic. Apart from Hibiscus red, this laptop is also available in matte black color. However, the plastic body, once you take it in your hand, makes it look quite lame. The keyboard is quite good and has a well-defined ridge. The laptop has a range of ports and slots for connectivity. You can add a headset jack, USB 3.0 port, HDMI slot and Gigabit Ethernet port. The left side houses SD card reader, AC jack and lock slot.

If you are planning to buy Dell Inspiron gaming laptop, be prepared to deal with little blurry display. However, details are quite sharp in accordance with the kind of money you are paying but if you start comparing it with high-end products, be ready to face the disappointment. The laptop brings out only 67% of the RGB color range, which isn’t even average. Apart from color inaccuracy and dull display, you cannot actually pick out anything where this laptop falters. The keyboard is comfortable and audio is impressive owing to its front speakers and bottom subwoofers. It provides you about 10 hours of battery life under testing conditions.

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Best 15-inch Gaming Laptop

MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro

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MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro is sleek device and despite that compact body, it packs in some powerful stuff that is meant to provide you a superlative performance. This machine rolls in15-inch GS63VR, Core i7 processor, Nvidia Pascal video card and support for VR gears. And without being a burden on your back or shoulder! The ridges and body of this laptop is made brushed aluminum. The vents are accentuated with red color and the back of the laptop is trademark of Stealth product series. The display is a stunning 15.6 inch and offers amazing picture quality as well as finer details. The keyboard is island-style and is accurate. It is friendly and comfortable. The multicolored keyboard lets you make the detail even in the dark. Despite its sleek size, this gaming laptop works wonder and render complete support to VR gears.

The performance of the laptop is at par however, the machine suffers when it comes to battery life with just 2 hours of standby time and gets quite heated up during the activity.

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Best 17-inch Gaming Laptop

ASUS ROG G752VS OC Edition

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ASUS brings bright display and strong gaming performance in the form of its latest offering, ASUS ROG G752VS OC Edition. The laptop stays remarkably cool during the gaming and its brilliant design catches eye. ASUS gaming laptop packs in over- clocked processor of 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7-7280HKCPU, 1TB and 7,200 rpm HDD, 16GB RAM and RAID 0 configuration of two 256GB PCle SSDs. This machine handles VR gears quite amazingly. The laptop has black bezel and 17. 3 inch full HD screen. The display is bright and vivacious, perfect for gaming and multimedia. The display reproduces about 112 percent of RGB, only lesser than Blade Pro that churned out an impressive 185 percent. It weighs about 10 pounds and is heavy if you are planning to hop it on your back. The keyboard is solid but isn’t typing-friendly.

However, with this kind of machine as it is expected, the battery drains faster than you could imagine! Under vigorous gaming and general usage, it could only last for 3 hours and hence, it is advised that you keep it plugged during the usage. The keyboard isn’t comfortable either. The logo is placed in the center and looks more like a dent and no, we aren’t talking about the kind of dent that Steve Jobs once talked about. The audio system produces muffled sound and you would have to install woofers and speakers if you are looking at an immersive experience vis-à-vis the display and multimedia experience the laptop offers.

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Best Screen Gaming Laptop

Alienware 13

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If display and the vivacity of the content matters for you more than anything else, then Alienware 13 R3 with an OLED is the perfect pick for you! It is in fact the most vibrant display that you can see on the market! And not just the screen but the laptop brings a comfortable keyboard, robust performance and great battery life onboard, all rolled into one sleek body! This laptop is named the smallest VR gaming laptop and packs codenamed Kaby Lake processor by Intel. Please note that it is a dedicated processor by Intel meant for gaming and gaming only. Along with this powerful processor, this laptop has Nvidia 10 series GPU to give you the best in terms of gaming performance. If you have seen its predecessor, you can certainly see a remarkable improvement in the backlighting and audio department of this new entrant. This laptop is elegant and more powerful. It is lighter than its elder siblings, weighing at about 5 pounds and leaner too, which implies that you aren’t breaking your back anymore. You can find lighter versions in the same category such as Aorus X3 Plus and Razer Blade but they aren’t VR-enabled.

The lid of this gaming laptop is made of gray aluminum whereas the rest of body is carved out of magnesium ally. It doesn’t showcase the signature intersecting LED lights anymore and has instead goes along with center strip that glows on its head. Details of the screen are sharp on its touch panel of 13.3 inch, 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. However, it isn’t the cheapest best gaming laptop on the block and it is quite expensive. The machine also quite heats up when you multitask.

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Best Gaming Laptop Buying Guide 2019

To start with, here is your gaming laptop buying guide, which consists of the factors that you should consider so that you can buy the perfect gaming rig for yourself.


Gaming laptops are different than the routine laptops. The ones you are using at work or home for the entertainment, aren’t equipped with high-end components usually a gaming laptop is loaded with. Hence, prepare yourself for paying extra for their ‘extra’ features and parts. While entry level gaming laptops can be anywhere between $800 and $1000, the high-end niche laptops for gaming can go beyond $1,400. The high-range gaming laptops bring on an amazing 1080p full HD screen onboard; full support for VR sets and better performance, rolled in one. Moreover, they offer support for additional monitors, 4K resolution, and smooth graphics and operations with graphic details maxed out. You can also top up these laptops with SSDs, graphic processors and cooling fans to add speed and performance to them.

If you are going for a mid-range best laptop for gaming, you have wonderful options available in this category such as Solid State Drives, graphics processors and many more.


What makes gaming laptop stand out is the graphic processing unit or GPU. One of the top gaming laptops is Nvidia, which offers Pascal micro-architecture that lets the laptop gives at par performance. If you have zeroed in on Nvidia, rest assured that you would get performance close to a gaming desktop. Most of the gaming laptops such as Nvidia’s arch nemesis AMD is using old technology of Radeon R9, which will continue to sell until the supplies are available in the stock. However, once they run out, it is most likely that we would get to see the new Polaris GPUs. If you aren’t sure about the performance and the relative models, go for higher model number within a brand’s product line. Higher model numbers denote higher performance.

If you are specifically looking for quality and smooth frame rates, go for technologies like AMD Freesynch and Nvidia G-sync.


Like the smartphone you are using, a processor is what runs the show for gaming laptops. Since a gaming laptop is a heavy duty machine, it is usually packed with quad-core Intel Core i5 7th generation or i7 CPU with Kaby Lake chipset. You also have gaming laptops with lower entry-level processors, but we won’t recommend them. We suggest that if at all you want to save money, focus on GPU more and not on CPU. In the segment of affordable gaming laptops, try the ones with Core i5 processors. If money isn’t a concern, Core i7 U, HQ and HK processors should be your pick.

Display or Screen Size:

The optimum size of gaming laptop is 15-inch screen. However, you can find ones that are 17-inch but then, it means that you are jacking up some extra weight to your shoulders.There are laptops from 5 pounds to 12 and 17 pounds so choose one that you don’t want to be burdened with.The ideal parameter for a gaming laptop screen is full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. You can also find top gaming laptops that support higher resolutions but that also means that you would have to shell a fortune for them as you would need higher GPU and panel to complement it. A higher resolution screen needs better graphics card and dual GPUs so that they can offer you better play at that resolution. 4K resolution gaming laptops are the rage these days but these are expensive ones. However, if you are looking at the best gaming laptop that could give you playable frame rates and play complex animation amazingly well so you need to invest in a 1080 pixel screen.


The best budget gaming laptop would have a SSD to improve its boot time and ensure a lag-free performance including wake from sleep. Having a SSD also means that you don’t have to wait for the game to launch and load. Having said that, you also need to make sure that not just SSD but every essential part of your gaming lap is configured well and correctly. As you go further in the range of SSD, you would also increase the investment in gaming rig.


A gaming laptop should have memory of at least 8GB. This will ensure that you don’t have that annoying blank screen while you switch between the windows. However, if you are investing a high-end gaming rig, don’t go below than 16GB and that’s the minimum requirement then. With this much memory allocated to the resources, you can easily toggle between the game, messaging app, webcam and several website. Since every window or tab you open eats up the resources, you need to have ample memory to work on. While a mid-range budget gaming laptop can do just fine with 8GB memory, we suggest that don’t compromise in this segment because many of gaming laptop under $1000 available in the market don’t support upgrades. Hence, choose carefully as you won’t be able to add to the memory later on.

Other features that matter:

It is a fact that once you have invested in a mean machine such as best gaming laptops, understand that battery life will be drained too much. Hence, you should have your gaming rig close to a socket so that a drained battery doesn’t play the spoilsport. Go for USB port 3.0 to top up extra hard drive and mouse, in case you need them. If you want to stay open towards the idea of playing games on an external display, invest in mini display port or HDMI.

For all the professional gamers out there or the ones who are seeking some refuge in professional gaming, the top of the line gaming laptops don’t come cheap. Check Also Best Gaming Keyboard

If you are looking for best gaming laptops, our team has worked out a comprehensive selection of the best and cheapest gaming laptop for you catering different budgets, requirement and product line. This curated list of top performing gaming laptops here is based on users’ experience, reviews and ratings. Since gaming laptops are usually one-time investment spanning over the years and quite hefty one, we recommend that you go through the list carefully so that you make an informed decision.

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Final Words

The criteria of best gaming laptops are different for everybody. You may want to go for a beefed up machine that could give you portability, power and best of features. On the other hand, your friend would want to invest in the best cheap gaming laptop that could give him best of both world without having him to pay through the nose. The best part of this segment, you have them all available on the shelves of a store or you can buy gaming laptops online. Whatever you choose, just don’t forget to go through this extensive list that is meant to provide you elaborate data points to let you choose the one that is best-suited for you and your gaming action.

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