10 Best iPhone 8 Plus Battery Cases – Never Let You Run Out Of Battery

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Last Updated: Sep 17, 2019 @ 11:41 am

iPhone 8 Plus has the best battery amongst all the flagships released in the year 2017. It is powered by a 2691 mAh Li-Ion battery that promises up to 21hrs of talk time and long hours of web browsing as well. But in reality, we remain glued to our smartphones all around the day, specially to the various social media apps that not only eat up our precious time but a large amount of energy from our phone as well. Almost every day we need to plug in the charger in the morning and evening to make sure it isn’t getting dead by the end of the day.

One easy solution to this problem is using the best battery case that does two works at the same time. It automatically charges your phone and at the same time does the primary work of protecting the phone against sudden accidents. Therefore, you need not worry about your getting dead because you forgot to plug it in. These cases are available at a nominal price and are the best option to deal with the recurrent problem of the phone getting discharged. Here are the best battery cases compatible with iPhone 8 Plus that are available right now. Take a look and opt for any of these best options:

Best iPhone 8 Plus Battery Cases Review

1. Trianium Atomic Pro : Best iPhone 8 Plus Battery case

iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus Battery Case, Trianium Atomic Pro 4200mAh Extended Battery Charging Case Compatible with Apple iPhone...

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Trianium Atomic Pro iPhone 8 Plus Battery case is powered by a 4200 Li-polymer battery that ensures to double the battery life of the phone. At the back of the case, you would find LED lights that indicate the amount of charge left in the case. This case comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and thus you can totally rely on its quality. It is compatible with iOS 10 and its future updates so it is going to run smoothly.

Charging it would not be a problem. As a matter of fact, you need not open the case to charge your phone. Both your phone and case can be charged with a micro USB cable that comes with the case. Connecting your phone to a computer (with the case on) will be very easy as this case comes with a sync-through technology.

Apart from providing the phone with 100% extra charge, it also protects the phone from all the sides. Its hardback shell and bumper on all the sides act as a shock absorber and protect the phone from all sorts of wear and tear. It is a slim fitting case that can be easily carried around and will fit in your pocket.

2. LoHi Ultra Slim Extended Battery

LoHi Battery Case for iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus / 6s Plus / 6 Plus 7000mAh Capacity Support Headphones...

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Another very powerful battery case that makes sure you are never out of battery. This case has a 7000 mAh lithium polymer battery that promises to enhance the battery life of your phone by 200%. With this iPhone 8 Plus battery case, your phone is always going to be at your side. Moreover, it is a 100% safe option for your expensive phone as it provides full protection against temperature rise, short circuit, voltage difference, and other similar issues. The battery indicator will keep you informed about the amount of charge left in the case and there is a button on the back with which you can turn on/off the case’s charging unit.

Moreover, this best iPhone 8 battery case also provides full protection to your phone. It has two layers, the outer rubbery silicon layer and the inner soft microfiber that disperse and absorb sudden shocks that the phone comes across due to accidents. The rubbery outer cover also provides good grip when you are carrying it. With so many features you might think that it is a bulky case, but in reality, it is just going to make your phone .36 inch thicker than the original size.

3. Alpatronix BX170plus Power Charging Case

iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus Battery Case, Alpatronix BX170plus 5.5-inch 4200mAh Ultra Slim Rechargeable Protective Portable Extended Backup Charging...

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3rd in our list of best iPhone 8 Plus powerful battery case, that will make sure your phone remains charged all throughout the day is Alpatronix BX170plus. Powered by a 4200mAh battery, this case promises to provide users with 150% extra battery life that will help them to continue using the phone for double the normal time. This case is also compatible with Apple Airpods and another Bluetooth headphone. With a micro USB cable that comes with the case, users can charge the case and phone at the same time and also transfer data to other computers from the phone. It is compatible with iOS 11 and all other future updates of the iOS platform.

Apart from that it also promises to keep your iPhone 8 Plus safe. This iPhone 8 Plus case is made of two layers: hard TPU and a flexible layer of rubber that provides protection against sudden drops. It is also resistant to scratches. And comes with a bumper as well that provides extra protection. Having said all these we cannot forget that it is very sleek and will not add bulk to your phone.

4. Sunwell – Thinnest Battery Case

iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus/6S Plus Battery Case 4200mAh High Capacity Ultra Slim External Charger Case for iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus/6...

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This is by far the thinnest amongst all the battery cases that we have on our list. It comes with a lithium-polymer battery that has the capability of enhancing the talk time of your iPhone 8 Plus by 17 hours, 12 hours of web browsing and 7 hours of gaming. Therefore, even if you use your phone ceaselessly, the case is not going to give up on you. Moreover, four LED lights at the back of the case will keep you informed about the amount of energy left in it. You can use your original light port for syncing the phone to any computer without opening the cover.

Along with extra power, it also provides the phone with enough protection to keep it safe from sudden accidents. It is available in two color variants: black and rose gold. Pick the one that suits you the most.

5. Gixvdcu Extended Battery Power Charger

Gixvdcu comes with a super powerful 7000mAh battery that claims to increase the battery life of your phone by 230%. So enjoy relentless talking and browsing while this case is going to shield your expensive iPhone 8 Plus. Moreover, you need not worry about short circuit, overheating, excess current flow, voltage differences, and other such problems when this battery case is on. This case has a lightning input port that is used for charging it and transferring data from the phone to any of the computers. With this port, you can also charge the phone.

It is a 360-degree scratch-resistant case that guards the phone against all wear and tear. The case is made up of two layers to provide all the protection that is needed to the sophisticated gadget that is encased within it. It comes in four color variants to choose from: black, red, blue and rose gold.

6. Sunwell External Juice Pack Charger Case

Another powerful charger from Sunwell that does two works with equal efficiency. Powered with a 3000mAh lithium polymer battery it promises to extend the battery of the phone by 17 hours more talk time, 12 hours of browsing and 7 hours of gaming. At the same time, it protects the phone from sudden shocks when it meets with an accident. It is a slim case that you can carry around easily.

You need not invest in a cable with this battery case, as the original Apple charger is going to work for charging the battery case as well as the phone. And while doing so, there is just no need to uninstall the case. Therefore, charging, syncing with other gadgets or transferring data would not be a problem at all. It is compatible with iOS 10 and other future iOS 11 platforms.

7. Tiitarn 4000mAh Ultra Slim Portable iPhone Charger

Slim, efficient and convenience these are the words that describe Tiitarn battery case best. This is an ultra-slim case that is not going to add on to the weight of the phone at all. It is powered by a 4000mAh lithium-ion polymer battery that promises to provide 125% extra charge than the normal phone and which is equivalent to about 17hours of extra talk time or 12 hours of browsing or watching videos. So you can rest assured that your phone is not going to die down on the go.

The case fits perfectly on your iPhone 8 Plus and provides full protection to your phone as well. This case is made from PC and ABS plastic. Both are tough material that protects the gadget from unforeseen accidents. It also comes with an outer band and bezel all around the edge is raised to protect the display screen from wear and tear. You can use the original Apple Lightning charger to charge it.

8. Surgit Apple Certified Battery Case

iPhone 8 / 7 Plus Battery Case, Surgit Apple Certified Sync and Charge, Powered and Protection, Ultra-slim, Sleek profile, Lightweight,...

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This battery case is being designed keeping in the needs of the users. Firstly, it is light in weight and slim thus easy to carry. The outer wall of the case has an anti-slip rubber shell and thus you have a tough grip over it. Next, the 4000mAh battery aids in increasing the battery life of the phone by 100% and it takes comparatively less time to get fully charged. The material with which it is made provides full protection to the phone against sudden drops. And the raised lip all around the edge keeps the display protected from scratches and dust.

This case has been designed with precision and you would get access to all the ports, speaker, etc without any difficulty. It is available in four color variants: black, gold, rose gold and silver.

9. Little –p Ultra Slim Portable Charger

Powered with 4880mAh battery this portable battery charger ensures to double the life your phone when you have it on. So even if you are addicted to your phone, you can rest assured that will stay awake with till night. Specially, if you have to travel a lot, this is your ultimate companion. It is a thin case but does its work with perfection. It is a two-piece case: the hardback cover and sturdy bumper that protect the phone from the back as well as on all the sides.

You can charge the phone and battery case together. Automatically the phone will get the first preference and then the battery case. There are led lights at the back to let you know about the amount of charge left in the case. It is only compatible with Apple Airpods or wireless Bluetooth headphones.

10. ICHECKEY Magnetic Battery Case

iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case,Little-P Ultra Slim Portable Charger 4880mAh Rechargeable Extended Battery Case Charging Case for iPhone 7 Plus...

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ICHECKEY’s Magnetic Battery Case has all the features that a simple case boasts off and along with that it also comes with a powerful battery to refill the battery of your phone whenever its battery gets depleted. This iPhone 8 Plus battery case comes with a 4200 Li-Polymer battery that has the capability to quickly refill the battery of your phone. You can charge the phone and case together by pressing the power button on the backside of the case twice or simply charge the case by pressing the button one time.

The magnetic top part of the case can be detached from the body and used as a kickstand to rest the phone and watch videos or read or chat with convenience. The viewing angles are diverse and you will enjoy watching video or video chatting in it. Four LED lights are present at the back to keep you informed about the charge left in the case.


These were the best iPhone 8 battery case options available to you at present. All the products mentioned above come with a warranty from the manufacturer and thus you can rely on it. Battery cases come handy as the latest phone comes with advanced specifications and features that eat up a lot of battery.

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Do let us know if we have missed a good one in this list of best iPhone 8 Plus battery case.

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