Best Gaming Mouse 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

If you are looking for that perfect gaming rig that has it all, you should start perfecting even those minute and little yet significant things, without which you can’t control the game in the first place. This has got us talking about best gaming mouse that you should own to make your gaming experience wholesome. Before we know about best wireless gaming mouse models, let’s understand the types and features of gaming mouse.

Best Gaming Mouse Reviews 2021:

When it comes to review gaming mouse of the year, it all boils down to ease of usage, experience and performance. If software needs to be installed, and how difficult is it to use a mouse, are always the pointers to begin with. After this, come several features such as button commands, scope of customizations and DPI settings and ease of creating multiple profiles and streamlining them. User reviews and ratings were also taken into account while curating this list.

All-Purpose Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

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This all-purpose gaming mouse from Logitech offers smooth maneuvering. This brings in 3.6 grams repositionable weights for a superlative experience in terms of comfortable feel and grip. This mouse has advanced optical gaming sensor, which implies that great precision when it comes to translating hand movements during game play on the screen. The steady rubber base makes it durable. The Logitech gaming software is ready-to –launch and lets you personalize the lighting, surface tuning and button macros. The mouse has 11 programmable buttons and a hyper fast scroll wheel that can be adjusted for great precision.

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Best Budget Gaming Mouse

Turtle Beach Grip 300

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You can’t even imagine what all you are getting for just $20! For starters, this ergonomic mouse utilizes a Avago 3050 optical sensors and Omron switches to offer you greater and accurate control. It fits in your hands nicely. You can adjust the DPI to 1,750 from an initial 500 and the polling rate to 1,000Hz. It is plug-n-play as you don’t have to load drivers or software to use it. It also features a non-slip coating that ensures that your hand doesn’t slip. The makers call it Turtle Beach Grip 300. This was introduced to ensure proper grip and enhance endurance among gamers. The mouse comes with an illuminated logo and scroll wheel.

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Best Wireless Gaming Mouse


Asus ROG Spatha

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Spatha is a premium mouse from Asus’s subsidiary brand ROG. It has the latest features and specifications that all serious gamers would want to have in their gaming set up. Spatha has both wired and non wired versions and it is comparatively bigger in size that other gaming mouse and thus heavy as well. Its base is made of smooth magnesium so that it can glide on a mat with ease, but owing to its weight users sometimes find it difficult to maneuver this gadget. The design of the mouse may appear awkward but it follows ergonomics and is very comfortable to grip. The surface of the mouse is not totally plain but groovy that lets users to rest their fingers tightly. It comes with 12 programmable keys which include 6 hot keys. These hot keys can be customized according to need of a particular gamer as well as game and is definitely useful for them. It comes with two cables of length 1m and 2m. Spatha comes with RGB lighting in three different lighting zones of the mouse and you customize the lights with the help of the software. The best part of using Spatha is its customizable Omron left and right switches. The default one present is a 60gf light touch switch that has a click rate of 20 million. But users can opt for 75gf switch which are tougher and rated for 1 million clicks. Tough right and left click are necessary for certain games where control is very important. You can easily change the switch with the help of a screwdriver that comes with the mouse. With the wire Spatha has a polling rate of 2000 Hz and 1000 Hz without wire. It has high DPI of 8200 that makes it super sensitive and ensures you very fast movements on the display. Some users might find 8200 dpi to be too sensitive, well they have the option to customize it as well.


  • It is a big palm grip style mouse that is comfortable to use.
  • It comes with lots of keys that can be customized to perform certain functions.
  • This is really helpful while playing particular games.


  • It is heavy and bulky.
  • Some gamers may find it difficult to slide it.
  • It is definitely very expensive.
  • The six extra buttons are located in awkward position and some of them are very tough.

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Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

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You can’t even imagine what all you are getting for just $20! For starters, this ergonomic mouse utilizes a Avago 3050 optical sensors and Omron switches to offer you greater and accurate control. It fits in your hands nicely. You can adjust the DPI to 1,750 from an initial 500 and the polling rate to 1,000Hz. It is plug-n-play as you don’t have to load drivers or software to use it. It also features a non-slip coating that ensures that your hand doesn’t slip. The makers call it Turtle Beach Grip 300. This was introduced to ensure proper grip and enhance endurance among gamers. The mouse comes with an illuminated logo and scroll wheel.

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Best Gaming Mouse under $50


XORNET II Cooler Master

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Cooler Master’s XORNET II is one of the best optical gaming mice which is designed in claw grip style. Since it has a claw grip design it is much smaller in size (both length and breadth) in comparison to other gaming mice. This mouse does not follow the ideal length – breadth ratio that you will find in the palm style mouse. It is comparatively wider than the palm style mouse confirming with typical claw grip design which gives user better and firmer grip on the side. The sides also come with rubber panels so that the thumb and pinky can rest comfortably on the mouse. Whereas on the top there is a panel to rest the ring finger comfortably.

It comes with 7 buttons and all of them can be customized by user with the help of the software that is being provided with the mouse. Two navigation buttons are on the side of your thumb which remains separated from the thumb grip through a flexible barrier. The right and left click are powered by 5 million Omron switches. In the centre there is the button to scroll up and down. Right behind that is the DPI selection buttons with 500/1250/3500 DPI. Coupled with the DPI buttons come the Avago 3320 optical sensor so as to equip the gamers with all the things they would need a FPS game. The mouse slides on a mouse pad easily, as there is a large teflon coverage on the front and back of the mouse. This mouse supports RGB. You can customize each and every DPI selection with different color.


  • Responsive sensor. It is one of the best gaming mouse available in this price


  • The shape of the mouse is different and palm style mouse users might find it difficult to get used to it. Since the length of the mouse is small, often the finger falls making the right and left click super sensitive.

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Corsair Sabre RGB

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Are you looking for a light weight optical gaming mouse? Your search ends here as we have the just right one for you: Corsair Sabre RGB. It has an ergonomic design that lets user get a firm and comfortable grip over it in different style that will give him an edge over others and thus making it suitable for playing any type of game. The entire surface area of the mouse has a soft matte rubber material that makes it look nice and helps user to get a firm grip over it. On both the sides no special coating is present, yet you will have a firm grip over it as there is a deep recess on the left side. On the bottom you will find the mouse coated with PTFE feet that lets it glide on a mat with ease. This mouse comes with 8 programmable buttons that can be customized with the help of the software. So set the DPI sequence and colors according to your will so that you can respond at a much faster pace. The buttons are highly responsive and you would not feel tired while gaming for a long time. Its 6400 OPI optical sensor helps users to track with accuracy. In addition this mouse comes with 1000 Hz refresh rate which synchronizes with your gaming monitor and let you respond quickly.


  • Light in weight.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Shape is perfect for multiple style gripping


  • Only right handed people can use it.
  • The DPI buttons are placed in an odd position.

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Roccat Kone Pure Military

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Many might wonder how much difference a mouse might be able to make in a gaming session. A pro gamer would know the importance of this small gadget that can actually give you an edge over your competitors. It is a palm style mouse that lets user to have a firm grip over the mouse while they are using it and has the seven standard buttons that are present on any mouse. The right and left clicks are Omron switches and are housed at the front, followed by the scroll wheel and two dpi buttons. There are two option buttons on the left side of the mouse. At the back the mouse has the brand logo and users have the option to change the color emitting from it. It has a smooth plastic surface and grooves on the side to place the thumb properly. The mouse comes with a 1.8 m braided cable. The rear buttons can be used as shift keys for employing certain function that is required in a particular game. But you have the option to disable it using the software that comes with the mouse. It is powered by a 5000 dpi pro optic R4 sensor that makes it extremely responsive. And of course you can change dpi by using the DPI buttons. A big advantage of using this mouse is the presence of 32 bit turbo core V2 processor and 576 kb memory, that stores all the setting you have been using. So if you connect the mouse with another gaming PC you need not do all the necessary key customizations.


  • Great design. The thumb indentation is perfect for resting the thumb.
  • The soft plastic material makes it really easy to grip.


  • Users find the software required for customization really complicated.
  • The scroll wheel is quite difficult to roll.

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Best Gaming Mouse under $100


Steel Series Rival 700

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Steel Series is a reputed brand name in the hardware industry and its reputation is totally based on the kind products it launches every year. Rival 700 is an optical mouse that is ideal for all the serious gamers who are looking for a beast to accompany them in their hardcore gaming session. Just when we thought that we cannot expect any more major breakthrough in the technology used for designing a mouse, Steel Series came up with a Rival 700 that has many new features. This mouse comes with three different cable options for you to choose from: 6 ft braided cable, 6ft plastic coated cable and 3 ft plastic coated cable. Moreover, you will have the option to choose between two different types of covers: the glossy black or the anti sweat soft touch cover. Install the one that feel comfortable with. It has a PixArt 3360 optical sensor with 16000 dpi which are the best according to the present market standard. On the top is the customary right and left click reinforced switches. After that you will see the scroll button and DPI buttons. The DPI buttons are quite thin and in an intense gaming session you might press it accidentally. There is an OLED screen on the left hand side of the mouse but it is of limited use.


  • Design is appropriate for intense gaming session.
  • Tactile alerts are an innovative feature of this gaming mouse.


  • Quite expensive when compared with its rivals.
  • As most games do not support the OLED screen and vibration alert, buyers consider this mouse to be expensive option.

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Best FPS Gaming Mouse

Corsair Vengeance M65

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Corsair mouse is a name to reckon with. The best FPS mouse packs in the best of features such as aircraft-grade aluminum structure, 12,000 DPI sensor and custom-tuned, gaming grade sensor that also happens to bring pixel-precise tracking on-board for you. This mouse is light weight, durable and features optimal mass distribution. Its optimized sensor precision and responsiveness offer you greater calibration and tuning. This mouse also has optimized sniper button positioning, which indicates that you can tune it to the speeds that the game demands. This mouse can be customized and personalized to a great extent. You can program it with custom RGB lighting and double macros. It also features eight buttons that are strategically placed to help you harness it customization capabilities. The Omron switches, on a rough estimate, lets you go through at least 20 million clicks. If you are fond of playing in your own way and fine-tuning a MMO mouse gives you unlimited possibilities to score as well as gain an upper hand over your opponents, go for it!

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Best MMO Mouse

Razer Naga Epic Chroma

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The Razer Naga Epic Chroma is the best find for MMO games. It has 19 optimized programmable buttons that can be used for unlimited combos. The wireless gaming trade technology offers several possibilities for maneuverability. This ergonomic best MMO mouse brings mechanical thumb grid buttons; in-game MMO configurator, customizable lighting and intuitive in-game overlay support on-board. You can personalize this mouse as much as you want to. This device offers great precision and customization to its users. The mouse is little wider however, and this can be little uncomfortable to hold. It has a response rate of 1ms be it on wireless or wired mode. It also features USB plug-in if it runs of battery in case. Additionally, it charges when you use it.

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What do you need? All-Purpose Mouse or Gaming Mouse?

You need to understand that a cheap gaming mouse won’t do any good to you, especially if you are a serious gamer. If you want to maximize your performance, you need the perfect controller to play the game. When you buy a gaming console, you get everything in line that is designed to optimize your performance. But if you are building this from the very scratch, you need to pay attention and money both. While good gaming models aren’t any cheaper, but are worth an investment of every cent!

To look for best gaming mouse, you should start with thinking about your gaming preference. The things that follow are the budget and features you want in this hand-held device. If your PC is the go-to device for your work and leisure, you should settle for an all-purpose mouse without any second thought.

If you are into specific gaming genres such as RPGs. MOBA, FPS and such, you need to buy a specific gaming mouse. An all-purpose mouse would work for every genre of game but if precision, perfection and performance are your criteria, you need something that delivers bang-on!

Then of course, you have high-end premium mouse for the suckers of perfection, which should only be invested in if you are into competitive gaming.

Types of Gaming Mouse:

Note that a mouse is a mouse. It would work for anything you want it to. There is nothing that your ordinary mouse that you are using at work, can’t be used as gaming mouse. If it is comfortable and you are at peace with its performance, it is the best gaming mouse for you. Simple and easy as that!

  • All-Purpose Mouse
  • FPS Mouse
  • MMO Mouse
  • RTS Mice

An all-purpose mouse is the common gaming mouse you see around. As the name suggests, it can control an FPS or MMO, with the same panache. A mouse like this comes in every shape and size imaginable. If you take pride in being a versatile gamer and can play every type of game with the same ease, this is your go-to option. Most popular all-purpose mouse are Roccat Koya, Razer Mamba and the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum.

Games like Call of Duty, Quake, Rainbow Six and Battlefield call for a special mouse. Yes, you get the drift. It is the type of mouse that puts you in a better position and gives you an upper hand when you are in face-to-face gaming combat involving guns and all. If you observe a bit closely, there are only a few things that make it different from an all-purpose mouse that we discussed above. An FPS mouse such as Corsair Vengeance M65 and Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury has a ‘sniper button’ to help you shoot difficult targets while gaming.

Warcraft games with multiplayers such as Star Wars and Final Fantasy XIV need different weaponery and in this case, it is an MMO mouse, which is designed to help you with complex rotation and great precision during the game. Some of the models have alternate buttons to and state-of-the-art touch panels. If you are into the World of Warcraft gaming, go for Logitech G600, Razer Naga Epic Chroma or Roccat Kone XTD to up the ante.

Many gamers would look for RTS mouse for games like Star Craft II, that is, the mouse designed for real-time strategy warfare. However, experts opine that the magic lies in you and your mind. Not in the mouse you have in your hands. If you are still inclined to buy RTS mouse, you can try Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime.

Customized Mouse

These are the devices that you would have to shell the money for. These can be customized and designed the way you want them to. Razer Ouroboros and Mad Catz R.A.T. Pro X let you tune with respect to the buttons and angle of the palm.

Despite this information the best wireless gaming mouse would be the one that works for you! However, the following pointers would be wonderful to begin with and help you choose the right mouse.​

Gaming Mouse Price

When it comes to price, the gaming mouse can be classified into three segments.

  • Mouse Less than $50
  • Mouse between $50 and $100
  • Mouse more than $100

The prices vary on models and brands. However, don’t expect a state-of-the-art mouse when you are just dishing out $50 but usually, you can be in the lucky spot if the retailer is offering a discount and the maker is about to launch an upgrade.

Less Than $50

You can get a good gaming mouse for $50 with limited choices for software and DPI. Lot of Chinese brands such as Emtec, Cooler Master and Cougar are available in this segment. Turtle Beach Grip 300 is one of the most-preferred options if you want a decent budget gaming mouse. However, don’t expect them to look as classy or last long.

Gaming Mouse under $100

This mid-range gaming mouse consists of brands such as Logitech, Razer, Corsair, Roccat and Steel. These are durable and look better than the cheap and tacky plastic devices that you would usually get when you can’t afford to spend much. These have strong software support and show versatility to a great extent. However, don’t expect customization option in this segment.

More than $100

A $100 mouse gives you customized options. Roccat and Razer Ouroboros are the major players in this segment. You can customize thumb buttons, scroll wheels and palm rests with these mouse brands. If comfort is the utmost criteria while playing a multiplayer tournament, this type of mouse is worth investing into.

Best gaming Buying Guide 2021

Apart from price, these are the features you should look for while searching for best wireless gaming mouse. These features are integral aspects of a gaming mouse and if you want a gaming mouse that stays with you for long while providing you with ease of usage and best of features, make no compromise on them.

Style, Price, and Grip

Pay attention to the grip and price of the gaming mouse you want to buy. The style of gaming is also an important criterion you would like to consider. Count the aesthetics of the mouse too.


Be it Razer Mamba, Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex or Roccat Kova, illumination is the major aspect of any gaming mouse. Color doesn’t improve the gaming style but it definitely helps you keep your several gaming profiles streamlined and synced up.



You can get comfortable with the weight of the mouse over the time. If you are having trouble adjusting to the weight of it, you can use an adjustable weight canister for it to adjust the weight of the device.



There are two types of sensors in mouse available in the market. And to be honest, surface tuning is far more important element than the sensors themselves. Seasoned gamers can make the device adjust to their style of gaming. Optical sensor, however, is excellent for rough surfaces. Laser sensor is perfect for reflective surfaces, that is, it gives you better DPI or Dots per Inch.

DPI determines the sensitivity of the device. The higher it would be, the faster the mouse would let you move the pointer on the screen. Consider high DPI of 8,000 or above if you are setting up a multi-monitor gaming rig. For an average player, DPI between 200 and 2,600 would do just fine.​



If you are a brand loyal, this feature would come handy for you. You can sync up your mouse for a better and seamless experience. Brands like Steel Series, Roccat, Razer and Logitech offer software platforms that can be used to sync your devices such as headset, mobile app, mouse and keyboard of the same company. Since your devices are running the same software, they don’t put an unnecessary pressure on the system.



This is something you can’t do without. A mouse should be able to avoid erratic hand motions to some extent.



Acceleration refers to the ratio of pointer speed and the speed of hand movement. Since gamers would have more hand movements, mouse should offer more acceleration.


Given the kind of brands, specifications and features you have to choose from, choosing the best gaming mouse is going to be a task. Note that anything that works well with you or your gaming style is perfect for you. And this, narrows down your choices, don’t you think?

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