Best Galaxy Note 8 Case : Protect Your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 With The Best Cases

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be available for pre order from today onwards and it will be shipped to the buyers from mid September, 2018. Galaxy Note 8 is undoubtedly one of the most advanced gadgets available at this point of time with specifications like 6.3 inch QuadHD+ Amoled display with a screen resolution of 1440x2960, 64 GB internal memory along with external microSD support, snapdragon 835 SoC processor with 6GB RAM and 12 MP rear camera with OIS. These are just some of the key features that we could not help highlighting, apart from that this gadget has plenty of other features to boast about. Hence, the hefty price tag attached to it (around $950).

It is quite a hardy and robust phone, but we are pretty sure that you would not like to take any chances with your almost $1000. If you spend a few more dollars, you know that your precious new note is going to get protection from any unforeseen circumstances. Case manufacturer have already started rolling out a range of cases most suitable for this gadget. We have simplified your task of finding out the best case for Galaxy Note 8, by picking the best 10 available options. So here it goes:

Top 10 Best Galaxy Note 8 Case

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Spigen’s Tough Armor is a sleek and strong case that will protect your phone if you drop it from your hand. It has double layers and thus ensures dual protection. The galaxy note 8 cover has layers that going to absorb the shocks that it might get if it falls off your hand and keep the gadget inside it intact. If you know that you are quite absent minded and often end up dropping your phone, or you are quite adventurous type and there are chances of it falling off, then this case is definitely a good choice. It comes with a kickstand whereby you can easily let it lean on any surface and enjoy video chatting/conferencing, watching movies or other videos and keep your hands free. Spigen is a renowned case making brand and you can rely on the quality of the product without any constrain. It comes in five color variants: black, maple gold, deep blue, gunmetal and orchid gray. Therefore, you have plenty to choose from. this the best galaxy note 8 kickstand case. 


Samsung’s LED View Wallet case is the smart case that you definitely need to check out. The cutting edge phone coupled with the smart phone is definitely going to make your life easier. Book style case is not preferred by many as they have to flip open the front every time they want to use the phone. But remember this is a smart cover, it definitely comes with some smart features. Once you tug in this cover, you are going to get LED notifications on the cover itself and respond by swiping on the cover itself. You also have the option to customize by setting caller ID icons and therefore recognize easily who is trying to reach you out and respond accordingly. Moreover, you need not press any side buttons to wake the phone. Just flip the front and the phone will be activated, close it and automatically the phone is going to sleep. It comes in three color variants blue, black and orchid gray and you can rely on the quality and compatibility of the product as it manufactured by Samsung itself.


This trendy chic glittery case is designed keeping in my mind all the gorgeous ladies who are going to bag the Galaxy Note 8 any time soon. This case is a perfect blend of good looks and protective cover. The top layer is of liquid crystal glitter that makes it appear smart and gorgeous and underneath it there is a protective layer that shields the gadget any harm. It comes with air cushion technology that protects the phone from damage if it falls from your hand accidentally. It has thick raised edges that protect the screen and camera of the phone from getting scratches while it is lying on any surface. It fits perfectly into your phone and you can fit it and take it off without much hassle. This case is definitely a good choice for those who like a little bling bling around them.


One word that speaks loads about this particular genuine leather wallet style case from Bentoben is elegance. It is light in weight and not at all flashy which makes it perfect choice for office use or in any other formal ambience. The hard cover of the case is going to protect your phone from any kind of damage and the genuine leather on the top of it is going to make it look trendy. This particular case has a very old design which is never going to go out of fashion. There will always be a genre of people who are going to appreciate the beauty of its simplicity. This is a wallet style case with three card slots or IDs and a separate slot where you can keep a little cash for emergency. It comes with a magnetic flip cover which is going to protect the screen from scratches. There is inbuilt stand with which you can make the phone rest on a table and use it hands free. It comes in two classy colors: black and brown.


As the name suggest this case is specially designed to protect the phone from any kind of damage. Therefore, if that is your priority then you must go for this simple looking yet very strong case. This case has multiple layers and is designed with precision to protect the phone drops, shock, dust and scratches. The outer most layer of the cover is made up of strong rubber that helps in absorbing shock if it drops from your hand or pocket. Then there are two layers of polycarbonate layer that helps in deflecting shock. All these layers work together to protect the phone. The last layer is has a screen protector to prevent scratches on the body of the phone. There is a built in stand in this cover as well. As the manufacturer points out this is perfectly suitable for those users who are “clumsy” by nature. Therefore, you would definitely know whether you need it or not.


You can definitely refer to this particular galaxy note 8 case from Samsung as the convenient case. It is a simple case that protects your phone from shocks, drops, scratches and dust. At the same time it has an extra tactile keyboard which can be fixed at the front and used for typing. Once you are done you can snap it open and fix it on the back of the case. This particular keyboard does not need any extra charging or you need not pair it with the phone also. It works automatically. This is ideal for those who still prefer a real time keyboard rather than a virtual one.


Are you looking for a simple and lightweight galaxy note 8 cover that will provide 100% protection to your brand new pricey Galaxy Note 8? Well, then Spigen’s crystal shell case is the one that you should watch out for it. Its minimalistic crystal clear design helps in bringing out the true exquisiteness of the Galaxy Note 8. Therefore, this case is simply going to protect the phone and will not over shadow the beauty of the phone. It is made of high quality crystal that will not become yellow over a span of time. The buttons on the side are quite prominent and you would not find it difficult to use the side buttons of the phone. All the corners are properly rounded so that you use it at ease. 


Another trendy option for the women (specially) and men(as well) is Ringke’s Sparkle 3D cover that perfectly snug into Galaxy Note 8. This particular range of case is available in a variety of color options and some of them are really feminine but absolutely trendy. The classy black, smoky black and rose gold are also present for both men and women. The glittery and funky ones suits women more. The outer side of the cover has geometric prism texture which makes it really trendy. And to add on it helps users to get a better grip on their gadget. It comes with rear corner guards which is slightly raised and helps in keeping the screen and camera safe and free from scratches. Strong polyurethane is used in the making the case to keep the gadget safe. TPU aids in protecting the phone from shocks and scratches. There is an inner cushion material as well to keep the device safe if it falls from your hand. It is light in weight yet strong to provide ultimate to your gadget.


This is another exclusive set of options specially for the girls who are planning to bag Galaxy Note 8 anytime soon. This range of cases is very stylish and available in a variety of hot colors like rose and black, only rose, red and black, simply black, owl and turquoise and grey combo. On the outer side of the cover it is studded with diamonds in a geometric pattern that makes it look extremely trendy. The outer side of the case is made of very hard plastic and inner side is made up of silicone that protects the phone from drops, scratches and shock. The anti slip contour of the phone makes it easy to carry. So it is perfect blend of strong and beautiful.


Last but not the least in our list of best galaxy note 8 case is Zenic’s heavy duty cover. It comes with a dual protection layer. The inner TPU layer is ideal for absorbing shocks and the outer hard plastic shell helps in resisting impacts. All the four edges have bumpers thus making it an anti slip case. The inner wall of the case is made of soft material to prevent friction and scratches. It comes with a kickstand as well so that you rest the phone while watching movies or video chatting and there a swivel belt clip that helps in adjusting the angle of the screen to get clear view. It is available in solid colors as well as in some chic back designs. Pick up the one that suits your palate. 


These are the 10 best Galaxy Note 8 cases for you to choose from at present. Galaxy Note 8’s pre booking started a few hours back and it will be available from mid September, 2017. So order your phone and case at the same time so that this expensive gadget does not remain unprotected even for a day. Already we have got plenty of options to choose from, but we are pretty sure that more innovative, stylish and effective options will be available in the near future. We are going to update the list of best Galaxy Note 8 cases thereafter, so stay tuned with us.

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