10 Best Car Phone Chargers for iPhone 8 – Convenient Charging Option On The Go

Ooppss it went dead again!! Even though I have plugged the charger in my iPhone first thing in the morning, I forgot to turn the switch on. While I was absolutely sure that I don’t have to worry about it at least for the majority of the day, my delusion got cleared when I heard the low battery alert chiming from inside my bag. And I feel like Not Again!!

I am sure that this is not just my morning story at least two times a week, but many of us face the same thing and may be more than two times. To deal with it I came up with an alternative no letdown solution that will be of great help to you. I started searching for a good USB car charger for iPhone that would help in refilling its battery all along my way to work. I have to ride for about 40 mins to reach office, and that’s enough time for the phone to stock up enough energy for it to function throughout the day. While searching for a compatible car charger for iPhone, I came across innumerable options and of course all of them were not that good. But in my hunt I came across some really good ones that I am sharing with all of you to make it easier for you to pick the right one. Here it goes:

Best Car Phone charger for iPhone 


Maxboost is a renowned mobile accessory manufacturing brand based in Silicon Valley, CA. All their products are innovated and designed to make our life easy and hassle free. Its dual port universal car phone charger abides by the guiding principles of the company. It is a compact car phone charger that is going to fit into the charging point of your car and would not cause any inconvenience to you while you are driving.

This 24W USB car phone charger is compatible  with not only your iPhone but iPad, iPod or any other brand smartphome. It comes with two USB ports for charging your gadget/s and depending upon the gadget the intelligent charger automatically optimizes charging speed. There are two internal LED lights that glow so that you can easily identify the charger in dark.

The best car phone charger is equipped with an intelligent circuit that protects your gadget from overheating, short circuit, over current and once the phone is fully charged it disconnects automatically. This car charger  comes with a warranty of one year and so can rely on it fully. 


Anker is one of the industry leaders in mobile charging sector. It has built its reputation in this sector through the advanced technology incorporated in each and every one of its products and because of their constant emphasis research and development. Its PowerDrive is a range of car charger that integrates the latest PowerIQ technology for high speed charging and is compatible with all Apple products as well as other brands.

It is a very small device that will be hardly noticeable and has two high speed USB ports. The MultiProtect Safety system of the charger protects the gadgets connected with it from any kind of short circuit, over heating or other dangers. Moreover, this best USB car charger is CE and FCC certified so you can rely on it fully with your high end gadget. All the parts used in it and materials with which it is built are of premium quality to provide users with hassle free on the go charging experience. 


Aukey has vast range of consumer electronics and mobile accessory products catering to the needs of millions of consumers all across the globe. It is one of the smallest and best iPhone car charger available right now so much so that it fits perfectly into the cigarette lighter outlet of your car and you can turn off the cover of that unit with the charger inside it.

This device can charge two gadgets at the same time quickly with its 2.4A USB ports. It can optimize the charging speed according to charging speed of the gadget connected with it. It is compatible with all Apple gadgets as well as android smartphone, tablets and other USB charging devices. Its internal circuit has all the technologies to check short circuit, overheating or any other problem. You can rely on it completely as it comes with two years product replacement warranty in case of any problem. 


We have another portable car charger on our list of best car charger which is of the size of your thumb: RAVPower Metal dual car charger. Its sleek design lets it fit into the charging point of your vehicle smoothly and its metallic body (aluminum alloy) protects the inner charging circuit and the device from getting scratches. It is a 24W charger that has two USB port to connect your Apple device. Each port has an output of 2.4A. While the charger is in use an LED light glows to indicate that it is working. Inside the device there is a voltage stabilizer to ensure stable voltage level so that the expensive gadgets connected with do not get damaged due to overflow of current. Its iSmart module communicates with the gadget connected and optimizes the current flow accordingly for quick charging.


iXCC is a dual port very fast car charging device that ensures to replenish full energy into yours phone’s battery in your half an hour ride to office. It is equipped with chargewise tech ensures to charge your iPhone quickly. You have the option to plug in two devices in the same charging unit and get both charged in optimized charging speed. However, you need not worry about your device while using this car charger adapter unit as it is integrated with advanced technology to prevent overheating, excess current flow or similar issues. This product comes with two years warranty.


This charger is just meant to charge all range of Apple products. This car charger is a good option for those who own only Apple products. It is a very small high speed charging unit that will quickly charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod but one at a time. It comes with a 3ft MFi certified lightning cable that is compatible with all the above mentioned Apple products and would not cause any harm to your expensive smartphone. Being equipped with PowerIQ it has the ability to optimize the charging speed that is compatible with different gadgets and get the refilling done at the fastest possible time. It is also integrated with Anker’s MultiProtect system that ensures 100% protection of the gadget connected with it against short circuit, overheating or similar problems. All the parts that constitute this device are made from best quality material and are CE and FCC certified, so you can rest assured while using it.


We have another charger from Maxboost which is compatible with Apple gadgets as well as Android gadgets. This device is integrated with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology that holds up 18W and can charge any gadget with QC2.0 compatibilty 75% faster than the normal chargers. It also comes with a 2.4A smart port that can also provide fast charging to all compatible devices. When any gadget is plugged into this car charger a blue light glows which makes it easier to locate the charger and make sure it is working. This charger is ideal for those who have Apple gadgets as well as other Android phones/tablets/phablets.


Lightningfast is an Apple certified that will help you to remain connected on the go. It is an ultra slim charging unit that will fit into your vehicle’s charging point seamlessly. It comes with one USB port with which you can charger any gadget and one special cable for charging your iPhone/iPad/iPod etc. It is a Apple certified MFi product so you can rest assured about its quality without causing any damage to the phone due to excess current flow, overheating etc. This charger is compatible with all iOS from 7 to 10 so you are not going to face any problem while using it. What makes it really special and worth giving a try is the product comes with lifetime replacement guarantee. Any time you feel that it is not working smoothly contact the manufacturer and they will replace it.


Gembonics Apple MFI Certified charger is a reliable option that all iPhone users have. It is a 3.1A car charger that comes with two ports, one 1.0A USB port and one 2.1A lightning connector. Therefore, you can charge two gadgets using this unit. Using the lightning port you can charge your iPhone/iPad/iPod and with the other USB port you can charge your Android phones or tablets.

It can charge the latest iPhones or iPads at a much quicker pace than the normal chargers. The lightning port has MFi certified serialized cable so it is compatible with iOS platform and would not show error message once connected. The charger automatically gets disconnected when battery gets filled or voltage is low/high or similar issues. Thus it is a very option for all iPhone users. 


Last on our list of best car charger for iPhone is a dual port compact lightweight car charger that is compatible with charging point of any vehicle. It is one of the fastest charging units with 2.4A power USB ports that ensure 40% fast charging than the normal charger. The circuit of this device is being specially designed for quickly charging Apple products like iPhone, iPad etc but it works perfectly with other gadgets as well which can be charged using the USB port. The circuit of this unit is equipped with all the advanced technology that will safeguard your gadget from any damage while it is connected. 


These were the 10 best car chargers for iPhone I found while looking an ideal one. It is the best remedy for your, rather our forgetfulness and ease one of the major troubles we face on the go. Pick any one of them from the best car phone charger list and I assure you, you will be happy with its service.

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