Best Tactical LED Flashlight: Review and Buying Guide

Last Updated on May 9, 2022

Tactical flashlights can never be obsolete. Even if you don’t work in dark environments, and aren’t a hunter, trekker, fireman, or survivalist, it is important to carry one like the safety knife you have in your handbag or back pocket. It is one thing that has to be in the perfect condition so that it could help you come out of the situations when you want the light to use in your favor especially when self-defense is on your mind.

Best Tactical Flashlight for the Money

Years ago, there was a time when carrying a flashlight was cumbersome due to their bulky size and maintenance. However, with the advent of new technology in the realm of tactical flashlights, things have changed drastically and they have become more efficient in the terms of battery life and brightness. Now, they are easy to carry and smaller in size. They can be recharged easily and their battery life has been improved considerably too.

3 Best Tactical Flashlights in 2022

Buying a tactical flashlight can be tricky, as you might not want to compromise on the functionality at all. You also need to understand what candlepower you need in accordance with your situation.​

Best Tactical Flashlights Review 2019

The team tries to do comprehensive and all-inclusive research on this complex yet illuminating world of tactical flashlights of the year. Keeping in mind that you could use a flashlight for a number of reasons ranging from using it for the light when you need it the most to the self defense, it becomes very important that you buy one wisely.

So, in this list of best tactical flashight, you can find some of the best and top-rated flashlights of the year that suit a variety of needs. Also, top-quality flashlight or a professional-grade flashlight is not exactly an affordable tactical flashlight; hence, it is advised that you spend wisely and as per your need.

The team reviewed a couple of them and these five tactical flashlights came across as the clear-cut winners in terms of brightness, efficiency, recharging time and user experience.

Here you go! Scroll down to read the most comprehensive best tactical flashlight review and buy one that suits your needs.

1. Simon Cree LED Flashlight

Tongth Cree Led Flashlight Top LED Tactical Flashlight used by Law Enforcement. The Brightest LED...

Many of law enforcement service professionals use Simon Cree LED flashlight for its easy to use trigger on / off button. The flashlight has been a hit and top choice of mechanics, campers and hikers because of its rugged 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum body, 500 lumens light output, shock-proof design, and a compact tactical flashlight.

The torch features multiple settings namely SOS, strobe (for intermittent lighting), low, medium and high. It uses a rechargeable lithium ion batteries – the Li-IO 18650, which is rechargeable. Alternatively, you can power it by 3AAA batteries too. The batteries are embedded with protected circuit board to prevent shock hazard.

It can give you 100,000 hours using the rechargeable battery. It has IPX 2 rating. It can be mounted on a slide clamp or LED tactical rail. It weighs just 5.4 oz and the design is palm-friendly.

It is compact and lightweight and can easily fit into a bag. It has easy 16-dial focus settings. With the help of the belt clip, you can latch it to your backpack or the belt whenever you are on the go.

The torch hasn’t much of a flaw but users have been constantly negative about the placement of the tail cap switch and wire ring. The batteries and battery charger is sold separately though. Also, don’t mistake it for a flood light effect as it throws direct beam on the subject.

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2. Klarus Improved XT11S SUPER BUNDLE

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As the name suggests, it is improved and upgraded. The Klarus flashlight is compact and lightweight. These tactical flashlights flaunt a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED as the light source that could deliver about 1100 lumens! It has a dual easy-to-use tail switch for on and off mode, making it easy to maneuver with one hand.

The flashlight features functions such as instant turbo, instant low-light, SOS, battery capacity indicator, switch lock function, memorized function ability and many more. The torch can also be recharged by the USB and has ITS Smart Temperature Control System.

Using the Direct Recharging Function, you can plug the device to a USB cable for a quick recharge. With three operating modes namely, Hunting Mode, Ultimate Tactical Mode and Conventional Tactical Mode, it offers you versatility and great functionality. In the Ultimate Tactical Mode, the flashlight supports only Turbo and Strobe modes whereas the side switch is turned off temporarily to be used in extreme situations.

In the Hunting Mode, the flashlight’s tail switch operates without Strobe mode whereas only high or low light output is delivered. The Turbo mode is quite powerful and could light up a huge area.

In the package, you get a rechargeable battery, car charger, mini USB light, pocket clip, lanyard and holster, which is a bonus! Its net weight excluding battery is 115 grams. The impact resistant is up to 1 meter whereas it is waterproof up to IPX8. This tactical flashlight comes with 5-year warranty.

It is quite expensive than its counterparts, however, you won’t regret the investment once you know that your hard-earned money is well-spent. Users have given extremely favorable review of this flashlight and we are impressed too!

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3. LumiTact Mini G700: Best tactical flashlight under $50

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Let’s first understand what G700 flashlight is and the hype that surrounds it. This G700 is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and is called the tsoughest tactical flashlight on the market. But as we said earlier, don’t expect to see it mounted on a military officer’s gun or survive a firefight.

However, the makers still claim it to be the most durable and long-lasting among all commercial flashlight available in the market. Yes, you can actually expect a noticeable difference in the brightness, which can easily be compared to a dim light and bright halo, powerful enough to light up a dark alley or scare away an animal.

The potential users of this flashlight are police officers, hunters and firefighters. At 450 Lumens, this tactical flashlight is lightweight and durable. It features 3 power modes, high, low and strobe, which can be toggled between easily. It has the power source of 1AA battery and comes with wall charger as well as 2AA rechargeable batteries.

The Telescopic Focus and Adjustable Zoom mode let you adjust the brightness easily. The rigid edges on the flashlight are made purposely for the self defense. It is a medium-ranged flashlight that is a must-buy if you want to buy one of the professional and best tactical flashlights without shelling out extra bucks.

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4. SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 : Best tactical flashlight for self defense

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SOLARAY’s tag line says, “We’ll never leave you in the dark.” And the maker justifies it with their latest offering. Quite expensive from its counterparts, it justifies the extra bucks you pay with the features it offers. At 1,200 Lumens, it offers you superior brightness and is operated by 3AAA batteries.

The in-built rechargeable battery is SOLARAY 18650 3.5V. You can toggle between five modes along with high, medium and low beam. It also features SOS emergency signal and tactical flashlights’ intruder strobe. Adjust the beam of light with flood and throw mode, which are to wide coverage and distance respectively.

Made of water-resistant aircraft aluminum, this tactical flashlight is low on maintenance and extremely durable. In fact, its tail switch is said to long last spanning over the years. Extremely durable, it is compact in size and well-balanced. Ideal for campers, hikers and whenever you think you could use some light.

Since it is small, you can fit it even in your side pocket. In the package, you will receive adapter for batteries and solar-powered keychain light with 3 LEDs. The on / off buttons as well as zoom function is easy to operate and toggle between. Some users have rated it highly for the self defense as the light is quite strong to disorient and blind the attacker for some time. this tactical flashlight is powered by ultra-bright XML T6 Cree Silicon Carbide, which is backed up by single dye LED chip technology.

While the finish of the body is quite smooth, it is reported to be scratched and lose the sheen quite easily. Apart from this and the tacky ring loop, there is nothing much to crib and complain about. As far as the functionality – easily one of the brightest tactical flashlight out there – and ease of usage are concerned, this flashlight scores ten-on-ten.

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5. Refun 600 Lumen Handheld Flashlight Led Cree Xml

Handheld Flashlights Waterproof 5 Modes (Bronze)

If you aren’t in the mood of shelling out a fortune for the best tactical flashlights but don’t want to compromise on the features of flashlight as well, then Refun’s this product for you. Made of plastic metal, this gives you light spanning over 100,000 hours. Water-resistant and durable, this flashlight has rigged strike bezel, which makes it an effective self-defense tool at times. You have 5 modes to toggle between which are high, low, medium, SOS, and strobe mode. The light source is a Cree XML T6 LED light, which gives you bright light of 600 Lumens.

This flashlight comes with 30-day money back and 12-month replacement warranty that makes it quite a cost-effective and wonderful buy. Powered by 18650 3.6V/3.7 V battery, the tactical flashlight can alternatively generate power from 3AAA batteries too. However, it is not included in the package.

The focus can be adjusted easily according to the distance and range you need. It has a smooth finish and good construct. It is durable and has compact design. It can fit in your side pocket easily. It is also water-resistant. Moreover, the Refun tactical flashlight also features reverse polarity protection to prevent any shock hazard. It is also skid proof so, even if you are sweating, it won’t slip from your hands.

However, users would like the maker to work on the quality of the switch but at its price and such amazing features, this is the good flashlight to begin with.

Handheld Flashlights Waterproof 5 Modes (Bronze)
  • Reverse polarity protection: Protect the LED light do not burn out if the battery installed backward

What is the Best Tactical Flashlight?

The best tactical flashlight for you is the one that suits your need, is energy-efficient and get charged quickly. What’s perfect for one, it might not be perfect for you. Hence, the idea is to assess your requirements and then buy tactical flashlight, which goes well with them.

A hunter needs a flashlight, which is compact in size and can be charged in a flash. It needs to give the perfect light even in the dense forest. Similarly, a firefighter needs a larger flashlight and the one that has different brightness setting. If you just want to carry it in your tool box, you need one, which might not be the brightest flashlight on the block but the one, which requires almost zero maintenance so that it doesn’t ditch you just when you need it.

Best Tactical flashlight Buying guide 2019

What’s tactical and how is it different from the routine flashlight I’m using?

The United States Department of Defense dictionary describes tactical as an object that maintains military standard during work and otherwise. It has to be waterproof, powerful, durable and most importantly, should be doubled up as a weapon. A tactical flashlight adheres to all above parameters usually.

It is made of high-quality aluminum ally, which also happens to be military grad. It is capable to provide light that could cut through any level of darkness. Thanks to its compact size, you can carry it anywhere you want to. With little charging input, it is capable to provide you high output and longer run time. It has to be compact so that you can carry it anywhere you want it to. Not to mention, it has to be durable, low maintenance and water-resistant.

What features of a tactical flashlight you should be focusing on?

Usually all flashlights have similar features, so, you don’t have much of a choice to make here. So, it all comes down to the personal preference. If the quality and power of the tactical light is as per your preference, go for it. With each feature that is added to the flashlight, the prices may go up. However, here we are listing at least the four major features that you should look for while buying a flashlight.

  • Light source
  • Bezel
  • Reflector
  • Lens

Flashlight’s light source is LED or Light-emitting diode. This has clear advantage of old-age incandescent bulb as it is energy –efficient, provides better output, lasts longer and utilizes lesser power. LEDs are more favorable choice as a light source in a tactical flashlight because they are shock-resistant and impactful as usually flashlights can take shocks and break with rough usage.

A LED can provide you light for about 50,000 hours or even more. Thanks to the new technology, the LEDs can now last longer spanning over years, making spends on replacement redundant and as a result, a flashlight completely cost-effective. Moreover, the light provided by a LED flashlight doesn’t change and you get constant illumination, of the same power.

Light Nowadays, the cutting-edge xenon and halogen light sources are being used for pure and powerful lighting but LED tactical lights clearly win over them.​

Bezel is the metallic part that surrounds the lens. This part can be customized for a special color or can be unscrewed for the cleaning.

The internal plastic surface or the shiny metal inside ensures that no light is wasted and the source stays focused while coming through the lens.

The lens of a flashlight could either be made of a glass or plastic. You can control the light coming through the lens manually.

What is Color Temperature?

The purity of light is explained through its color temperature, which is directly proportional to spectrum of the light. To get purer white light, the spectrum should be low, which as a result makes the color temperature cooler. Here are the parameters:

Color TemperatureNature of the LightLight Source
Warm White2600K-3500KIncandescent White
Natural White4000K-4500KFluorescent Lighting
Noon Day White5000K-5500KDaylight Whiting
CommercialAbove 6000KCool White

Please note that if a light source is yellowish, it is warm and if you are looking for pure white shade of the light, go towards the bluish light.

For a flashlight, a temperature ranging from 5000K to 7000K is the perfect fit.​

Who can all benefit from a tactical flashlight?

People who are an outdoor junkie and adventurer, working as a farmer or truck driver, in military or law enforcement need a professional-grade flashlight. Even if you aren’t in the need of a top-rated flashlight, you need to have one for self defense and odd hours.

Tips to Buy the Best Flashlight:

  • Rugged aluminum body finished with anodized coating type III
  • Powerful battery of grade RCR123A, 18650 or CR123A
  • LED lighting source of at least 100 lumens
  • Center beam lighting pattern along with effective peripheral lighting

What is luminous flux of a flashlight and how does it affect your buying decision?

Output power is the crucial factor of a flashlight, which determines the efficiency of the light travelling through its optics. This is what we call luminous flux and it is measured in lumen or the power of light. Similarly, the candela is also the intensity of the light source. These two also depend on the angle of the flashlight because when you reduce the angle, the brightness may increase without changing the flux. Usually, makers do not mention the intensity because the brightness depends on the beam along with the reflector and the design of the optics inside.

Settings of the flashlight to adjust the brightness​

There are a couple of settings that come handy while using a flashlight such as SOS beacon and strobe.

Quality of Light

Quality of light depends on the LED light source of the flashlight. If the light source is LED, it will emit a uniform light pattern in a narrow band whereas incandescent bulbs emit wider spectrum of warmer light beam. Hence, you always need to make sure that the flashlight you are buying has good output of light. And there comes the need to invest in a branded flashlight because it will have a textured reflector to smooth the imperfections of light source. A tactical flashlight that utilizes a center beam will have a better reach.

How many types of flashlights are available in the market?

There are three types of tactical flashlights are available in the market.

  • Hand-held
  • Headlamps:
  • Weapon-grade – The flashlights can be mounted on rifles, guns and pistol. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and travelers. If you are in law-enforcement or military, this is the kind of flashlight you should be looking for.
  • Some of them can even combine either two types or have features that overlap these three categories to provide versatility and more functionality to the users.
  • There are also flashlight models with IP67 rating available.
  • There are keychain flashlights too that come in handy when you need just a little light to shine through the dark!

What Does Military-Grade and Aircraft-Grade in Flashlights Mean?

Well, it is just a marketing ploy. Don’t get too worked up when you find the tactical flashlight brands and makers flaunting it. You should know that they won’t be using the same flashlight as yours in the military when every second is about life and death. Any military force in the world won’t source its product from the market. Moreover, you will be surprised to learn that military-grade could probably one of the most clichéd marketing phrases easily. Every company claims its product to be one. Similarly, aircraft aluminum is used to make baseball, bicycle frames, tent poles and more stuff. These routine things are made by using the same alloy used in the making of an aircraft so, nothing fancy about it, Hence, it is suggested that when you read something like this on the package, don’t get carried away.


Hope this write-up on best tactical flashlight will help you make an informed decision. You can buy flashlight online too and get amazing discounts on them. Please note that while we have listed the top-rated tactical flashlight models, it is always your need and budget on which the buying decision should be based on. If the charger and batteries are sold separately, you might have to make an extra spend on them. Hence, you are advised to keep the post purchase spends in mind too. You wouldn’t like to spend too much on a flashlight if you need a lightweight tactical flashlight just to walk your dog in the night. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy flashlight for self defense or for your job, you wouldn’t want to compromise on the features and durability aspect at all. So, choose carefully where you would like to spend your hard-earned money.

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