Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners 2019 To Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

Last Updated on December 17, 2021
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Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners 2019: Vacuum cleaner is an indispensable appliance in every household. It makes the tedious task of cleaning the house easy and almost effortless. Amongst the various types of vacuum cleaners, we are focusing our attention on the handheld ones. The handheld vacuum cleaners are perfect for regular small jobs in your home, like vacuuming the food remains from the carpet or the sofa or cleaning the staircase. This variety of vacuum cleaner is comparatively small in size, thus very easy to glide through the nook and corner of home to keep it absolutely spick and span.

Two varieties of best handheld vacuum cleaners are available: cordless and with cord. Cordless handheld vacuum cleaners are a portable option. You can move around with it without any hindrance. However, you must check how long it will work with the batteries fully charged and the approximate time for charging the batteries. In case you are getting a handheld vacuum cleaner with cord, just make sure it comes with a long cord so that you don’t have to change the plug point time and again. Both these varieties of handheld vacuum cleaner are equally efficient. You should consider your usage area and purpose before opting for the ideal one.

You will find a range of best handheld vacuum cleaners on the online or real time stores and it is obvious to get a little baffled when you are presented with so many options. Our team did a thorough homework and picked up the best handheld vacuum cleaners available in 2019. We have reviewed each and every one of these and stated the pros and cons, so that our readers can take the best decision. Here it goes:

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Reviews 2019

1. BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium: Best Budget Handheld Vacuum

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If you are looking for a budget friendly, easy to use and efficient handheld vacuum cleaner, then the CHV1410L is definitely the best option available to you. Owing to its great price and excellent performance, it has remained bestseller in Amazon for a long time with very good rating and maximum number of customer review. This one is ideal for doing small jobs at your place. Since this is a cordless vacuum cleaner, the first thing that you need to worry about is its battery. The 16V lithium ion batteries get charged quickly and do not fade away while using it. It ensures strong suction that can take in all the dirt and debris around you. Suction takes place in cyclonic pattern that helps in sucking all the dirt and debris while keeping the filter free. Its quick charging feature makes sure that it gets charged quickly.

This vacuum cleaner comes with several cleaning attachments for cleaning different areas. Firstly, it is provided with a small rotating nozzle that can easily reach inside the narrow corners of your home to keep them off dirt and dust. There is also a wide mouth attachment that is ideal while cleaning large debris. A brush is also present that can be used while cleaning sofa and other upholstery. It is light in weight and you would have no difficulty in carrying it around your home. After using it, you can take out the dirt bowl, empty it and then wash it thoroughly in the kitchen sink. Therefore, the unit will be absolutely tidy before you use it for the second time.

Pros: Budget friendly vacuum cleaner that is ideal for small jobs. Light in weight so easy to carry around. It comes with a run time of about 12 minutes or a little less than that.

Cons: Users have rated this as one of the best affordable vacuum cleaners, but it comes with some draw backs which we could not ignore. Firstly, this handheld vacuum cleaner does not come with a hose, making it difficult to break into the odd angles and corners of your home. Secondly, this cleaner is not very good at cleaning fabrics like carpet etc. Often dirt and remains of food and other debris get entangled with the fine threads of fabric, the Black + decker CHV1410L does not come with that strong a suction that can free it from its surface.

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2. Eureka EasyClean 71B: Best Corded Handheld Vacuum for car

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Eureka’s 71B is another budget friendly vacuum cleaner in our list of best handheld vacuums. It is a corded cleaner which is small in size and light in weight, thus easy to carry around. Many users prefer corded vacuum cleaner over cordless, and hence we found out the best budget friendly option available. Though it is a handheld vacuum cleaner, yet it is very powerful and portable at the same time. Powerful because it is powered by two 5.5 amp motors. One of the motors is used for suction of all the dirt and debris and another one is used for the revolving brush. And portable because it comes with a 20 ft long cord. Steer it all around your house without any difficulty. Moreover, the hose can be stretched upto three times it original size so reaching the nooks and corner of your home wouldn’t be a problem with this vacuum cleaner.

One of the unique features of the 71B is the Riser Visor. It is a simple plastic cover that is present at the mouth of the suction pipe. This cover falls down when cleaning horizontal surfaces like the floor and it moves up while cleaning vertical surface like the staircase. In this way the brush roll can keep its focus on one surface at a time and thus offer better suction. You will also get some extra attachments with this vacuum cleaner to clean those odd corners of your home or car. The long cord can be wrapped around the back of the vacuum cleaner easily and thereafter you will be able to store the small appliance easily. It is ideal for cleaning your home, sofa and other upholstery as well as your car.

Pros: Being a corded vacuum cleaner, you need not worry about it running out of power while you are doing your work. The long cord provided with it let you steer it easily all around your home and even keep your cars clean.

Cons: Some users have complained that it makes a lot of noise while doing its work. Though it weighs only 5 pounds, but it becomes difficult to carry it around for a long time.

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3. Black + Decker BDH2020FLFH: best handheld vacuum pet hair

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This is the powerful cordless handheld vacuum cleaner that has the power to do all the tasks in your home. Powered by a 20V lithium ion battery makes it one of the strongest handheld cordless vacuum cleaners that has the capability to clean up all mess on the floor, carpet, rug, upholstery, sofa or any other surface. It comes with four different kinds of attachments that are suitable for cleaning different kinds of dirt. Normally you can use the 4ft long hose for cleaning the floor or the corners of your home. Then there is the stick vac attachment with a floor head attached in the mouth, which is ideal for cleaning all vertical surfaces as well as your car. The pet brush attachment ensures to clean your rug, carpet or sofa from pet hairs. And last but not the least is the crevice tool that helps you to clean the narrow and odd corners of your home. Therefore, this is definitely one of the most versatile vacuum cleaners that is available at a reasonable price.

It is a compact vacuum cleaner that will help you to clean your home’s wall, ceiling, and floors with the least effort. Its hose can be tugged into the main machine itself and thus it would take very little space to accommodate itself. And when in need you can use the attachments to reach the nooks and corner of your house. For charging it, you can simply place it on the stand and it will get charged quickly in about 4 hours. The suction of this machine is very strong with a no fade run time of about 16 minutes. So it has the ability to handle your entire household job with ease. The suction takes place with cyclonic action mechanism, thereby the filters of the vacuum does not get clogged with dirt.

Pros: This best handheld vacuum comes with limited 2 years warranty from the manufacturer and thus you need not worry about its quality. It is a versatile product that is ideal for cleaning different kinds of things like carpet, upholstery, floor, staircase etc.

Cons: It makes noise but since you will use it for short time span, that would not cause much difficulty.

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4. Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum: best handheld vacuum for stairs

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Dyson V6 is the next best vacuum cleaner that we have in our list. It is much more expensive than all the products mentioned above, thus there is no need to mention that its performance is also much better when compared with other handheld vacuums. Its light weight and ergonomic design makes it easy to carry all round the house and clean any surface (vertical or horizontal) easily. While cleaning your car with it, all you need to do is detach the wand and thereafter glide it through the whole interior to clean up the mess. Whether your cleaning the floor, staircase or walls, you would not find it difficult to hold it as the centre of gravity of this cleaner is more towards its handle. The switch to turn on and off the machine is located on the handle of the vacuum cleaner only. So you can save a lot of energy by switching it off easily.

This machine ensures you a fade free run time of 20 minutes when fully charged. You also have the option to turn on the max power mode for tough cleaning jobs, then the cleaner will run for maximum 6 minutes. The 100 watt battery of this cleaner ensures powerful suction, and its cyclone collection system direct the airflow in such a way so that it can collect the maximum amount of dirt without blocking the filters. Its powerful motorized cleaner head has the capability to suck in the fine hairs, dust particles that often get entangled with the fibers of the fabrics like carpet or sofa. Moreover, it can also efficiently clean the fine dust remains on smooth floor. Dyson V6 has some better versions V7, V8 and V9 which are costlier and much more efficient (with cleaning capability and run time).

Pros: It comes with a powerful suction and the brush rolls are also efficient in cleaning up regular mess around your home. It is easy to maintain. Handheld vacuums are expected to be light in weight and so is the V6. You can easily steer up around your home without getting exhausted.

Cons: It is quite expensive. Users do not have the option to change the battery when it becomes weak with regular use.

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5. Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner SD20009: best cordless vacuum hardwood floors

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Dirt Devil also offers a range of innovative vacuum cleaners of different styles which are ergonomically designed and very efficient. This is a corded handheld vacuum cleaner. So all those readers who are looking for a corded cleaner, this is it. It is not going to die down while you are working with it. It comes with a 16ft long cord so you can steer it around your home without any hindrance. The long cord can be wrapped around the machine neatly so it is not going to take up much your space.

This cleaner is powered by a 1.25 Amp motor that ensures strong and consistent suction. Thus you can rest assured that even the smallest dirt particle will be vacuumed by this cleaner. You can use it as a stick vacuum for cleaning horizontal surfaces like carpet, floors etc and the smooth rolling wheels will let you steer it without any difficulty. Or just remove the stick to turn it into a hand vacuum which is ideal for cleaning vertical surfaces like walls, furniture, drapes etc. It weighs just 4 pounds and you would not find any problem using it as a hand vacuum. Moreover, the ergonomic design will let you have a firm grip when you are using it. The on-board crevice attachment lets you vacuum odd corners of your home effortlessly.  Maintaining it is also really easy. It does not come with a bag for collecting dirt, hence you can take out the dirt collection container and clean it properly.

Pros: Available in affordable price range. Its ergonomic design and light weight are addons that makes it one of the best handheld vacuum cleaner available at present.

Cons: A major problem with this vacuum cleaner is that its suction is not so powerful that it can pick up very heavy things. Some consumers complained that it does not clean carpet efficiently. But that definitely varies from person to person according to their usage.

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6. HoLife Handheld Cordless Vacuum: Best handheld vacuum under $50

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Next in our list is HoLife’s handheld cordless vacuum cleaner. There are many reasons as to why it could make to the top 7 list of best handheld vacuum cleaner. Firstly, it is a cordless cleaner, therefore it is important to check its run time with one full charge. It is powered by lithium 2200mAh battery which comes with a run time of 30 minutes without fading away. So you would have enough time to complete your chores before the battery fades away. And approximately it takes 5 hours to get fully charged. A 90W motor is integrated within the cleaner that offers very powerful suction which is ideal for minute particles as well as big ones. This machine does not make much noise while working with it.

It comes with a range of attachments that is capable of cleaning different things like carpet, sofa, upholstery, floor etc. The USP of this product is that it not only cleans up dry waste but also liquid waste.  With the right attachment cleaning the awkward narrow corners of your home will be a cake walk. This vacuum cleaner weighs only about 3.5 lb. So you would not get tired while carrying it around the house. Moreover, its ergonomic design will make working with it fun and you would not end up feeling exhausted.

Pros: Handy cleaner that comes with powerful suction and many attachments to clean up your entire home.

Cons: This vacuum cleaner did not prove to be very effective while cleaning pet hairs from carpet, sofa etc. So if you have pets at your place you might reconsider buying this one.

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7. Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip Vacuum SD20005RED

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The last one on our list is a corded vacuum cleaner from Dirt Devil. This one also seems to be a hot favorite of consumers, let us check the reasons behind that. It is a compact handheld cleaner that is ideal for your home as well as your car. The 16 ft long cord would allow you to move around your home freely without changing the power point. Cleaning the car’s seat or other part of it can be also done effortlessly with it. It is powered by a 7 amp motor that has powerful suction with the ability to pick up fine dirt, tough messes or heavy pebbles. You will have the option of attaching the crevice tool while cleaning narrow or odd spaces.

It weighs only about 3.75 pounds. The light weight of the machine will give you the liberty to move around with it without getting tired or straining your hand. Cleaning it is very easy. All you need to do is take out the whole container, dump the dirt, wash it and place it back to use again. Therefore, no need of changing bags.

Pros: Compact design, it would not eat up much space of your home. Long cord helps you to move around with ease. Powerful suction.

Cons: Makes lot of noise. You need to clean the filter regularly, or else it gets clogged.

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Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 2019 : Buying Guide:

These were the 7 best handheld vacuum cleaners that are available right now. We have included vacuum cleaners of different price range in this list, so that it comes within your budget. All of these products are from renowned brands and you will not face any problem with it. However, if you are planning to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner, then you must check the following things. It will help you to crack the best deal.


First thing that you need to consider while buying a handheld vacuum cleaner is that whether you want a corded one or cordless one. This will help you search further about the best options available to you. Both has it pros and cons, so you would have to decide which is the best one for you depending on the size of the house and your usage.

Battery life:

If you want a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, then one of the first thing that you need to look into is how powerful is its battery and its run time. When you compare the run time with your average duration, you will be able to clear idea which one is ideal for your home. Also Check wood planer Reviews


All the vacuum cleaners come with a range of attachments suitable for cleaning different things and surfaces. The more, the better in this case. But before buying you should check whether it has all the attachments that you would need to clean your home.

Suction power:

This is the most important thing to consider while buying a vacuum cleaner. Higher suction power will ensure that the cleaner can eat up the most difficult and heavy things.


One thing that you must remember while looking for a best handheld vacuum cleaner is that it is ideal for keeping up with small jobs in and around your home. We have included the best options available in this list. Post in the comment’s section, if you want to know any further details about these products. If you want to add any other product in this list, mention its name in the comment box. Hope these reviews will help you to pick up the right one ideal for your home.

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