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Last Updated on May 3, 2022

Best Shuffleboard Tables: If you have enough space in your recreational room and want to add on something which is a deviation from the conventional games like the poolair hockeyping pongfoosball etc. then you might just think about the shuffleboard. Shuffleboards can be either deck type or table type.

Deck type are the ones that are played on the floor but we would be concentrating on the shuffleboard tables that are more convenient but may occupy a lot of floor space. These exceptionally long, narrow gaming boards provide an interesting bed for moving the puck to the opponent”s side.

And if you can land them on the high scoring zones and score more than your opponent, you win. Sounds fun. Then let”s have a look at some of the best shuffleboard tables that are doing the rounds in the market and have been loved by shuffleboard table enthusiasts all over.

Best Shuffleboard Tables Reviews

1. Olhausen York Shuffleboard Table

Olhausen Billiards 12-Foot x 16-inch York Shuffleboard – Heritage Mahogany Finish on Solid Maple...
Key Features
  • The Olhausen York Shuffleboard Table is a beautiful addition to any game room, made with high quality materials that will last for years.
  • This table is regulation size, making it perfect for competitive play.
  • It has weighted end caps and a solid wood surface for a smooth playing experience.
  • The Olhausen York Shuffleboard Table is a durable and stylish choice for any home.

The Olhausen York Shuffleboard table stands testimony to the craftsmanship that the brand Olhausen is synonymous with. One of the best selling shuffleboard tables in the USA for residential as well as institutional use, the Olhausen York is highly customizable.

You can choose from a wide range of lengths viz. 9″, 12″,14″,16″,18″,20″ and 22″. Even the playfield is available in two variations, 16†wide by 2.5†and the commercial 20†wide by 3â€. The playfield is a thick solid maple finger jointed for greater strength in structure and aesthetic appeal and has a two part polymer coating over it. Some people may dislike the coating which withers with overuse but it also provides an added smoothness to the surface that facilitates the game.

Heavy duty climate adjusters are fitted so that the table stays level all throughout the year. The cabinet is constructed out of 1.5†thick solid maple with cross brace construction which brings about rigidity and stability to the table.

The legs are maple veneer and have leg levelers to adjust to uneven floors. The best shuffleboard table can be customized on a wide array of Olhausen finishes and includes all the play accessories. You also have an option of adding a scoring unit to the table at an extra cost.

The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the playsurface, the mapleboard and the cabinet meaning you can be confideant you are getting a quality shuffleboard table.

2. Atomic 9″ Platinum Shuffleboard Table with Poly-coated Playing Surface

Atomic 9’ Platinum Shuffleboard Table with Poly-coated Playing Surface for Smooth, Fast Puck...
Key features
  • Solid, poly-coated top ensures smooth, fast puck action for an enjoyable game
  • Leg levelers ensure a perfectly level table, providing more precise shots that keep your mind free of distractions
  • Black exterior with silver accents is stylish and matches any space
  • Durable black cloth lining the interior of the cradle provides stability
  • Sturdy construction makes it last for years to come

The Atomic 9″ Platinum Shuffleboard Table is an inexpensive shuffleboard table that performs above its price point.

The table has a poly-coated play surface that ensures smooth, fast puck action, making for an incredibly enjoyable gaming experience.

The table also features leg levelers for precision adjustment of the table corners, ensuring a perfectly level playing surface. Additionally, the abacus-style scoring allows you to keep track of the score without having to worry about distractions.

The black exterior with silver accents creates a stylish look that will complement any space, while the durable black cloth lining the interior of the cradle provides extra protection and stability.

Lastly, the sturdy and durable construction of the table means that it will last for years to come. The Atomic 9″ Platinum Shuffleboard Table is perfect for any gamer looking for a premium shuffleboard experience. The table features a poly-coated playing surface that provides a smooth, consistent glide while you play.

Additionally, the table comes with all the accessories you need to start playing, making it easy and convenient to enjoy the game right out of the box. If you’re looking for an upgrade from your old shuffleboard table, look no further than the Atomic 9″ Platinum Shuffleboard Table.

The Atomic 9″ Platinum Shuffleboard Table is an excellent choice for those looking for a quality, but cheap shuffleboard table. It is perfect for family fun or intense competition. We highly recommend this table!

3. Venture 14 Foot Challenger Shuffleboard Table

Venture 14 Foot Challenger Shuffleboard Table
Key Features
  • The table is made of solid hardwood
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The playing surface is protected by a UV finish
  • Includes abacus scorers, 4 wooden pucks, and a can of wax
  • Table dimensions are 14 feet long, 3.5 feet wide, and 30 inches tall
  • Weighs approximately 200 pounds

This family owned games company, Venture, has already made a mark in the manufacturing of shuffleboard table. The challenger sport is a very popular model and is available in three home friendly sizes viz.9″, 12″ and 14″.  It is the perfect table for those who prefer to enjoy a professional level game in a shorter length version.

It is designed as a scale down version of Venture”s professional level tables and has the traditional 1-2-3 scoring.

The Challenger has a sturdy uni-body frame with a hard rock Maple playfield that is topped with Venture”s shuffleboard exclusive hard clear synthetic lacquer. The playfield has a width of 16†and a depth or thickness of 1-3/4â€. The table cabinet has a solid plywood base and is finished with a high pressure laminate.

The table gutters are tongued and grooved into the frame to ensure maximum stability. The cabinet is equipped with climatic adjusters to protect the table against the temperature and humidity variations. The playfield and the cabinet are factory assembled for maximum stability.

Only the legs have to be bolted to the base and thus can be quickly assembled. The legs which may be two or three sets are Poplar in nature and are sturdy and have threaded aluminum machined rubber padded levelers that can be easily adjusted with a standard wrench.

The challenger has an option for two distinct finishes, fusion maple and empire mahogany. You can also add a scoring unit or lights with an extra cost. The table comes with a set of weights, a Triple Crown Yellow Ice Wax and Maintenance kit.

The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the playfield and finish and a year”s warranty on the parts and labor for the cabinet.

4. Hathaway Austin 9 ft. Shuffleboard Table

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Key Features
  • Classic solid wood construction
  • 9 ft. playing surface for larger games
  • Includes abacus scoring system and 2 pucks
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • Dimensions: 108″L x 24″W x 32″H

Another furniture-grade best shuffleboard table in our list, the Austin 9″ has a clean straight lined cabinet design with a rich Mahogany color finish. This is coupled with molded solid popular wooden corners and a 7â€high and a ¾†thick side and end aprons. The table cabinet is sturdy and extremely durable.

The table is supported by two sets of pedestal legs with a box style which has an integrated storage space that provides additional function ability to this beautiful table. The storage has enough space for all the playing accessories and more.

The legs have four independent leg levelers so that an even playing surface is maintained irrespective of the floor level. The playing surface has a MDF base which is wrapped in White maple veneer and finally finished with a smooth glossy polyurethane protective coating.

The polyurethane coating provides a smooth bed for the gliding of the pucks and adds durability and scratch resistance quality to the surface. The playing surface has a width of 16†and a thickness of 1.5â€. The walls as well as the gutters are well carpeted for noise less game play.

This also protects the walls from damage against hitting by the weights. The playing equipment is further protected by three heavy duty climate adjusters against warping during changes in climatic conditions.

The table has two wooden vintage abacus scoring units. The Austin 9″ shuffleboard table comes with a set of eight pucks which include 4 red and 4 blue pucks, a table brush and a can of wax. The manufacturer provides a 180 day warranty on the product and a lifetime warranty on the finish.

No products found.

5. Playcraft Charles River Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Charles River 12' Espresso Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table
Key Features
  • Solid 3″ thick 20″ wide Canada Maple Butcher Block
  • Select hardwood 2 piece cradle with deep carved accents
  • Cabriole legs with carved ball and claw feet
  • Pro style heavy duty climatic adjusters

Playcraft shuffleboard tables are among the best in the business and The River Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table is one of the best we have seen.

One of these features is that this table comes with hardwood legs that are carved with ball and claw feet. This table also has a maple butcher block surface unlike most other tables on the market. The Canada Maple Butcher Block is made of 3″ thick pieces which make it more durable than many other tables on the market.

Another feature of this table is that it comes with precision machined components which make assembly easy, especially since all components are machined out of steel and brass inserts. This means there will be no need for screws, nuts or bolts to be tightened since the inserts act as a simple installation method. This also ensures that all screws stay tight for life so there is no need to re-tighten or replace them throughout the life of the table.

These features, among others, have made the shuffleboard table one of the best shuffleboard table out there and will continue to satisfy customers for years to come. The Playcraft Charles River Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table is sure to be a hit for any home game room.

Playcraft Charles River 12' Espresso Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table
  • Solid 3 inch thick 20 inch wide Canada Maple Butcher Block with poured polymer top

6. Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table:

Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table
Key Features
  • The Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table is a great way for friends and family to come together and enjoy some quality time.
  • This table is made with beautiful wood that will complement any home décor.
  • It features a scoring system on each end of the table so players can keep track of their progress.
  • The Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table is sure to provide hours of fun for everyone.

Playcraft shuffleboard tables are designed for the common man and are not as expensive as the ones mentioned before. That way it is pretty much affordable and can be a perfect choice if you are not looking at spending so much on a shuffleboard table. But that does not mean that a lot has been compromised on the quality of the product.

The Playcraft Woodbridge shuffleboards are the best entry level shuffleboard tables that you can get and are available in 9″, 12″, 14″ and 16″ sizes. All Woodbridge models feature a rigid and durable solid plywood framing structure. The tables are available in espresso, cherry, honey oak and black finishes.

The frame is supported by re-inforced double paneled pedestal legs with metal leg levelers. The leg features a storage cabinet with shelf. The playfield surface is made from a hardwood solid vertical stave edge glued butcher block that is 1.75†in thickness. The playfield has a width of 15†and does not have a laminate but is sprayed with multiple coats of polyurethane to get a smooth satin finish surface. The rails have solid hardwood corners and the walls and the gutters are carpeted.

The 9″ and 12″ tables have traditional 1-2-3 scoring system while the 14″ and 16″ variants have a 1-2-3-4 scoring system. Plastic scoring units are a part of the table. The table comes with a set of eight pucks and speed wax. The manufacturer provides a one year warranty on the product.

7. Level Barrington Urban Collection Shuffleboard Table

Atomic 9’ Platinum Shuffleboard Table with Poly-coated Playing Surface for Smooth, Fast Puck...
Key features
  • Premium birch wood veneer finish
  • Scratch resistant UV coating
  • Adjustable bracket for even level, scratch resist playfield
  • Pre-assembled with modern design

The Barrington Urban Collection Shuffleboard Table is among the affordable best shuffleboard table and a high-quality product that is perfect for anyone who loves to play.

The table is made of top-quality wood veneer with a scratch-resistant UV coating, which ensures a fast and smooth puck action. The playfield is even at all times with the table’s adjustable bracket under the mainframe.

The sleek and minimalist look of this Barrington best shuffleboard table is both trendy but fitting in any type of home interior style. The table is also sturdy, with wood veneer bars that come pre-assembled.

This Barrington shuffleboard table is part of the Barrington Urban Collection, which offers a slew of game tables that are not only fun to play with but come in furniture styles to suit any personal game room.

Best Shuffleboard Tables: Buying Guide

­So now that you have already had an idea about some of the best shuffleboard tables in the market and the features that make or break them, let”s look into the factors that should be taken into account before actually buying them and playing shuffleboard table.


You can well understand that the size of the shuffleboard table, especially the length, is the most important factor that has to be taken into consideration. The long narrow shuffleboard tables are generally available in a variety of sizes like 9″,12″,14″,16″,18″,20″ and 22″,  while the standard professional tables are the ones that measure 20″ and 22″ in length.

The width and thickness of the playfield in the tables also vary. There are two options to choose from, one which has a width of 16†and a thickness of around 2.5†and the other which has a width of 20†and a thickness of 3â€. Though the length and the width you choose will largely depend on the availability of space, the thickness will ensure the durability of the material with which the playing surface is made.

You need to be very careful while noting the thickness as some companies though claim to have a thickness of 3†which is considered to be optimum, the original thickness of the wood is much less than that and the entire thickness of 3†is achieved after a coat or two of lacquer or polyurethane finish. Some residential use shuffleboard tables have a playing field thickness even less than 2.5†but would suffice for personal use.

Room length

The size of the game room where you can play shuffleboard table is another important factor. The room size should be in accordance with the size of the table or the other way round to be precise, so that there is enough space for the players to move around after the table is set.

Also the door or the entry ways should be tested so that it can make room for your shuffleboard table to be brought in through the door. Any table above 12″ comes in two pieces and is much easier to get into the room.

A few simple tests should be done so that there are no hassles in getting your shuffleboard table to get into your recreational room, before finally placing an order.


The best shuffleboard table should have a slight downward curve. This conclave curve reduces the risk of the puck sliding off the side of the board to the gutters. The ends should be a little more conclave than the center.

The weather conditions can affect the curvature. Depending on the quality of the wood and the table”s finish, humidity and weather changes can often cause warping. So wood which can withstand these weather conditions should be considered. Alternatively high end tables are equipped with climatic adjusters that take care of the slight changes in the wood. The outer cabinet of the table that holds the table together is usually coated with laminates and veneers.

Solid hardwood cabinet ensures a durable and heavy weight structure that would stay in place. There is a difference between the wood with which the cabinet is made and the finish. You need to be careful while reading the details described by the retailers. A maple finish is different and not the same as a maple cabinet.

Surface Finish

The finish on the play surface is very important. While some may prefer a solid hardwood playing surface often, professionals prefer a shiny polymer or lacquer coated playing equipment.

Modern shuffleboard tables bear a polymer resin finish which should be about an inch thick, so that the surface does not suffer scratches or peel offs or does not chip, crack or dent from prolonged use. Most high end tables offer a lifetime warranty on the finish, while lower quality tables use a spray on finish that has to be re-finished frequently to maintain the smoothness and evenness of the playing surface.

Finally they are coated with a wax which is often comes as an accessory with the table. The wax enhances the speed of the puck on the table and is categorized according to their speed. They are rated on a scale of 1 to 3 with one creating the slowest table surface and 3 creating the super slick fast playing surface. Faster waxes are required for longer tables while slower waxes are meant for shorter lengths.

Scoring System

The next important thing to look out for is the scoring system. Amateur tables have a traditional three level grids with scores pertaining to the grid where your puck lands while professional tables feature a triangular grid which has six different sections and would require much skill to score.

Other Features

Most most modern shuffleboard tables can be highly customized. You can add scoring units (electrical or abacus), light systems, glow in the dark fields etc. to the existing table unit. You can also look out for tables with storage cabinets. The legs should have levelers so that the table has an even playing surface.


With our shuffleboard table reviews and guide you should now have a clear idea about a shuffleboard table. With this detailed knowledge you are unlikely to go wrong though you may be confused with the number of options that you need to choose from. But you can always narrow down the search by determining the size of the table and the budget you are comfortable with. You can then look into the finer details and finally zero in on the best shuffleboard tables model that would suit you the most.

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