Best Foosball Table 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Best Foosball Table 2019: Whether you are a kid, a teenager, a young adult or a middle-aged man, a foosball table is sure to catch your eye if you are a game enthusiast. And what seems to be just a game or two may soon turn out to be an addiction. A foosball table will then definitely find it’s a way through to your gaming room. But choosing a foosball table may not be an easy task. There are hundreds of variants available in the market over a wide price range. Tables would start off well below $100 dollars and can go as high as $3000. So just deciding on the one that catches your eye may not be the wisest decision after all. So before you just go and get one for yourself, let us guide you through some of the best foosball tables available in the market.  You can then choose for yourself the one that best suits your needs.

Best Foosball Table reviews

Best Free Standing Foosball Tables Reviews

#1. Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

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A variation of the single-goalie ITSF-certified Tornado Practice table, the Tornado 3000 is one of the most expensive foosball tables meant for professional foosers. The brand Tornado means a lot to serious foosers as Tornado sponsors the World Foosball Tournaments and their professional series tables are an integral part of these competitions.

To start off with, the Tornado 3000 boasts of a sturdy built with a brushed aluminum laminate and commercial grade solid legs with adjustable levelers to ensure an even playing surface. The table is designed to withstand harshness of competition level games. The table measures 56†in length, 30†in width and 36†in height and weighs around 355lbs. This gives it a solid grip in the ground and eliminates any risk of wobbling.

It has a split cabinet with ¾†playfield so that the top can come off easily for full access to the playing surface. This aids in cleaning and also when you need to refinish or replace it. The Tornado 3000 is equipped with improved foosball figure molds that have sharp corners and a wider surface for better ball control and passing ability. The patented thin wall splits between figures enable better shot blocking and movement. There is almost no dead-zone on the playing surface where the ball can get stuck without any player being able to reach it.

The angled goals prevent balls from popping out so the ball stays in the net once scored. The yellow and black figures complement the score counter colors. The Tornado 3000 has thin wall split-bearings through which solid iron chrome plated rods travel offering superior grip and ball control.

Overall, we can say that if you are a serious foosball player and want to dedicate a great amount of time to improve your skill or if you are seriously thinking of making it to the competitions, then the Tornado Tournament 3000 will give you all you need in terms of professional level practice. But that comes with a hefty price tag which may be matter of concern to some.

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#2. Tornado Elite Foosball Table Review

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Another Tornado Foosball Table to make it to our list of best foosball table, this is not a professional table as far as Tornado standards are maintained. More suited for recreational purposes, the Tornado Elite Foosball Table is meant for intermediary and advanced players and is priced much less than the Tornado Tournament 3000 that we discussed earlier.

It has a sturdy built with a 1.5†thick cabinet made from high quality MDF along with commercial grade legs featuring adjustable levelers. The cabinet has a Victorian Cherry laminate finish. The commercial grade materials which include the hollow steel rods account for the durability of the table and can withstand regular heavyduty gameplay. The table measures 56†in length,30†in width and 36†in height and weighs around 225lbs which gives it a strong foothold and prevents wobbling.

The Tornado Elite Foosball table has a ¾†thick playing surface that is highly durable and resistant to warping. The table features dual side ball returns, heavy and light weight rods with solid natural eight sided wooden handles for better grip and comfort, and the patented split bearings for super smooth and faster rod spins. The player moulds have redesigned foot for more precise ball control and high cross hatching and square sides. The table also features thin inner bearing design that does not allow the ball to pass between the man and the ball and patented rubber bumpers for a super fast game. The Tornado Elite has a traditional 3 man goalie style unlike the Tornado Tournament 3000. Though priced at much less than the Tornado Tournament 3000, it is still expensive but it features all that the brand Tornado stands for. The only difficulty that one might face is while assembling the table.

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#3. Garlando G-500 Review

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The Garlando G500 is a recreational table and comes at an affordable price. It is a part of the Evolution line from Garlando which includes three foosball tables, the other two being G-2000 and F-200. Though designed in the standard black and silver that characterizes the ITSF tables, it gives you a choice between a rotating and a non rotating goalkeeper, a sandy or glossy glass playing surface as well as the option to choose telescopic handle bars for additional safety which is a deviation from the ITSF standards.

The smart hi-tech glamour inspired color combination is marked by the silver logo on the cabinet. There is also a pure white variant which oozes elegance. The full sized table measures 56â€in length, 30â€in width and 34.75â€in height. The table weighs 165lbs and has a sturdy built that will withstand regular long playing hours. The table is supported by strong metal silver colored legs with levelers. The levelers lack the adjustable feature and pose a problem if the floor is uneven. The rigid durable cabinet is made from a high quality 1†thick MDF board with a melamine coat over the cabinet. The playing surface has tempered glass that is unique to this table and ensures a super fast game more suited for experienced and fast players. The other features include chromium plated telescopic 16mm cold drawn steel rods with ergonomic handles, 2-3mm thick wall, abacus scoring, ball bearing with nylon bushings ,easy ball recovery system and unbreakable red and blue players. The Garlando G500 comes with a three years manufacturer warranty.

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Best Tabletop Foosball Table 2019

#1. Sport Squad fx40 Foosball Table

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The Gold award winner for the table top foosball table category, the Sports Squad FX40 is an affordable, sturdy and durable foosball table with a sleek and compact design. Not for the serious players and strictly for recreational purposes this is a great addition to the recreational room where you can’t afford additional space for a standalone unit.

It has a fun filled sporty design with the soccer ball theme in the background along with hexagonal patterns in two shades of deep blue while the player moulds are in blue and red. As mentioned earlier it is pretty compact measuring 37†in length, 20†in width and 8.5†in height and weighs just 20lbs.

It can be easily tucked under a bed when not in use and can sit on almost any flat surface but this compact lightweight design means that the players would face minor sliding and shifting which can be annoying. But just placing it on a carpet or attaching a pad that causes friction can well solve the problem.

Though comparatively cheap and light in weight, the manufacturer has not compromised on the materials. The MDF cabinet along with the steel rods and rubber grips is pretty sturdy, durable and comfortable and has the ability to withstand a lot of abuse during intense game play. The table has a three man goalie configuration. The few disadvantages that this table has include the three arms instead of four which means that it is meant for two players only and the time it needs to be assembled. But these are minor issues that do not pose any serious problem and we can well understand why it has won accolades in this category.

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#2. Harvil 38-Inch Tabletop Foosball Table

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Yet another alternative to the standalone foosball tables, the Harvill table top foosball table is known for its vibrant design, its compact size and its durability. Though pretty inexpensive and highly affordable, but that does not take away any qualities from the table.

The best table top foosball table suited for recreational use and recommended for kids and beginners, measures 38†in length, 19.75†in width and 8†in height and weighs around 13lbs. This extremely light weight foosball table can be placed on any flat surface. The L-shaped legs that support the table have non-marking pads that keep the table from moving during intense gaming sessions.

The Harvill table top is easy to assemble and has a sturdy MDF and plastic body, easy to maneuver chromium plated steel rods with non-slip rubber handles, deluxe bearings for maximum control over the ball and shot precision and ball pockets for easy ball retrieval along with sliding manual abacus score unit. The three goalie set up has a vibrant and youthful graphical design to make it attractive and fun to play with.

Overall a great foosball table to start off with but not at all recommended for advanced or professional players.

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#3. Trademark Innovations Table Top Mini Foosball Table

This is one of the best foosball tables that you can buy if you are really in crunch of space. One of the least expensive in our list and the smallest one too, this mini foosball table measures 20†in length, 12†in width and 3â€in height.

Constructed mainly of hard plastic this foosball table is meant for kids and young adults and can be stored easily. There are four rows with three players in each row and it maintains the three goalie configuration and also features the ball return system for easy ball retrieval. It is a decent foosball table if you want to get the hang of it. This light weight compact foosball table can even fit in if you do not have any more space in your living or recreational room but that doesn’t mean that the fun or excitement of the game is compromised.

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Best Budget Foosball Tables 2019

#1. Hathaway Primo

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So we have a list of some of the most expensive and competition level foosball table as well as cheap compact ones that can fit in any living room. The Hathway Primo bridges the gap between the two. This stand alone table has all the features that mimic a professional style table in terms of it’s size and make, but is priced much less that the ones mentioned in that category and can be easily afforded for family recreational purposes.

The table measures 56â€in length, 29†in width and 34†in height and has a weight of approximately 181lbs.  The cabinet is made from a strong high quality CARB certified MDF that gives it a strong built and has a classic espresso finish that goes with almost every home décor.

The design has minute detailing to add to the elegance and classy look of the table. The chrome plated rods, the wooden handles with ergonomic grip, the chrome edged side ball return, the realistic soccer field design on the playing surface together enhance the look of the table. The table is supported by sturdy square legs with cross construction for added support and adjustable leg levelers. It has a 3/8†thick playing surface with super fast laminate, solid stainless steel rods and EZ bearings for smooth rod movement. The solid rods move slower than hollow ones but benefit beginners and intermediary level players.

The ABS player moulds are counterbalanced and have a grip on their tapered toes for ball control. It has a single goalie configuration which is unlike most foosball tables that have three goalie configuration. The table comes with a 180 days warranty.

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#2. Kick Legend Foosball Table

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The brand Kick which has been developed by a Foosball enthusiast himself has many tables that are professional in terms of approach but are a lot less expensive than the competition standard tables. The one we would be discussing is the Legend. It deviates from the butcher block design with its sophisticated curves and goes well with any luxury home décor. The table measures 55â€in length,31†in width and 35†in height and weighs around 143lbs. The weight along with sturdy legs and 5†leg levelers keep the table steady and prevent wobbling. The Legend boasts of a half inch MDF playing surface along with 5/8†solid steel playing rods, premium bearings and no slip grip wooden handles. The Legend further features counter balanced players so that in no way your own players come in between a shot, front ball return at both ends for easy hassle free ball retrieval, slide scoring unit mounted on each side, an option to choose from 1 goalie or three goalie variants and above all an unlimited warranty on the product. The only con that you can find in this table is the time that it takes to assemble the product. But once down it will give you a fun filled gaming experience for years.

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Best Foosball Tables 2019 : Buying Guide

 Now that we have provided you a list of some of the best foosball tables available in the market, let us also guide you through the factors that will actually help you take the decision as to which foosball table you should go for. But even before dealing with the factors that will directly affect your decision let us have a look at the types of foosball tables available.

  • Type of Foosball Tables

We can broadly categorize the foosball tables into standard, tabletop, combination and coin operated ones. The standard tables are standalone full size foosball tables that are either made of solid wood or of a combination of real wood and MDF. The tabletop foosball tables on the other hand have to be placed on a playing surface such as a table or a countertop. These are not as big as the full sized tables but do not fail to entertain you all the less. Combination tables will provide you with an option to convert the table to accommodate two to three games in a single table. The other games may include air hockey or billiards and is ideal for people who have space crunch but want to have multiple gaming options. Coin operated tables are meant for arcades and sports bars where you would require coins to start the game.

  • Player Skill Level

The choice of the table depends a lot on the skill level of the players who would be playing it regularly. If it is meant for kids and beginners then even a mini table top foosball table would suffice while intermediary level players would like to opt for standard tables which are bigger in size and mimic a competition level table. For advanced and serious players who want to make it to the competition level a full sized competition level table is what you should go for. These tables are not only full sized but are designed in accordance with the ITSF guidelines.

  • Budget

Budget is another important factor that has to be taken into account. Sometimes you can go for a standard full sized table that is much cheaper compared to the standard competition grade tables which are highly expensive. But if you are a serious player and budget is not much of constraint then a table like the Tornado3000 can be an ideal choice. On the other hand if you are pretty new to this game and want to add some fun in your recreational room then a simple inexpensive standalone or table top foosball table can do the trick.

  • Size

A standard table measures 56†in length, 30â€in width and 34†in height. So if you are gping for a standard table you need to have that amount of space in your recreation room to accommodate it plus enough space for the players to move around. If you have space constraints then a table top foosball table is the choice that you should go for.

  • Goalie Configuration

As we have already mentioned while describing the different foosball tables in our list, the goalie configuration in a table may vary between 1 and 3. While most USA based tables have three the UK tables have a single goalie configuration. The choice depends entirely on the personal preference.  Three goalie configuration is meant for beginners and for fast paced games while if you are interested in improving your skills then it’s the single goalie configuration for you.

  • Counter Weighted Men

Counterweighted or counter balanced men means that the weight of the head and the toe in the mould is balanced so that it stays at a horizontal position when not being used. This is extremely important in the fact that these men do not come in your way when you take a shot and help you in the game to a great extent. Furthermore, moulds with a square shape at the toe offers more ball control and shot precision over rounded ones.

  • Playing Rods

This is an important feature that you have to take heed. You should not compromise on the quality of these rods. These rods should be of stainless steel be it hollow or solid. While solid rods are preferred by beginners, hollow steel rods are more suited to advanced players who would prefer speed and skill. In addition the rods should have an ergonomically designed grip so that they do not slip during an intense game.

  • Construction

This determines the durability of the table and also the amount of abuse that it can withstand. While the most expensive models would have a solid wood body but wood has chances of warping whereas those which are made from high quality composite are cheaper and devoid of any risk of warping. Particle boards are the cheapest but are flimsy and are best avoided. If you are going for a standalone table then the durability of the legs are also very important along with the presence of levelers to compensate an uneven surface.

  • Table Surface

A laminated table surface is recommended and preferred over ones with stick on designs. Laminated surfaces are smoother and provide a perfect playing surface for a fast intense game. Also it has to be noted that there is no “deadzoneâ€. A deadzone is an area where the ball can’t be reached by any player.

  • Ball Retrieval and Scoring

Some tables have side ball retrieval areas while others may have one on each end. It wouldn’t make much of a difference except the fact that having a proper ball retrieval system is essential. You can also select the scoring pattern that suits you most. Some tables have in built manual sliding score keeping units while others may boast of a abacus scoring unit.


 After reading this article you shouldn’t be hesitating in making the decision and you can be rest assured that if you have made it wisely you wouldn’t regret it. Once the decision is made, get it assemble it and enjoy your way through the game. We can already hear the shout “GOALLLLLLLLâ€â€¦.

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