Best Humidifiers 2021 : Review and Buying Guide of Top 5 Humidifiers

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Top 5 Best Humidifier Reviews For 2021

Humidifiers are much more than just an appliance. They are equipment that aids to and maintains the humidity levels in the indoor air. People all over the world suffer from the adverse air of dry air or too much moisture in the air. At such times, using the best humidifier can help you alleviate the symptoms associated. Dry air can be caused by the drop in the count of water vapors. It happens usually in colder areas as the capacity of holding moisture in drops drastically in colder air. Using room heaters, radiators and thermostat can’t replace the moisture in the air and instead, makes the air drier that can cause symptoms like:

  • Cracked lips
  • Too much thirstiness
  • Sore, scratchy throat
  • Dry sinus passages
  • Dry skin
  • Bloody nose
  • Other such respiratory conditions

Similarly, when there is so much moisture in the air, you can notice your home’s paint and furniture separating and peeling off the walls. If there is so much static electricity in the air, it is an indication that there is too much moisture in the air.

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With a room humidifier, you can maintain the necessary moisture indoors. You can provide a cleaner and comfortable atmosphere for your newborn and kids. If your kid keeps complaining of a bloody nose, congestion or allergies, consider getting the best humidifier for a home to alleviate the symptom naturally.

Best Humidifiers 2021: Our Top Picks

The team looked at numbers of humidifiers and here is your list of top humidifiers. The list is based on the usage pattern and really helps you to zero in on a model that can match your needs and lifestyle. These best humidifier reviews are curated to provide you the best value of your money and help you to save your time as well as make an informed decision.

Formerly Air-O-Swiss and now BONECO AOS 7135: Ultrasonic Humidifier – Warm and Cool Mist

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This is a versatile humidifier that blows out cool and warm mist. Priced on a higher side, this model is just the perfect choice for you if you have kids and pets at home. Cooler mist is better for kids and pets whereas the warm mist is preferable in winters and the humidifier rarely buzzes or whirrs while creating it. The model produces high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to convert mist and can cover about 650 square feet room.

On the other side, the conversion of water into the warm mist isn’t as better as the other machines that produce warm mist dedicatedly. The humidifier comes with a large tank, capable to run all day. The machine can spout the mist in every direction. It also packs in a temperature gauge and sleep function as well as a “Clean Me†function to let you know that it is time to clean the machine.

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The Best Humidifier for Kids’ Rooms:

Crane’s Cool Mist Drop Shape – Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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Crane’s Cool Mist Drop Shape takes the top spot for kids’ area in your house. It is silent, easy to use and compact in size. It can hold about a gallon, which works fine overnight. The humidifier is available in a variety of colors and doesn’t feature a filter. However, the crane shape can be bit fussy and pose difficulty in cleaning.


It produces cool mist and helps your kids in easier breathing. The cool mist can reduce and control the growth of bacteria and mold up to 99%, helping your kids to breathe free and relieving cold and flu symptoms effectively.

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The Best Humidifier to Reduce Germs

Honeywell Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

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The only and major problem with a humidifier is that if you don’t pay attention to its cleaning, they can become a breeding ground of bacteria, mold, and virus and ultimately, defeating the very purpose of investing in one. Honeywell Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier is the perfect option for people who don’t have time for the maintenance or want to be extra safe. This machine comes with UV technology that claims to destroy bacteria and fungus up to 99.9. The machine is also dishwasher safe and hence, you can put its parts for thorough cleaning.

However, the filter is the major drawback since you would need to replace it after a few months.

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Best Humidifier to Counter Sickness and Flu

Seneo 3.0L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers with Sensor Control

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This best humidifier packs in some really cool features and costs you a fortune. It has a Smart Humidity Sensor to keep tabs on the humidity levels and based on your settings, it will automate itself to the settings. It has auto on and off mode, and the humidifier would turn on and off in accordance with this.

Seneo also has color-changing seven lights that give out cool aura in the night. The auto swing rotates 45 degrees to the left or right to spread moist air. It has three set of moist levels, weak, medium and strong.

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Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier with Auto Shut-Off

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The Vicks Humidifier blows off the warm mist and releases the comforting vapor to help you combat flu or cold symptoms. This can really relieve congestion if it is winters. It has 2 comfort settings for mist. The 1-gallon water can work for 12-hours easily. It also comes with auto on/off mode. It has a medicine cup.

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Why buy a humidifier?

During these times, cleaner air is more of a need. If you want your family members to have a good night’s sleep or spend some quality time in a day in cleaner and pure air, then you should invest in air humidifier right away. If one of your family members is suffering from the problem of dry skin despite proper skin care regime or has been complaining of dry throat, dry nose or asthma-like problems, a humidifier is a solution to your problem. The infants and kids in your house could really benefit from the clean air of humidifier as it helps them to combat pollutants, illness and sleep better. Even in winters, the humidifiers become a must-have for winters as it gives the indoor air a boost of moisture, keeping the cold and flu pathogens at bay.

Best Humidifier Buying Guide 2021

Checklist of Humidifiers:



Ideally, the humidity indoors should be up to 40% but when you constantly use AC in summer and in winters, when radiators are used, it drops to less than 10% sometimes. This is when you develop problems like dry air, dry nasal passage and bacteria or virus that trigger flu. The performance of a humidifier depends on the area. A small humidifier can be used in the rooms up to 300 square feet. You would need a medium-sized humidifier for an area up to 500 square feet.

For areas up to 500 square feet, a best portable humidifier would do just fine however; you might need to refill it twice or quite frequently depending on its usage. For an area that are larger and about 1000 square feet, you need large humidifiers and console models. These models can be moved from one room to another. Extra large spaces can be humidified with the help of extra large console ultrasonic humidifiers. These models have larger tanks so you don’t have to refill them over and again, but their large size can pose a difficulty in moving them. You can also think about evaporative models, which are costlier and noisier than the console models.


Before you buy a humidifier, it is recommended that you look for these features.

Easy Cleaning: To prolong the life of your machine, you need to maintain it and you wouldn’t want one that is difficult on maintenance. Usually, you need to carry through draining, rinsing and drying of the machine almost on an everyday basis. To keep it free of breeding mosquitoes and bacteria, you need to rinse it with vinegar and disinfect with a bleach solution or anything else that the manufacturer has stated to do. It is an extremely important step as you would like to breathe in and out in a cleaner and pure air.

Ease of Usage:

A humidifier should be easy to clean and move. You should be able to maneuver the console or tabletop humidifier easily. User-friendly controls should also be on your list when you are on a lookout. The display panel should also be clear and easily readable from the distance.


You should be able to set a timer for your humidifier so that it doesn’t stay turned on all the while when you don’t want to, especially during the night hours or could work intermittently, for a few hours, on and off. However, you would still need to clean it thoroughly and dry it between the usage.


It is one of the very important features that you should be paying attention to. The top humidifiers come with a humidistat, which lets the machine to turn off when a preset level of humidity is achieved indoors. You wouldn’t want the humidifiers to boost the humidity or lower it. Humidifiers are meant to provide with an optimum level of humidity and this is what they should be doing and with real data in real time on display, it gets only better. Without humidistat, you would require to invest in a hygrometer separately to measure, monitor and automate the humidity levels indoors.


You could choose your pick from tabletop models, console and evaporative models. Depending on the performance you require out of the humidifier, the area, and movement capability, you can choose a design.

After-sales Support:

A humidifier is a machine. Like every other machine, they are prone to wear and tear. So, it is important that you pay attention to the kind of services the brand is providing to help you out there. Do they have 24/7 responsive customer care? Are their humidifier reviews rated good or just run-of-the-mill?


Some companies offer two-year warranty or one year warranty under which some of the damages are covered and the product is repaired. Please note that physical damages aren’t covered in any warranty.

Types of Humidifiers:

You can find many humidifiers in the market such as ultrasonic humidifiers, warm mist humidifiers, cool mist humidifiers and many more. Regardless of what method they use for the operation, their function remains the same, which is to maintain the moisture in the indoor air. An evaporative humidifier, for instance, utilizes an internal fan to pull the air back in and then make it pass through a water filter. Once the air absorbs water vapors, it throws it back to the air. An ultrasonic vibrating diaphragm is used to create water-saturated air by ultrasonic humidifiers. A cool mist humidifier is used to disburse water moisture at cooler temperature whereas warm mist humidifiers propel warm mist in the air. A warm mist vaporizer heats the water until it evaporates.

On the other hand, you have in-duct humidifiers that heat up your space as well as humidify the air.

What’s the ideal humidity level?

The ideal humidity level is between 30 to 50%. Anything above than this is a breeding ground for dust, bacteria and pest infestations whereas anything below than this level is the perfect ambiance for the virus, leading to respiratory problems, skin allergies, and flu.

You can also consider investing in hygrometer to analyze the humidity level of your living space. Or if you have finally decided to invest in a humidifier, you can consider going for one that has an in-built hygrometer.

Difference between Air Washer and Air Purifier:

Air washers filter allergens and indoor pollutants to a great extent while releasing humidified air into your living space. The air washers can only remove larger particles of 1.5 microns. However, HEPA air purifiers can remove microscopic particles too, which is a very useful feature because such particles are the one that causes respiratory allergies. So, go for air purifiers if you are particularly concerned about severe allergy causing irritants.

Size of the Humidifier:

The required size of the humidifier should be decided on the basis of the square footage of your living space. Usually, many humidifiers have listed the area under the specifications. So, before you buy a humidifier, you need to go through your exact requirement of the space you would like to humidify.

Adding Water to the Humidifier:


Tabletop and portable humidifiers usually have one or more reservoirs for water and filling them with water are quite easy. Just open the reservoir and fill it up with water. Some furnace humidifiers such as Honeywell HE120 doesn’t have a dedicated water reservoir, instead, it takes it water supply directly from the main supply of water in your home and gets its fill when needed.

Using Hard Water in a Humidifier


There is nothing wrong with using hard water to fill humidifier however; you need to have a humidifier that has a mineral cartridge to absorb mineral content of hard water. Otherwise, these mineral particles, when released into the air as white dust can aggravate respiratory conditions. This is why it is recommended that you fill humidifiers with only distilled water.

Refill Frequency in Humidifier:

It depends on the usage of the humidifier. Usually, portable humidifiers need to be refilled in every 24 hours. If you don’t use humidifier much, you can fill water on an intermittent basis.

Setting Humidifier on a Timer:


Many advanced and new-age humidifiers come with digital control and timers. Like an AC, they can be turned on, turned off and then set for a time.

Energy Consumed by Humidifiers: The energy consumed by a humidifier depends on the usage, speed setting, and the units consumed and the rates per unit in your area. However, usually, it is observed that:

  • Since warm mist humidifiers warm the air, they consume more electricity.
  • Cool mist humidifiers work on larger areas and hence, use lesser energy than their warmer peers.
  • Console humidifiers utilize more energy than tabletop air humidifiers.
  • Induct air humidifiers are considered to be cheaper and more energy-efficient.

Noise Created by Humidifiers:


If you are using evaporative humidifiers, they are said to be the loudest of all, since they are using fans to create air flow. Usually, this will bug you at first, as soon as you are new to the noise, especially when you turn it on but later on it would soon subside as background noise. Similarly, cool mist models are noisier than warm mist air humidifier. Warm mist humidifiers don’t use fans and hence, don’t make much of noise. If you don’t want even as much like white noise and want to enjoy cleaner air at peace, go for an ultrasonic humidifier that creates the ultrasonic sound we can’t hear.

Cleaning Humidifier:


Like any machine, humidifiers need to be cleaned on a daily basis to be energy-efficient and steer clear of dust and allergens. If they aren’t clean, how can you expect them to provide fresher and cleaner air to your space? Clean your humidifier with a soft bristle brush and mild cleanser. Rinse it thoroughly with water and let each part of it dry out before refilling the tank with fresh water. Keep the exteriors clean by wiping the body off with a damp cloth. You can also refer to the manual or consult the after-sales support staff for more information on cleaning of the humidifier.

Final Words

This list of best humidifiers 2021 will help you to narrow down your choices to a limited few that are worth the investment and health! If you have any questions, head to the comment section. We would do our best to direct them to the expert to help you out.

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