Best iPad Pro 10.5 cases and covers : Review and Buying Guide 2019

The iPad Pro 10.5 is a beauty to behold. Its smooth edges and slimmer design is a delight for product design aficionados as well. It is neither too big, nor too small. It is just the right size for all tablet users that comes with a turbo-powered battery. This is the Goldilocks of Apple’s iPad design.

 List of Best iPad Pro 10.5 cases

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The prices are, as usual, steep. This is something almost all Apple flagship products have in common. This however packs a powerful performance thanks to a 36-hour battery life and a 512 GB internal memory. It is indeed a big leap for Apple. If you are a few of the lucky ones who has already booked their iPad Pros, you must be already worrying about its safety. It is priced at £619. Simply knocking it over can make ones heart stop if you do not have the right protection.​

The only requirement for a pro case for your iPad Pro 10.5 should not be safety. You must have thought quite a bit and saved up before buying the iPad Pro. Now, it is time you gave some thought to the case designs as well. Your iPad pro case needs to be strong and unique. It should reflect your personality and your aesthetics.

There are quite a few types of best iPad Pro cases you can choose from. Today, we will list the best 10 iPad cases for you.

Best iPad Pro 10.5 cases and Sleeve

This is more of an investment than an expense. This iPad Pro 10.5 leather sleeve is fashioned out of real leather. The fresh tanned look makes sure that the sleeve ages with grace. As days pass the sleeve will garner creases, cracks and moisture marks creating patterns unique to your case.

You must remember, although the case is clocked at Under $130.

The packaging is slim and the presentation is smart. You can easily slide it into a backpack on your way to college or office. It will even fit inside slim handbags – so you can stay tuned in even when hanging with your besties after work. It is also strong enough so you can use it as a standalone case when you are at home or at a coffee shop.

The iPad Pro 10.5 Case from MoKo is a classic. It is ideal for carrying around in backpacks and handbags. And it is ideal for protection during regular usage. It includes auto-wake features that can be set according to lid functions.

The lightweight and slim design makes sure that you can carry it around in your hand. The snug fit provides extra protection. There are no bezels around the screen; this allows unobscured gestures and swipes.

The MoKo iPad Pro 10.5 case is tough on the outside and soft on the inside. This keeps your iPad pro safe from external injuries and protects the screen from the inside from scratches and nicks.

The New iPad Pro 10.5 inch case from Supacase is a heavy-duty model that can protect your iPad from all kinds of assaults. It is resistant to almost all kinds of impacts. It has a dual layer protection that offers full protection to your iPad from external shocks, bumps and drops.

The front cover has a built-in screen protector. This means, there are no chances your screen can get scratches from the inside. There is no compromise in the smooth Apple signature touch. You can watch your favorite movies, TV shows and YouTube videos by using the kickstand of the new iPad Pro 10.5 inch case from Supacase. This iPad pro kickstand case which come with screen protector has precise access to all sensors, ports, cameras and speakers. This budget heavy-duty shell case is ideal for you.

The new cover for iPad Pro 10.5 from JETech is a delight for all apple users. Firstly, it is a steal at $14.99 and free domestic shipping. This is designed for iPad Pro 10.5 inch; therefore, there is no issue with snug fit. The slim design with a firm kickstand allows the users to enjoy movies, TV series and videos with full confidence.

The exterior is synthetic. This offers a rather sturdy finish with a lightweight. The interior is comparatively smooth. This has made it possible for JETech to include a sleep/awake function in the cover cum case. The smooth interior finish makes sure that you have complete protection against all interior causes of scratches and bumps.

This best iPad Pro 10.5 case offers full access to all ports, cameras, sensors and speakers. It is super easy to install and remove. It provides 360-degree protection to iPad Pro 10.5 inch 2017 model without any added clauses.

The Balance FOLIO 10.5-inch iPad Pro Case is a smart choice for the suave iPad Pro 10.5 inch user. At under $50, it is a steal for most Apple users. There are 5 different colors you can pick from. You can pre-order your share from the registered website. There are no shipping charges and return charges on all US orders.

This will keep your iPad Pro safe from all bumps and drops. The cover fits seamlessly to keep the design smooth and simple. The Balance FOLIO 10.5-inch iPad Pro Case comes with a stand that totally seals the deal. The inner layer is soft. It protects your iPad Pro form all scratches and bumps. The secure closure clasp is a fine touch that completes the protection design.

It is made out of PU leather. It is weatherproof and is resistant to UV damage. Use the Balance FOLIO iPad Pro leather Case guilt-free and give your Apple iPad Pro 10.5 a new lease of life with this new case design.

The Pasonomi Premium Leather Case Stand Cover with Card Slots is the ideal design for the compulsive iPad Pro user. It is made out of PU leather. It has a weatherproof finish that offers excellent protection to your iPad Pro 10.5 inch 2017 model if you are prone to using it under all kinds of circumstances.

It has a built-in elastic strap that will give you a secure grip. Even if you are planning on traveling without your backpack or your handbag, you can just slide your iPad Pro inside the Pasonomi Premium Leather Case Stand cover and be ready to go. It comes with an enclosed ID card, credit card and license holder. This is the complete package you will ever need for any short trip.

It has precise cuts for all accessibilities. You can access the speakers, camera and charging without making added adjustments. At only $17.85 and free shipping, the Pasonomi Premium Leather Case Stand Cover with Card Slots is a steal deal.

The new iPad Pro case from Tonerone is a lightweight, heavy-duty protection offer for all iPad Pro 10.5” users. This design has a hardback cover with a sleep/awake option. It currently comes in three colors that are perfect for adding a suave charm to your Apple iPad Pro.

The outer material is PU and the inner material is soft microfiber. This makes the new iPad Pro 2017 iPad 10.5 inch Case Tonerone the superhero of all cases and covers. It offers complete shockproof and scratchproof user experience while protecting the device from external bumps, shakes and knocks.

The double-fold design adds a stand to your iPad Pro. You can easily view your favorite videos and shows without adding an extra kickstand or changing cases. The design gives easy access to volume keys, speakers and power keys. The design is perfect for the new iPad Pro design and it is perfect if you want to keep your device looking new for years to come.

Best iPad Pro 10.5 Case Buying guide

Buying the right type of case, cover or sleeve for your need can be difficult. Finding one design that fits all your need is nothing short of challenging. Let us see what expert tech-shoppers have to say about buying a functional and protective iPad Pro 10.5 case.

Answering a few questions will help you make the right choice –

Do you want an Apple Pencil holder along with your cover?

Do you want upright or horizontal viewing privileges?

Do you need covers and cases that accommodate accessories as well?

What should all good iPad Pro 10.5 cases provide?

  • Protection at all corners, edges and screen.
  • Case needs a front cover to protect the screen when not in use. It should be able to trigger Apple’s magnetic sleep and awake function.
  • It should include stands with varying viewing angles.
  • The case should not obstruct the buttons and accessibilities.
  • We like covers and cases that cover the side buttons of the tablet. This is not very common. However, it is necessary for full protection.

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Since you will not get much of a chance to test and try each case, you should read multiple reviews and customer ratings before buying your iPad Pro case. you need to buy a best selfie sticks 2019 for good selfie.

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