Best Ant Killer Reviews 2019 : Say goodbye to ants this summer

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Not many of us see ants as pests. They are tiny creatures that live and thrive out of our sight. Their existence does not bother us for the greater part of the year. Immediately before monsoon hits, the same ants go berserk. They become desperate to get ration that will last them for a couple of days. All of a sudden, they are everywhere. They raid our kitchen cabinets and pick up the tiniest sugar particles left behind on the kitchen counter. Things get really annoying when they start interfering with our daily habits.

Kitchen is supposed to be a hygienic place. You need to keep your food away from all kinds of killers and repellents. This actively limits the choice of best ant killers you can effectively use. You must also remember to pick an ant killer that is safe for kids and pets.​

Keeping all your needs in mind, we have compiled a list of five effective best ant killers and ant repellents that work like magic.

Best Ant Killer Reviews 2019

AMDRO Kills Ants Bait Stations : best ant killer outdoor

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This is a very effective ant baiting system. It lures out the scout ants. This one is ideal for outdoor use. Follow the ant trail and see where they are coming from. Most of the times, gardens and yards are a rich source of ants to the kitchen and other locations inside the house.

Once you have located their colony, push the bait close to the colony. The AMDRO Kills Ants Bait Stations carry an active ingredient that can kill the queen. Once the scout ant of the particular colony interacts with the bait, it carries the active ingredient back to the colony to the queen. When it shares the active ingredient with the queen, she dies. The entire ant colony dies after that.

It works against almost all kinds of common household ants including the argentine varieties, acrobat, big headed, ghost, cornfield, crazy, little black, white footed and stinky ants.

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Home Plus Indoor/Outdoor Ant Killer Metal Bait Station, 6 Baits

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The Home Plus Indoor/Outdoor Ant Killer uses metal baits to trap and kill ants. This one has six metal baits with active ingredients that kills ants within seconds.

The special feature of this best ant killer includes child safety. The active ingredient, Abamectin B1, is an effective insecticide. It is a mix of avermectins including Aermectin B1a and Avermectin B1b.

Home Plus Indoor/Outdoor Ant Killer Metal Bait Stations are also very good at tackling mites and nematodes. Abamectin is usually not active in human beings. They targeted kill insects, helminthes and nematodes only.

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TERRO T300B 2-Pack Liquid Ant Baits

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The TERRO T300B 2-Pack Liquid Ant Baits is ideal for ant control. If you have tiny annoying red ants infesting your kitchen or black sugar-lovers on your dining table, this liquid bait will take care of it for you

These baits are all pre-filled. You will not have to spend much time readying them. Just unpack and deploy. TheAnt killer TERRO T300B 2-Pack Liquid Ant Baits do not dry up too fast. These liquid baits are ant-magnets.

Find out the source of the ant trails in your kitchen and home. Place these baits close to the trails or ant colonies. Ants usually die within two to three days. They are specially designed to kill the worker ants. Once the worker ants die, the queen starves and dies. This kills the entire ant family giving you respite from the invasion of the sugar thieves.

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Safer Brand 51703 Diatomaceous Earth, Crawling Insect Killer

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The Safer Brand 51703 Diatomaceous Earth, Crawling Insect Killer is a brilliant natural way for killing ants. It also works on bedbugs, roaches, earwigs and fleas. If you have pets, this is a perfect option for your household. Not only will you be taking care of your ant infestation problem, you will also be able to rid them of their pests. They are made from dried up crushed algae.

This ant killer does not have any toxic effect on human beings. Children and pets are safe from the action of the Safer Brand 51703 Diatomaceous Earth, Crawling Insect Killer. Once it comes in contact with any crawling insect species, it can dehydrate and kill the insect. Insects can also ingest diatomaceous earth. That usually kills them within 48 hours of consumption. You need to keep reapplying it after rain or watering.

You can sprinkle the Safer Brand 51703 Diatomaceous Earth, Crawling Insect Killer on your lawn or yard. This will keep the ants from breeding in the premises. It is always effective for controlling crawling critters. They work mechanically. They do not have any chemical process. Insects cannot develop immunity to diatomaceous earth even on repetitive use.

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The Raid® Ant Killer Liquid works by simply killing off the queen of an ant colony. This liquid bait has active ingredient(s) that the scout ant carries back to the colony. As soon as the queen in introduced to the agent by the scout ant, she dies. The entire colony dies and the few remaining ants scatter.

It comes with a nozzle design that is easy to apply in cracks and crevices. Find out the most fervent source of ants in your household and place the baits directly on/in them. You can use it directly on anthills as well.

The Raid® Ant Killer Liquid uses ant killer Borax (7.7%) as an active ingredient. Therefore, it is not poisonous to human beings or pets. Make sure to not couple it with ant killing sprays. The scouts need to make it to the queen with the ingredient in order to kill her.

Most of these ant killing agents are verified for killing other crawlers as well. Although many of them are certified as safe, it is always better to store them away from the reach of children. This summer, eat freely and store your candies on the kitchen counter confidently. Say goodbye to ants with these amazing best ant killer options for modern households.

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Best Ant Killer Buying Guide 2019

How to pick the right ant-killer for your home?

In a world of evolving choices, it becomes really difficult to pick one ant killer. There are five different types of ant killers you can choose from.

1. Ant bait stations

These are baiting systems with active ingredients. The AMDRO Kills Ants Bait Station is a classic example of this type. They are useful for both inside and outside ant control.

Once the ants consume the bait, the active ingredient affects their digestive system. They take this active ingredient back to their colonies to feed their queen. It actively kills the queen and destroys the entire colony.

This is a non-messy way of handling ant invasions in your house and yard. Forget harmful chemicals. These pre-packaged baits are ideal for use in households with children and pets as well.

2. Ant-gel

These are really effective if you manage to locate a trail of ants. You can target specific areas of your home and porch. Just apply the ant killing gel and wait as the ants die within a couple of hours. This is a clean and a fume-free experience for every household bugged by ants.

3. Sprays

Aerosol sprays meant just for killing ants are ideal if the problem is seasonal. The small black ants and the red ones usually come out during the summer months and before monsoon to collect enough resources for their colonies. They infest the kitchen and any other corner of a house that has traces of food.

These sprays are ideal as contact sprays for immediate action or as residual sprays. These are short-term responses for ant invasions. Most of the times they have chemicals that can produce toxic fumes. They are not as safe as baits and gels in homes with pets and children.

4. Granular bait

These are good for dealing with carpenter ants, bigheaded ants, argentine ants, small black variants and the ubiquitous small red ones. Granular baits include active ingredients like Abamectin that are harmful for ants only. They do not have a toxic reaction in human beings.

Locate the anthills and bait them in the vicinity for utmost effectiveness. These granular baits can usually kill the entire colony within 24 hours of consumption.

5. Diatomaceous earth

This is the dried and pulverized form of a common diatom or algae. More accurately speaking, they are the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. They are the ideal choice for environmentalists and organic product lovers. It usually causes dehydration of these insects or cuts up their exoskeleton to kill them within 48 hours. It is a great choice for households with children.

How to target ants inside your house?

Ants do not care if it is the last slice of your birthday cake or kale juice. They want what they want. Ants will find the hidden stash of your kid’s Halloween candy before you can find it.

Any ant killer works best when applied to dry ground. Check the target areas after 30 days of application. Although most ant colonies will die by 24-48 hours of application, new colonies might form in the same areas after 30 days.

Final Words

Choosing the best ant killer is an unnerving task. To pick the right one today, consider the location of the affected areas. Think about the most proliferous source of the ant trails and think a about the safety of your family. Since ants are creatures of habit, you may find it easier to pick the right bait or killer after you study the nearby ant colonies for a while.

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