Simply Fit Board Review – Everything You Need to Know to Get in Shape in 2021

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Last Updated: Jun 25, 2021 @ 8:11 am

Ever since its debut on Shark Tank on November 6, 2015, the Simply Fit Board has gained a lot of popularity. People have been buying it, in bulks. Right now, it is mostly available online through verified sellers on fitness websites as well as on Amazon.

The founders of this simple, yet holistic workout device got their lucky break when Lori Greiner from Shark Tank agreed to invest for a 20% stake (a whopping $125,000) in the new company.

The founders of Simply Fit Board are Gloria Hoffman and Linda Clark. This mother-daughter duo has been living the American dream ever since their Simply Fit Board idea took off.

But, is this glamor and success enough to drown out the voices that are crying foul over the claims of this miracle board? Here we review the fitness board and how it works.

If you are eager to know quickly about does the simply fit board works or not then our answer is Yes they work great and up to the mark.

Below we have given the answer about why we have come to the conclusion:

The Simply Fit Board: Another Scam or a Legend?

The Simply Fit Board comes with a lot of promises. It is a specially designed balance board that claims to tone core muscles, leg muscles, thigh muscles, and back muscles too.

That is a pretty big claim from a simple exercise board that looks like a misshapen tea tray. Wobble boards or balance boards have been around since the beginning of humanity’s vanity.

They come in various sizes and shapes. All of them claim the same thing – a miracle to get your youthful balance back.

Simply Fit Board Review

How Does It Work?

People can end up losing a fine balance due to a number of reasons. Minor injuries in the knee-joints, back injuries and hip-joint challenges are the primary causes people lose their balance with age.

Arthritis (rheumatoid and osteoporosis) is another reason people end up with compromised balance and coordination. Sometimes, calcification inside the ears or displacement of the cochlear fluid may also cause damaged balance.

Many people face small and big accidents that compromise their balance. Almost 40% of the people around us move around with a slight limp without being too conspicuous.

Does This Fitness Board Really Work?

We were a little skeptical about how effective this simple-looking simply fit board can be towards improving balance in older individuals, people who are recovering from joint and muscular trauma and regular folks.

So, we went back to a 2011 study that was conducted through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). The research from that year show a trend that cannot be ignored –

  • The fitness board improves stability and posture
  • The Simply Fit Boards show muscle strengthening
  • The wobble boards help with muscle conditioning
  • These balance boards help to rehabilitate injuries
  • These Simply Fit Boards help with coordination as well

Another similar article, “Ankle Sprains and the Athlete” was published by 4.2 rating and about 160 reviews later that year. It states that these boards are excellent for rehabilitating sportspersons, aged people and patients under accident-trauma care. The article is quite interesting as it goes on to elaborate on how the use of these boards can reduce the risk of injury by up to 50% during rehabilitation sessions.

Their registered website claims to prevent muffin tops. This board can work your gluteus maximus and your lats. You will be working with your core, rather than your legs to keep the balance. This is an option for every age since the board is easy to use and maintain.​

Let us see what some live feedbacks say about Simply fit board

If you want genuine feedback, check their Facebook page. We were indeed surprised to see a 4.2 rating and about 160 reviews (almost all positive). About 723 out of about 930 people have given this fitness board a 5-star rating.

On QVC, the Simply Fit Board has garnered over 4.1 out of 5 stars. Shark Tank may have been how this company started out. Right now, the Simply Fit Board is a legacy of its own.

Combining these stellar reviews with a board that is as cheap as about under $40. You will get the ideal fitness product you have always wanted.

It is pocket-friendly, so it is not a huge investment. It comes in four fun colors (blue, magenta, green and orange) to pep up your exercising schedule. The board comes with detailed exercising guides. You get a CD with every authorized delivery.

​YouTube has hundreds of channels dedicated to fitness boards. From how to buy the right one to how to use them most effectively, you can learn everything by watching these videos.

The biggest benefit of getting a Simply Fit Board is opening horizons for hundreds of different types of workouts. You can combine the balance boards with PVC weights for an intensive workout session to train your shoulders, arms, and core while improving your balance. Or you can just take it slow by using just the board to do regular fitness exercises that will train your legs, thighs, glutes and core muscles.

How does it perform with respect to other fitness boards?

This fitness wobble board is unique. It comes in interesting colors with direct instructions for the most effective use. These boards improve muscle strength, balance, and coordination. It also tones your muscles. Thus, you save tons and you get a great bod. What can possibly be bad about that?

For any customer, two things matter – price and weight limits.

The Simply Fit balance board has a weight limit of 400 pounds and an affordable price tag. This is quite cheap as compare to other boards like the Fitaboo PRO wobble board and the Revolution Balance Board’s 101 models.

We like the Simply Fit Board because it is simple yet effective. You may be a fitness freak or a tie-wearing corporate honcho, investing a couple of minutes on this miracle board will help you burn those extra calories you have been worrying about since last night.​

Our take on the Simply Fit Board Review

Start slow. Trying to balance yourself too fast is the first mistake people make while working out on this fitness board. The ACSM advice you to start with basic twists before moving on to rolls and weight training.

The bright color does add extra charm to this training board. It is a breath of fresh air in a market of wooden and dark plastic boards that look more somber than happy.

Simply Fit has done a great job providing their customers with 10 workout videos that will help you miss things up. Using just the board without any imagination can limit your workout routine.

We recommend a generous dose of YouTube videos and creativity along with this wobble board to keep your workout moving.​

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