10 Best Synthetic Oil review and buying Guide 2019

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Best Synthetic oil is very important for the engine of the car. The synthetic oil is not like ordinary oil, infact it has become the reason behind the good performance. It is ultimately your decision to give your car everything best, when it comes to the best motor synthetic oil, we have chosen few best synthetic oil after the research. To offer your car the best synthetic oil for its motor, you need to be conscious and choosing the best will no more pain for you.

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Check the best synthetic oil which is often tested so you cannot doubt the quality of the oil that will enhance the performance of the motor.

Best Synthetic Oil Reviews

1. Mobil 1 120764 Synthetic Motor oil : Best Mobil Synthetic Oil

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This best synthetic oil brand is very flexible and lubricates the motor in better way that builds evaporation with the good oil consumption. It provides exceptional wear protection and the power of cleaning is also amazing. It is compatible with various different vehicles. Mobil 1 5W-30 is very advanced and its performance level is so high that it meets the requirement of the industry’s standard. With its ability to outperform the conventional best motor oil, it is very good with highly responsive turbo charged, supercharged gasoline and diesel multi-valve fuel injected engines but not recommended for two cycle or aviation engines.

Mobil 1 synthetic oil is rich in providing wear protection through giving good lubrication to the engine so you can drive differently. There is also good oxidation stability and the rich thermal. The oil can be used often as the quantity of the oil is sufficient for using it more than 6 to 7 times.

mobil synthetic oil

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2. Valvoline 782256 MaxLife SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil

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Valvoline is rich in performing better than conventional motor oil. Valvoline is compatible with higher mileage engine and it is mixture of best synthetic oil and premium conventional base stocks. It has extra cleaning power as the oil contains extra detergent and there are also additional anti-wear additives. The protection unlimited you can expect from Valvoline. It offers all possible lubrication so you will friction less driving experience with the better motor of the engine.

This synthetic oil is anti-oxidants that prevent engine friction, clogging sludge and there will be no question of deposit formation. The better conditioning with Valvoline that minimizes the ageing of the engine or pre maturity. Forget about the oil leakage and there will be no damage you can expect with this.​

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3. Pennzoil 550038221 Motor Oil

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Pennzoil Platinum is complete synthetic oil as there is no mixture of conventional oil at all. It keeps the metal parts of the engine clean and deposits free. It is capable to keep your car’s engine 40 % better than any other conventional oil. If you consider everything best for your car then this Pennzoil motor oil is perfect for your car. You can expect the complete care of the engine through this best motor oil. It increases the responsiveness and protection unlimited to the engine. The ride will be smoother and better even in severe driving style so it is highly capable to respond to the adverse condition.

It has better wear protection also and activeness is superb and you will realize every time you will drive. It responsiveness is long enough that you do not need to oiling your car’s engine every time. With the one use you will feel the great change with all positively in driving as there will no exertion.​

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4. MAG1 61794 Full Synthetic oil

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MAG contains FMX friction that resolves the issue of engine wear. It works better upto 56% than other conventional oil. MAG1 is the complete blend of synthetic oil only so it better, faster and smoother. It is compatible with most of the vehicles out here such as car, sedan, SUVs, van and other vehicles. It meets the high standard requirement of the industry and performs like crazy that your old engine will be responsive better than new one without oil. This motor oil texture is of the crude oil which is better in lubricating, cleaning and making the engine cool. It is also good in increasing the gas mileage and minimizes the engine wear at extreme temperature.

MAGI 1 has weight of SAE OW -20 that means that the rating of the viscosity is 0 in chilled temperature while there would be rating of viscosity is 20 at normal temperature.​ This synthetic oil get 4,8 rating out of 5 on amazon.

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5. Royal Purple 51530 API licensed Motor Oil

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The high performance with the motor oil like Royal Purple is absolutely no problematic. The superior wear protection and the better engine performance that you can expect from Royal Purple. Whether your car’s engine is gasoline or diesel Royal Purple is not behind in performing best as it is API licensed motor oil.

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It is compatible with mineral or synthetic oil. Royal Purple is good in increasing fuel efficiency. The texture of the best synthetic oil is also moderate in nature that creates smoothness when you drive and there will be no corrosion.

The catalytic emission system is good for the better protection of the engine. It improves compatibility with ethanol. The speed of the car will be better and it will improve efficiency of the car.

6. Shell Rotella T6 550019921 Heavy Duty Diesel Engine oil

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Rotella is one of the best synthetic oil that is good in offering services like never before. It is suitable for the heavy duty on and off highway. Rotella improves the efficiency of the engine and makes it smoother. There would be no possibility of leak and avoid the over-heating of the engine. It gives better oiling that builds the power of the car through giving it lubrication. The lubricated engine will get flexibility and functions well.

The fuel consumption will also be less as it enhances the fuel economy capability without losing the engine durability. It just meets the requirement of the API SM. It gives more wear protection and the better deposit control. Rotella is economical and saves your money in fuel. It is featured with all advancement that offers best to the engine with the motor oil. It maintains the adaptability to the driving all different conditions.​ this the best budget synthetic oil which get 4.7 rating on amazon.

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7. Castrol 06249 EDGE Synthetic Motor Oil

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This Castrol Synthetic oil is having lot of advanced features with the unique properties. It takes care of the engine parts well and maintain its fluency and compatibility. The volatility is less and the wear protection is amazing. The engine parts help your car operate more in power. Castrol is one of the best synthetic motor oil among the list and it is better upto 42 % in cleaning the deposits. This motor oil is better than conventional and synthetic blend oils.

Castrol synthetic oil is compatible with all the vehicles like cars, sedan, van, bus and other vehicles. It is good with diesel and gaseous both. Such superior quality protection and fighting power you can expect from Castrol. Castrol is highly efficient in all conditions and perfect for heavy duty. The oil consumption is very low with the Castrol. The excellent performance of your car will be amazing and you will love to drive often.​

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8. Liqui Moly 2041 Premium 5W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil

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Liqui Moly 2041 Premium is good motor oil which texture is completely synthetic and there is no blend. The energy conserving motor oil is fit for the new age engine concept and it is good and functional for both diesel and gas. The cool start and the overall lubrication in the engine with fuel saving capability are wonderful. You will feel tension free for the better speed and the excellent driving experience.

​The high wear protection and good timing of oil delivery at low temperature is impeccable in this motor oil. The great action of cleaning the engine as there will be no deposit. It saves petrol and gives good mileage so with Liqui Moly your car will be at best condition and no deposit and debris will stand in the way of the smoothness of driving. It will increase the life of the engine as there will be nominal friction and heat when it is running. It also improves the fuel economy upto 5 % or more depends on the ride.

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What is the Job of Synthetic Oil in the Car?

Before moving to the list of the best synthetic oil, I would like to inform you about the oil job on the motor and the engine. The most important job of this synthetic oil is to provide grease to the metal parts of the engine that indulge continuously in rubbing together. It will bring life to the engine by lubricating it thoroughly. It will make sure that all the metal parts will be new and in good condition so the smoothness in driving will be alive.

The three stationary ball will be lubricated properly in the oil and the forth ball is also included to give best result. When you drive, the oil will maintain the smoothness even you are driving for long time. With the use of synthetic oil you can expect all the good performance of the engine even in your old car.

Types of  Motor Oil


  • Conventional Oil
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Diesel
  • Bio-Based
  • Hybrid (blend of conventional oil and synthetic oil)
  • Recycled oil

Each and every types of oil is varied in nature and their function is different from each other. Now, it depends what is your requirement as per your budget and lifestyle. When it comes to best motor oil it varies in weight, viscosity and additives

How can you Judge that your Car needs oil?

There is well known NOACK Volatility Test which will measure the evaporation that lead to the loss of lubrication when the temperature is high. With the help of evaporation the engine will have good amount of oil consumption and the hot engine will not miss its power when you are driving continuously. The need of the synthetic oil will make day and night changes in the engine of the car. It will make it more workable.

The best synthetic oil is essential to maintain the intensity of the engine of your car. If you want to increase the longevity and function of the engine the synthetic motor oil will be beneficial to use. There will be less friction so there will be flexibility in driving. With the consumption of oil your car’s engine will lubricated and gives better riding experience. The sensitive engine parts will become flexible and there will less load on the engine. If you have used properly motor oil then you are tension free for 1 year and there will be no issue in engine so in driving.

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All the above synthetic motor oil is best and after the research it has been compiled so you can trust these brands. Pick any one of them for your car to increase the longevity of the engine. You are safe in your car for full one year and even more. A well lubricated engine gives the unparallel stability, high-performance, better speed, fuel economy by improving mileage and have other plenty of advantages of using best synthetic oil. It has more edge over conventional oil. It is the right oil for your vehicles with its special additives.

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