Best Shower Caddies 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

A shower caddy is one of the most important and useful inventions in recent times. It’s one of those inventions that are made for the well being and development of the society from the basics i.e one which comes handy on a daily basis. It is one of those inventions which would organize your daily bathroom essentials and one which would be a useful addition to your daily life. A shower caddy will keep your shower essentials organized so that you have a hassle free bath before the start of or at the end of a hectic schedule.

With an enormous range of shower caddies hitting the markets, it’s difficult to choose, which shower caddy would best suit your needs. We are enlisting the best shower caddies available in the market so that you can choose easily from one of these.

Best Shower Caddy 2019 Reviews

Here’s a list of the top 10 best shower caddies according to us.

1.  Oxo Good Grip Stainless Steel Shower Caddy:

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If your shower pipe is around 0.5†in diameter then this is the most well-designed overhead shower caddy that you can go for. With diameter more or less than 0.5†the shower caddy will either not fit into or slide down the pipe respectively. The Oxo Good Grip 3 tier stainless steel shower caddy has a rubberized sturdy hook fitted to a stainless steel frame and three racks attached to it. The stainless steel borders in the otherwise plastic racks add extra stability and elegance to them.

The plastic trays have slots in them to prevent water pooling. They can hold bottles of different sizes and also have holes to fit in your shampoo bottle upside down for easy accessibility. The last rack is smaller than the first two racks and is meant for a soap bar. In addition to this, it has side loops for safekeeping your razor or sponges or loofah. The plastic trays are removable and can be easily washed and are dishwasher safe. There is a suction cup at the end of the caddy to secure it to the position.

Oxo Good Grip Stainless steel three tier shower caddy is rust free and with its minimalist design is one of the best caddies available. The caddy is 28†long and the trays have a width of 10â€. With a lifetime satisfaction warranty from Oxo, you can’t ask for more.

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2. InterDesign York Lyra Bathroom Shower Caddy:

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This over the door shower caddy is one of the most popular ones in this category. It has two hooks that slide over almost any shower door and can be easily installed. The dual hooks relieve you of the fear of balancing the weight on the racks. The shower caddy comes in bronze, satin, matte black and pearl satin finishes and is an attractive addition to the washroom.

The caddy features two large sized racks that can hold almost anything and everything. The wired bottomed racks prevent water from accumulating in the racks and hence the caddy remains clean. It is easy to clean up the caddy once in a while. The caddy has one disadvantage in that it has no separate rack for soaps but in addition, it has three loops for your razors and loofahs. There are two suction cups at the bottom of the rack to secure it in position.

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3. Simple Human Adjustable Hanging Shower Caddy Plus:

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This can be rightly claimed to be one of the best shower caddies in business. This overhead hanging shower caddy solves the problems mentioned in the overhead shower caddies before with its adjustable spine. It will not come very close to your shower head neither would it affect the use of hose in hand shower. The shower caddy can be hung from the shower pipe with the help of its plastic hook which has an additional screw to fasten it so that it does not slip down.

The stainless steel and aluminum based shower caddy has an adjustable spine which can be adjusted according to the height of the shower and can be extended up to 39.6â€. The racks too can be slid up and down and sideways to adjust the length of its contents. It has three racks, two big racks, and a bottom soap rack. The first rack has two hooks for your razors or loofahs while the second rack has a plastic sliding divider to keep your tools like a shaving brush. The soap rack has holes under it so that the soap remains dry and scum free.

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4. mDesign Bathroom Hose Shower Caddy:

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This large and oversized shower caddy is kind of perfect if you have large bottles to deal with. The shower caddy is made of steel with a rust proof coating and is designed to specifically accommodate any sized bottle. There are two small racks that swing outward and a large rack placed at a level below them.

It has two hooks for your razors and loofahs and a rod at the bottom so that you can hang your hand towel easily. The racks are so designed as to even hold your bottles upside down so that you can have easy access to them. The mDesign Bathroom Hose Shower Caddy has an oversized neck and can be hung over almost any shower head, including the wide rainfall showerhead as well. The only disadvantage with this caddy is that it does not have a separate soap rack and due to the absence of criss-cross mesh in the racks, the soap tends to slip off easily.

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5. Interdesign Metalo Adjustable Over Door Shower Caddy :

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This lightweight over the door shower caddy comes in a complete rust-resistant metal design with a satin finish. It has two large hooks to hang it over your shower door and two suction cups at the bottom to stabilize it. The best 4 tiered shower caddy has two large racks located centrally one above the other with enough space in between and two outwardly placed small racks to hold oversized bottles.

The last tier has a straight rod to accommodate your towel. The Interdesign Metalo adjustable over door shower caddy lacks a soap dish but at the same time, the wired mesh at the bottom of each rack doesn’t allow the soap bar to slip off until it reduces to too small a size. This can easily hold all your washroom essentials in one single place except the fact that it lacks the presence of hooks in the front. At the back of the shower, caddy is two hooks where you can place your bath towels or lookah.

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6. Maytex Mesh Bath Organiser With Pockets:

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­If you are on a shoestring budget and have a shower curtain to hang it, then the Maytex Mesh Bath Organiser with pockets is a very good option. It is made from 100% polyester and has rust-proof metal grommets to attach the hooks to it. The hooks are not included in the pack and you have to buy them separately. It has six extremely durable mesh pockets with secured binding at the edges so that it does not give away easily.

The mesh pockets are suitable for holding small washroom essentials including your shampoo, conditioner, etc. but they are not meant for large family pack bottles. They can also hold your sponge’s loofah etc without the fear of water accumulation. The mesh helps to keep it dry but at the same time, the bacterial colony formation can be much speculated within the pores. To avoid this you can just clean it on a regular basis. The organizer can be cleaned in a washing machine too and is a good buy for a small budget.

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7. Simple Human Tension Rod Shower Caddy

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This best tension rod shower caddy from Simple Human is easy to install. It can be just extended so that it can snugly fit between your shower floor and the ceiling. You do not need anything else to set it up.

The high compression spring and rubber grips help it to secure tightly to its position and avoid slipping. The Simple human Tension Rod shower caddy can adjust between 6’ to 9’ depending on the height of your washroom or shower-cabin and is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. The anodized aluminum adds tensile strength to the caddy and increases the longevity of the material.

The tension rod has three adjustable shelves which can be slid up and down to accommodate the contents of the shelf. You can also place your bottles upside down. So you need not to worry about the size of your bottles while using this caddy. It has two hooks and shower hanger in addition to the shelves. The tension rod shower caddy is easy to clean with a damp cloth and does not allow water standing and hence avoids scum mess.

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8. Umbra Bask Shower Caddy:

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This simply designed shower caddy is known for its unconventional looks and versatility. The shower caddy is hung by two rubberized hooks and hence can be hung almost everywhere from over the shower head to over the door or over the towel bar.

This is especially useful for people who have oddly spaced shower spaces. The shower caddy has three baskets made of polypropylene hung one above the other and secured to the position via a rust free stainless steel chain.

The baskets can easily hold small shower essentials but you have to be careful not to overload them. The baskets have holes at the bottom so that water doesn’t collect at the basket base. These baskets can be easily washed and wiped clean with a damp cloth or towel.

The Umbra bask shower caddy lacks hooks and a separate soap bar space. The shower caddy is about 36†long when fully suspended and the baskets are about 11†wide and 5†deep.

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9. Zenna Home 2130NN Tension Corner Pole Caddy:

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When you have to accommodate a large amount of grooming supplies in a single shower caddy that would itself occupy minimum space, then this is the shower caddy for you. The Zenna Home 2130NN can be easily installed by pulling from both sides until it fits securely between your shower floor and ceiling.

The shower pole caddy can extend upto 8’ in height and is available in 5 different finishes including nickel, brushed nickel, chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and bronze. So you can choose a variant according to your shower décor.

It has four adjustable L-shaped racks. The racks have an open mesh design so it does not allow water to accumulate in its racks and calls for easy cleaning. The racks can fit most bottles but lacks the presence of hooks or a separate soap bar space.

The open mesh racks are not suitable for your soap bars and you have to add an extra dish if you want to fit one in. Some complain that the material is not rust free and can catch rust easily after a few months.

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10. Oxo Good Grip Stainless Steel Corner Standing Shower Caddy:

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The only standing shower caddy to make it to our list of the best shower caddy, the Oxo Good Grip Stainless Steel Corner Standing shower Caddy is all that its name suggests. Made of stainless steel it stands on a three feet stand base that can be adjusted from above to stand securely even in uneven shower floors.

It features one top tray that slide back to the shower corner and non slip bumpers that grip it firmly to the walls for maximum stability. There are two large triangular bins that can be easily adjusted to fit your essentials and can be removed for cleaning.

They also have drainage slots to keep them dry and mess free. There are bottle holes to keep your bottles upside down. The standing shower caddy is rust free and sturdy and has easy accessible trays and can be a great option if you don’t mind the floor space.

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Shower Caddies And Its various designs:

There are a wide range of shower caddy designs that you can choose from. These models are basically designed to suit your bathroom design and where in the bathroom can the shower caddy find a place for itself.

  • Overhead Hanging Shower Caddy:

This is the most popular variant available in the market. The overhead hanging shower caddy can be easily hung on the 5†pipe that connects to your shower head. This shower caddy turns out to be extremely useful in that it holds the essentials very near to you during a bath. It does not essentially attract molds as the water drips down quickly through it and chances of molds or mild dew development is almost reduced to zero.  It is also easy to remove and clean this shower caddy once in a while. But this shower caddy has a few disadvantages which can be easily got rid off with a few alterations. It can come between you and the shower if the caddy is particularly large and the water pressure is not that much. Using a high pressure shower head can trouble shoot this problem. This caddy can also pose a problem and obstruct the hose if you are using a hand shower.

  • Tension Corner Pole Caddy:

This is another very popular model available in the market. These tension corner pole caddies were restricted to bath tub corners only but are no longer now. They are held in place with the help of a tension rod and can hold multiple shelves. This caddy is very handy when more than two people are using the same bathroom. But being grounded they are more likely to attract rust even if they have rubber feet. Another major drawback of this kind of caddies is that, when overloaded they can tip over and the entire caddy with its contents can come crashing down.

  • Suction Cup Caddy Shelf:

A useful caddy if only you are staying alone. This compact caddy doesn’t occupy much of your space and can hold two bottles of shampoo and conditioner comfortably. The major problem that most users face with this kind of caddies is their longevity. This is because the suction cups wear over time and hence these caddy shelves need to be replaced on a regular basis. Even the toughest of suction caps are damaged by the chlorine and minerals in water and the soft scum. Also, these caddies only work on smooth surfaces.

  • Portable Shower Caddies:

This is generally constructed of a mesh cloth that can be easily carried along wherever you go. The mesh does not retain the water and keeps the content dry. Though most of them are marketed as quick drying, prolonged use of these are not recommended as the mesh nets can attract bacterial colony formation and may lead to irritation.

  • Over The Door Caddy:

This is one of the most reliable and long lasting caddies. The primary reason for its longevity is the fact that it is hung on the shower door and escapes the exposure to water. But the major disadvantage is that these candies can work only with shower doors and are useless if you do not have one. They rely on two hooks and hence falling apart of this caddy with its content can not happen easily. Even if one hook gives way the second one will secure it in position.

  • Corner Standing Caddies:

Usually made of highly durable plastic as the metal counterparts will be affected by rust easily, these caddies are useful if you have enough floor space and many members using the same washroom.

  • Wall hanging Caddy:

The major disadvantage of this caddy is that you would need to hole it up to the walls and putting it up may be a hazard. Cleaning a wall unit can also take some time. As it rests on the flat wall surface chances of rusting are also high. Thus modern day users generally avoid these caddies.

Once you have come to terms with the various caddy designs available in the market, you should also have knowledge of the materials they are constructed of before investing in one.

Metal Shower Caddies: Most of the caddies are made from metal. The metal increases the longevity of the caddy and brings strength to it. But most metals are susceptible to rust even if they have anti rust coating on them. After prolonged use, the anti rust coating withers off. It’s always recommendable to go for a stainless steel caddy or a brass one. The brass variants are not regularly available but they are worth the effort if you can lay your hands on one.

Plastic Shower Caddy: Plastic Frame Caddies are worth only for short time use. These light weight caddies pose easy installation and can be either hung or made to stand. But on prolonged use they host a cesspool of bacteria and hence if you are keen on changing your shower caddy often, you can go for one. Check also best shower panels 2019.

Mesh or Polyester Caddy: These caddies are portable and can be easily used in a gym or a dorm or while you are travelling. They can be easily washed off of all the dirt and gross but are not suitable for continuous prolonged use.

So with this, we come to the end of our list of the best shower caddies available according to us. You can choose keeping in mind the shower space available, the contents and your budget.

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