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Not all of us have the leisure time to clean and mop our home. And even if we get some time in the weekend, we are not left with enough energy to do regular chores of the household. Weekends are kept for relaxation to store up enough energy so that we can go back to work with a fresh mind. Hiring help is way too expensive, and absolutely out of bounds for most of us. Even for old people, keeping the house clean is a big challenge.

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Well, you need not to worry much. Just as the saying goes: ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’, so came the robot vacuum cleaners. These are a perfect companion for those who want to come back to a tidy and cozy home but can manage enough time to do it all by themselves. The robot vacuum cleaners pick up dirt, dust, pet hairs, etc all independently. They are integrated with motherboards and sensors that help them to move around your home and clean it. Once you have brought a robot vacuum cleaners home, your duty will be limited to empty the dirtbag after using it.

If you are of the opinion that robot vacuum cleaners are pricey, then think again. It is available in a wide price range between 200$ to 1000$ (of course with varying features). So you would definitely not mind investing on one of these depending on your budget. We have picked up the five best robot vacuum options available right now and reviewed them in details. Check these out and pick up the one that suits you best.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners reviews 2019


ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction, for Low-pile Carpet, Hard floor, Wi-Fi Connected

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$249.99 $299.00

The DEEBOT N79 is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners available in an affordable price range. That being said you cannot expect it work like a pro. It has limited capability and is ideally suited for small homes. You need to run it for two to three times every week, to make sure that your home is absolutely clean and tidy. It is a user-friendly product which can be controlled with a remote that comes with it. Or else you can install the ECOVACS app and run the machine using it. The ECOVACS app works with both Android and iOS platform. It is best to use this Robot Vacuum when you not at home, by simply scheduling a cleanup or activating the machine using the app.

You will have the option to choose from a number of cleaning modes to get the work done. The Auto mode, Spot Cleaning Mode, Edge Cleaning Mode, Single Room Mode, and Smart Motion technology are the modes in which you can set this Robot Vacuum Cleaner to work. The auto mode is best for cleaning in a straight line, spot mode for deep cleaning in a particular place, single room for cleaning a particular room, edge for cleaning the nooks and corners and the smart motion technology is ideal for a room that is filled with furniture and other accessories. It automatically moves back to the charging station once it has finished its task, or if it has a low battery, then also it goes back to the charging station automatically.

It can easily traverse through cords, a mess or rough area. But if it is a compact area, it works really well. But if the area is large or there are many rooms to clean, it keeps wandering around it and takes an awful lot of time to finish the work. While it was picking up different kinds of waste from the carpet, it could easily pick up the smaller hard particles. But if the dirt particles get entangled in between the fibers of the carpet, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner found it difficult to suck it. When left to perform on a hard surface, it performed pretty well, cleaning up the entire surface hardly leaving behind any trace of dirt or dust. Its performance was really good while cleaning the narrow corners/edges of your home. This Robot Vacuum is good at picking up pet hairs as well. But the pet hairs often get entangled at the mouth of the pipe, instead of going straight into the bin, thus jamming the mouth and reducing its effectiveness to do so anymore. This is more or less all about it.

Positive: This is the best Robot Vacuum Cleaner available in this price range. It is user-friendly. Best suited for cleaning a small area. Sweep up edges perfectly. Can navigate seamlessly even through cords and wires.

Negative: It does not work well while picking up fine dust particles from carpets or large particles when it gets entangled within the fibers of the carpet. Pet hairs get entangled in the mouth of the suction, reducing the suction power of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Not compatible with Alexa or such third party app.

2. Eufy RoboVac 11

The next one in our list is also a budget-friendly option, specially for those who do not want to spend a lot on a Robot Vacuum Cleaner. The Eufy RoboVac 11 is definitely efficient, but you cannot expect it work like the pricey Roomba. It comes with certain limitations. Again, this one is perfect for a small size home with limited usage. The first thing that you are going to notice about this Robot Vacuum Cleaner is that it works in peace without making much noise. Therefore, even if you use when you are relaxing at home after a hectic day at work, it will not annoy you at all.

Robo vac 11 easily gets underneath the sofa set, chairs, tv stand, cribs, beds or any other furniture you have at your place because it has a short height of just 3 inches. So cleaning these narrow places would not be a problem at all. 11 sensors are located at the front of the gadget which helps it to navigate around your home. One roller brush and two side brushes, a drop sensor and swivel wheel are located under it to do all the cleaning. The side brushes keep popping out to brush and clean up the side and thereafter bring it down so that the suction pipe can suck it in.

This Robot Vacuum Cleaner runs with remote control only. You can choose between the different cleaning modes to clean different areas of your home like auto, spot, edge or max. When we tested it, it did a good vacuuming all over the house. Comparing vacuuming and cleaning power with the more expensive Robot Vacuum Cleaners would not be fair because of the obvious reasons. But it performed pretty well picking up all the dirt particle of various size, pet hairs, and dust.

The Eufy manual specifically suggests users keep the floor clear of wires, cords, and similar obstructions as the Robo Vac 11 can get entangled within it. In the face of such a situation, it took a long time to free itself and lost loads of energy. When fully charged it works fine for about one and half hours straight, thereafter it automatically returns to its charging point to get refueled. It comes with a HEPA filter which is really easy to maintain.

Its performance was not praiseworthy while cleaning the carpets and rugs. Thin hairs often get entangled within the fibers of the rug. This Robot Vacuum Cleaner could not entangle them out of it. Another thing that we noticed was that while the side brushes kept picking up dirt from the sides, it could not suck up the whole dust within it. Leaving traces of dust and dirt on the sides. but this is a problem with all round shaped Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Positive: It is an affordable Robot Vacuum Cleaner that does good cleaning work. Considering its price, we cannot expect it to perform like a pricey pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It is a durable product. Height is short and so it can easily get under a sofa bed to clean it.

Negative: It does not have wifi compatibility. If you want it to finish the cleaning before you come back home, you need to schedule a cleaning session using the remote. It does not work efficiently on rugs and carpets.

3. iRobot Roomba 690

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging

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The next one in our list is iRobot’s Roomba 690 which is almost double the price of the ones mentioned which is justified by the features it comes with. iRobot was the company that first launched robot vacuum cleaner and it has remained a best seller since its inception almost 5 years back. At present iRobot has a range of robot vacuum cleaner to offer to all the prospective clients. The Roomba 650 is one of the entry level robot vacuum cleaner from iRobot but it comes with loads of advanced features, thus making to top 5 list.

Like all other robot vacuum, this is also a circular robot vacuum cleaner with a diameter of 13 inches and a thickness of 3.7 inches. Thus it is a bit smaller in size in comparison to the high end Roombas and taking more time to finish its task. The height remains the same as all other Roombas and while it can easily clean the clear spaces, it has chances to get stuck under the sofa or bed. But you need not to worry as it will find its way out eventually if it gets stuck. RCON sensors are present at the front of the 690 along with the bumper that ensure it remain within the four walls of a room. At the bottom of it, you will find a cliff sensor along with two roller brush and one side brush to do the cleaning. It has a strong suction to pick up all the dirt and dust particles from different types of floor. However, it had to struggle a bit while climbing up a rug. But at the end, it could manage to get up. The cliff sensor often recognizes dark colors (rugs) as stairs, that might be the reason for its difficulty in getting up on the rug. It comes with a running time of 70 minutes. It also comes with a spot cleaning mode that helps you clean up a particularly messy area.

It is advisable to keep your floor clean of cords or such small objects as the machine has a tendency to suck up those things or carry it along with them throughout the cleaning time. Here comes the role of the virtual wall that comes with this product. It is a small rectangular tower that runs on battery and comes with two modes. One mode lets you create a 10 foot digital barrier so that it remains within a particular zone. The other mode creates a four foot circular barrier around itself to keep it away from knocking into things.

Setting up this Roomba is a cake walk. Just plug it in and charge it for 3 hours and it will be ready for use. This robo vac comes with wifi connectivity. So download the iRobot app and simply pair it up with the machine. Thereafter, you will be able to start and monitor the robot vacuum cleaner even when you are not at home. It is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. So if you are using any of these, you could ask the Roomba 690 to start or stop using them. This is all about it, so let us take a look at the pros and cons.

Positive: It comes with wifi connectivity. It is an affordable robot vacuum cleaner with this particular feature. Battery life is quite strong. Cleans up thoroughly. Its comparatively small diameter helps it to get into smaller areas easily.

Negative: It comes with sound sensors and not cameras. Hence, it cannot detect the dirtier patches of your home on its own. While testing it, many times it could not find its way back to the charging dock on its own. It uses AeroVac filters which throws up a lot more dirt back to the air than the HEPA filters.

4. Neato Botvac Connected : Best robot vacuum for pet hair

Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum, Works with Alexa

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$399.99 $799.00

The Neato Botvac Connected is a very strong contender in the Robot Vacuum market, all thanks to the product’s superior quality and high end features. Unlike most of the Robot Vacuum Cleaners available in the market right now, this vac has a D shape. This shape helps it to reach the corners and edges easily. Moreover, it has a comparatively low height and large footprint. So it can easily slide inside narrow spaces like under the sofa, bed, tables etc. And its large footprint helps it to clean more area. A prominent touch screen is present on the top of the vac that helps you to program the machine for cleaning your home. It comes with wifi connectivity as well. So you can download the Neato app and provide it with instructions to clean your home when you are not around. The app is extremely user friendly and you would actually enjoy using it. With this app, you can also steer the vac (like a remote control car) to a particular area which needs spot cleaning. This gadget is also compatible with Amazon Echo to get started with it.

Now let us have a check on its performance. It has a powerful suction to suck in all dust and dirt particles. There are two modes in which this vac works: turbo and echo mode. Turbo mode suction is stronger making a lot of noise and its run time is around 90 mins. Echo mode suction is a little less powerful and run time increases to two hours. When it runs out of power, it automatically gets back to the charging station, get recharged and then resume work. Two brushes are also there to get the cleaning done: a spiral rubber brush and another with strong bristles to pick up hairs or thin dirt particles. On one side there is a small spinning brush that can clean the sides and it moves the dirt towards the roller so that the machine can suck it in. Combination of these two gets the cleaning work done properly.

It has laser assisted navigation capabilities with the help of which it moves around your home in rows and columns cleaning each and every area more than once. So you can rest assured that no dirt will be left behind once it has finished its work. Though it might take a longer time to do so. It is integrated with edge sensors that help it to detect stairs and keep away from it. For cleaning carpets, the turbo mode is better. However, the Connected had to struggle a lot while getting up on a thick carpet.

Positive: Wifi connectivity and other smart features give this best Robot Vacuum Cleaners an edge over its competitor. It has a user friendly app and ability to steer the gadget using your phone. Thorough cleaning done as the machine moves in columns and rows to clean the same area.

Negative: It is not meant for mopping. It finds it difficult to climb on thick carpets.

5. iRobot Roomba 960

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum- Wi-Fi Connected Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors

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$449.00 $649.99

The latest addition to the iRobots range of Robot Vacuum Cleaners is the Roomba 960. It is a high end Robot Vacuum Cleaners that comes with loads of amazing features making it a very good alternative to the super expensive Roomba 980. Firstly, it is being integrated with a camera and acoustic sensors. Therefore, making the vac intelligent enough to recognize the areas of your home which are comparatively dirtier. Automatically it will spend more time in cleaning the dirtiest areas ensuring you a clean and tidy home. Moreover, it helps the vac to move around furniture skillfully without banging into them. It has iAdapt Navigation with visual navigation that lets the machine map the whole area and understand its relative position. It helps the machine to do its work thoroughly. This vac moves in a methodical manner while cleaning an area, rather than moving randomly, thus ensuring that no part of the room is left behind in the process.

Its dimensions are just perfect to let it slide into narrow margins like under table or bed, and just in case stuck it will automatically find its way out as well. If you don’t want it to go get stuck in the future, you have the option to use the virtual wall to keep the vac off specific spaces. This machine is powered by Gen 2 motor which has double the suction power of lower end Roomba. The powerful motor coupled with the two roller brush and one side brush makes Roomba 960 one of the best Robot Vacuum Cleaners available right now. Underneath the machine, there is a cliff sensor to detect stairs and stop the machine from falling down. It comes with 70 mins run time and when the battery gets low it automatically returns to the charging to get recharged and then resume work from where it has left it.

It comes with wifi connectivity. So you can download the iRobot Home app to control the robo vac or also use Google assistant or Amazon Alexa to control it while you are not home. Using the app you can set the cleaning preference whereby you can order the vac to clean a particular area or room more than once. It worked perfectly on different kinds of floors as well as carpet. It didn’t find it a problem to maneuver on thick carpets and rugs and clean them off dirt and hairs. The AeroForce 3 stage cleaning filter ensures that even the minutest dirt is not left behind. So you can see it is power packed with advanced features, making it one of the best options available right now.

Positive: Powerful motor ensures powerful suction and clean home. Visual and acoustic sensors let it steer through the home without bumping into objects and finding out the dirtiest areas easily. Methodical movement helps it to clean the whole area properly.

Negative: It is expensive. The rubber extractors need to be cleaned every week or else its efficiency will decrease with time. Before running it, you would need to clear the floor off wires, cords, socks and similar small things which may be sucked in by the Robot Vacuum Cleaners.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide 2019:

These were the 5 most efficient Robot Vacuum Cleaners available right now available in the different price range. All of these products come with the manufacturer warranty so you can rest assured about their quality. Here are certain things that you should keep in mind while buying a robot vacuum:


All Robot Vacuum Cleaners come with roller brushes underneath and some also has a side brush. Check the types of brushes which come with the vacuum. Side brushes are very efficient in cleaning edges. So their presence is an additional advantage for the user.

Run time:

It is important to know the average run time with a full charge of a particular machine as well as its minimum charging time. The more run time, the better it is. However, the advanced machines come with a little less run time as they have a powerful suction motor.


While all Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with an acoustic sensor, the expensive ones has a camera also. Visual sensor obviously ensures better cleaning.


Some Robot Vacuum Cleaners come with wifi connectivity that helps the users to run the machine while they are not home.


Check the dimensions of the product. Low profile vacs can easily slide under sofas, beds, tv table and clean it properly.

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Opt for the best one, keeping your budget in mind. Also, take into account the area that needs to be cleaned. Just in case you have pets, it is always better to invest on a better Robot Vacuum Cleaner rather than the entry level ones. It will yield satisfactory results. Hope this helps you in making the right choice, enjoy shopping!

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