Best Rear View Mirrors Backup Camera Reviews 2019

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Technology is engulfing every industry with its benefit. Auto industry & technology is going side by side to make our driving experience better & safer. Car makers are going to the limit with technologies & we often see AI driven safety feature making driving safe. Authorities are with carmakers following strict regulations for road safety. Even customers are looking for safety in their ride & often look for aftermarket products to make their driving experience safer & easier. OEM rearview mirrors are often manual & don’t provide good view making you blinded by the cars behind you. It is very crucial for the drivers to know what is going behind them, every time from ignition to parking.

Following are few of the best rearview mirrors available in the market which you can replace your old stock mirror, either to get a wider view to get parking sensor inbuilt in the mirrors.

Best Rear View Mirrors  backup Camera 2019


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A product from Pruveeo which comes with a parking camera as well as built-in dash camera. It is a 7â€, touch screen with a resolution of 1080p or 720p at 30fps for front camera & records at 480p by the reverse camera which is waterproof, Camera provides a 1500 7†mirror provide a decent view of your behind & also can provide two simultaneous display from both your dash cam as well as your parking cam known as picture-in-picture display, also it can provide video from anyone cam, which can be changed by just a tap on the mirror. Automatically shifts to parking camera when the parking gear is engaged & provides a guided line for the ease of parking. Houses an inbuilt speaker with anti-dazzling or antiglare screen & USB mini-slot. It has a 320 mah battery for recording purpose & needs a 5V connection to run. It supports 32 GB of class 10 memory card. The package includes Rear Camera Extension Cable of 19ft & In-car Charging Cable of 12ft. Formats supported for video is AVI & JPEC for picture files. Manufacturer’s warranty is available with the product.

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It is an excellent package from TSG which houses everything from a dash camera to a rear camera. It is a 13.7†tinted mirror unit & houses a 4.3†LCD which supports day night vision. It has button controls & intuitive to use. The front camera provides recording in 1080p with a 1700 viewing angle & rear camera which is waterproof which records at 720p with 1200 viewing angle. The unit supports simultaneous recording & gives the driver the option of seeing recordings either from the dash cam or the rear cam at any point of time by a just press of a button. It supports loop recording & houses an 8 GB memory card. Two of the great feature with this model is G-shock Sensor, it saves all the data whenever there is a collision felt by the sensors & Motion detector, it records whenever it recognizes motion if the feature is switched on. It supports multiple languages & has Built-in battery / USB car charger, it is advised to connect with a 12V outlet for high-quality recording. Comes with a warranty period for 15 months.

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It is another great product to spend your money on. It comes with a different type of mount & an IPS display which is 100% touch screen & is full digital. Both the cameras come with HD recording with the front camera allowing a viewing angle of 1700 & rear camera which is IP65 certified comes with 1400 of viewing angle, with four LED fill light. This model also supports Picture in Picture mode with 5 different modes you can select from, large mirror screen can display single image with footage from one camera, or four picture-in-picture displays patterns from both cameras & provides a clear panoramic view. Parking mode & G-shock sensors give the driver an additional facility. G-sensor will auto-lock recorded video when a collision is detected & parking mode gives the driver an outline for the reverse mode. Micro SD support for up to 32 GB & support loop recording. Houses a built-in battery, needs 12V to power it. With decently long cable for your car, this product can be a great fit if you own a truck. Comes with a warranty of 12 months & a 24*7 telephone support.

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Another full touch screen unit with a 4.3†LCD which provides a wide view of the back of your car. It also comes with both the Dash camera as well as rear camera. It has an active WDR which gives great vision in both bright & dim light. Both the camera records in HD, with front camera recording angle of 1700. It is standard with G-shock sensor which will automatically save the recording footage in case impact is detected. It also supports reverse outline for the ease of parking in reverse mode & with 4 led fill lights night parking will not be a problem. It doesn’t support picture-in-picture mode but has motion detection which makes the camera start recording if something moves within 3m of the front camera. It also supports loop recording with auto start feature, auto start starts recording as soon as the car is in ignition mode. Comes with a 12month warranty it is easy to use & install.

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This is one of the very modern rearview cameras which is touch screen & understands gestures. Two cameras give a clear view of both front & the back, both allows 1080p recording with a front camera having a 1700 view & the rear camera giving a 1400 The mirror has an inbuilt 5†IPS touch screen which allows picture-in-picture view from either cam. The mirror has antiglare day & night vision which prevents reflection of light from the mirror. The rear camera is IP67 certified which makes it waterproof, with F1.8 & a 6-layer full glass low illumination image sensor captures clear images in rainy days or vivid images with accurate color in low-light environments. Gesture feature allows you to turn on/off the screen and lock/unlock the video by waving your hands to ensure safe driving. Comes equipped with loop recording as well as auto recording feature. G shock sensors prevent loss of data in case of an accident. Parking modes help the driver with guided lines to park properly & confidently. Displays date & time on the mirror & comes with a built-in 650mah battery. Supports up to 64 GB of memory. In the box it comes with an easy instruction manual, a video cable of 19ft & a charger cable of about 3ft. It comes with a 12month manufacturer warranty.

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Now there are obviously cheaper options which are not digital but can provide a wide angle manual view of the rear of your car. Price range varies from $10 to $25. On the other hand, if you want a more modern & safe rear view mirror go for the above options. Share with us your opinion & other products which you think are worth mentioning.

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