Best Portable Charger 2018 (Jan) : Best USB Battery Packs for iPhone, Android, Phone and Tablets

No more dead phone, do you find yourself saying that. The pain of lose of surfing experience all of a sudden with battery draining of the smartphone cannot be pleasant factor. You wish you could get something that you never come across dead battery. Surely you need alternative to keep your phone going on when you are going so far even. We have got something for you that you can say proudly that you got more power. Yes, the list of best portable charger does not dead your battery.

Best Portable Charger 2018

Turn on your life with best portable charger almost pocket sized but holds sufficient power to fully recharge your phone.

1. RAV Power Portable External Battery Charger : Best Portable charger for travelers

RAVpower is good for traveling point of view and it supports various phones. It has two USB ports and USB Type C port with that can generate upto 3A. RAV can be charged for 4 to 5 hours for 2 days or more than 2 days use. The capacity of this portable external battery charger is upto 20,100 mAh. You can charge the phones or devices either way with QC 3.0 or USB Type C but it makes sure that it is faster in charging.

Look wise it is compact, lightweight and superbly compatible with the iPhone, iPad and android. This Type C portable charger comes with blue LED light, to show the power of the battery. The drawstring closure over the bag which is so soft, you can say it is designed precisely. the is the best protabe charger with 20000 mah battery power.

2. ZeroLemon ToughJuice Rugged Portable Charger : Best Portable charger for Android 

Zero Lemon, this model is empowered with 30,000 mAh. The power is adequate to juice up the device for 1 week even in the single charging. The design is absolutely environment friendly as it has dual layer plastic covering that prevents shock and at the same time another noticeable thing is that the covered port keeps the dirt and pollution out. Ruefully, there is no wet resistant property.

Its capability is unmatched when it charges the multiple devices altogether so you will surely able to charge up your Android for 7 times while Apple devices can be charged for 10 times. The USB cable is available and there are two Micro USB ports to charge your phone faster comparatively. With the single charger you can charge this for 24 hours and I think it is fulfilling all the needs. On the top of the charger there is built in LED that shows the remaining battery and it is fir to alarm you to recharge the charger. The rugged pattern design looks attractive and perfect for protection point of views.​

3. BlitzWolf Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Power Bank : Budget friendly 1000 mah Protble charger

This is superb option in reasonable price range. BlitzWolf is powered with 10,400 mAh, it takes 2 or 3 hours to charge it fully. Its dimensions are perfect that does not add bulks so you can carry it in your hand with mobile if you want to. There is power button that indicates the four LED lights that shows the level of battery consumption. Blitz has single charging point that is for the USB output and Micro USB input. They support both Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technologies that make it faster.

This portable charger power bank charging capability is very fast as it can charge upto 60 percent in 30min. The quick charging ability is exceptionally good. It has enough power that sustain for whole long day if you are surfing your mobile like a hell.

4. LinearFlux Lithium Card Pro : protable charger with build in cable

The LinearFlux is powered with 3000 mAh. It comes with few new features and its capability of charging is not very high still it is good for those who are comfortable in using the phone for few moments. Ability to charge the two devices at the same time and it has both sides built in cables; one is full sized USB while next one is micro USB or Lightening cables. There is a small power button up on top and the design is simple and shower.

The flash of lighting will be there while charging and the color use to change with the charging level. It can indulge your mobile in fast charging if your device is loaded with 3A output. It is incredibly superfast way to charge your iPhone so no mess with dead word.

5. Flux Portable Charger : Portable charger with 10000 mAh

This Flux model is carrying the power upto 4000 mAh. The feature rich and give full advantages to charge the phone unlimited. The charger is compatible with various devices so your headache of charging different devices on different charging point is going to end. Its power is not so high but adequate for full day use if you are the freaking internet user. The built-in 2 cables 1A and 2.1A in the black or white aluminium for charging.

The four pretty LED lighting to display the remaining power of the charger. The fast charging is not its nature as it takes couple of hours to charge the phone. You can charge the charger with phone charging, I think this is the most convenient thing to offer from any portable charger. Flux has its upgraded model with more power upto 10000 mAh. It is extra slim so you can hold this charger with phone more than hours. The dimensions are so compact and perfect for pocket.​

6. Ventev Powercell Charger

Ventev is super cool and it has built-in AC adapter so going anywhere you need just to plug it. It has more popularity due to its portability. You can charge it 4 to 5 hours for using it in charging the phones. The offerings of two ports for the two devices to be charged simultaneously with the 1A and 2.1A. For your travel you have to carry your device with USB and micro USB connector. The capacity of 6000 mAh is sufficient for the full charge.

The power button is in the front and there is LRD indicator for remaining juice in the battery. The dimensions are perfect but you cannot say this Ventev is so slim but no compromise in lightweight. It is compatible with various devices and its support makes a huge difference. This cool portable charger best for iPhone, iPad, iPAd mini and Macbook pro.

7. Mophie Powerstation Plus : Best Portable charger for Samsung Smartphone 

This shower and elegant Mophie Powerstation are absolutely precise. It contains 6000 mAh and 1 built-in cable with the 1 port as well. You can charge this up to 4 to 5 hours to charge the other device and you can charge the charger and the 2 phones simultaneously. It charging speed is good enough though it does not contain QC support. Power button on the side and there is four LED lights in white colors to indicate the remaining juice.

You cannot say this is slim charger infact bit thicker. The metallic body is available in gray, rose gold and gold. i ove rose gold version of this portable charger. The features are immense and comparatively expensive as per the power. The logo is also attractive and lightweight.

8. UNU Ultrapak Tour

This charger is compatible with various devices and is powered with 10000 mAh. This charger can be charged for 4 to 5 hours for charging the multiple phones simultaneously. The LED screen lights are great help and gives full advantage by giving you information about rest power on the battery. It can charge your phone so quickly and it has 2 round shaped ports for charging 2 devices with the 2.1 speeds and 1A.

It is large in size and look wise amazing. The digital display at the right side of the front body shows that how much it needs to be charged. You can charge this external battery for 1 hour and 30 min and the dimensions are sufficient to carry it comfortably. The power button is situated again at the right side of battery.​

9. Propota Stripe TurboCharger Emergency Charger

This battery charger is powered with 12000 mAh and the design is so royal. It is lightweight and not very thick. The metallic frame and power button all are placed finely so no chance to complain single thing about this. The quick charging and the solid option for the freaking travelers are unexpectedly good. The micro USB and USB cable charges faster to the devices.

For the full charging, it takes 6 to 7 hours then after you will be tension free from battery draining. Comparatively it is heavier than other models or brand. This battery charger is decent in look with the better power contains.​

10. Lepow Poki Ultra-Slim External Battery Back

This pocket friendly Lepow Poki is absolutely worthy to invest. It is constituted with 5000 mAh. You can charge this for 3 to 4 hours. This battery pack is curvy beauty and color is so attractive that enhances your persona when you carry this in your hand or in bags. It is relatively charged faster with the micro USB. The good thing about this that it comes with pouch which is layered with enclosure.

Lepow comes in models 5000 mAh and 10000 mAh by paying extra $ 10. The logo and the power button are placed at the comfortable place. LED light will indicate that the battery has been charged soon and the remaining battery status will be known to you. This model is extra slim and lightweight so you will love to carry it with your phone.​

There are many more options of good battery portable charger which can be fit for you as per your choice or need. They are low maintenance and durable. Now a day, mobile is not only limited for calling but it has lot more than this. They are not bulky so pretty comfortable to hold. For the traveling point of view they are perfect as they can fit in compact place of your bag and even in your pocket so we can say that this is the identification of the best portable charger.

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Best Portable Charger Buying Guide

Portable phone battery charger is efficient to maintain the juice of your device anywhere and everywhere. Not all the portable battery design features and other stuffs are alike so here your choice and requirement is priority. Sometimes you are misguided by plenty of people and do not know what to pick? So here is our buying guide on how to choose the best portable charger for iPhone 7.


Capacity is important as per your use of the phone. If you are in tour most of time and there is no socket to plug in then in that case good power battery will be useful at time of need. Bigger devices have better capacity and the Apple iPhones and Android can bear the good power in less charging.

If you will go through simple math the use of the small devices is not less but it can be charged faster so the portable charger with battery power upto 5000 mAh can charge any android and iPhones 3 to 4 times. So from that calculation you can understand the need of your use of the phone and how much you need to juice it up when required.​

Look wise similar but Behaves Differently

Most of the portable charger is similar in looks but indeed their reaction is quite different from each other. What is most important in any portable charger is the battery inside. How far it is good in quality and how it is responsive? The cell inside should be of very high quality which is built to last. The most consistent performer is the winner. The lithium cells manufactured in Japan like Panasonic and they are practically strong and last longer.

You can say Japan made cells are high end chargers. But such batteries come in very expensive price. But you see lot of portable charger is good performer and also the price is reasonable. It is not that the cells inside which have been used is of poor quality. The Korean made cells are reliable and you have not to pay extra for its good performance. What lies beneath still you cannot guess exactly? No worry in that case you can trust our article and can raise your question if you have any doubts in your mind.​

Lithium-ion Battery

Premature charging is not good for your charger as it creates issue like capacity decreases when you are not using Lithum-ion cell. Any other cell can make you sufferer and makes you think that battery is of common quality. In Litium-ion batteries you can rely as there is no such thing that will keep your charger down. You are restricted to charge battery fully. Infact it is upto you as per your availability and requirement.

Lithium-ion battery has 500 charge cycles so its capacity is powerful and it stays longer with power. It has the capacity that does not go down so soon. In that case you can say money makes the mare go.​


The certain portabe charger brands use simple integrated circuit that is safest while charging. The chips are very identical and keep the pace with the condition of the device battery. Some chargers are claimed to be best in fast charging and the battery is matching this level the few chips will back down the voltage till the phones are at their best the disconnect the charger for saving whatever juice is yet left. I want to recommend buying that charger with these chips.


The mention of the portable charger manufacturer is limited to how many amps they can deliver while Amperage can prove that how quickly battery pack can charge the device. The amperage of the USB port remains low to charge the device when your device is plugged and not literally charging. You can use the device while it is charging then it means it is operating the power of the battery.

Longevity Parameter

When you are going for the best portable charger for mobie then you need t adjust with the capacity? Did you ever thought how capacity and portability can go together? Longevity and more capacity mean the bigger battery. You can buy the bigger one to charge in a best way with long last but it will not surely be pocket sized or comfortable for portability. The reality is that if you want your phone or tablet to survive like crazy when you are surfing more or music must go on the you need to go for bigger charger. Portable will last better when you want to keep your smartphone alive even you are listening to music or surfing then pocket friendly will be fine option for you.


Best Portable charger makes a different effect in your lifestyle. If you are going with lot of expectation then go with some research, ratings and reviews. Now it is your turn to say which your favourite portable charger for iPhone is and how you are getting along with it?

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