Best Paint Sprayers 2019 : Reviews, Rating and Buying Guide

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Planning to paint your home? Here is a chance to relive your childhood days by doing it yourself with the smart and best paint sprayer 2019.

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used to be our favorite pastime since the time we could barely hold a crayon. Whether we had any gift or not; it didn’t matter at all. Whenever we got access to color pencils, crayons or pastels; walls, floor and literally the entire world became our canvas and we instantly started off to reveal our hidden talent. As we grew up, different kinds of water colors and the paint brush used to excite us the most. The end result was hardly our concern, as children we just enjoyed coloring with the brush.

Painting your home will give you a similar experience, but area of your canvas will be quite big requiring you to put a lot of hard work to accomplish the job successfully. Moreover, we aren’t children anymore so messy work would not be appreciated at all. Well, innovations in technology has provided us with yet another excellent tool that will help us paint the house all by ourselves, save a lot of money, come up with a neat and orderly result, can be finished in half the time and effort in comparison to the traditional way and last but not the least you can relive our childhood days: a paint sprayer.​

Best Paint Sprayer Reviews

Here are the top 5 best paint sprayers – reviewed by us, informing you about the specifications, positive, negative and other details that we hope will help you to choose the one that is ideal for your home. We have specially handpicked these 5 paint sprayers which are best for amateurs who want to retouch their house on their own.

1. Titan 0516011 Xt250 Airless Sprayer : Best Airless Paint Sprayers

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If you are searching for a good paint sprayer, then we are sure that you have already checked with professional contractors and the exorbitant amount they would be charging to paint your home. Titan 0516011 Xt250 is one of the best airless paint sprayers, which is easy to use and the end result would be as good as the work done by professional. It is perfectly suitable for DIY mission as it is a modern tool within affordable price range and has the capability to paint the whole house in less time and little effort.

Titan is well known brand name in this sector that has come with a range of excellent paint sprayer earlier. This paint sprayer is a latest addition that we cannot afford to miss out. This airless paint sprayer is powered by a ½ horsepower motor with 2500 PSI and attached with it is a 25ft long and ¼†width hose pipe. The best part is: this machine comes with a knob on its outer side with which the users can adjust PSI output. This will help users to change pressure according to viscosity of the material they are using for best result.

When tested it was seen to paint about 200 sq-ft within a minute which seems like magic when we think about painting the house with brushes. It also comes with a metal painting gun with a filter inside it. This filter helps to prevent obstruction resulting in poor and messy result. Users will have the option of changing tips, filters and other accessories to suit their needs. This paint sprayer is ideal for any material that has medium viscosity.

Another accessory that comes with it is a flexible suction tube with which users can easily attach upto 5 gallon paint container. You should not get afraid by the size and weight of the product. The handles will help you to move it around your home with ease while working on it and the durable stand is going to make it stand wherever you want it remain. Rubber stoppers are present on the edge of the stand where it contacts the floor so that it does not glide away while you are working.

This paint sprayer model is perfect for amateurs and you would often find professionals keeping this model as back up or for doing petty jobs. You can change the tip of the product for versatile use.

Positive: Within affordable range. It can complete work quickly saving a lot of time and money. It is best for large surface but changing the tips you can use it on a range of surfaces.

Negative: Users have complained that the spray gun and tip of the product was leaking while they were working with it. Therefore you must tighten all the parts of the Titan airless paint sprayer before using it. The tip that comes with the product is perfect for painting walls and other large surface. You need to invest on different kinds of tips for painting other areas.

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2. Fuji 2202 Semi Pro 2 HVLP Spray System

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Next on our list of best paint sprayer is the Fuji 2202 Semi Pro 2 HVLP sprayer that has been referred by experts as “semi professionalâ€; therefore making it perfectly suitable for DIY projects as well as for professional use. It is a sturdy and reliable sprayer that is worth spending on; thereafter you don’t need to worry about any painting job in your home. It is the cheapest and best HVLP machine available in the market at this point of time.

The Fuji 2202 paint spray system is powered by a 1400W 2 stage bypass motor. This is primary reason this sprayer is referred to as semi professional as it is capable of handling material with different kind of viscosity thus making it perfectly suitable for the beginners as well as the pros.

Another awesome feature of Fuji 2202 paint sprayer  is its fan control knob that is rarely present in a paint sprayer of this budget. It helps the users to switch painting patterns (from big to small diameter or vice versa) according to their need. Along with the changing paint pattern, it is also possible to change the concentration level of the material according to their choice.

It comes with a 25 ft long flexible and durable hose and 400 cc spray container which makes users to take it around every nook and corner of the house while painting it without thinking about refilling the container.

One unique feature of this best budget paint sprayer is its non-bleed function. This means that when the paint comes out of the nozzle no air is trapped in that material. Therefore, there are least chances of overspray or dripping that can make the work look messy. Even beginners would get a superb finish and even coating of paint while using it.

Positive: Overall we must say this is one of the best fully automatic HVLP paint sprayer available to all those who want to see best result. It is very easy to use and needs little maintenance.​

Negative: This sprayer is quite noisy so while working with it, you should cover your ears. As the spray of paint comes out with a lot of speed it is impossible to control overspray.

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3. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

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Another great airless paint sprayer that is on our list of best paint sprayer is Graco’s Magnum X5. Graco, a renowned name in this industry, has a range of paint sprayer to offer to customers with different needs. This one is perfect for occasional use at home and for painting anything: walls, porch, furniture, fence etc with different materials like acrylics paint, latex, primer, stain etc excepting textured materials.

And as it is light in weight, you can easily move around with it all around your home, refurbishing all the things that have worn out.

Graco X5 paint sprayer is powered by ½ horsepower motor with 3000 PSI which is more than enough for refurbishing your home with excellent finish and even coating. We must mention here that is also comes with adjustable pressure control with the help of which users can adjust pressure to high or low according to their need. This is very useful for getting good finish while working with different kind of materials.

This specific DIY model from Graco comes with a SG2 metal spray gun which has a reversible tip that can be changed with tips upto .015â€. Therefore, it allows users to use different kind of material and get equally good finish while working on it. Inside the handle of the spray gun, a filter is present that does not allow large particles of paint or other material to pass through that will make the work uneven and messy.​

PushPrimer is another unique feature of this paint sprayer with which users can put primer easily without going through the strenuous process. It comes with up to 5 gallon container and 25 ft duraflex hose which can be extended up to 75 ft. Thus making it easier for you move around with it and continuing your work without much hindrance.

Positive: It is light in weight in comparison to other sprayer, therefore portable and easy to use. You need not worry about the quality of the product. Very easy to clean and maintain it. Perfect for occasional use at home.​

Negative: While this machine is perfect for medium viscosity material, it gets clogged when thicker material is used. Since this a lightweight model, when the maximum PSI is used, it starts vibrating. Amateurs have to spend some time to understand the working mechanism to get the best result.

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4. Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590

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This is a one of the best handheld paint sprayer available in the market right now. It is a portable gadget which delivers excellent work and is well within your budget. It is perfect for amateurs who want paint sprayer for DIY works and we will often see professionals keeping this tool as a backup. It is easy to use.

​It comes with two patented technologies. The first amongst them is X Boost Power Dial which helps in regulating the air pressure generated by the motor. If the pressure is high, then it results in faster coverage and even finish which is perfectly suitable if the material has high viscosity. When lower pressure is set then it results in larger droplets and a coarse finish. Therefore, depending on the viscosity of the material users can regulate the air pressure to get best result.

The next unique feature of this product is its adjustable nozzle. Simply by rotating the nozzle the pattern and arc can be changed from wide to narrow. Narrow pattern is suitable for narrow areas and the wider pattern is suitable while painting walls and other large surface. It also comes with an extra finish nozzle for getting fine finish on smaller areas. However, only oil based materials can be used while using this nozzle. This nozzle is perfect for painting smaller things and comes up with excellent finish.​

Users also have the advantage of controlling the amount of material flow while using this tool. If the cap is tightened, the material flow will cut down and thus minimize overspray.​

Positive: It is a great choice for beginners and within budget. Perfect for doing small DIY projects. Easy to maintain. It is an efficient tool that can finish work three times faster.​

Negative: The unit comes with a small power cord, therefore you need to move around with a extension cord. It is heavy and you need to take breaks while working with it. Customers have reported that they faced difficulty while taking off the paint container for the first time.

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5. HomeRight C800879 Power Flo Pro 2800 Airless Paint Sprayer

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Last in this list is HomeRight’s Power Flo Pro 2800 airless paint sprayer. If we are given just two words to describe it, then those words will be steadfast and reasonably priced. This machine is powered by ½ horsepower motor with 2800 PSI. It comes with a 25 ft hose with 515 tip which oozes out material in a 10 inches width making it perfectly suitable for painting large surfaces. This airless sprayer is efficient in the true sense of the term as it has the capability to paint 2000 sq ft in less than an hour.

​The sturdy metal gun of the sprayer has a reversible tip promising excellent performance with even finish. A filter is present inside the spray gun that restricts solid material to come out of the spray gun. It also has a control knob to increase or decrease pressure according to the need of the users. This is really helpful when you are using different kind of materials to get even and smooth finish.

It also comes with a flexible intake tube that fits into a 5 gallon container. Since this machine is extremely efficient it was absolutely necessary to have a flexible intake tube. It has the ability to deal with different kind of materials and come up with equally admirable result. You would not find it a problem to move it around your home as it is not too heavy and settle it down on its aluminum legs.​

Positive: Easy to set up and use. Well within your budget and versatile machine. It will work wonders if you are planning to paint your whole house using this.​

Negative: One of the problems that were faced by consumers while working with it is: when thick material is used it often clogs. So you have to take precaution while working with it. Secondly, this machine is not suitable for painting small areas.

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Here are the 5 best paint sprayer reviews that we hope are going to help you to choose the one that suits you best. We have presented our unbiased honest review based on opinions of experts, sellers and of course customer feedback. We sincerely hope that it is going to help you. do not forget to check our detail buying guide about best dish washers 2019

Type of Paint Sprayers

What is a Paint Sprayer?

It is a device that helps you to uniformly apply color coats on the walls, furniture, cars or any other area or thing of your home that you want to refurbish. Therefore, you need not juggle with the brush and rollers while painting the walls of your home, but do it smartly with the help of best paint sprayer.

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Options Available​

If you have browsed to this site, we are sure that you are trying to figure out the best option available in the market right suiting your needs and budget. So let us inform you about the various options available that will help you to narrow down your research work. There are four kinds of sprayers available in the market. Here is a sneak peek about them that will help you identify the type that suits your needs.


Conventional/ High Pressure Air Sprayers

This is the oldest kind of paint sprayer that is still in vogue. The name itself is suggestive of the mechanism used for painting using this. In a container compressed air is being trapped and when it is released through the hose (to which a container having the paint is attached), the paint comes out uniformly and the job is done easily. The quality of work done with this sprayer is praiseworthy and it is done quickly. However, since the pressure of the trapped air coming out of the hose is very high, lot of paint is wasted while using this type of sprayer.


Airless Paint Sprayer

As the name suggest there is no air pressure involved to send out jets of paint in this kind of paint sprayer. Jet of paint comes out of the nozzle uniformly painting the any surface. Since no air is involved in this mechanism all the paint is going to end up in the wall. Therefore, least amount of it will be wasted. Moreover, the nozzle can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user. It is a one of the best kind of sprayer that can cover large area in the least time.


High Volume Low Pressure Sprayers

This type of sprayer is ideal for doing small complicated work with precision. In the high volume low pressure sprayer the paint that comes out of the nozzle is narrow and the pressure is low, therefore promising that most of the paint will end up of the surface that you want to paint. With this you can paint any surface (broad or narrow) with precision. This is ideal for those who want to paint their home, cars, doors, bicycle or any other thing on their own, but have little experience in this genre.


Cup Sprayer

If you have a small job to do, then a cup sprayer is a viable option. Gravitational force or a propellant is used to bring the paint to the nozzle from the cup and then spray it on the desired surface. Often, very small amount of paint can be accommodated in the cup as a result it is suitable for doing small works like touching up the cabinets or other parts of your home etc.

These are four kinds of paint sprayer that you need to choose from according to your need. In this write up we are going to review some of the best options available in these four different variants so that it becomes easier for you to pick up the best from the scores of available options. We have handpicked these 5 best paint sprayers after consulting with experts, by gathering reviews from the customers and interacting with the hardware store managers who specialize in selling these products. Check Also : best humidifier 2019

Best Paint Sprayers : Buying Guide 2019

A wide range of paint sprayer is available in the market and 80% of them are quite good. However, this does not mean that all these are going to make you happy and satisfied. Therefore, the first thing that you need to consider while looking for a paint sprayer is: what do you want to do with it? Do take a note of the things that you expect to paint using it and the respective materials as well. This will help you to pick up the best suiting your needs.


How fast do you want to finish it?

How fast you can finish your work with a paint sprayer is directly proportional to the machines horsepower. Bigger horsepower means that you can finish the work quickly and vice versa.


Hose size and flexibility

It is always better to choose a machine that comes with a big flexible hose and big container as that will help you to move around with without worrying about the paint to finish off.


Size of spraying tip and material used

Spraying tip is one of the most important things when it comes to getting a good finish along with the kind of material used. Moreover, some machine comes with adjustable tips so that you can change it according to your need. So choose wisely according to your individual need. While the smaller tips are suitable for covering narrow areas and edges, the bigger spraying tips are perfect for covering larger area.


Quality of the product

If you are investing on a paint sprayer, it is evitable that you would often get involved in DIY projects for the years to come. Therefore, it is always advisable to spend some extra dollars and get a quality product from a renowned brand as it is going to last long and provide you with good service.


A paint sprayer can save your money, help you to paint and refurbish any part or anything in your house easily and mostly importantly in the shortest time span. It will be worth the investment as you will be able to do petty painting jobs around your all by yourself without any ones help. Moreover, the modern hi-tech comes with innovative technologies that will help even the amateurs to get the same quality work as the professionals. So Do It Yourself!!

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