Top 10 Best Onion Chopper 2019 : Review and Buying Guide

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Home cooked dishes are nutritious yet simple. We have many fellow readers who love to cook at home. While some are just learning the culinary art, others are experts of flavors and gastronomic experiments. The only thing that joins each kind of cook is their dread of chopping onions. The thought of chopping onions had made giants cry and expert cooks give up on their day’s escapades.

Most expert cooks use simple knives to chop onions. However, they are nifty and know the special ways to keep the tears-inducing fumes to a minimum. Some say soaking an onion in vinegar helps. While others keep the roots intact to prevent it from spewing the fumes. We say, why waste so much time and resource when you can just use a chopper? An onion chopper is a closed device. It does not let the fumes escape and get to your eyes. we also cover a detail buying guide about best kitchen faucets 2019 and best kitchen sinks, please check it.

Onion choppers are the new age wonder. They can be plastic or steel. They can be hand operated or electric. Some come with varying settings while others promise the simplicity of chopping onions at a high speed with precision. Choosing the best onion chopper for your work is somewhat difficult with so many options in the market. Here is a collection of the 10 best onion chopper, we think are the best for every cook’s purpose.

Best Onion Chopper Reviews 2019

Brieftons manual food chopper

Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper: Large 4-Cup Powerful Manual Hand Held Chopper/Mincer/Mixer/Blender to Chop Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Herbs, Onions for Salsa,...

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$18.99 $24.99


This onion chopper is a simple design that most of us are waiting to get our hands on. The Brieftons manual food chopper is a classic with a polymer lid with easy grip options. It has manual spinning blades that enables users to control the chopping speed. All the chefs we know have loved the simple design and storage options of this manual food chopper. It does not only chop onion. You can chop bell peppers, cabbages, potatoes and all other kinds of veggies too. Just place them in the bowl or container and give the top a good spin.

The blades can become after repeated washing and use. This is the only complain we have heard from chefs who have been using this regularly. It is difficult to remove the blades and replace them since the manufacturers do not give replacements.

Vidalia Chop Wizard : Best Onion Chopper

The Original Vidalia Chop Wizard

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$19.40 $25.95


It has a simple design and affordable price. The new take on an old-school design simply makes the chop wizard a prized possession for every cooking enthusiast and expert chef in the world.

The current model comes with two blades that you can swap according to your needs. this best onion chopper consists of a container that sits at the bottom of the blades. The top lid pushes the vegetables through the blades into the container.

Cleaning this chopper is quite easy. It is dishwasher safe. The lid keeps the blades out of the children’s reach. The chopper does come with a small brush that can clean the fine blades without much trouble.

Müeller Vidalia Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper

Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper by Mueller - Strongest - NO MORE TEARS 30% Heavier Duty Multi Vegetable-Fruit-Cheese-Onion Chopper-Dicer-Kitchen Cutter

1 used from $19.52
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$20.99 $29.99


The onion chopper comes with the exclusive “minimizing tears” technology. It keeps all the vapors in, making the vegetable tastier and less tear inducing. It is made from BPA-free plastic with heavy duty reinforced ABS for break resistance.

It has two 420-grade German stainless steel circular blades for chopping. It can dice turnips as well. Even the hardest cheeses can be finely diced using the Müeller Vidalia Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper.

This chopper comes with a 4-cup container and cleaning brush. You can also enjoy a lifetime support for all kinds of queries and services.

Freshware KT-406 7-in-1 Chopper Container with Storage Lid and Mandoline

Freshware Onion Chopper, Vegetable Slicer, Food Chopper for Vegetable, Fruit, Nuts, Herbs and Salsa, 7-In-1

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$18.99 $24.99


This is a new 7-in 1 design that is taking the market by storm. The new Freshware KT-406 7-in-1 Onion, Vegetable, Fruit, and Cheese Chopper Container with Storage Lid and Mandoline offers to slice or chop your vegetables and cheeses in one swift motion.

This onion chopper has six inter-changeable blades that are swift. The blades are sharp enough to chop Parmigiano and pecorinos. You can get slices varying from 1 mm to 5 mm by varying the blades.

The onion chopper comes with storage containers and a storage lid. The container acts as a safety food bowl. The blades can be coupled with safety food holders that has grooves to fit larger bowls. The container and slicer are both dishwasher safe. They are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.

Kwik Kut Deluxe Serrated Tooth Edge Manual Food Chopper, Made in the USA

Kwik Kut TE-70 Kwik Kut Deluxe Serrated Tooth Edge Manual Food Chopper, Stainless Steel Blade, 2.875-Inch Diameter x 7-Inches Tall,...

Last update was on: October 27, 2021 7:38 pm
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This miracle best onion chopper made in the USA offers a deluxe serrated tooth edge for chopping all kinds of vegetables. It minces, dices and chops vegetables, nuts and tenderizes meat too. It is quite a unique set up within a permissible budget. The Kwik Kut Deluxe Serrated Tooth Edge Manual Food Chopper, Stainless Steel Blade, 2.875-Inch Diameter x 7-Inches Tall, Made in the USA is here to offer a new take on food prep.

The stainless chopping ring is 2.875-inch x 0.75-inches. It features a tall handle that helps the user grip foods with a deeper groove like melons. This added feature keeps your fingers safe from the steel blades.

It is good for making salad and coleslaw. You can chop hard-boiled eggs, tuna and potatoes with equal comfort. This multi-faceted food chopper is sturdy durable and easy to use. It is also dishwasher safe. The BPA-free design makes it safe for your family and the little ones. You can take it apart and hand wash in warm water too. It is so much easier to clean as compared to a food processor. The blades do not rust easily and one food chopper will last you for years to come.

Zell Adjustable Mandoline Slicer Set

Adjustable Mandoline Slicer Set | 4 Interchangeable Stainless Steel Blades Cut, Peel, Slice Grate & Julienne Slicer | Durable Lightweight...

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$13.99 $24.95


The new Zell Adjustable Mandoline Slicer Set comes with four stainless steel blades that can cut, peel and slice your vegetables. If you want to julienne your vegetables like your favorite chef or fine dice your onions and shallots, choose this design with four interchangeable blades. This onion chopper model makes prepping for fancy dishes and everyday dinners so much easier. You can devote just 5 minutes to preparing your regular dinner and forget the waterworks that usually accompany your onion dicing stints.

The mess-free experience is a wonderful treat that makes this Mandoline Slicer Set a must in every kitchen. It is versatile, compact and easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe. You can use the hand-guard to get a secure grip on your veggies. Use the brush to clean the blades. Although, soaking it in warm soapy water easily cleanses the stainless steel blades too. It does not face much threat of rusting. Pick from one of the perfect cut options – 1 mm, 3 mm and five mm. the thickness setting is a fine touch that offers expert cutting options for all users.

Prepworks by Progressive Fruit and Vegetable Chopper

Prepworks by Progressive Fruit and Vegetable Chopper

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This is a new addition to any master chef’s kitchen. The Prepworks chopper makes any cooking preparation easier will a tear-free onion chopping experience. It can shop hard vegetables too with added extensions.

This onion chopper is an excellent one handed chopper design that comes with complete finger protections. You can chop nuts, chocolates and delicate fruits too. You can slice, dice or chop at your own comfortable speed. Just press the lid down and see the food prepped for your favorite recipe. It is ideal for salad and baked vegetable preparations. This eliminates the need of any chopping board or costly knives.

It comes with a cleaning tool and a storage box. This BPA-free and child-safe design is dishwasher friendly too. It has built-in blades that you can clean with warm soapy water for a fresh sharp feel. It is a new take on precision cutting your vegetables for any recipe.​

Ohana Magic Chopper Onion

Ohana Magic Onion Chopper Vegetable Food Garlic Fruit Tomato Slap Chop Chopper Slicer Cutter Dicer + FREE Hand Peeler

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The Ohana chopper is specialized for onions. However, you can also dice and chop other vegetables you need for that favorite recipe of yours. It allows you more time to improvise the recipe and cook it by speed chopping the tear-inducing veggies.

It can also slice and dice tomatoes without making a mess. It comes with a free e-book for new recipes you can try out with the help of this express food chopper. It has a round top with a plunger that fits in hand comfortably. The green bottom acts as a collector. This prevents the vegetables from spilling once they have been chopped and diced in even pieces. This brings a new dimension in fine cooking with modern age technology.

The stainless steel blades are safely tucked away from plain view. The plastic part is BPA-free and the stainless steel does not corrode. Forget rusty mess with the new Ohana Magic Chopper Onion design. It is easy to clean and easy to store. It is a must for everyone who loves to cook.

OXO Good Grips Chopper

OXO 1057959 Dishwasher Safe Food Chopper White/Black

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$19.95 $19.99


This onion chopper is a modern compact design that fits every kitchen and every need. The OXO Good Grips Chopper is ideal for the chefs who need a fresh start for their regular recipes. It will reduce your prepping time to a couple of minutes each day. You can use the saved time to learn new recipes and try new desserts.

The chopper can also be used to dice and chop other veggies. You can now chop delicate vegetables like tomatoes or hard ones like turnip with equal ease using the OXO chopper. It has covered rotational blade designs that offers even chopping.

The blades are removable. It offers alignment notches for easy grip and placement. It comes with a soft and comfortable knob grip for all ages. The plastic used for the chopper is BPA-free. The enticer setup is also dishwasher safe. You can clean it and wash it on the go.

Proctor Silex 72500RY 1-1/2-Cup Food Chopper

Hamilton Beach 72500RY 1.5 Cup Food Chopper

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The new Proctor Silex 72500RY 1-1/2-Cup Food Chopper is a chef’s favorite design. This compact food chopper reduces prep time. The work bowl is transparent. You can see how smoothly and evenly it slices the onions as it gives you a complete tear-less experience.

The pulse option will let you smoothly and consistently dice the vegetables. It gives you complete control over the dicing and slicing actions. The onion chopper is built to the North American Electrical Standards.

The bowl is completely BPA-free. It adheres to America’s new standards of food safety. Either you can clean it using the cleaning tools or you can submerge it in warm soapy water for a thorough cleaning. The stainless steel blades are safe from becoming blunt any time soon and rusting too.

Best Onion Chopper Buying Guide

what defines the best onion choppers?

Onion choppers are necessary for every kitchen. Cooks laud these multi-faceted choppers for their versatility. In case you want to check out something more along the same line, here’s a buyer’s guide from our very own expert chef

Easy to use

if you looking for best onion choppers that can help you, look for something that is easy to use in the first place. You should not need a 20-page directive to use a simple chopper. The use should be apparent from the design and build. While some onion choppers are exclusively designed for onions and shallots only. There are other that can chop other, harder vegetables too. Usually the description is there in the name itself. You should get one that is pocket-friendly and usable on a daily basis.


chopping onions should not be a dangerous affair. No one likes blood in their vegetables anyway. The design should be able to keep your fingers safe from the blades. Sharp knives always put you in danger of cuts and nicks. Onion choppers are a pleasant change. Find one with concealed blades with easy clean options. If the chopper comes with cleaning tools, it is even better. Make sure, your chopper is free from phthalates and BPA. This will keep your family and friends safe from harmful chemicals. If you prefer to use a dishwasher for cleaning, check the model for dishwasher safety instructions.

Long service

it is an investment. Your onion chopper should last you a good couple of years. You may need to change or sharpen the blades in the meantime. However, you should be able to use it at least twice a day for smooth chopping. So make sure the design is sturdy. Any chopper that is too cheap and will break down after two days is simply not worth a cook’s time.


a good onion chopper should not require a chopping board. Buy a chopper that doubles as a dicer-chopper and a storage. This way, you can chop veggies and store them for your next meal inside the same bowl. Many choppers come with storage lids too. This will keep you from worrying about making a mess too. Easy storage options are great for teens who are learning how to cook as well.


a onion chopper is meant to help you so the cost should not hinder the cooking process. Do not splurge on a chopper just because your favorite celebrity chef told you to. Buy one that fits your bill. If you are a new chef, buy one that is ideal for beginners. Something rather simple with only one or two attachments. Later you can move on to the fancier ones that are costlier too. Research your options and make the best buy within your permissible range.

Final Words

Shopping for kitchen onion choppers and dicers can be a little dicey. With a guide like this one, you should be able to feel like a pro while shopping for the best onion chopper in town. Now that you know how to choose the best onion chopper, we wish you a happy and tear-free cooking experience.

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