10 Best Nintendo Switch Cases and Covers you need to Buy in 2019

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

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Nintendo Switch is finally here. After months of waiting, it is here with a flurry of fresh new games and graphics options. You can now carry your gaming world with you wherever you go. You can play awesome games like Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey 2 on the go. Dragon Quest, Sonic Forces Minecraft Switch Edition and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are totally rad. You can play them on your way to school or office (we all know Nintendo lovers aren’t restricted by age or profession!). However, the more you carry it around, the more you increase the likelihood of damaging it. All it takes is one unlucky drop or one misplaced tap.

Many Nintendo patrons are choosing different customized skins to add an extra layer of protection. Dbrand recently wrote a post and commented on a Reddit thread about Nintendo skins can damage the finish of the console. You may like skins and prefer them to solid covers since they look much slimmer. But the moment you think about changing skins, you will be in trouble. Most skins leave permanent marks that destroy the fine new finish of the Nintendo Switch console.​

Looks like, you will have to stick to protective covers for your Nintendo Switch console as of 2019. So we have made sure that you can choose between the best brands and the smartest designs of Nintendo Switch cases of 2019. Protect your console with complete style with these readily available covers and cases.

Best Nintendo switch case 2019

RDS Industries Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

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With the cool blue Zelda Breath of the Wild theme, this case had to make it to this list of best Nintendo case. This Zelda Nintendo case is an officially licensed Nintendo product. However, this is unexpectedly pocket-friendly. You can splurge all you like on the latest games and mods since you will not have to spend only a fraction of your allowance on this case. RDS Nintendo switch case is a durable hard shell that protects the console as a whole from all kinds of knocks and bumps. Your Nintendo will be safe and sound inside this case even if it suffers a steep fall. The soft inner lining keeps the screen from scratching. It has a padded interior that is divided by screens and mesh pockets to hold extra SD game cards. It offers complete dust-free protection to your console and your SD gaming cards.

MEINAIER Nintendo Switch Hard EVA Carry Shell Travel Case

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This is the best-rated Nintendo Switch case on Amazon. This is easily available and pocket-friendly too. The new plain Jane travel case offers optimum protection. It will strive to be a comfortable and well-protected home for your Nintendo. The outer hard shell offers perfect protection in case of sudden drops and bumps. It has two soft flaps on top that protects the screen from scratching. It has separate sections for all your accessories including the charging cradle, AC adaptor with power cords, Switch-Pro controller and the JoyCon grip.

Pecham Travel Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

This Pecham Travel Carrying Nintendo switch Case for Nintendo Switch is a game changer. It comes with eight compartments for carrying games. It has an external hard EVA shell that protects your Nintendo Switch console from hard falls, bumps, and jerks. The soft inner lining protects the screen and console body from scratches. It has a double-zippered make that keeps the console in place. This 10.48 inch x 5.12 inch x1.97 inch design keeps the console firmly in place and provides added storage space for the charger, JoyCon strap, and HDMI cable. we must check our list of best gaming mouse 2019.

Nintendo Switch Carry Case from Granger & Co.

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This design is perfect for our fast life. The portable travel pouch has a lightweight shell casing that prevents any harm from direct falls. It includes safe built-in storage pouches that provide enough space for your headphones, SD cards, charging adaptors, Joy-Con handles, cleaning cloth. You can store them separately inside, in mesh pouches to make sure they do not scratch up your console. Although the cover is 360-degree shockproof and scratch proof, it does not look bulky at all. It has a matte finish and a slim built. You can even pack it inside your regular office bad and no one will even know. We also write about best massage chair 2019 on which you can play the game with your gaming console.

EVA Carrying Travel Case for Nintendo Switch by HAO HONG

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Now protect your Nintendo Switch anywhere and everywhere with the new EVA travel case. The hard outer shell makes sure that your console receives no sudden shock during falls and bumps. In addition to your console, it can hold several other Nintendo switch accessories and up to eight game cards. It has separate sections for HDMI cables, SD cards, and chargers. It is a carry case that offers a firm grip. The double zipper system keeps it safe. It is waterproof, so you need not worry about carrying your Nintendo to work or play outside on a rainy day.

Nintendo Switch Carrying Case by iGK

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If you are bored of the abundance of Zelda themed Nintendo Switch cases, try something simple. This cool blue designer case offers an easy grip. This is a travel carry case that also works as a storage bag. The outside material is shockproof. It offers excellent protection to all Nintendo Switch consoles. It has two elastic straps that can fasten the console in place. It is a classic zipper system for easy operation. It fits a lot more than your console. It can hold two Joy Con controllers, SD Cards, HDMI cables, and other smaller accessories. Unlike more common cases, the Nintendo Switch Carrying Case from iGK features 12 game holder pockets. Also, check the best tactical flashlight 2019.

CitySlicker Case For Nintendo Switch From Waterfield, San Francisco

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This is an eclectic collection of Nintendo Switch cases for the passionate Nintendo gamer and collector. The 2019 collection from this design house features the coolest and most suave leather bag cases for the Nintendo Switch. It currently comes in four variants – black leather, blue leather, crimson leather, and grizzly leather. The special edition design features two extended side panels for protecting the joysticks. You will find a small plush pocket that can store your essential knickknacks including the five SD cards, earphones and up to two wrist straps for your Joy Con. To keep the console screen clean, the bag uses a cleverly placed micro-fiber panel. You can choose between a 3/8†leather wrist loop, a black aluminum carabineer and a brass-nickel plated carabineer for carrying your Switch around. They also come with options of heavy (1â€) shoulder straps and 3/8†shoulder straps. Now, protect your Switch lavishly with the new CitySlicker Case for your console.

Kungber Anti-Scratch Hard Back Case Cover for Nintendo Switch

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It is time you added some color to your Nintendo Switch. Make your protection as fun as your gaming life with the new anti-scratch cover case design from Kungber. This one has blue and red panels with transparent ergonomic accessories skin. This packs strong protection in an ultra-thin casing. It is easy to grip and easy to carry. The chances of dropping this are extremely low thanks to its evolved grip designs. This Nintendo switch case is quite light too. It has cut out for all buttons for quite easy access. It is divided into three parts that you can disassemble and keep separately for compact storage. This design is specifically modified for all Nintendo Switch 2017 releases. This is one budget-friendly, semi-transparent case that provides ultimate protection in the league of high-end Nintendo covers.

Silicone Case for Nintendo Switch from TechBoss

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If you need relief for all the highly priced protection casings for Switch 2017, you should check out the Silicone Case for Nintendo Switch. This one is made of soft silicone. This makes it flexible and tough at the same time. It has hollowed out sections for Switches, ports and cords. This Nintendo switch case promises a wonderful gaming experience. Although storing your cards and HDMI cables is definitely not an option for this silicone case. You can expect 100% protection for the console you have been roaming about with. It has complete ergonomic designs and special grip-handles for non-slip grip of your consoles. Dropping your console with this bad boy on is quite the impossibility. Even if you do manage to drop it somehow, the flexible yet tenacious design will absorb the shock of the fall. The black 5.2 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches case design is ideal for all Nintendo veterans with a penchant for minimalism.


Nintendo Switch Hybrid Cover

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This is the mother of all Nintendo switch cases and covers. This high-quality Nintendo switches hybrid cover design has magnetic closures. It keeps your console safe and secure. The magnetic and Velcro closures snap shut to keep the console from moving around and acquiring scratches on the screen. It offers three different viewing angles to optimize your gaming experience. You can choose between the Comfort Grip during lone-play or you can choose the compact grip to play with friends on the go. The entire package includes a screen protector too. Now you can keep your Switch protected and clean while having all the fun in the world. It even works with the PDP JoyCons still attached to your console. If you love to stay on the move and keep your Switch handheld, you should definitely give this bad boy a try. This is one of the best Nintendo switch case.

Special mention:

Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack

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This is one Nintendo switch bag that can carry your entire Nintendo Switch accessories collection and gaming collection to all gaming events, ComiCon and wherever else you need to go. The Elite Player backpack is stylish, functional and ideal for providing full protection to your Switch console 2017.

The exterior of the backpack is textured. However, it has a very understated appeal only possible for fabric bags. This best Nintendo switch case has a neat little red Nintendo logo sitting bright in the top right corner. The rest of the bag is simple grey with elegant black accents. The bag has a back cushion with another similar logo. You can easily keep your console and your power cable inside your bag pack. This is the perfect multi-utility backpack for all gamers. You can pack your books, lunch and your tablet inside for a usual busy day along with your gaming accessories.

Best Nintendo Switch cases black Friday deals

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How can you call your Nintendo collection complete without adding the much-needed protection to your console? However, we strongly believe that you should not compromise on your personal style to give added protection to your console. All the ten covers and cases mentioned in this list are ideal for Nintendo Switch. You can protect your accessories in addition to your consoles by choosing one of these designs. We also cover a detail buying guide best tactical flashlight 2019 and best kitchen faucet 2019, you love to check.

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