Top 10 Best Mattress 2019 Reviews and Buying Guide

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Top Rated Mattresses 2019

There is no such thing as best affordable mattress as the best ones you might end up liking might not be quite affordable. However, here the team tries to sort through a range of 10 best mattress brands and gives you the best one. The mattresses are rated on the basis of their aggregate market sales, user experience, reviews and ratings.

Amerisleep Liberty


Customers have rated Amerisleep Liberty quite high and the reviews of this memory foam mattresses are the proof of the quality sleep and comfort the brand provides. It is plant-based foam and comes with Celliant material that is infused between the layers. This unique material converts body heat into infrared light, which in turn is absorbed back by the body. The researches and studies have also shown to improve blood circulation by converting body heat. This plant-based foam comes from soybean oils using Variable Pressure Foaming process and hence, eco-friendly as well. Since it is derived from plants, it doesn’t emit odor and VOC to greater extent. This also means that the mattress doesn’t emit much heat. Celliant also is a thermo reactive material. If you are looking for mid-range quality mattress, it can be your choice.

People, who have been using Amerisleep, mention that the mattress lasts for more than 10 years even after regular use and provides pain relief and better sleep in certain conditions. If you want to use this mattress for patients, then odor and durability becomes least of your concern.

Also, the mattress comes with a return period guarantee of 100 night and 20 year warranty. It also comes with 10 year warranty of full replacement.

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Serta iComfort Prodigy III

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The Serta iComfort Prodigy is also a memory foam mattress and has two layers of gel that keeps it cool. If you are living in hot and humid weather, this could ideally top as best firm mattress. However, some users have complained about durability of the mattress but it still makes to the best mattress for the money list. Some of the users have also complained about the lost support within the three years of usage but the team estimates that it is more about experience.

It feels slightly lesser plush than most of its counterparts. It has three layers of memory foam, one of which is EverFeel Triple Action Gel memory foam, second is EverCool Plus Memory Foam and third is Cool Action Gel Memory Foam.

It also features EverTempâ„¢ Technology, which is meant to provide optimum temperature irrespective of the weather. The memory foams reduce pressure points as you sleep. The covers are washable.

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Bear Mattress:

According to their official website, Bear mattress is designed for optimum rest and comfort. The premium graphite gel-memory foam gives you optimal cooling. The company provides 10-year of warranty, along with 100 night risk-free trial. You can order it online and get it delivered at your doorsteps! Talk about best mattress deals now! The shipping is free and so are returns. Like the Amerisleep Liberty, this mattress is also designed with Celliant technology and utilizes four layers of foam. This ensures increased Oxygen and blood flow in the body. The company claims it to be 7 times cooler than the standard memory foam mattress available in the market. The high density gel foam is said to provide pressure point relief and spinal alignment. It is available in all sizes and shape as well as can be used for every weight, box spring with slats. Just to let you know it is designed exclusively for sports people, especially runners. It is meant to provide them proper firmness and relieve them of the pressure points. However, people from all streams are taking quite a liking to it.

The 1% of the sales goes to a charity for sports people. So, here is your good cause too if you are looking for one to purchase it.

It has also been named as ‘Best Mattress for Active Lifestyles.’

You can drop your email on the website to get promotional codes, festive offers and product release cycles.

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Stearns and Foster Lux Estate Luxury Firm

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Sealy’s sister brand, Stearns and Foster is marketed as high-end line. However, the user reviews have been just above average as compared to its latex counterparts. The layers of the mattress comprise of polyurethane, latex and gel foam, which are blended with wool and silk fiber. The company website doesn’t state the part of natural or synthetic latex. The pocket coils support the layers.

With 10-year full replacement warranty, the mattress can be your choice if you have extra bucks to spare and if you are getting it online as there are many exclusive deals on mattresses online you can avail to get cheaper rates.

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Simmons Beautyrest Recharge 11.5†Luxury Firm

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The Beautyrest Recharge Luxury Firm by Simmons is at the lower end of the price but scores high on functionality and user experience. The ratings of the mattress are exceptionally well too. About 800 wrapped titanium coils, it provides an amazing support for its price range. The layers consist of gel and foam however the density of the foam isn’t disclosed. If you are purchasing mattress online, you might need to read between the lines for the specifications as the descriptions may vary with online retailers. Users have rated the comfort and support provided by the mattress high but also complained of sagging and lumping in the mattress.

Some of the users have pointed out issues with warranties and returns with the company and have registered complaints with the concerned authorities. Hence, if you are choosing this mattress, you may want to check with the retailers about their individual policy of returns and warranties before purchase.

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Best Mattress 2019 : buying guide

What Mattress is the Most Popular?

The two most popular and best mattresses in 2018 and 2019 are memory foam and innersprings. About 85% of the users have accepted that not only memory foam mattresses are better for their sleep but also durable. They also agreed to the fact that the mattresses are expensive than most of their counterparts but were okay with the fact that it was one-time investment.

Innerspring mattresses were quite a hit among people too. However, their positive feedback as well as sale is increasing considerably as they get along well with modern beddings.​

However, the team still would like to reiterate that it is not the only criteria to decide best king size mattress for you. The best and most comfortable mattress for you is the one that lets you sleep carefree and relaxed manner.​

Best Mattress Buying Guide

Tips to purchase best mattress brands:


Don’t rush and think twice before zeroing in on the new mattress. Mattress should be all about comfort and support to your spine.

While money is a concern, remember that it is a one-time investment and a good mattress not only decides your sleep pattern but also health. A bad mattress not only can rob you of your good night’s sleep but can also give you bad posture and neck pain.

If you have allergies, you should check with your dealers about the brands. The allergens can disrupt your sleep.

If you are planning to purchase mattress for your partner, you need to hunt for the same together. After all, you are going to sleep together and the mattress should offer comfort for both of you.

Pay attention to the terms and clause. Yes, the asterisks about the return and warranty of mattress and their payment policy. Since you will end up paying for pillows, duvets and comforters, you need to manage your finance accordingly.

So, here is hoping that this list will help you get the best value for money when you are out to purchase mattress. Keep these pointers in head and you will find the mattress that is made for you and designed to provide you the best sleep, no matter what time you hit the bed. Though, it is up to you to find time to get some sleep.

Well, if you have been thinking mattresses as just mattress, you probably don’t know the kind of research that is going into it to give you a good night’s sleep! In fact, now there are mattresses that are developed on the basis of research of NASA that utilize the same material developed by the space agency to reduce G-force pressure nodes in the bodies of astronauts.

So, if you are still calling them mattress then we would like to differ! We would call them sleep systems.​

Mattress Price Range:

You would be surprised to know the kind of mattresses that are available now in the market these days! You can buy a luxury car or choose to spend a few hundred bucks to get one.

So, how much should you be shelling out to get a good night’s sleep?

As much as you can afford as you can’t really put a bracket on your luxury and necessary. It is up to you to decide your budget and necessity.​

If you can sleep anywhere you want and don’t have any specific health issues, you can go for mattress that you deem good and it doesn’t have to be expensive, either.​

​If you have health issues such as cervical spondylitis, then the need of mattress is pressing and you should consult your doctor about one.


When is it time to purchase a new mattress?

If the mattress has lumps or is soggy or torn from places, these are the indication that you need a new mattress to ensure that you stay fit and have proper sleep.


What you should do before considering purchasing a new mattress?

Look for mattress ratings to understand the right type of mattress.

Understand your requirements. If you have health issues, consult your doctor to know more about them. Please note that not everybody would require spending money on an orthopedic mattress. People who are fit and are particularly skinny, may find it difficult to sleep on such mattress and may develop neck or shoulder pain.​

Fix the budget.​


Where can you find best mattress 2019?

Usually, like your gadgets, the technology of mattress doesn’t change every day. So, the best mattress 2016 can be just as fine next year too. And you don’t have to visit from one store to another in the search of the perfect mattress as you can find one at your fingertips! Explore online retailers to get mattress of your choice and doorsteps delivery as well as avail exclusive discounts!


When is the Best Time to Buy Mattress?

The best time to buy mattress is when you find that you could replace the existing one or when you really need to find

So, here are some key factors to help you decide and make an informed decision.​

Mattress Size

People usually go for queen size mattresses with the dimension of 60†x 80â€. The standard dimensions for king mattresses are 76†x 80†and California King are 72†x 84â€.

Type of Mattress:


1. Memory Foam

Memory foam is also known as polyurethane and has been quite a hit with people who suffer from back pain. Latex foam is also in trend that is said to be hypoallergenic. The best part about the mattress is that it mold in accordance with the curves of your body, resulting in relief. It retains its regular shape once you get up. For heat and humid weathers, manufacturers nowadays add an infused layer of gel between sheaths of mattress.

2. Innerspring

Innerspring mattresses are the traditional mattress that has coils.

These are also cheaper alternative but manufacturers have primped them up with cushions, layers and gel layers in between. Hence, these aren’t as much as cheaper as they used to be.

3. Adjustable Air Mattress:

These aren’t the regular type of mattress. You can inflate or deflate them as and when you want it. here you check best air mattress.

Material of the Mattress:


Based on the type of materials, you can choose your pick among best firm mattress. Usually, manufacturers use cotton, wool, latex and synthetic foam. Depending on the comfort level, you can pick a mattress.

1. Cotton:

Cotton has been used as filler for mattresses since time immemorial. Cotton mattresses are easy on your back and quite comfortable during all seasons. Gone are the days when you could find cotton mattresses that were cheaper alternative as nowadays you can find quite expensive mattresses that are meant for patient care and provide protection against problems such as pet damage and occasional beverage spills. However, if you have certain back ailments that need medical care, it is advised that you don’t go for them as people with back problems need full and bulky coverage for a mattress pad.

Cotton mattresses are easy to wash and have only normal wear and tear over the years.​

2. Synthetics

Synthetics are man-made fabrics. Usually mattresses have blends or rayon and nylon as the fillers. These are highly durable but less comfortable too. People who are comfortable using cotton mattresses find it very difficult and uneasy to sleep on such mattresses. These provide better protection against spillage, bed bugs and such allergens.

3. Wool

Despite the fact that wool’s inherent trait is to provide you warmth, the woolen mattresses can actually feel cooler. However, many users find them quite effective against allergens. Most of the mattress pads made of wool can be washed in machine, but some of them need to be dry clean.

4. Latex

Latex mattress pad doesn’t score high on durability and demand high maintenance with respect to cleanliness. Hence, if you have kids at home or want to use it for a patient, you may look for other alternatives.

5. Memory Foam:

Memory Foam mattresses are quite a hit due to their superior support facilities and comfort. However, these are quite expensive and based on their thickness, their prices may vary.



A mattress pad adheres to the mattress through three ways. It can be fitted, anchored or wrapped.

Fitted Elastic

The mattress pad clings through a range of elastic bands. However, the elastic bands can still slip so; the trick is to find the mattress pad that matches the exact size of your bed.

Anchor Straps

Anchor straps are suitable for thinner mattresses and only found in entry level brands.


High-end best mattress brands come with such wrapped elastic pads. The extra wrap around makes the mattresses quite heavy and quilted while adding extra comfort. However, the bulky and beefed up wrapping can be challenging if you have to uninstall it and fit somewhere again.

Mattress Prices

There is no such thing as best cheap mattress as a mattress can cost you anywhere between $50 and $3,000. So, it is your consideration that plays an important role in your buying decision. It is your comfort level, sleep patterns and health that have to be decisive in this.

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