10 Best iPhone X Cases To Keep the Gadget Safe and Sound

iPhone X is more like a dream come true. Its body is made of the most durable glass ever used in any smartphone and its edges are surrounded by surgical grade steel. These specifications make it very elegant to look at and delicate to handle at the same time. If you are browsing for the best iPhone X cases to guard your new super expensive phone, then we are sure that you have full update about all the hi tech features that iPhone X supports and got all the more convinced that you should keep it under cover from the very first day.

All the renowned case makers have started showcasing their new range of cases that fit into iPhone X perfectly. Most of these iPhone X cases can be ordered right away and it will be delivered at your doorstep before your phone arrives. We picked up the best 10 out of the plethora of available options that will competently take all possible care of your phone. Our choice is primarily based on the reputation that these case makers has gathered over the years and of course how these cases have fared with the previous iPhones, as the iPhone 10 is still due for sometime. Check out our top 10 pick to select the one that is ideal for you:​

Top iPhone X cases

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Best iPhone X cases


Speck is a subsidiary branch of the world famous bag manufacturer Samsonite. Both the parent company and the subsidiary branch guarantees to provide all consumer with best quality innovative products that fare well in the style quotient as well. Speck’s Presidio range of cases has been designed to disperse impact received from sudden drop and give maximum protection to your phone. The iPhone X case is made of two layers. The outer layer is of hard polycarbonate and inner one of IMPACTUM. All the four sides of the case have IMPACTUM shock barrier which are basically ridges made at alternate distance. This design helps to disperse shock on the adjacent ridges instead of causing any damage to the phone. This case is resistant to scratches. So even in due course of time your phone is not going to appear old and drab when kept in this case. The bezel of this cover is raised on all sides so as to cause the least harm to the screen or the camera lens of the phone.

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Tech21 is a Brit case manufacturing brand that has earned a reputation for constantly coming up with an innovative range of cases that guarantee to provide protection to your sophisticated gadget every time it meets with an accident. Evo Check from Tech21 is an ideal case for your new iPhone 8 Plus as it is made of three layers of superior impact materials having the capability to protect the gadget when dropped from a height of upto 3m. Their products have been scientifically verified in the labs through thorough testing methods. Of the three layers, the outer most one works as a cushion, the mid one disperse the shocks received from sudden accidents and the inner most layer absorbs the remaining shock waves. The inner most layer of the case is of FlexShock, which is a very sturdy material that helps in dissipating shocks. FlexShock is the result of the constant effort given by the super strong R&D team of Tech21. It is very thin, yet works very efficiently. This case is not going to come in the way of the efficient working of the gadget by any means. Enjoy!!


Those who are looking for a case that will protect your phone and at the same time keep some of your valuables safe, Spigen’s Crystal Neo Hybrid iPhone X Wallet case is just the right one for you. This dual layered case has a hard outer shell and an inner flexible TPU material body that absorbs shock waves that comes past the hard shell of the case. The wallet is located at the back of the case and comes with a secure sliding door that can store upto two cards safely. The tactile buttons are responsive so you can have full access over all the keys. It is a slim fit case and very easy for you to carry along with you. It is a perfect option for regular use.


OtterBox’s Defender series iPhone X case is one of the hardiest cases amongst all the available option. It might appear a little bulky, but once it fits snugly into an iPhone X it would not appear so at all. It is a slim fit case that will not add on to the weight of the case. Defender series cases are the torch bearer of the “tough legacy” of the Otterbox cases. It comes in two layers the hard outer layer and the soft and flexible inner core that dissipates and absorbs shocks and don’t let any of them touch the phone. So your phone will remain safe and secured from accidental falls. There is a belt kick holster at the back which can be easily transformed into a kickstand to rest the iPhone X on a plain surface. All the ports are covered so as to keep away dirt and grime. The covers can be removed easily to get access to the ports.


This iPhone X case is specially for all the women out there who are looking for a stylish folio case for their new iPhone X. These cases are really popular amongst the ladies owing to their exclusive design. So when you will carry your new phone in it, it is going to simply be an embodiment of elegance and class. The Shannon mirror folio is highly recommended for all the professional women. This book style case has a mirror fixed on the front flap letting you to have a quick look and fast touch up before you attend a meeting. It is a two layered case. The faux leather top which is being crafted with the latest technology and inside it there is a hard cover shell in which the phone will remain safe and secure. The rose gold hard shell surrounds the phone on all sides as a bumper to safeguard the phone from sudden drops. The combination of black and rose gold makes it appear truly classy. You will also get a men’s version of the same case with obvious design change.


Bling Bling!! You like loads of bling around you? Well, CASE-MATE has a solution for your love for bling. It has just the right accessory for your iPhone X that will be a perfect match with your persona and party outfit. Its Waterfall cases for iPhone X is like your mobile snow globe. Give it a shake and you will be enthralled to see the sparkles and glitters falling down slowly. Therefore, your mobile cover acts as your instant mood lifter as well as guards the phone against all odds. This case comes with dual layer cover that absorbs and disperses shocks without letting it reach the gadget. It also comes with a bumper on all sides that give extra protection to the phone. The case is made of anti scratch material and it is not going to worn out after sometime. It comes in many shades, order the one that suits your style.


We have put up another designer cover in our list for all those who are ready to blow off quite a lot of money on a designer cover. This is folio book style case. When you open the front cover you will get to see a card slot where you safely keep upto two cards. This case is made from the best quality German bull leather along with soft Alcantara and tough electroplating. The edges are being stitched by hand. It has double layer. The inner core has a metallic electroplated case in which the phone is kept and the outer layer is made up of leather. The combination of silver metallic case and the black leather make the case appear truly impressive. A magnetic plate is present on the front of the cover. This has great utility. You can simply flip the front cover and stick the phone to your cars ac vent or any other surface and thereafter talk while driving while keeping your hands free. It comes in a few color variants. Choose the one that suits your style.


Last on our list Ringke’s wave inspired design cases which is very stylish and would not be very heavy on the pocket. It is a dual layered case. The inner layer is made of soft shock absorbing TPU material and hard PC on the outside which restricts as much as shock as possible to penetrate through it. This case fits into the phone perfectly and gives the users access to all the keys without impediment. The cut outs are precise and users would not be having any problem to get access to the ports with the cover. The lips on the edges and surrounding the camera are slightly raised so as to protect the display and camera lens from scratches. It is available in six different color combinations, order the one that you liked most right away!!


The USP of Casetify’s case is the qitech material with which it is made. The Casetify Impact cases are made from QiTech material which can resist and absorb severe shocks received from sudden accidents and safeguard your gadget under any circumstances. The outer layer has a hard shell, whereas the inner layer consists of a shock absorbing soft material. Together it acts a great combination to provide all round protection to your phone. The raised lips on all sides of screen and camera lens keep the screen free from scratches. Along with protection, Casetify cases score really high on style as well. You will get clear and glossy impact cases so that the beauty of the phone is not overshadowed. You will also get a plethora of cases of different colors with beautiful artistic design on the back. Choose the one that suits your style and is a true expression of your personality.


Moshi’s Stealthcover will provide 360 degree protection to your phone as it covers the front and the back. This case is going to provide full protection to your phone in style. It comes in two color variants: gunmetal grey and pink. While gunmetal grey is appropriate for any gender, the second color is quite feminine. A magnetic clasp is present on the front that ensures that the front flap is on the right place all the time. This case has an opalescent finish that gives it an unbeaten sophisticated look and definitely adds on to the style quotient of the user. The front flap is translucent allowing the users to check all the notification popping on the screen without opening the flap. As we all know, iPhone X features wireless charging. This is case is compatible with wireless charging, without opening the cover iPhone X users can charge their phone. Place your order now!!


These were the 10 Best iPhone X cases that are available for sale or pre order now. We are sure by the time iPhone X is released more cases will be available featuring latest technology to protect the pricey gadget. We will keep adding more cases with better protection coverage when they get released. Our main endeavor is to help you make the best choice while shopping for a case as it is always recommendable to use a sturdy cover that will guarantee maximum protection to your expensive phone in all unforeseen situations. Do let us know which one of these is your favorite or any other feedback in the comments section. Happy Shopping!! Check Also : Best handheld vacuum clear 2018 | Best single server coffee makes 2018 | best paint sprayers 2018

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