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iPhone 8 Plus came with some terrific design overhaul which has made it the tech geeks dream gadget. If you are reading this write up, then I am absolutely sure that you know about each and every specification of this phablet and might have already placed a pre order to get it delivered at your doorstep at the earliest. Then you must be also aware that the iPhone 8 Plus came with a glass back cover. This glass back cover was needed to support wireless charging of the phone and in turn makes the phone appear really sophisticated but quite delicate at the same time.

Therefore, along with the phablet you must also place order for the best quality cases to keep your iPhone 8 Plus absolutely safe and sound. In this round up we have specially focused on the wallet style cases which provided all round protection to your phone, it is easy to carry and you can easily use it as your new clutch to carry a little cash and cards. Check out this range of wallet style cases from renowned case makers to pick the one that suits your style best and take care of your phone at the same time. Here goes the list:​

List of Best iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Cases


Minimal design with maximum protection that is what Silk’s cases in general and particularly this one is all about. Their range of products are a combo of innovation and functionality and on both this yardsticks the score really high. This iPhone 8 Wallet case particular wallet style case comes with the much needed multiple layer protection to protect the phone against any accidental drops. At first there is a strong protectice shell and then the shock absorbing inner layer. It comes with a scratch proof screen guard as well to protect the display of the phone. The core layer of the case has a special reinforced ribbed substructure on the top and bottom that helps a lot in dispersing shocks. Apart from that there are also air cushions on all four corners to exude and absorb shocks. The material with which it is made helps to get a firm grip over the phablet. On the exterior this case is also provided with card and cash slot where you can safely tuck in at least 3 cards and some cash. You need worry about your valuables in the card slot as the case is engineered with a card tension spring that holds your valuable right in place.


This wallet case product from Pasonomi exudes classiness. It is the ideal phone accessory that you would like to have when you are attending formal meetings. Amongst the various color options, my favorite was the basic black, dark brown, grey and light brown in the order of preference. But you have the option to choose between blue and red as well. It is a handmade case with precise round edges that will fit into the iPhone 8 Plus perfectly. It is a wallet case so when you flip open the front side you will find the cash and card slot to securely keep your valuables. There is also a magnetic flip to close the front flap of the case. So you need not worry about losing any of your valuables. All these being said we must point out that this case is light in weight and is not going to make your phablet appear bulky or heavy for you to carry. The back flap comes with dual protection, first a hard shell to protect the phone and then the leather cover. The leather back cover can be converted into a kick stand so that you can rest the phone on a plain surface and read or video call with convenience.


This iPhone 8 Plus leather wallet case  we specially picked for the ladies reading this post and looking for an ideal match to accessorize their new sophisticated phablet. Women have fetish for using genuine leather wallets and FYY has created this handmade case with genuine leather that encompasses both the function of a wallet and a case. This case is an extremely safe option because of the presence of RFID blocking technology that blocks all RFID reader from getting access to the information present in your card. This case has three layers. The RFID shield is sandwiched between two genuine leather cover. And thus protects your phone and valuables at the same time. The card and cash slots can comfortably tuck in cash, card, IDs and some coins as well. The back cover can be also transformed into a kickstand with excellent viewing angles so that you can rest your phone while reading or watching videos. The detachable hand strap makes it easy to carry and look stylish as well. This wallet case comes in a large range of solid colors as well as beautiful floral patterns. Make the right choice to be safe and sound.


Those who are looking for a hard cover wallet case, Spigen’s Slim Armor CS is definitely a very good choice that you should consider. Spigen is a big name in the case making industry and time and again they have retained their position in the market through their best range of innovative product. This one is a slim case that is not going to add any bulk or weight to your phablet and at the same time give it the ultimate protection that iPhone 8 Plus require. The wallet cover is made of hard PC and flexible TPU material that absorbs and exudes shocks to keep the fragile gadget safe. It has passed the 26 times drop test from a height of 48 inches so you can blindly depend on it. Moreover, a slide open wallet is tucked in at the back of the case that gives 100% security to all the valuables that you store inside it. The cover of the built wallet and interior cover provide double protection to the phablet and dissipate all shocks that it receives from accidental drop. This wallet case is available in five different colors for you to choose from, namely: black, grey, rose gold, white or red. Order the one that suits your persona as well as your phone.


Another hard cover iPhone 8 Plus case is on our list which is of a slightly different style but provides 100% protection to the phone as well as your cards and IDs. This wallet case is made of an amalgam of TPU and PC that helps in absorbing and exuding shocks received from sudden drops and keeps the gadget totally safe. The inner layer of the cover has a certain pattern that helps a lot in giving out shocks. You can get access to the wallet only when you open the outer cover like a books page. You can keep upto three cards in this wallet and it is very safe. The girls can even keep a small mirror for a getting a quick glance of their face. You can also use one of your cards as a kickstand to make this phablet rest on a plain surface. This wallet case is available in matte black, rose gold, dreamcatcher (comes with a beautiful pattern) and gunmetal.


Lupa’s wallet case is just the right kind of case that you would want when you travel a lot all throughout the day. It is made out of light weight faux leather that lasts long and is eco-friendly as well. This case is great combo that exudes style and provides protection as well. It comes with a screen protector to protect the display from any scratches or finger impression. A hard shell covers up the phone and the leather is stitched on it to give it a class look. Once you open the front flap you will get access to the wallet cases where you can accommodate four to five money bills and three to four cards easily. The hard inner shell has raised edges to prevent scratches on the screen. It comes in four color variants: black, rose gold, burgundy and turquoise.


These were some of the best iPhone 8 Plus wallet cases options available right now. This is an assortment of the best leather as well as hard cover wallet cases. Pick up the one that suits your style as well as usage. We will give you more updates as more and more wallet cases get released, meanwhile check out best iPhone 8 Cases. Let us know which of these is your favorite and why in the comments section as it will be a great help to all those who would order one in the near future. Happy shopping!! what is your favorite iPhone 8 Plus wallet cases? 

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

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