7 Best iPhone 8 Plus Bumper Cases: Slim Fit Sturdy Cases For Regular use

Placed a preorder for iPhone 8 Plus? Now it is time that you also shop for a good quality and efficient case to protect its high tech display and glass back cover. We were anticipating these overhauls in the next generation iPhone for a long time, and now that our expectation has turned into reality, we need to be extra cautious while handling the phablet. Though it is resistant to water and dust, still owing its specifications it is quite delicate and undoubtedly very pricey. So investing on a good quality case is a necessity. Best part is iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus are of the same dimension and thus we know exactly the cases which are going to protect this phablet from any kind of mishap.

In this write up we have specially handpicked the best quality iPhone 8 Plus bumper cases that come with reinforced protection on all the four sides of the phone and give it ultimate protection. Take a look at the list and opt for the one that best suits your need.​

Best iPhone 8 Plus Bumper cases


The first bumper case on our list is Speck’s Presidio Ultra. This cover is made of four layers and comes with an ultra bumper that ensures to give your phablet the ultimate protection. Out of the four layers two are of polycarbonate and two of IMPACTIUM rubber that ensures protection to the gadget against severe drops. However, don’t worry about its weight. It is slim and does not add bulk or weight to your phone at all. This is a new addition to Speck’s product line and it is thinner in comparison to other cases from leading brands. The iPhone 8 Plus bumpur case comes with an IMPACTIUM ultra bumper as well that acts as barrier and exudes all the shocks received from accidental fall. This case has passed the 15 foot drop test and will provide 360 degree protection to your new iPhone 8 Plus. The holster attached to the back of the phone will help you to get a firmer grip on the phone and it can be also used as kickstand to rest the phablet on a plain surface. It is available in four color variants namely: black, field grey, terracotta red and asphalt grey, thus giving you enough option to choose from.


When we are particularly jotting down the best bumper case for iphone 8 plus we definitely cannot afford to miss out on RANVOO’s bumper case. It comes with double layered protection the inner frame along with the outer bumper that gives 100% security to your phone. The inner frame is made up of flexible TPU material which is great at absorbing shocks and the bumper is made up of best quality aluminum. This pair makes one of the toughest combos that always stand as a shield for protecting your pricey and delicate phablet. Though it comes with a metal bumper but it does not make the phone bulky or add on to its weight. It is ultra slim and has an extremely smart appearance. The lip of the case is raised in comparison to the level of the phablet’s display thereby protecting the screen from all possible scratches. The tactile keys are responsive and the cut outs are absolutely precise. Therefore, the case is not going to interfere with the functioning of the phone at all. It is available in wide range of colors for you choose from: black, jet black, red, gold, silver and rose gold. It blends with the iPhone 8 Plus’s style really well, without overshadowing the phone’s innate beauty.


Simple yet very effective – these are the best words to describe Matone’s clear bumper case for iPhone 8 Plus. Your new phablet has come with some major design overhaul and many of us would not like to keep it under cover. For them Matone’s crystal clear case is just the right one. This is a single mould case made of flexible TPU that gives your phablet full protection from sudden drops. The USP of this cover is the presence of bumpers on all the four corners that gives the phone extra protection. The bezels surrounding the display of the phone and the camera are slightly raised to protect the same from getting unwanted scratches. So place your order at the earliest to protect your phone while preserving its natural look.


This list would have remained incomplete without the mention of Caseology’s clear bumper case that provides military grade protection and has passed the 26 drop test. The back cover of this case is transparent, while the bumper is available in different shades that is compatible with the color of your iPhone 8 Plus. It is made up of a combination of polycarbonate material and scratch proof acrylic material that protects the phone from shocks received when it accidentally falls from your hand. The reinforced bumper adds on to the strength of the case as a whole. The transparent area of the case is coated with a special material that prevents the case from getting discolored from regular use. The raised bezel around the camera and display prevents the screen from getting scratches and all the cutouts are precise. Minimal slim design and light weight makes it perfect for daily use.


Any iPhone 8 Plus bumper case list will remain incomplete without the mention of a Spigen case, all thanks to its diverse product line. The Neo Hybrid series has continued to remain a hot favorite amongst consumer owing to its classic design, slim profile and dynamic functionality. The case comes in two parts, the back cover and the sturdy bumper. The back cover is made of amalgamation of TPU and polycarbonate material and the bumper is made of PC that makes it super strong and provides the phablet with unbeatable protection against accidental drops. It fits into the iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 7 Plus perfectly and has responsive tactile buttons. It comes in three color variants gunmetal, champagne gold and satin silver. Its suave look is definitely going to be a complement to your personality.


This is the only feminine iPhone 8 Plus bumper case on our list that we could not ignore at all. This is basically a clear case with henna pattern done on the back cover and you are going to find as many as ten patterns of different style to choose from. The henna patterns are done in such a way so that the Apple logo is visible and infact makes the design appear all the more beautiful. It is perfectly compatible with all shades of iPhone 8 Plus. As far as the case is concerned the back is made of hard polycarbonate and the frame is made of TPU. This duo makes sure that the case remains immune to scratches, dirt and shocks from unforeseen accidents. The designs are not going to fade with time as it is printed with scratch resistant ink. The cutouts are precise and the buttons are responsive. So it has all the qualities to make up to the best 7 list of iPhone 8 Plus Bumper case.


Otterbox’s Pursuit series bumper case is the toughest yet the thinnest case for iPhone 8 Plus that will be your loyal companion ‘wherever your pursuit might be’. A unique technology is used for manufacturing this case which is referred to as pursuitech. Both the back cover and the bumper come with internal ribbing which has been done with precision. The presence of this structure gives the case structural firmness which in turn is extremely useful for protecting the phone against accidental drops. Such design also acts as very good shock absorber. The ports remained sealed under the case thus safeguarding it from dust and grime and you can get easy access to it. This is one of the best bumper cases that can provide 100% security to your phablet.


Bumper cases are in vogue these days as it provide extra protection to the pricey gadgets and at the same time does not make the phone appear bulky. To meet up with the popular demand we have handpicked the best iPhone 8 Plus bumper cases amongst the variety of available options so that it becomes easier for our readers to opt for the best one. This list We hope this collection has helped you to corner the one that you were looking for and ensure the fact any of these above mentioned case will protect your expensive iPhone 8 Plus. Do let us know which one of these you liked the most or any other feedback that is going to helpful for other prospective buyer. Do not forget to check our list of best iPhone 8 case | Best kitchen faucets 2019 | Best wireless router 2019 | Best dash cam 2019

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