Best iPhone 8 Cases and Covers

Apple’s flagship of the year 2017, iPhone X and 8 got launched today. Rumors about iPhone 8 have been saturating the cyber space for quite a long time and as was expected it is the most expensive iPhone launched still now. Therefore, you would have to be extra cautious while handling it. And obviously the best way to go about it is to get a good cover that will wrap up your phone and protect it at the same time. A case is also a great way to give a touch of your persona to your phone. The kind of case you use speaks loads about the kind of person you are. So here is an ensemble of different types of best iPhone 8 cases that will guard the gadget and add a spark to it.

Best iPhone 8 Cases

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iPhone 8 is expected to come with some major changes in its design and be the most sophisticated phone available right now. So you need to protect it and show off the chic gadget. The best way to do it is with Caseology’s transparent scratch resistant cover. Caseology is well known case maker that is known for two things quality and style. iPhone 8 Caseology cover would be no exception at all. This is a transparent cover with a sturdy frame on four sides. Its minimal yet stylish design is going to guard and enhance the beauty of your iPhone 8. The transparent cover comes in dual layer but it is very thin and does not add on to the weight of the phone and it is scratch proof. The frame of the cover is made up of polycarbonate that acts as a protective shield on all the sides and corners. There are tactile buttons on the side of the cover are very responsive. The cover also has a raised lip that protects the delicate lens of the camera and the display screen of the phone. Its simplistic yet sturdy sleek design definitely makes it worth your new sophisticated iPhone 8.


This case is definitely true to its name. It will defend your sophisticated iPhone 8 from all unforeseen conditions. This iPhone 8 case is made up of three layer polycarbonate shell that guards and cushions the phone against all the odds. Moreover, it also comes with a built in screen protector that will safeguard the edge to edge display of iPhone 8 from scratches. The cut out for all the ports and the camera is absolutely precise and they are also being plugged careful so that dust and dirt cannot accumulate in such ports causing harm to your delicate phone. The raised bumpers of the case absorb shock when it accidentally slips from your hand or pocket and keep it completely safe. It looks bulky but does not add on a lot of weight to your phone, make it appear very sporty and last give it much needed all round protection.


This best iPhone 8 case is ideal if you wish to protect your phone in style. The outer end has pattern that ensures no fingerprint to be left on the cover and at the same time you can a firm grip on your phone. The dual layer of the case is made of polycarbonate and flexible TPU layer that makes it totally resistant to shocks. The inner end of the cover has spider web design that helps in absorbing shocks. Apart from that the case also comes with a bumper protection that sits firmly on all the edges of the phone to protect it. The tactile buttons are responsive and there are precise cutouts for speakers as well. On both the sides of the cover there are lips that gives extra protection to the screen and camera. Lastly, it is light in weight and does not make the phone look bulky but gives it 100% protection at the same time.


Casemate has earned reputation for its trendy range of cases, specially too add on to the oomph factor of the gals. The sheer glam champagne of Casemate is the ideal cover for all the chic ladies out there, who plan to grab the iPhone 8 as soon as it available. It is a transparent glitter coated cover which has a smooth finish on the inner part. The metallic tactile buttons on its side goes really well with the glittery champagne colored back and make it look awfully stylish. The dual layer cover is designed in such a way that it resists shocks and disperses it to the periphery so that the gadget has least impact. There is a bumper cover on the four sides which also protects the phone. You will definitely fall in love with this glamorous case.


Speck’s CandyShell range has a patented design that will provide your phone with dual protection. On the exterior there is a polycarbonate layer that helps in dispersing the shock waves when the phone falls accidentally from your hand. On the other hand, the interior layer of the cover is made up of TPE that absorbs the shock received. Thus they maintain a balance and protect the phone at the same point of time. It has the certification of the Military grade protection. So if you a little less careful about your things, specially phone, this is definitely a good choice. Moreover, this range of cases is inked with wonderful graphics of different hues and floral patterns. So protection and beauty goes hand in hand. There are lips on all the sides as well to protect the screen and camera. The exterior end of the case is resistant to scratches. The graphics is inked with a superior technology so you can rest assured that it is not going to fade with time.


i-Blason Transformer case for iPhone 8 is definitely worth mentioning in this list. It has a bulky appearance, but it is actually light in weight, slim and it is going to provide 100% protection to your new and dear iPhone 8. The case is made up of two layers. The outer layer helps in resisting impacts and the inner layer absorbs the shocks when it bumps with any other hard object. Though cases are not really gender specific, but we must say that this one has a particular masculine appearance which is kind of appealing. On the exterior side of the case there is a clip with the help of which it can be mounted on your belt giving you 100% convenience while you are traveling. Moreover, this belt can be also used as stand to mount your phone on any surface and thereafter you can watch videos, enjoy video call or do any other anything while keeping your hands free. This cover has a rubberized texture that helps in getting a firm grip on the phone. The four corners are provided with bumpers to provide extra protection. Its design is also perfect with precise cut for all the buttons so that users can enjoy each and every feature of the phone.


SUPCASE’s unicorn beetle style case has minimalistic urbane design that is ideal for formal use. It is light in weight, slim and fits perfectly without adding any bulk to the phone. The back of the case is transparent, the edges have been tailored perfectly with precise finish of the cover. This iPhone 8 cover is an example of simplicity at its best. However, it is thin material is provided with high quality TPU and PC materials that makes it absolutely immune to all shocks. All the ports have been precisely cut so that you can get easy access to them and keys are also accessible and responsive. As the case wraps the phone, the bezels of this cover remain elevated so that the display can be protected. Color variants are available, but the basic black cover is best suited for formal use.


The USP of this case is its ring holder that can be turned into a stand for supporting the phone as well. It has a transparent back and bumper on all side to protect the phone from any kind of harm. This cover is also made up of amalgamation of PC and TPU material that helps in absorbing shock and at the same time reflecting it back when the phone slips off your hand by chance. Another added advantage of using this case is it ring holder. You can fit in your finger in the ring holder to get a firm grip over the phone while using it. Moreover, there are air cushions on the four corners of the phone that also helps in absorbing shocks. The cut outs are perfect and you will be able to get access to all the keys with ease.


Light on pocket as well weight, slim design and 200% protection for your phone… If these are your demands then AmazonBasics slim case is the ideal one for you. Its simple design is not going to overshadow the innate beauty of the iPhone 8 and yet protect it from any possible accident. Hard polycarbonate is used for making this case and it is mixed with a rubbery material to give it a soft and flexible finish. This rubbery material also helps the user to get an anti slip grip on the phone. The buttons of the phone remains covered but it has been designed precisely so that you can get easy access to all the keys and at the same time they are responsive. Even the port and speaker cutouts are precise as well. You would feel happy and safe while using it.


Spigen defines this product as “ultimate protection with optimal functionality” and it definitely keep up with all the above said words. It is made up of double layered durable material that ensures to protect your phone from any harm or injury. This dual layer is made up of TPU and hard PC both of which are excellent shock absorber. You can also turn this case into a mini wallet as there is a card storage cabinet built on the back of the cover. This small cabinet can store upto two cards as well as money. So this iphone 8 case cum wallet is going to be your ultimate companion. You can easily slide open the back cover. The tactile buttons are highly responsive and cutouts are precise to plug in all the cables. It also comes with air cushion technology on all the corners to provide extra protection to the phone.


These were the ten best iPhone 8 cases that you should consider for protecting your dear iPhone 8. All the cases mentioned on our list are from renowned brands that has made a mark for itself in the market for their excellent product quality. This list was as assortment of different types of cases that are suitable both for men and women as far as its style is concerned. And you can rest assured about the protection part. We will be adding more to this list as more variants arrive. Place your pre order for the earliest delivery date and enjoy!!

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