Best Inline Fans for Grow Tents 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide.

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Best Inline Fans 2019 : If you are a serious indoor grower, then ventilation is one thing that you cannot ignore. Whether you use an indoor grow tent or a grow room, maintaining the environment is extremely essential. The inline fans play an essential role in this. They not only help in removing the depleted CO2 infused air, but also provide adequate ventilation to the plants, and helps in maintaining a stable humidity level. They help in balancing the indoor temperatures by removing the excess heat that is generated from the lights and eliminates the risk of burning of the cannabis plants. Thus inline fans have two essential functions, one as an exhaust and the other as a ventilation system. The overall functions of the inline fans indirectly helps in strengthening the stems and prevents the formation of molds, rot, mildew and mites. Thus we can well understand that inline fans are extremely important in indoor gardening and getting a perfect inline fan for your grow tent can work wonders.

We shall be providing you with a list of the best inline fans that are available in the market and a detailed review of them along with their variants available so that you can decide for yourself which is best suited for your growing space. But before that we need to consider a few factors that have to be seriously look into before making the choice.

Best Inline Fans Review 2019

1. Can Fan Max Pro Series Inline Fans

Can Filter Group 736748 Can Pro Series 863 CFM Max Fan, 8"", 8"

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$192.95 $321.99

CAN FAN is a reputed name when it comes to inline fans. The Max Pro series is the second generation Max fans equipped with advanced technology which makes it more efficient and silent. The Max Pro inline fans are available in 6 different variants viz.

  • Max Fan Pro 150/600
  • Max Fan Pro 160/615
  • Max Fan Pro 200/1218
  • Max Fan Pro 250/1660
  • Max Fan Pro 315/3180
  • Max Fan Pro 400/3300

The numbers beside the models represents technical specifications corresponding to each model. The number on the left hand size represents the duct size of the fan in mm ( for eg. 150, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400) while the other number represents the highest maximum rate of air flow in cubic meter per hour.  The fans are constructed of a new tough polymer casing that enhances the durability of the product. So even if you think that the body is of plastic it is durable and will last you long enough.  The compact inline fans are light in weight and comes with built in mounting brackets which makes it easy to install. The ventilation duct adapter is integrated into the brackets. You can just mount the adapter followed by fastening the fan with two screws to install it.  The inline fan has a diagonal/ mix flow blade design with 3D rotor stator motor which is responsible for more efficient and higher rate of air flow. The first four models have two speed options while the last two models feature three speed settings. The Max Pro inline fans yield about 30% more airflow than the previous models while consuming 15% less electricity. Overall as the name suggests these inline fans are for professional growers and come with a warranty of five years from the manufacturer. These fans are not budget friendly and are expensive but are worth every penny of it.


  • Available in 6 different sizes
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Mx Flow blade design with 3D rotor stator motor
  • Variable speed settings
  • More air capacity with less electrical consumption
  • 5 years warranty


  • Polymer body not as tough as metal
  • Doesn’t come with a remote
  • Doesn’t come with a remote

2. Apollo Horticulture Inline Duct Fans:

Apollo Horticulture 4" 6" 8" Inch Inline Fan with Built in Variable Speed Controller - Choose Your Size (4" Inch)

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Apollo Horticulture has a solution for almost everything needed for hydroponic gardening. It has two series of inline fans like inline duct fans and inline plastic duct fans. The one we are discussing about in this article is the inline duct fan series. The inline duct fans come with an integrated mounting bracket for easy installation. They are compact and light in weight. They are available in 4”, 6” and 8” variants and have a air flow capacity of 190CFM, 440CFM and 740CFM respectively. The Apollo Horticulture inline duct fans have a steel built which has an aerodynamic powder coated paint for enhanced protection. The inline fans are designed for maximum durability.  The duct fans also have an additional protective cover. The inline duct fans are not very noisy but they make some noise that ranges from 69db to 76db. The Apollo Horticulture inline duct fans are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with compressed air duster. The fans are equipped with built in variable speed controller which allows them to create the optimum growing environment  in an efficient way. They consume very little energy in terms of electricity and unlike the CAN FAN MAX Pro Inline fans are highly affordable.  The Apollo Horticulture Inline Duct fans come with a 90 day money back policy from the manufacturer wherein Apollo Horticulture returns you the money if you are not satisfied with the product within 90 days of the date of purchase and protects the fans from any manufacturing defect.


  • Steel housing with an aerodynamic powder coating with an additional protective cover
  • High CFM with low electrical consumption and low noise emission
  • Easy to maintain
  • Built in variable speed controller
  • Highly affordable
  • 90 day money back policy


  • Available in 3 different sizes only
  • Not completely silent

3. Ventech Inline Duct Fan

VenTech IF6 6" Inline Duct Fan 440 CFM

Last update was on: October 17, 2021 8:31 am
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$73.99 $74.99

Ventech specializes in inline duct fans and accessories associated with it viz. carbon filters, ducting and speed controllers. They have a basic range of inline duct fans which are available in 4”, 6” and 8” sizes. You can also opt for a combination of one of these inline duct fans along with speed controller and carbon filter or simply purchase them individually. The compact VenTech Inline can fit in any grow space easily. The VenTech Inline duct fan has been modified to deliver an exceptional air Glide that is suitable for a lot of environments including indoor growing spaces.  The fan has a superior aerodynamic body built from extremely durable steel and has a powder coated baked paint that adds stability and increases the efficiency of the fan. The unit comes with a mounting bracket which makes it easy to install without professional help. The VenTech Inline duct fans have high air flow capacity while consuming very little electricity. The 4”, 6” and 8” inline fans have a capacity of 188CFM, 440CFM and 677CFM respectively while emitting very less sound. The Ventech Inline duct fans are backed by a warranty of 1 year.


  • Compact, with an extremely durable steel body and a powder coating
  • High air flow capacity
  • Low electrical consumption
  • Very less sound emission
  • 1 year warranty
  • Compatible with speed controllers and carbon filters


  • Speed controller has to be attached separately
  • Available in three size variants only
  •  Weak brackets

4. Vortex Powerfan vtx600:

Vortex Powerfans VTX600 Vortex 497 CFM Powerfan, 6 Inch

Last update was on: October 17, 2021 8:31 am
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$204.44 $215.95

A product of the Atmosphere team that has been constantly thriving to deliver high end and technologically advanced products in the ventilation business, the Vortex powerfan VTX series inline duct blowers have been developed keeping reliability and efficiency in mind.  TheVortex Powerfan  VTX series has a sleek design and  has nine variants in its kitty viz. VTX 400, VTX500, VTX600L, VTX600, VTX800L, VTX800, VTX1000, VTX1200L and VTX1200. These inline duct fans range in diameter from 4” to 12” respectively and have a high CFM value that range from 220 to 1124 depending on the variant you choose. The fans are made of heavy gauge steel casing which is enveloped with a hammertone powder coating that makes it sound absorbing, durable and attributes rust proof properties to the fans. The fans boast of an aerodynamic design that is responsible for more air flow. The VTX series inline duct fans feature an extended collar and lip allowing easy duct hook up  and comes with a bracket that is included in the kit for easy installation. It has a very powerful motor. The external rotor motor has automatic reset with thermal overload protection. The balanced motors with 100% speed controllable option and permanently lubricated ball bearings ensure that the operation is devoid of any vibration. Above all the VTX fans are backed by a 10 year warranty which is unheard of in the ventilation industry. The VTX “L” series mentioned in the variants above have a lower static pressure.


  • Sleek design with nine variants
  • Heavy gauge steel housing with a hammertone coating
  • High CFM values
  • Extended collar and lip
  • External rotor motor with thermal overload protection
  • Controllable speed
  • 10 year warranty


  • Expensive

5. Active Air Inline Fan:

Hydrofarm ACDF6 Active Air 400 CFM Inline Fan, 6-Inch, 6"

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$80.99 $129.95

Active air inline fans are manufactured by Hydrofarm, the largest independent distributor of hydroponic growing equipments in North America.  Hydrofarm products are known for their quality and reliability and the active air inline fans are no exception to the rule. They are available in a full range of sizes viz. 4”,6”,8”, 10” and 12” with CFM values of 165, 400, 720,760 and 969 respectively. They have a pretty high capacity but consumes very little electricity and hence are economically viable, in terms of neither are they too costly when you buy them nor do they have a high running cost.  The fans have sturdy metal housing with durable ceramic coating and are built with UL certified components.  The fans also feature a thermal protected AC motor that protects the fans from being overheated and a high quality molded impeller. The Active Air inline duct fans are built for quieter operations and hardly make any noise. These sturdy durable fans have an average life of 20,000 hours and are backed by a five year warranty from the manufacturer. The Active air inline duct fans come with a mounting bracket and a 120V cord that facilitates easy hassle free installation.


  • Available in 5 different sized variants
  • High air flow capacity with low electrical consumption
  • Sturdy metal housing with ceramic coating
  • UL certified components and thermal protected motor
  • High quality molded impeller
  • High life span with 5 year warranty


  • Not very light in weight

6. Hurricane Inline Fans

Hurricane Inline Fan - 6 Inch | 435 CFM | High Performance, Commercial Grade Inline Fans - Ventilation Fan -...

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$110.75 $129.95

The Hurricane Inline fans are high performance commercial grade inline fans meant for serious hydroponic growers. They have two lines in the centrifugal inline fans viz. the Hurricane Classic Inline fans and the Hurricane Centrifugal Inline fans. Both lines are available in 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” variants. The Hurricane Classic Inline fan variants are a cheaper option to the Centrifugal Inline fans. For this article we would be discussing about the Hurricane Centrifugal Inline fans. The compact inline fans have a steel housing with a powder coated finish that adds to the durability of the product. These highly reliable inline fans comprise of UL certified components that ensure a quieter and noiseless operation.  The Hurricane Inline fans boast of a high capacity. The 4” fan has a CFM value of 171, while the 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” fans have CFM values of 435,745,780 and 1060 respectively. But considering the high CFM values the electrical consumption of these fans is extremely less and thus the running cost of the fans is low. The Hurricane Centrifugal Inline fans come with a mounting bracket and an integrated 8’ long 120V power cord, hence can be easily installed within minutes. The Fans are backed by a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer. The Hurricane Inline fans are compatible with Titan Controls temperature and humidity controllers as well as Ideal Air ducting accessories.


  • Available in 5 different variants
  • Compatible with Titan Controls temperature and humidity controllers
  • High CFM rating
  • Easy installation
  • 5 year warranty


  • Can only withstand temperatures up to 104 degrees
  • There’s a shipping fee for this fan
  • Heavy

7. iPower Inline High cfm Duct Inline Fan

iPower 6 Inch 442 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan HVAC Exhaust Blower for Grow Tent, Grounded Power Cord

3 used from $51.54
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$69.52 $169.99

A leading manufacturer of grow light systems, iPower is already a well established and popular name in the hydroponic gardening industry. The iPower Inline Duct fans are available in a full range of 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” size variants and can be clubbed with a number of accessories including filters and ducts. The sturdy metal housing has a double ceramic coating that enhances the durability many folds. The fans feature composite fan blades with a central hub along with UL certified components. These together are responsible for a noiseless quieter operation and low vibrations. The iPower inline duct fans also boast off permanently lubricated bearings that call for low maintenance of the products. The fans have a high air capacity with CFM values of the 4”, 6” 8”, 10” and 12” fans being 190, 442, 745, 862 and 1060 respectively. These fans are light in weight and easy to install and ideally comes completely wired with junction box, strain relief an integrated 120V 5 ft UL certified wire. The iPower inline duct fans are backed by a one year warranty which may be a cause of concern to some as other products mentioned in the list have a greater warranty period but owing to the iPower reputation this should not be of much worry.


  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Metal housing with a ceramic coating
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
  • High CFM values and low maintenance
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • 1 year warranty


  • Ceramic coating can end up chipping

8. Yescom HO Inline Fans

Yescom HO 353CFM Hydroponics Ventilation 6" inches Inline Cooling Duct Fan Exhaust Air Blower Vent

Last update was on: October 17, 2021 8:31 am
out of stock

Yescom USA has manufactured a line of budget friendly inline duct fans. The high performance inline duct fans are available in 4”,6” and 8” size variants. The variants have air capacities of 172CFM, 353CFM and 720 CFM respectively.The fans are equipped to overcome the resistance from long ducting. The fans have extended collar and lip for easy duct hook up and come with steel brackets for easy installation. The Yescom Inline duct fans are suitable for horizontal/ vertical mounting. The fans have a metal housing with powder coating. They are moisture resistant and can be easily used in damp environment as well.  The Yescom HO inline fans feature a backward curved propeller that ensures a noise free operation while the balanced motor with permanently lubricated bearing helps in reducing the vibrations and facilitates continuous running. The components are UL certified and hence you can be rest assured about the durability of the product.


  • Budget friendly
  • High CFM values
  • Metal housing with powder coating
  • Backward curved propeller ensures noise free operation
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
  • UL certified components


  • Only 3 size variants
  • Warranty not specified

Best Inline Fans for grow tents 2019 : Buying Guide

  • Size of the growing area:

The first and the most important factor that would influence your decision is the size of the growing area. The size of the growing area would give you a fair idea of the amount of air circulation that is required. Different sized fans come with different air circulation rates. The fan should be chosen to meet the optimal circulation of the space. There is a formula that can help in deciding the capacity of the fan that should be opted for. But for that we need to know about the CFM of a fan and what it stands for along with the dimensions of the room.

  • CFM:

“CFM” stands for cubic feet per minute. The CFM in an inline fan determines the amount of air that the fan can move in a minute. The air volume is measured in cubic feet and CFM can be considered to be a measure for rating the fans. As mentioned earlier, there is a formula for finding out the capacity of a fan that you should look for or to be precise the CFM rating in a fan that you should look for which can provide optimum level of circulation to your growing space. The length multiplied by the breadth multiplied by the height (all in feet) of the grow space if further multiplied by 125% (1.25) will give you the CFM rating of the fan that would be appropriate for you. The extra 25% that is added in the formula is to give some room for the resistance that comes from carbon filters or ducting. Though this is the ideal formula, you can sometimes do away with it and settle for a fan with a CFM rating one third of the value as the air in the indoor grow room has to be exchanged in every 1-3minutes. But this is recommended only if you have a tight budget.

  • Heat of the lights:

Another factor that has to be considered while determining the capacity of the inline fan you are opting for, is the type of grow lights that are being used. Some grow lights like the HID generate more heat and would require much heat dissipation compared to LED grow lights that are almost cool and generate very less heat. If you are using grow light that generate more heat it is always advisable to go for an inline fan with a higher CFM rating.

  • Diameter of the fan:

The inline fans come in various sizes. They range from 4” to 16” in diameter. The fan size that you should choose will depend not only on the size of the grow space but also upon the opening in the grow space that can accommodate the fan though the most popular ones are the ones in the range of 4”, 5” and 6”. Sometimes even a converter can do the trick instead of opting for a brand new fan of a different size.

  • Sound from the fan:

Sound from the fan or the noise that it makes can be a bit of a concern. Some fans make really loud noise and may turn out to be irritating if you have a small house. So you should opt for fan which claims to have whisper quiet operations. Latest fans are equipped with innovative technologies so that they do not make much noise.

  • Material :

The material with which the fan is made will influence the durability of the fan. Most fans are made of steel. Some even have a powder coating to protect the fan from external elements.

  • Installation:

Most inline fans do not require professional help for their installation. So it’s wise to choose a fan which has an user friendly design and comes with a mounting bracket along with an instruction manual so that you can have a hassle free installation.

  • Warranty:

Warranty is an important factor so that in case there is a malfunction within a warranty period you can always reach the manufacturers for repair or replacement. Choose a fan that at least has a years warranty to back it


Selecting the inline duct fan for your grow tent shouldn’t be much of a problem with the buying guide and the list of the best inline fans at your disposal. You need to make some quick calculations regarding the size of the grow tent and the capacity of the inline fan that is required for effective ventilation of your grow tent and then figure out the one that best suits your needs. A good inline fan may be one of the most under-rated requirements when you think of a hydroponic garden but it cannot be done away with and it will definitely facilitate your yields to a major extent.

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