4 Best Glacier Bay Faucets 2019: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Are you rummaging the e-commerce site for reliable, good looking, sturdy yet budget-friendly faucets for your bathrooms and kitchen? We definitely understand the dilemma you are in. Most of us go through the same situation at some point of time or the other. Often we exceed our set budget to doll up the interior of our home and we end up with a lot less money to buy fixtures for our kitchen and bathroom. We definitely don’t want to compromise with the quality or look of the product, yet if we can get all these qualities at a lesser price, then nothing like it. Well, lucky you. Your prayers have got answered.

If you are living in the USA, you surely know about the largest home improvement supplies retailer brand Home Depot. It is operating in the whole of the USA since 1978 and now has its store in Canada and other countries as well. It has a range of home improvement tools, construction tools, and services to offer and its range of good quality products have helped it grow from a supermarket to a brand name itself. Glacier Bay is an in-house brand of Home Depot that specializes in manufacturing faucets (bathroom and kitchen).

Are you in a hurry? take a quick look of Glacier Bay Faucets

So if you are looking for good quality water faucets at a reasonable price, then you may well take a look at the range offered by Home Depot’s Glacier Bay. They are of the same quality as the premium faucet brands and have all the styles that you might be looking for, and the best part is you don’t need to pay premium price for it or spend extra money on a plumber as all the Glacier Bay products come with a detailed instruction about how to fix it. Just in case you are not convinced with the written instruction, watch a simple video to get a clear idea and DIY. Now we will be honest about one thing on the very onset. If you go to any premium bathroom and kitchen fixture stores, you would get to see that this is one of the lowest end brands. It is going to work absolutely fine from the onset, but you may have to change the parts after a certain time period. The range of Glacier Bay Faucets products come with a limited lifetime warranty and the spare parts are also easily available. So you have nothing to worry about. And who knows, it might so happen that you didn’t have to change it even once as you use it carefully.

Now you have a fair idea about Glacier Bay faucets and I believe convinced about it as well. If you just check the Home Depot site or visit the store, you will come across many faucets and it is absolutely justified to be a little perplexed. So here we are to help you out in your dilemma. We handpicked the four best Glacier Bay faucets and reviewed it. We sincerely hope it is going to help you to find the best one for yourself and save your precious time as well. So here it goes:

Best Glacier Bay Faucets Review

1. Glacier Bay Builders 4 in. Centerset 2-Handle Low Arc Bathroom Faucet

Glacier Bay Builders 4 in. Centerset 2-Handle Low-Arc Bathroom Faucet in Brushed Nickel

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The Centerset is a stylish, sleek, and efficient faucet that comes with two arcs and a spout. It is definitely going to compliment your bathroom’s décor. It is available in four types of finishes chrome, polished brass, bronze, and brushed nickel. Thus choose the one that matches with your bathroom’s other fixtures.

It is a two handled faucet, one for cold and another for hot water. Either you can opt for cold or hot water, or you also have the option of mixing the two to get a perfect soothing water temperature coming out of the spout. The presence of two handles makes it easy to use, specially if you have small children and elderly person living at your place. Not only children and aged, but this product of Home Depot is also ADA compliant, therefore just in case anyone living with has some sort of disability, they can use it this faucet with ease. This product is WaterSense certified and comes with a preset flow rate of 1.2 GPM. So installing it would mean that you care for our environment and believe in sustainable living.

One of the common problems with cheap faucets is water leakage. Most often we have seen, even after you have turned them off, water leaks constantly. But that would not be the case with this Glacier Bay faucet as it comes with ceramic disc valves that make sure that not a single drop oozes out of it once it is turned off.

You would not find it difficult to install it all by yourself. The process is really straight forward and simple. Either you can read the instruction or watch a video to understand how to go about it. You should have a sink with three holes to set up this particular Centerset two-handle faucet. The box comes with a deck plate mount making it easier to set up the faucet. Moreover, a pop-up assembly is also included to make it easier for the user.

Installing this Centerset two handle faucet will give your bathroom a traditional touch that you would have been yearning for, yet in a very modern way. Pick any of the finishes that go with your style.


If you are not willing to spend a lot of money, then this is definitely a very good bathroom faucet. If you compare it with any of the premium brand faucets of the same style, you would see that it is a lot more expensive than Glacier Bay. Therefore, it is absolutely justified to say that the product is worth the price tag attached to it. It looks stylish as well. Once you install it in your bathroom it is definitely not going to appear or work as a cheaper version of an expensive Centerset Faucet. Moreover, all the Glacier Bay faucets come with a limited lifetime warranty. So consumers can reach out to the manufacturer any time they face a problem.


We have found many consumers complaining that the set is made more of plastic, than metal (excepting the body). Moreover, there were complains about water leakage from the bottom of the sink as well as any one of the handles. But to be honest we cannot ignore the fact that this product should be considered fabulous with respect to its price. You would not find the same look and finish of a similar product at this price.

2. Glacier Bay Single Hole Single Handle High Arc Vessel Bathroom Faucet

Glacier Bay Single Hole 1-Handle High-Arc Bathroom Vessel Faucet in Chrome

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Looking for a sleek yet elegant faucet with minimal design? Well, this Glacier Bay Single Hole Single Handle is just the right one for you. Its modern design is definitely going to complement other fixtures present in your bathroom. It is easy to operate as you just have to rotate the handle or turn it left or right to get water. This tap is WaterSense certified that helps a lot to conserve water by maintaining a flow rate of 1.5 GPM. The spout of this faucet is placed at a perfect distance from the sink so as to provide users with ample space to do their work. This faucet also comes with ceramic disc valves to make sure no leakage takes place from the tap.

This bathroom faucet is available in two finishes: chrome and brushed nickel. Both are elegant to look at and will last for a long period of time without getting faded or eroded. And at the same time, it perfectly blends with your bathroom’s décor. For installing this faucet in your bathroom’s sink you need only one hole. It does not come with the deck plate and the installation process is really easy. You can easily do it all by yourself with the tools you have at home. Check out the videos to get an idea about how to fix it and don’t waste money on a plumber.

This faucet also comes with the same finish drain for the convenience of the user. So all the things you need to set up your bathroom’s faucet is right in front of you. Set it up in no time to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom.


It is a sleek faucet, perfectly suitable for a vessel sink. The spout has a high arc leaving ample space to do your work. Its simple operating mechanism makes it a perfect choice for all including elderly and small children as they can turn it on and off easily. It is an eco-friendly option as WaterSense certified and will help in conserving water which is a precious resource. This product also meets up with the EPA criteria to create a sustainable environment. The ceramic valves promise to stop water leakage, the most undesirable thing that can happen. Available at one-third price when compared with the premium faucet brands. The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. So you can contact the manufacturer in face of any problem.


Some consumers have complained excepting the outer body, most parts of this faucet are made of plastic. And that makes the faucet weak at the core and it tends to break down after using it for sometimes. However, you must remember that this is not the case with every user, but some. A lot definitely depends on how we use it. Users have also complained about water leakage from the faucet despite the presence of ceramic valves. Some consumers complained that its spare parts were not available with either Home Depot or any other hardware store when they tried to replace it. Making it useless after using it about two to three years. Well, it is unfortunate but we must not forget that at the throwaway price that it is available at, we must be happy that it worked well for such a long span of time.

3. Glacier Bay Teapot 4 in. Centerset 2 Handle Low Arc Bathroom Faucet

Glacier Bay Teapot 4 in. Centerset 2-Handle Low-Arc Bathroom Faucet in Chrome

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This one we specially picked up for those who wanted to give their bathroom décor a vintage look. It has got a timeless design that resembles a teapot. It is a Centerset style faucet for your bathroom’s sink with two handles on both side and a small spout resembling the spout of the kettle in the middle. The two handles are made of white porcelain making it appear really classy. It comes in four finishes: polished chrome, polished brass, brushed nickel and bronze. Price of the faucet varies according to the metal type used for making the body. However, we guarantee you that you would not be able to take your eyes off the chrome and brass finished body. While the chrome is elegant at its best, the polished brass is gorgeous, to say the least. Pick any of these that suit your bathroom’s décor.

It is easy to use this faucet. You just need to pull the handle forward or backward to get water. So kids or elderly or even people with disabilities would be able to handle it with ease. You would need three holes in your bathroom’s sink if you are willing to set this faucet up in your bathroom’s sink. It comes with a single Centerset on which the spout and the two handles are present, therefore you simply have to install the whole thing on the sink. The installation process is very simple and you can do it yourself with perfection. Moreover, this faucet set comes with click install drain assembly that makes the installation process much simpler, easy and less time-consuming. Before starting with the process, you can check with HomeDepot’s video, to get a rough idea to go about it.

Maintaining the faucet is not at all hazardous and that definitely bliss for all the homeowners. Like the other Glacier Bay faucets, this one is also WaterSense certified, therefore it will help in safeguarding our environment by checking the water usage. It also comes with a ceramic disc to prevent water leakage. Just in case you need to replace any of the parts, it is available with HomeDepot. You can check that online. However, this product comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so have the option to contact the manufacturer in case of any problem.


This is definitely a very stylish faucet set that you can get at a throwaway price. It is good looking, efficient and cheap. This is definitely a terrific combo which is hard to find. It abides by the WaterSense and EPA standards. Replacement parts are available with the manufacture and have limited lifetime warranty. So you can definitely rely on it. It comes in four different finishes giving prospective buyers enough options to choose from.


Consumers complained that the product starts corroding after using it for a few years. Some have highlighted that the chrome finish started chipping after using it for a few years. We must mention that all these also depend on the temperature condition of your home. If it is humid and soggy or of similar conditions then it has a toll on all the metal products at your home. Lastly, we cannot ignore the fact it is much cheaper in comparison to the premium products, obviously, there will be some quality difference.

4. Glacier Bay Aragon 4 in. Centerset 2 Handle Low Arc Bathroom Faucet

The last one in our list is a traditional style faucet that has a spout in the middle and two handles on the side for getting access to cold and hot water. The two handles have the traditional rotating style mechanism to turn it on and off. Therefore, if you have a fetish for such style taps, this is the one for you. The two handles have a transparent crystal style look which is kind of unique and stylish at the same time. It is definitely going to enhance the look of your bathroom’s interior. The spout has a low arc. So you can rest assured that water is not going to spill on your clothes while washing your hands in it and it is very easy to use.

A special feature of this product is the presence of washerless valves that promises to prevent water leakage. The deck plate mount makes it really easy to install on your sink. Moreover, this faucet also comes with clickinstall drain assembly which makes it really easy to install the whole unit and connect it with the water supply pipes. Like all the other Glacier Bay faucets, this one is also WaterSense certified and has a flow rate of 1.2 GPM that helps a lot in checking the water flow and conserve this precious natural resource. It is available only in chrome finish and it a durable product and that is going to serve you for years to come. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty like the other Glacier Bay products mentioned in this list so you always have the option of reaching out to Home Depot in the face of any problem.

Glacier Bay has a range of Aragon collection bathroom fixtures. So can check them out and order all the bathroom fixtures to deck up your bathroom’s interior thereby giving it a smart, classy look.


Very reasonably priced in comparison to faucets from premium brands. It is durable and stylish at the same time. Follows the EPA and WaterSense standards, thus helping to build a sustainable environment. You can install the faucet without anyone’s help and save money for hiring a plumber to get the job done. You also have the option of pair it up with other Aragon collection bathroom fixtures to doll up with the bathroom’s interior.


Users of this faucet complained that the cold water tap drips quite often. The drain assembly that came with the product is made of plastic and definitely less durable in comparison to the expensive ones. Some users were not happy with the water flow rate of this tap as well. But we must say that it solves the purpose and saves water as well.

Things to Consider While Shopping For Glacier Bay Faucets


You have an advantage while fixing a bathroom faucet as it can be fixed on the wall or the sink. If you are planning to fix it on the sink, then buy the faucet first and then get a compatible sink. if you are changing a faucet, make sure that the one you are buying is compatible with the sinkholes and space or not.


Size does matter. While searching for a Glacier Bay bathroom faucet you might fall in love with a sophisticated faucet that is quite big in size. Check once whether it is compatible with the space you have in your bathroom sink area. It might clutter the whole space and make it appear ugly. So choose a one that is perfect for your bathroom.

Design and Finish

You will get a plethora of faucet designs (spout and handles), opt for the one you are comfortable using and at the same time is stylish and compatible with other fixtures of your bathroom. Faucets come in a range of finishes: chrome, brass, stainless steel, nickel, bronze, gold, etc. Check whether the manufacturer guarantees that the finish is going to last lifetime or not.


Faucets are available in a range of types/styles like wall mounted faucets, single hole faucets with or without deck plate, three-piece faucet with or without deck plate, one piece centerset faucet, etc. Choose the style that will be best for the amount of space you have in the sink area and of course the style you like most.


These were the best Glacier Bay faucets that will be ideal for your bathroom. Apart from these, you will get a range of Glacier Bay faucets reviews that you can opt from that suits your bathroom’s interior best. Follow the reviews we shared in mentioned above to pick the best one for yourself.

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