Best Gaming Chairs 2019 : Review and Buying Guide

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

In politics, it is always about the chair. A chair is something that denotes power and position of a person. Here we are telling you why gaming chair could be just as something useful for you gamers out there!

Testing Gaming Chairs​

A range of gameing chairs were analyzed for the lumbar support, design, comfort and shapes. Fabric was also an important and integral part of the overall criteria because nobody feels the heat like hardcore gamers do. Apart from robust build quality, the capability of maneuvering and adjustment was also on the list. Moreover, the reviews, both online and offline were cross-referenced to give you wholesome information and so that you can weigh the pros and cons yourself. The team is committed to provide you reviews that you can use to make an informed decision.

Best Gaming Chair review 2019

Office Star Progrid Freeflex : Best budget PC gaming Chair

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If you are looking for cheap gaming chairs that are within your budget range and still offer modest features you can go with, then Office Star Progrid Freeflex is for you. It doesn’t offer anything fancy, is the bare minimum, which is nothing to write home about but it works, and this is why it features here, on this list! This chair takes the top slot in this price bracket and really gives you the comfort you look for while giving.

The three adjustment buttons help you to adjust the height, back and armrest. This chair is completely value for money and doesn’t compromise on convenience or quality at all. The mesh back helps you to stay sweat free. While the back height remains fixed, the pneumatic seat height can be adjusted. The PU pads make the arm rest comforting.

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Homall Gaming Chair​​:

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A comfortable and sturdy gaming chair is a basic necessity of all gamers. It helps them to relax and focus on the gaming screen for hours without causing any discomfort. But the best gaming chairs are really pricey, hence most of the gamers end up buying cheap gaming chairs which are uncomfortable and causes back and neck pain.

If you are searching for a good quality, ergonomically designed yet affordable gaming chair, we assure you that your search is going to end here. Homall brings forth to all the pro gamers an affordable gaming chair that has most of the features of the best gaming chairs available in the market.

It is available in three color variants: white, blue and blue/black and is made of premium quality PU leather that is resistant to wear and tear as well as discoloration. This ergonomically designed chair encases your whole body comfortably thereby ensuring that your spine and back is at absolute rest. It also comes with an adjustable headrest and lumbar support to make you feel relaxed at any angle.

You can easily recline the chair at any angle between 90 to 180 degrees, lock it and thereafter enjoy unlimited hours of gaming is the coziest chair. You can also rock in this chair or disengage this particular function with the help of tilt limiter. There are five multi directional wheels which helps users to glide smoothly in all directions in hard as well as soft floors.

This chair weighs around 50 lbs and can be installed easily by following the guidelines. It has a load capacity of 300 lbs.

Pros: Best quality chair available in an affordable range. Not only it is ideal for gaming but also while working in your desktop or studying or reading.

Cons: The armrest of this chair is not adjustable.

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X Comfort Air Gaming ​​Chair:

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Thermaltake has introduced X Comfort Air in its line of products recently and it has become an instant hit amongst gamers, all thanks to its unique cooling mechanism. It is the only gaming chair available right now that comes with three fans embedded inside the seat of the chair that constantly provides the user with cool air to keep them calm, specially when the mercury is rising during an intense gaming session or on a warm day. Users have the option to adjust the cooling modes to low, medium or high level according to their need.

The chair is ergonomically designed and comes with a curved lumbar cushion that ensures to rest your spine comfortably at any of the reclined positions from 90 to 160 degrees. The adjustable armrests give you the liberty to adjust it to the exact position where you rest your hand without causing pain. It is made of premium quality PVC leather upholstery which gives it a classy look. It is a sturdy chair that comes with 4 gas lifts to easily adjust the height of the chair. It also comes with five 3 inch casters thus ensuring to easily take up loads of weight. The manufacturers claim that this chair is going to be as good as new for 75000 hours, which is about 9 years of continuous use. Therefore, although it is pricey but the product is worth the money you spend on it. It is available in two color variants: red or black.

Pros: It is a durable gaming chair that comes with a steel and aluminum frame. Its USP is definitely the three embedded fans that help users to stay cool.

Cons: For the fans to work, the chair should be constantly plugged in thereby making it difficult to revolve it in different direction.

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​Arozzi Torretta Series : Mid-range Computer Gaming Chair

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This high-end gaming chair series is a mix of gorgeous design and ergonomic features. Its contours help you to maximize comfort and provide excellent lumbar support. The brand- Arozzi claims to get an inspiration from racing car seat while designing it. The breathable fabric keeps you sweat-free to a great extent. The extra mechanism for head and lumbar support keep you comfy whereas the armrests can be adjusted to help you manage the height and rotation, all that with a push of a button! The chair also features thick padded backrest and cushioned seating.

The nylon wheels are 5 in number and have high-resistance so that the chair doesn’t skid or have marks on floor if you move it roughly during the gaming. This gaming chair for Computer has top-notch 4 gas lift that can hold about 260 lbs of weight. Not just this, the chair does justice to eyes too! It is available in 6 different colors namely, blue, red, green, azure, black and orange. The installation time has been reported a bit higher for the series and it could take you about anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes to get it ready and raring to go.

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​X Rocker 51259 Pro Gaming Chair : Best Rocker Gaming Chair Model

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This console gaming chair offers low seating but comes equipped with technology that serious gamers out there wouldn’t get tired to flaunt of! The series is designed keeping hardcore gamers in mind and brings ultimate comfort, durability and superlative sound quality onboard. This model has 4 speakers and packs in a subwoofer too for a complete immersive gaming and an engrossing home theatre experience. With this chair, you not only hear the sound but can feel in the back of your head and heart too! Thanks to the advanced AFM technology we have talked about above, you can feel the impact of each sound of game be it thud, lightning, crash or explosion. It also covers vibration motors to provide an almost 3D experience of what’s going in the game. You can feel the sound and vibrations that are rocking your chair with every move.

Rolling in heavy duty backrest and headrest, X Rocker 51259 Pro Gaming Chair is the guarantee of utmost comfort and ease. The arms are bulky and meant to provide rest while you game. The arms are fixed and cannot be adjusted, which eventually work in your favor and give you extra stability. The chair has an in-built control panel that can be used to manage and control volume as well as sound vibrations that you feel inside the chair. You can also find input and output jacks in this panel. Wireless receiver in this chair lets you connect to any audio device without using the RCA cables. The seating is made of soft leather, which gives it a luxury appeal as well as is comfortable. You would like to keep AAA batteries or an AC adapter handy because some of the users find that the wireless transmitter eats up lot of juice. check out the latest x rocker black friday deal

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Merax High-Back King Series Chair : Best Gaming Chair under $200

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Merax is an executive office style gaming chair that is targeted for people who want the work done with no frills. The thick padded arm, backrest and seat give you plenty of support and are quite ergonomic. It can withstand about 225 lbs of weight and can easily accommodate a 6ft tall person. You wouldn’t feel uneasy a bit even you sit for the prolonged sessions of gaming. If you want to correct your posture, this chair should be your go to option as the backrest is meant to seat you in upright position. This can be adjusted to quite a few positions too such as layback and about 180 degrees. It has PU leather and mesh fabric, which means it is easy to clean and breathable. The arm rests can be swiveled up and down for extra comfort but the harder plastic and thin rubs are major spoilsport. The wheel casters are sturdy and durable. They don’t skid and offer smooth movement. The chairs are a beauty too and match every possible décor out there. The chair is available in 4 colors- red, yellow, purple and blue.

The flexible footrest deserves a special mention as you can move or retract it for extra comfort. However many users find it plastic-y and flimsy. The lumbar support seems to be a major issue for some as well. However, it doesn’t stop it from being an amazing gaming chair for adults at such reasonable price!

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Steelcase Gesture : High-End Gaming Chair

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You may know already that how gamers go gaga about the Steelcase Leap. However, it is the successor of the iconic best office chair that has set our tongues a wagging in admiration! This can cause a dent in your pocket and for all the right reasons! According the company, the chair is a result of years of research and was carefully developed after watching and observing hundreds of people sitting in all kind of postures. The chair comes with a flexible backrest even! You can tilt it and move it backwards. Your back is cupped and supported by extremely plush seating. If you want to rectify your sitting posture or have developed back pain due to bad posture or because of those prolonged hours of sitting, I say, invest in this beauty! It is total value for money in every department and out of the league when it comes to competition with its counterparts! It has a lifetime warranty so, you are secured money-wise too just in case.

The arms of Gesture Steelcase can be adjusted, angled and tilted the way you want to. This means extra comfort and support just when you want to rest your arms during or after the game, without pressurizing the elbow. The chair is flexible and comes with a knob that can be used to slide the seat forward. Another knob lets you adjust the tension in the backrest. The fabric of chair is available in 13 different colors and you have leather fabric as well to choose from. This gaming chair has luxury written all over it. The fabric is incredibly soft and premium.

Why you should start looking for best gaming chair already?

Because it defines you. You wouldn’t want to sit in something that isn’t comfortable or which pokes in your back during those long hours of gaming. And of course, developing a health ailment because of your gaming passion would be the last thing on your mind. Moreover, a stiff chair can make you really uneasy and force you to lose focus when it is the most important and can break or make the game for you.

Honestly, we feel that whether you are a serious gamer or an ordinary one, not just the gaming rig comprising the gaming keyboard, gaming laptop or gaming mouse but also other components such as gaming chair!​

Are you also among the online gamers who are making the same mistake?

If you have been focusing too much on gaming PCs and components such as graphic cards, cases and wireless routers but keep on forgetting that how a gaming chair is crucial to up their game.

Gaming for long hours while sitting in an uncomfortable chair can give you chronic back problems and may be to an extent that you would have to quit gaming altogether or stop it for a while. Developing back ailments can also interfere with your day-to-day life.​

Investing in a good chair is really a neat idea because you can’t upgrade or move to a better avatar of yourself anytime soon! Also, buying a gaming chair online or offline won’t cost you a fortune either! Take a look at the guide and buy the best gaming chair for yourself and make your way to the gaming glory! Just to let you know, some of the best gaming chair models come with​.

Agreed it cannot improve your gaming style or score but it can really enhance your experience. This is why you see different chairs in a movie hall in the first place! The arm rest, lumbar support, headrest, upholstery and frame can help you feel comfortable as well as keep your posture upright.​

Scroll through the buying guide to make an informed decision about best gaming chairs you could choose for yourself!​

Best Gaming Chair Buying Guide 2019


What should you look at before you decide to buy a gaming chair?

There are two major things that you should be looking out for if you are planning to buy one.

  • Types
  • Features

Apart from that you should pay attention to your need of having one. If you are a serious gamer, you wouldn’t shy away from investing in the best gaming chair models out there but if you are an up-and-coming gaming enthusiast, gaming only what’s left after the work and on weekends, then you would like to invest in a mid-range or budget gaming chair that could double up as office chair too or might work as a massage chair too for your rest of family members, may be?

Moreover, your age, height and weight also play an important role in this selection. You would also like to know how you prefer to sit.​

Types of Gaming Chairs

Here are the types of adult gaming chairs available in the market that do a wonderful job to enhance the experience of PC gaming at a desk.

Racing Seat Office Chair

Racing seat office chairs are like usual office chairs with hand toggle to adjust tilt and height as per your comfort. The caster wheels allow the freedom to move around to moderate extent. You can go for DX racer chair that can be reclined for ultimate comfort. Racing seat office chair

Rocker Gaming Chair

If you are a fan of Japanese futon and low-seating arrangements, you are going to love rocker gaming chair models! Though, for gamers who game for long hours, it can be really difficult to sit in crouching or bending for such prolonged time but the comfort these gaming desk chairs offers you, is unbeatable. You can always keep them handy as a spare. A rocking chair can be rocked back and forth. It provides immense lumbar support that you need to support your spine while sitting. You can also go for rocking computer chair models that come with pre-installed speakers and massage features!

Bean Bag Style Gaming Chair


Just like a bean bag, these PC gaming chair models are meant to provide you causal seating option and ‘sink-in’ option but just don’t expect lumbar support or much comfort. I personally don’t like bean bags so; I wouldn’t want anybody to go down this lane if they are looking for comfort and lumbar support.

Racing Simulator Cockpit Chair


Now we are talking! This specifically made for gamers chair model can be imagined as a cockpit that has a monitor stand, pedal support and a top-notch computer chair, for gaming!

Pedestal Gaming Chair


This gaming chair model resembles a recliner but has a pedestal base and instead of rocking and rotating on wheels or legs, it does so this base. Designed specifically as gaming chairs for pc, this chair model intends to provide amazing lumbar support and packs in features like built-in speakers and Bluetooth.

Here are some of the few features of gaming chairs you should start with:

You know how this works. The more money, the merrier! If you are a serious gamer, you would know the importance of gaming desk chair and the functionalities it should pack in.

1. Ergonomics

The design is the most important part because bad posture can lead to several health ailments and restricted mobility. Forget gaming, you wouldn’t be able to move around if you have been sitting in for long hours in discomfort.

2. Wireless Transmission

Gaming chairs should have built in capability of wireless reception and transmission. It would help you to connect to video and audio players. Some top-notch models of best gaming chairs also include RCA stereo outputs with RCA cables and Bluetooth.

3. Includes AFM Technology​

Many of PC gaming chair models, especially the pedestal style and rocker gaming chairs come equipped with 2 speakers and sub-woofers. Some models of best gaming chairs also include Audio Force Modulation technology of AFM that amplifies and modulates the sound. It sits in the frame of chair and thus, enhances the entertainment value.

4. Vibration Motors​

These motors are synced to the bass frequency and can register even the slightest of the sound impact. Whenever you are at the peak of your gaming facing those explosions and crushing the opponent with gunfire, they send those vibrations back to your chair, giving you a multi-sensory engaging gaming experience.

5. Holders


This might seem a mediocre point to register now but this becomes a crucial point when you are totally immersed into gaming. Usually most of rocker and pedestal gaming chairs come with storage compartments so that you can store certain stuff. The chair should have side pockets to hold the cables and headphones. The arm rest should have space to hold your drinks.

6. Padding and Cushioning​

It is an extremely important part to consider as you would not want to compromise on your relaxation and support. The superior padding and back cushioning will allow correct posture and comfort during those prolonged hours of sitting.

7. Massage Pads​

It is a luxury, we acknowledge. Many top models of executive and race care style chairs include built-in massage as well as heating pads to relax you and your back while you are at it.

Answers you should seek for before you Buy a Gaming Chair

  • The type of gaming you do should be the foremost criteria to buy a gaming desk chair. Based on this, you can narrow down the types of gaming chairs and pick yourself the most comfortable gaming chair out there. The way you game is also important. You prefer stimulator games, or like to race or sit in front of television.
  • Pay attention to the connectivity and the kind of optical or RCA adapter you would require to connect to Xbox One or PS4.
  • Your size, weight and age also matters. The chair should provide comfort as well as in accordance with the space of your room. If anything that is comfortable for you, it is the most comfortable gaming chair for you! You would certainly look out for maximum lumbar and neck support. Breathable net mesh chair is wonderful for gamers who tend to sweat a lot and is definitely a better option over leather fabric.
  • Price is something that would put a cap to everything you are looking for! However, the good news is that you have plenty of options and brands of gaming chairs to choose from! Usually, the price for a gaming chair could be anywhere between $200 and $400.
  • Usually, assembling a gaming seat is never a major pain point. But if you are looking for something with heavy features and frills, it might take you about 15 minutes. You can head to YouTube for the directions or read the manual.
  • The average weight of the chairs could be anywhere between 2 pounds and 500 pounds. Anyway, you won’t be moving a gaming chair much.
  • Out of style and material, you can have both or choose one. That depends on you. You can take one that packs in loads of feature and stick out as an ugly box in your décor or you can choose one that combines both, beauty and the brains.
  • You can buy a gamin chair online or offline from gaming stores or departmental stores. Shop for gaming chairs can be easy as you would have plenty of stock to choose from and you can avail wonderful deals too.
  • Now, let’s find the best gaming chair for you! You have plenty of information in hand and hundreds of brands to choose from but you don’t know what it takes to be the best out here! Hence, here is the list of top and best gaming chair of 2019 so that you know what you should aim for and pick!


The best gaming chair 2019 is something you could find comfort in and that suits your budget as well as needs. If you are a hardcore gamer, go for the best that could give you maximum lumbar support and comfort. For anything else, questions or your favorite and best gaming chair model that should go on this list, give us a shout out in the comment section!

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