Best Car Batteries 2021-Reviews and Buying Guide (Updated)

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

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You wouldn’t like to start off a day unable to run your car engine due to an exhausted car battery. Neither would you like to face a run off the battery in the midst of a trip and so it’s extremely important to replace it after a certain period of time. Most of us don’t do that and wait for the day when the battery would no longer work and we are left with no choice other than replacement unless you have jumper cables to save you for the day. Checking the battery load every two years can actually save you from this hazard.

Once you have decided that your car battery needs a replacement you can choose from one of the best car batteries that have been mentioned in our list. But before choosing the best battery for your car you have to be extremely careful about the right fit. Car batteries come in various sizes and referring to your manual will aid in choosing the battery that would fit your car perfectly. Other factors that have to be looked in for are the values of the battery life test, the reserve capacity test, and the cold cranking amps test. You can easily go for any battery that fits the bill and satisfies all the three values.

Buying a new battery will definitely solve your problem. Although on an average a battery lasts for around 4-5years but maintaining it and getting it checked on a regular basis will save yours from the embarrassment.

Best Car Battery Review 2021

Let us not waste time and we should move ahead with the best car battery with the best model of the different brands. They are compiled on a test basis so when you choose any one of the following models of car battery sub-consciously even then that would be your best purchase. Take a look at the reviews of the best car batteries:

1. Optima Batteries OPT8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Battery

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Optima has an experience of over 120 years in the world of innovation and the Red Top Starting battery OPT8020-164 35 is one of its more popular models. Optima batteries are built to provide ultimate power in extreme weather conditions their tops are color coordinated to suit the purpose. While the red top is a starting battery for normal engines, the yellow one serves a dual purpose of deep cycling and starting and the blue top is a dedicated starting battery used where there is no chance of cycling.

The Red Top is designed to deliver a burst of energy every time you turn on the ignition. the battery is spill proof and can withstand extreme temperatures as well as launches and is built in for almost every road. It is made to outlast traditional batteries twice the time and its thick exteriors can handle 15 times more vibrations. The battery is spill free, maintenance free and corrosion resistant.

The battery comprises a series of individual spiral-wound cells of two pure(99.99%) lead plates coated with lead oxide. The spiral wounded cells are far more precise than traditional flat AGM batteries and hence provide a better performance every time.

This 12V battery has a cold cranking value of 720amps and a reserve capacity of 90 minutes for constant uninterrupted performance.

Overall a starting battery with a high cranking power the Optima OPT8020-164 35 Red Top Starting Battery is portable as well as sturdy and is backed by Optima’s 3-year warranty.


  • Compact and spill free it can be mounted in almost any position
  • 720 cold cranking amps and 90 minutes of reserve capacity
  • Recharges quickly as in all AGM batteries
  • 3 years warranty


  • Overcharging or charging improperly can damage the battery
  • Is not suitable for deep cycling demands

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2. Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

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The Optima 8040-218 D35 Yellow top Dual purpose battery is as its name suggests an Optima battery with a yellow top and is well equipped to serve the dual purpose of deep cycle and starting battery. This battery provides extra performance and has deep cycling capability to satisfy the needs of a vehicle that has a lot of accessories like running lights, high-performance stereo/AV system, winches, or hydraulics. It is designed for heavy-duty vehicles, commercial vehicles or trucks with winches or high demand electronic and /or audio systems and is ideal for seasonal vehicles due to its slow self discharge rate i.e your vehicle can sit ideal for the entire winter and you can still start off the engine in one go once the winter is over without regularly charging it.

The battery is lightweight and portable and also boasts of the spiral cell technology that Optima is famous for, providing a steady and constant strong power source and ensuring safety. The battery lasts 3 times longer than standard batteries and requires almost zero or no maintenance. The high-performance AGM technology battery with thick and sturdy plastic exterior can withstand 15 times more vibrations and is completely non-spillable so it can be mounted in many positions.

The battery has a cold cranking value of 650 amps and a reserve capacity of 98 minutes. It is a group 35 battery that is capable of running outboard motors and small boats as well.

Overall it’s an extremely reliable dual purpose battery that is backed by a three years warranty. The battery is eligible for a free replacement if it is found defective within 36 months of purchase.

Pro :

  • Compact and lightweight to fit in small places
  • 650 cold cranking amps and 98 minutes of reserve capacity makes it versatile
  • Recharges quickly as in all AGM batteries
  • 3 years warranty


  • Overcharging or charging improperly can damage the battery

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2. Bosch S6508B S6 Flat Plate AGM Battery

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Bosch has been a trusted car battery brand and its models are a superb performer. Bosch S6 AGM Car Battery gives a good amount of energy and capacity to cycle. It is vibration resistance and powerful too. The weight of the car battery is around 47 lbs so it is easy to install and remove. It is unlike to the other ordinary battery as it cannot fail easily in 3 years or 4 years and unluckily if it fails the Bosch will replace it… Bosch has been around for so long and the trust is also sustainable so we cannot expect it to come with something very out of control.

It is constituted with 710 cold cranking amps so it survives under pressure as well I mean in extremely cold condition and in extremely hot condition. It is a durable and fast performer. Bosch battery can easily start your vehicle. Overall, a good car battery with a good price tag and better in cranking your car over at sub-freezing temperature. No headache in maintaining this battery.

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3. Exide Edge FP-AGM24F Flat Plate Car Battery

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Exide needs no introduction when it comes to exploring the car battery. This battery is a heavy duty battery and better prevents any spills. The battery weight is 50 lbs and its managing ability is with the built on top handle is easy. Very low maintenance and does not easily fail. It has got superb power which starts the car easily. Its design and colors are also impeccable. Able to work well in hot and cold temperature. It fits in a wide range of vehicles.

This is absolutely yes for all kind of vehicles as it is well with all kind of car and truck even. It is worth buying and it has better performance in cold cranking than the normal. It has a trickle charger and the engine turns faster even in the sub-zero temperature. It is a safe option. The response of the car battery ratings is excellent.

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4. XS Power D3400 XS

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This best car battery is responsible for all the protection. It does not fail as it is spill proof that gives adequate energy to your car. XS Power D3400 survives you with the heated seats, mirror and windshield. The efficient performer and consumption of energy is accurate. This car battery is a strength is finest as when your car has too much load even it gives more power to it and due to this there is no compromise in the performance of the car.

This car battery is powered with 12 v and 1000 CCA so it will save you in all conditions with its better reaction to adversity. XS Power is compatible with most of the vehicles and it is pretty lightweight hassle-free installation and removal. The fitting is fine with the sealed design and airtight. It’s charging frequency is also not very frequent and the vibration resistant. The back in power is also very quick.

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5. Big Crank ETX30L Battery

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Big Crank ETX30L is extraordinary and a real performer at the time of adversity. The supply of energy at the correct timing is wonderful. The two side’s connectivity gives more power. The charging is so quick so it will not lose its power on the go. This battery is a real survivor and the consistency in performance proves that the execution of the power is accurate.

The pickup of the car is efficient and stands out performer when it comes to delivering energy. It has a higher recharge rate, once you buy this you will not like to replace it with other brands. It can be removed and mounted with ease and the vibration resistant. You would not have a complaint in any condition of the road you have. The cold and hot temperature has nothing to do with its good presence. This latest technology battery with all advancement that understands the new technology of the car is commendable.

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6. Kinetik Hc2400- BLU

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Kinetic Hc2400- BLU is the last product in the list of the best car battery, super fine and this AGM battery is packed with the latest features. It is compatible with all cars, truck, sports car and more. This is the safest option as its better adaptability gives the car best pickup. The 12 v high current and more compatible hours. with the 2400W car. It is powered with cranking amps 1700 and 110 Amps. The fitting is impressive so removing and mounting will never be a hassle. At the charging point, it needs to charge it frequently but coming back to power is very quick. The vibration resistant and less corrosion.

They are responsive enough in extremely cold and hot temperature. It has better command and it is powered with a leak-proof design so there is no allowance of the external vent in the cell.

Best Car Battery Brand

Exide Car Battery

Exide always clicks in your mind when it comes to having a car battery. It is class apart and costlier as well but you are tension free for 5 to 8 years when you have Exide car battery. Exide is India’s most likable OEM battery. It is superb in performance and very long lasting. There could be very nominal service problems but negligible before is another positivity. The good thing has always been heard about Exide and all the experiences with Exide are incredible. Most of the time it goes without complaints due to its commendable job. Zero maintenance and complete peace of mind and car’s longevity increase with it.

Best Exide Car Battery

Bosch Car Battery

Bosch is a true performer and you can feel the difference in driving. It is my personal favorite. As such if you will ask me then there is not much difference in everyday driving with the different brands. Bosch is maintenance free battery and its all models are amazing. If you want to have longevity and durable battery then go for the Bosch. I agree some batteries are better than others but Bosch has something extra that users also realize that. It can work in all conditions and it can survive more than a car as well. You are not on the wrong side when you have Bosch in your car.

Best Bosch Car Batteries

AC Delco Car Battery

AC Delco is amazing and wonderful in all road conditions. This is good in starting most of the cars in below freezing temperature. The sustainability is super fine and also maintenance free. It is high in performance and amp ratings are perfect for extreme weather as well. The premium brand of batteries and all the models are designed superbly to the demand of the consumers. No corrosion in terminals and at the same time the reservoir is large enough for its longevity of the charging capability. At the price point, you need not to compromise also due to its affordability. Complete package and offerings are best in this.

Optima Car Battery

No doubt Optima has all substantial stuff to offer. It knows to be in power in all conditions. They are compatible with all vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, sports can and more. It can handle a wide range of temperature and comes in variable sizes that can fit as per the automobile. All the products by Optima are supposed to last forever and you can say it can last much longer than other batteries in competition. It is maintenance free and its batteries are expensive but value for money you are paying.

Optima has passed all quality tests so facing a problem with Optima is no way in the picture. The corrosion-free and mounting it quite easy. The amp rating and performance will be like never before if you are the new buyer. Perfect in techniques and its reaction to the adverse situation is completely commendable. Its unique features are amazing to get along with.

Cartman Car Battery

It is a win-win situation when you have a battery like this which will never let you down. The extra power packed performer and leaves no stone unturned when it is on the road. Its work is invisible. Cartman is India’s leading auto component manufacturer. It covers a wide range of four-wheelers such as tractors, SUVs, sedan, sports car and more.

All the models offered by the Cartman have been designed to completely hassle-free, safe and high warranty. It has a lower top-up requirement and enabled with the advanced venting system. It comes in a variety of power range and there is an indicator as well for showing the charging status. This is the affordable battery is on the market. It works great in sort of all applications like sports, motorcycles, car, and more. It is a powerful option to have a battery so the car in good condition. It is wonderfully simple and useful also. It works as you have heard well about this. Car battery usually heavy in weight but Cartman is portable and impressively lightweight.

Kinetik Car Battery

Kinetik is absolute well in condition and offers amazing services to your car. Your car is lively and can react to an adverse situation perfectly. This brand does not think of its own profit only believes in giving proper services to its loyal customers. It does not premature discharge the battery and fitting is good enough to keep it sealed. No risk factor with Kinetik. It has models with more capacity and less capacity but comes with lifetime warranty.

Kinetik is high in amp and best suited for racing and car stereo. There is plenty of brand of car battery but Kinetik has something special to offer and it treats wonderfully to your car. There are several batteries has been launched by Kinetik and they have given more than satisfactory user experience.

What is the Best Car Battery?

What excites you most when you go for buying car batteries? You look for longevity, performance, features, and durability. I agree that different brands have different offerings but at the end of the day all are little similar, few have an addition of features with more price to add more convenience. You never know electronic items are very surprising and they can unpredictable in the sense that entry-level car battery with fewer prices can be a durable and strong performer.

You are tension free as the average car battery life is 4 to 5 years and s I said you earlier any model can surprise you. They can survive more than 9 to 10 years even. At the pricing point, it can vary but roundabout same up to 80 dollars to 150 dollars. When you are investing a huge amount then you need to check every bit of details so you can rely on. The reliable fact is a warranty, it assures you that your money is not going anywhere and you will realize the authority over the brand.


You better do not buy a car battery before reading detailed car battery reviews. The best car battery will make your life and keep you safe inside the car. The good quality battery has its own wonder. I am glad I have a good and branded battery in my car and it is the pride moment that we have no issue at all so far. Car batteries are engineered for durability and longevity you can recycle it but replacement is better for complete peace of mind.

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Before buying the best car battery you need to consider many facts such as battery design, driving, maintenance habits, climate conditions and more. When it needs to be replaced owner generally do not notice and make sure that the battery you are buying is not more than six months old. Better replace your car battery before stop cranking and as per your driving habits.

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