10 Best iPhone 8 Plus Leather Cases to Protect Your Phone in Style

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

iPhone 8 Plus, one of the three flagships that Apple launched last month, has been flying off the shelves since the time it hit stores. It became an instant hit amongst the enthusiast because of its high-end specifications as well as its look. The phablet’s glass back which is needed for wireless charging makes it look very classy. At the same time, the glass back and screen makes it quite fragile thus needing extra care and protection. If you have placed an order for an iPhone 8 Plus then it is highly recommended that you get a case with at the earliest and use it from the very first day to protect the expensive gadget.

In this write-up, we have handpicked 10 best leather cases for iPhone 8 Plus. These iPhone 8 Plus leather cases are a perfect blend of style and protection. If you have a fetish for leather accessories for regular use, then pick any one amongst these diverse styles, we assure you would not be disappointed. Here you go:

Best iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case

1. Apple Leather Case

Simplicity at its best – these are the best words to describe Apple’s very own leather case. It is a very simple case made with genuine leather that fits perfectly into the iPhone 8 Plus. It comes in a wide range of colors from grey to bright red leaving you with enough options to choose the one that suits your persona. While the outer shell of this case is tough, it has a soft inner lining that works together to protect the phone from sudden shocks. Though this case is pricey, you can rest assured about the quality and capability of the product thus making it worth every penny you pay for it.

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2. Dreem Fibonacci Luxury Series Wallet Case with Detachable SlimCase

This classy wallet style leather case from Dreem is being custom made for iPhone 8 Plus. It is made from premium vegan leather by skilled craftsmen that are elegant to look at and very comfortable to carry. It comes with an automatic magnetic clasp and you do not need to worry about closing the clasp every time you open it. This case supports wireless charging so you would not have any problem while charging the phone with the case on. It also comes with RFID blocking material, thereby guarantying the safety of your cards and IDs. This iPhone 8 Plus leather case can also be turned into a kickstand (both horizontal and vertical) whenever you are on a video call or watching a video and the angles can be adjusted easily to get the best view.

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3. Pasonomi Vintage Flip Case Cover

Pasonomi is a renowned US brand that manufactures the best quality accessories for Apple, Samsung and other brands. The one on our list is the handmade vintage style leather wallet case that is light in weight and very sophisticated. This case gives 360-degree protection to your phone by covering it from all the sides. All the edges of the case are perfectly rounded and thus you will feel very comfortable while carrying it. It can be converted into a kickstand so that you can enjoy a movie or video on the phablet without engaging your hands. It comes in a range of color variants and all of them are equally good. So you would find it difficult to pick anyone for you.

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4. Pierre Cardin iPhone 8 Leather Case

Made from genuine cowhide, the color of this case will become better with use. It has a very simple design but elegant at the same time keeping with the philosophy of all Pierre Cardin products. This is da designer case that will definitely accentuate the beauty of the phablet. It is a made by skilled craftsmen having precise cut outs for all the keys and ports and perfectly rounded corner. It is a great choice for normal use.

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5. Ted Baker SPRITSIE Folio Style Genuine Leather Cover

This one is specially for the women reading this post. Ted Baker’s SPRITSIE mirror folio is just the right accessory that you would need while attending a party. Its sparkly dazzling silvery finish leather will be the ideal match with your party attire and definitely going to turn many heads. It is a thin case that will fit in your hand or purse comfortably. Moreover, it has a mirror buried in the front flap that is perfect for a quick touch up before hitting the floor. The cover is made of soft leather with silver glitters all over it and on a small silver plate the brand name is written in black – the whole combination is really classy. We give a double thumbs up for this case.

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6. Caseology Envoy Series Slim Case

Caseology is a premium case manufacturer based in Uthe SA that has a diverse range of cases made from different materials but all of them provide military grade protection to the gadget within it. For iPhone 8 Plus Caseology provides consumers with a number of options as well, but as we focused on the best leather case in this write up we picked up the classy Envoy series from Caseology. This case has two layers. The outer layer is made of best quality PU leather and inside it, there is a hard shell made of TPU and PC. Therefore, while the outer leather cover gives the phone a better grip and chic look, the inner hard casing protects it from sudden shocks. Therefore, it is the ultimate combination of style and protection. Available in a wide range of colors it is definitely ideal for the formal and informal occasion.

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7. Snakehive Vintage Collection in Nubuck Leather

If you have a fetish for traditional things, then Snakehive’s vintage collection is definitely going to take your breath away. This is a handmade case made from best quality leather. The exterior of the case has matt finish leather, while the inner surface is made of soft smooth leather to protect the gadget from scratches. A rubberized back cover is also present to keep the gadget in place. The magnetized clasp keeps the front flap closed. It is also provided with the card and cash slots to keep your valuables. With use the color of the leather will become better and its look as well.

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8. Case-Mate Wristlet Folio

This one is again for all the ladies who have ordered or already got iPhone 8 Plus delivered. Case-Mate introduced the folio wristlet style case keeping in mind the expectation of women in general. To any women, a case is not only something that protects the phone, but at the same time, it should go with their style. The Wristlet Folio meets up with all these expectations. It is a chic case made of best quality pebbled leather and comes with a soft suede finish in the interior. The case fits into the phone snugly and comes with a detachable purse strap that makes it a perfect carryall. It has a card and cash slot to carry important things. The logo of the brand on a metallic plate on the front flap of the cover makes it appear absolutely elegant.

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9. TUCCH Leather Wallet Phone Case

Simple and classy – these are the two words that describe TUCCH’s case best. It is a handmade book style case that has perfectly rounded corners and the edges are slightly raised to prevent the gadget from getting scratches. This iPhone 8 Plus case has a very simple design that is ideal for daily use (formal and informal use). The case comes with card and money slots to keep your valuables and has a kickstand to rest it on a plain surface while watching movies or video calling. It comes with three color variants but the classic black is the best. This iPhone 8 Plus leather case is a unisex case, another one with similar design and detachable strap is also there specially for the ladies.

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10. Totallee Genuine Leather Case

This iPhone 8 Plus leather case is one of the thinnest leather case we have on our list. Slim and light in weight, stylish and durable – it has all the qualities to ensure 100% protection of your phone. This iPhone 8 Plus leather case is made of very hard polypropylene and on the top of the hard case, there is a layer of genuine lambskin leather. These two materials works together to protect the gadget encased within it from all sorts of shocks and scratches. The matt leather finish on the outer side of the case provides users with extra grip on the phone. It is available in two color variants black and brown.

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These were the 10 best iPhone 8 Plus leather cases that are available at reasonable price and good quality. We are going to add more to this list as more products are launched. All the products mentioned above are from renowned brands and the cases are going to fit perfectly with iPhone 8 Plus. Do let us know which one iPhone 8 Plus leather case you liked most in the comments section and also mention if we missed out on anything.

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